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Fifi Box, Brendan Fevola and Byron Cooke add more moments, more laughs and more Melbourne into your morning. Listen every weekday from 6am on Melbourne's 101.9 Fox FM or catch up with them here. Call anytime 13 10 60 or tweet us @fifidaveandfev.
Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen like to talk and now they have microphones. Join them for conversations of little or no consequence.
Kate, Tim & Marty
Three of Australia’s most respected personalities come together for the drive home on Nova. Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold bring a conversational cheekiness to the Nova Network. Mixing the hottest topics of the day with the best of the web, hear weekly favourites like Quick Draw, Spin it DJ, The Age Game and a lot more.
The gig's just finished and comedian Dave O’Neil drives a comedian friend home, reflecting on the highs and lows of doing stand up comedy.You’ll be transported to Dave’s station wagon as he drives home from comedy gigs and debriefs with other comics about that night’s triumphs and disasters.Produced by Nearly.
Clancy Overell and Errol Parker, editors of the explicitly raw but iconic Outback Australian newspaper known as The Betoota Advocate report fiercely - without fear or favour.
Two comedy greats, and even better mates! Jane Kennedy and Mick Molloy, driving you home across Australia on the Triple M Network.
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Recorded after the gig up in northern Victoria, Wainhouse is on the long road home with Dave. Chris' show in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is JUDGED. Get tickets here Facebook - Chris Wainhouse Website - Chris Wainhouse Twitter - Chris Wainhouse The Debrief is produced by Nearly, a podcast network. Original theme music by Kit Warh ...…
Join us for one of the best Spin it DJ wins ever!
Have you got a work farter, What was under the house, Financially fit competition, Double Glossy, What got ya nose, Holiday proposal pickers and Spin it DJ!
1) Coles Stickees 2) Apple Wrap Up 3) You had 1 Job 4) Fart Court case 5) Judith Lucy 6) Which side of the bed? 7) Wrap Up
TGIM Podcasters! Worst event you've ever been to, Mailbag, What are you using spit for, Revenge, Age gap love and we have a new comp!
1) The team's big night out on Friday 2) Political News with Richo 3) Bad Parenting 4) Adam Rozenbachs 5) MKR cookies 6) Hamish Blake 7) Mick's List of Women additions 8) I call Bullshit on the Women's mags 9) Wrap Up
The week that was on the Kate, Tim and Marty show!
Is your mate a cheater, Tweet of the week, Nova's Million dollar greatest hit, How do you trick them, Triple Glossy, Sessionless, I've never done it but I'd love to, Caller of the week and week in review!
1) Mick at the footy 2) Clown of the Week 3) Sexy Horoscopes with Gypsy Jane 4) Amy Schumer new special 5) Charlie Pickering 6) Solo-Moons 7) Week in review 8) Wrap Up
Fence Wars, Messages from the grave, Double Glossy, Kates Quirkie, What went wrong with your hair and Quick Draw!
1) Mick on the Front Bar 2) Dream Jobs 3) Drunken Purchases 4) Movie stars who sing 5) Mary Coustas and Uncle Visili 6) Volvo's Care Key 7) Movie Sequels 8) Wrap Up
See Kirsty's 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show! Dave and Kirsty are on their way to Mildura for a gig. There and back in one day. Facebook - Kirsty Webeck Twitter - Kirsty Webeck The Debrief is produced by Nearly, a podcast network. Original theme music by Kit Warhurst. Artwork created by Stacy Gougoulis. Tr ...…
Wendell Hussey joins Bruce Hitchcock to wrap up all the biggest stories from the Betoota Advocate from Koala Mattress Studios.
Get ready for a funny story about a man that did the ultimate face plant!
Where did you go on your own as a kid, How'd you name your baby, Me mate nearly killed me, Actor Chat, Who upstaged you, Flog hall of fame and what are you too embarrassed to return?
1) Mick on Sunrise 2) Plane News 3) Nanny State 4) Andy Lee 5) Sports Report 6) International Happiness Day 7) Wrap Up
Wil and Charlie discuss sitcom themes, Hugh Jackman's comedic chops, and Charlie's new bodily concern.
It's Kate verse Tim in a big round of Spin it DJ!
Are your friends making you fat, What wont you let go, I'd rather quit than quit, Triple Glossy, Would you be okay with it, Body modifications and Spin it DJ!
1) Mick banned from riding a shetland 2) Light Stories in the news 3) Janie's Hot Tradies 4) John Oliver defends eggboy 5) Richard Stubbs 6) Mick has knits 7) Wrap Up
Jesus that was lucky, Mailbag, Kochie and Pauline Hanson, What did you see on the PT, What went wrong at the cemetery, That wasn't meant for you, Double Glossy and what was in your lunch!?
1) Mick at the Grand Prix 2) Jane's Twitter update 3) Who would you like to egg? 4) Jane off to Glasto! 5) Last Blockbuster in world 6) Wil Anderson 7) I Call Bullshit 8) Wrap Up
To celebrate the start of the patch-on-elbow rugby code, dual-Bill-winning Wallabies Phil Kearns dropped into Koala Studios after a corporate speaking event to chat about the rugby union and where it’s going, the lack of funding for sport and what he’s doing about it. Recorded in the Koala Mattress Studio.…
Celebs doing normal things, Tweet of the week, Things you believed as a kid, Home hacks, Double Glossy, What did your mum make for you, Who can't you escape, Caller of the week + Week in review!
The week that was on the Kate, Tim and Marty show!
1) Mick away – Dave O’Neil in 2) What did you wag school for? 3) Clown of the Week 4) Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown 5) Young people with old person names 6) David Coulthard 7) Dave’s Sleep Mask 8) Week in Review 9) Around the Grounds
Debut on the Debrief with Bart Freebairn, off to Frankston and originally from Queensland! Ladies and Gentlemen! Bart has a website, Twitter, Facebook. The Debrief is produced by Nearly, a podcast network. Original theme music by Kit Warhurst. Artwork created by Stacy Gougoulis. Try another podcast from Nearly. The Clappers - Pop culture insigh ...…
You can't wear that, Allergy Catastrophe, How many jobs ya got, What did you find when you got home, I almost died, Quick Draw and Double Glossy!
1) Jane Woolies sale 2) Facebook and Insta crash 3) The Ashes Urn coming home 4) Iconic Trophies 5) Andrew Westacott CEO of Aus Grand Prix 6) Jane as Steve Nicks 7) Charlie Pickering 8) I Don't Give a Rats 9) Wrap Up
Wendell Hussey joins Bruce Hitchcock to wrap up all the biggest stories from the Betoota Advocate, brought to you by
What did the tradies do at your joint, Ever gone missing, Double Glossy, Kate's Quirky, Where did they leave you and The Age Game!
1) Mick's big night 2) The Voice Audience held hostage 3) US College Bribery Scandal - How far have you gone for your kids? 4) Gone Wild 5) Tom Ballard 6) I Call Bullshit 7) Wrap Up
Wil and Charlie discuss the inventor of the "Double Bread with Meat", domestic policy, and James Fosdike's newest and biggest fan, Russell Crowe.
Join us for another round of Spin it DJ!
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