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Fifi Box, Brendan Fevola and Byron Cooke add more moments, more laughs and more Melbourne into your morning. Listen every weekday from 6am on Melbourne's 101.9 Fox FM or catch up with them here. Call anytime 13 10 60 or tweet us @fifidaveandfev.
Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen like to talk and now they have microphones. Join them for conversations of little or no consequence.
Kate, Tim & Marty
Three of Australia’s most respected personalities come together for the drive home on Nova. Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold bring a conversational cheekiness to the Nova Network. Mixing the hottest topics of the day with the best of the web, hear weekly favourites like Quick Draw, Spin it DJ, The Age Game and a lot more.
The gig's just finished and comedian Dave O’Neil drives a comedian friend home, reflecting on the highs and lows of doing stand up comedy.You’ll be transported to Dave’s station wagon as he drives home from comedy gigs and debriefs with other comics about that night’s triumphs and disasters.Produced by Nearly.
Emily Tresidder and Vicky Hanlon are comedy! Okay okay, these two Australian women enjoy a lot of comedy. They make a lot of comedy! They've found many a Comedy Gem, and now they're going to share these comedic treasures with you! Not only will these two have you in stitches, but their guests will have you rofling like never before (literally - we hope your floors are clean!).
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Who stole your baby name, Does your child have a gift, Logies, Glossy, Did the Relos hook up, Quick Draw and Where were you busted!
Calum Scott is an amazing Tradieoke judge, Fev is comically bad at remembering names, we reminisce about plastic bags, Gatsbying, Logies chat and does Melbourne know who Todd Sampson is?
Family Fued, Heavy Sleepers, What is better than a session, Sideline Stoush, Wednesday Wheel and Double Glossy!
Heaps of guests on the show, Melbourne dobs in double dippers after Gary Mehigan did it, important people swearing at you, Hotline Ring, Truckieoke is back and more!
For the first time ladies and gentlemen - Nath Valvo! Killed at the gig and happy to get a lift home. Nath chose Confide in Me by Kylie Minogue to cap of the ride. SPONSOR: Be prepared for any occasion by ordering a pack of greeting cards from Use offer code "Debrief" for 10% off your total order. Nath on Facebook and Twitt ...…
Did the fire wake you up, If you could turn back time, Double Glossy, Was someone a hero, What did you spit in and Spin it DJ!
In this special edition of the Fifi, Fev & Byron Catch Up, Fifi tells the best stories (and gets some advice from Melbourne!) about her favourite person in the world - her daughter Trixie.
Hughesy tries to take our self-appointed credit for fixing the World Cup broadcasting issues, Dua Lipa's family favour, will Trixie try to interview the Sesame Street gang (again?), Tradieoke and baby changerooms.
Vic and Em chat to award winning comedian and star of the new ABC series “Corey White’s Roadmap to Paradise”, Corey White, about designer thongs, family trees and music festivals. Follow on Twitter @MrCoreyWhite and like his Facebook page. Like our Facebook page, Em’s Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @ourcomedygems or individually at @vickyh ...…
You touched what, Mailbag, Kitchen Kapers, I can't take them anywhere, Were they in the house, Do you do everything together and a double glossy!
Wil and Charlie discuss Charlie's excellent adventure, Wil's bogus journey, and Bill & Ted 3. Please check out the links mentioned in the show below:
It's Brighton Mazda's 'Me Or The Car', where listener Josh has to decide between dropping his girlfriend or his car from 30 metres up! Also, Fev talks Cartlon, World Cup broadcasting problems, animal whisperers and more!
The week that was on the Kate, Tim and Marty show!
Did they get out of the Car, Tweet of the week, I was hoping for bigger, Double Glossy, Currency Converter, Where did you get your head stuck, Worst performance you've ever seen, Caller of the week + Week in Review!
Me Or The Car is on Monday, which gives Fifi a traumatising flashback. Jarrod Woodgate swings (clings?) by, we ask 'What Are They Up To Now?', Eurydice Dixon and more.
Kitchen Kapers, What did they say about you, Currency Converter, Have you serviced a Celeb, Was he working the worker, Quick Draw and Phone Poll!
Our MASSIVE World Famous Rooftop announcement, Truckieoke is now a thing, Channing Tatum disses his own movie, Fifi fluffs it at a conference, PC Police, Hotline Ring, the pronunciation of Kim Jong-un and more! 14th June 2018
It's simple, tell us your best story without getting the gong!
That'll do me Gus, Does he dress you, It's another one of these, Were you kicked kerbside, Group honeymoons, Oh my Gong, Currency Converter and Double Glossy!
Can Fifi finally end the Fev V Danny Green fued? Conrad Sewell plays in the studio, near-misses getting shot! Trump and Kim Jong-un and the awesomeness of being lazy. 13th June 2018
Kilos lighter and in Dave's car after they've finished a gig in Newport, Dilruk Jayasinha (the first ever guest on The Debrief) gets back in the passenger seat. Vote for Dilruk in the Logies if it hasn't passed and you know how. He's got a great podcast with Ben Lomas, Fit Bet. Check it out! Dave hijacked the song choice, but it's a great one, ...…
In a Spin it DJ first, Marty takes over the Mothership!
How quick was the engagement, Peculiar Pets, Currency Converter, Double Glossy, Did you walk in on the oldies, Were you refused the loo and Spin it DJ!
Packed and ready, Francis Leach and Tony Wilson are heading north. Far far north. Russia North. Subscribe to World Cup Road Trip where you're listening, for a near-daily update on what happens off the pitch and among the fans. Let your mates know about the Road Trip on the socials or plug it into their phone. And when you get a chance leave a r ...…
Fifi tries to be a good samaritan, Hughesy Tuesday, Tradieoke, we ask Melbourne about their exorcisms, AFL all-gender toilets and more. 12th June 2018
Vic and Em chat to Adelaide turned Melbourne comedian, Lewis Garnham, about unwelcome house visitors, unwelcome telemarketers and Lewis tells a heartbreaking story. Follow Lewis on twitter @lewgarnham and like his Facebook page! Like our Facebook page, Em’s Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @ourcomedygems or individually at @vickyhanlon & @Em ...…
What's your kid addicted to, Mailbag, Double Glossy, Good Deeds, Did the counselling make it worse, Trivia, Currency Converter and How long with no Big O!?
The week that was on the Kate, Tim and Marty show!
What did your brother feed you, Who's your dream girl, What knocked you out, Snakebites, Dish on your ex, What was in your nose, Double Glossy, Caller of the week and week in review!
On the way back from a special gig for the Collingwood Football Club, and on the way there. Mixing it up a little with bit of pre and post commentary this episode. Peter's idea. Song chosen on the way home from The Holden Centre, Start a war by The National. SPONSOR: Be prepared for any non-AFL specific occation by ordering a pack of greeting c ...…
A MASSIVE show, Amy Shark hangs out and plays 'I Said Hi' and a very special cover, Fifi, Fev, Byron and Melbourne get naked on the World Famous Rooftop, Trixie is amazing, Post Malone = Justin Bieber(?) and more!
Today on the show - What got you before the wedding, Rats discuss, Fashion fails, What ate your pet, They just left, Quick Draw with The Presets and Aussie inventions!
Fifi, Fev & Byron and Melbourne will be recreating an iconic nude photo on the World Famous Rooftop TOMORROW, Peking Duk get loose on Tradieoke, relationship sacrifices, women in construction and more! 7th June 2018
What did you do on a whim, Where did you discover Jesus, You should have told me about that, Royal Tidbit, To ban or not to ban, Kate's Mayhem and you did not just take a selfie!?
Fifi hilariously did a runner, getting sued sucks, wanky cafe trends that are getting worse, scattering ashes gone wrong, Miss America changes and Hotline Ring.
Marty is taking over the controls for another round of Spin it DJ!
Idiot tourists: what did you see them do, Wedding crashers, How old were you when you left, Double Glossy, What you didn't want the wife to know, Mile high club fails and Spin it DJ!
Confronting conversations about adultury, Hughesy Tuesday, Melbourne destinations that have been ruined for you, Tradieoke and Aaron Rich flicks the switch!
Vic and Em chat to US comedian and writer on The Daily Show, Josh Johnson, chicken money, giraffes and childhood expectations. Follow him on Twitter @joshjohnson and check out his website here. Like our Facebook page, Em’s Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @ourcomedygems or individually at @vickyhanlon & @EmilyTresidder.…
TGIM Podcasters! How cheap are your parents, Mailbag, Phone Poll, Tales from the delivery driver, Last photo before disaster, Did your own family thieve from you and Double Glossy
It’s the second (and even stranger!) edition of Fifi, Fev & Byron’s ‘We Got One’ Catch Up Special. In this segment, all we require is only ONE caller in Melbourne who can answer our question. From people who’ve been swallowed by quicksand, to those in cults, logie nominees, time travellers and amazingly even some who’s faked their own death – t ...…
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