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How to Pakistan
"How to Pakistan" a podcast featuring Mosharraf Zaidi and Fasi Zaka, as they explore the art of the Pakistani conversation. #awesome #seriously #hashtag
Bol Bol Pakistan With Nusrat Javed and Gulmenay
Nusrat Javed, is a Pakistani columnist, journalist and news anchor. Javed began his television career with his program Bolta Pakistan on AAJ TV. later he joined Dawn News, his show is co hosted by Gulmenay who is good in asking Questions and arranging the proceedings of the show, goes on air Monday to Thursday 8:05 PM on Dawn News
Live with Dr Shahid Masood
Shahid Masood came into the spotlight with his program Views On News (launched after 9/11) Asia's longest-running current affairs TV show.His show carriedinterviews with prominent people from politics, civil life, literature and culture. Ever since 9/11, Masood has been severely critical of the American-led War on Terrorism,although he never supported militancy or extremism. He routinelytends to analyze important issues along controversial lines, such as the Afghanistan,Iran, Iraq and the 20 ...
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political chaos and confusion after #GTRoadRally
#GTRoadRally : Nawaz criticises judges!!
Nawaz Sharif's rally on Track! any differences in Sharif Family?
Saniha-E-Quetta ko Aik Saal!
will Nawaz Sharif be allowed to march via GT Road?
Corps Commanders Conference and other issues
Punjab Meyn Medan-E-Jang?
Top News of the day
PM in Murrey and other issues
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi new Elected PM!
Pakistan after Nawaz Sharif!
Historic judgement at the Supreme Court as Nawaz Sharif is disqualified. The justices go the full five-nil on him. Not over the London apartments, but over his falsified declaration of wealth/assets. Fasi and Mosharraf are joined by legal expert Asad Rahim Khan.
Fasi and Mosharraf talk about how we talk about things. Ramadan, Ramzaan, Yadav Jhadav, ICJ, ICC - its all happening!
Chris Cornell. Dead at age fifty two. Fasi and Mosharraf talk about his sound, and the sounds of their youth.
The Supreme Court announces its judgement in the supposedly landmark PanamaGate case. And reflections on the murder of Mashal Khan at Abdul Wali Khan University.
We are back with Season 03. Today we talk about the PSL Final. We loved it. Hope you did too. (The podcast, not the PSL thingy!)
Its 2017! We talk about new beginnings, and then dive into a Pakistaniat quiz, where Mosharraf tests the bona fides of Fasi's patriotism. Judge for yourself if he passes!
It is the end of the year. We talk about 2016, Pakistan's demographic dividend, and our favorite How to Pakistan guests. Join us!
Junaid Jamshed passed away in the tragic accident that befell Pakistan International Airlines Flight 661, en route from Chitral to Islamabad. Fasi and Mosharraf talk about their memories of Junaid. This episode closes with the exceptional in-memoriam rendition of Yaad Kerna by Shehzad Roy (…
How to Pakistan
Columnist, TV talk show host, social media superstar.... Zarrar Khuhro is in the How to Pakistan house. There is laughter. Join us!
Spencer Ackerman talks to How to Pakistan about President-Elect Donald Trump and the world awaiting us. Ackerman is national security editor for Guardian US. Ackerman was part of the Guardian team that won the 2014 Pulitzer prize for public service journalism. A former senior writer for Wired, he won the 2012 National Magazine Award for digital ...…
Imran Khan announced the cancellation of Islamabad Lockdown whilst we were recording this episode. Interruptus indeed. Join us.
The PTI lockdown of Islamabad is imminent. The only people against locking down the capital city are corrupt, pro Nawaz Sharif evil doers. Join Fasi and Mosharraf as they try to analyze the evil.
Ahsan I. Butt is an Assistant Professor at the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. His main research interests lie in nationalism, international security, and South Asia. He is currently writing a book on separatist violence. In this episode we discuss civ mil disequilibrium, PM Sharif's failures, and the history, ...…
As newsroom and social media warriors take the rhetorical battle to new lows, How to Pakistan will continue striving to find higher roads for a region and peoples that the world should expect more from. Today we talk to the UK Royal United Services Institute's Shashank Joshi. Shashank is a prolific writer and analyst and one of the sharpest Ind ...…
After the Uri attack in Kashmir, many in India have called for punitive military measures by India. Among the people who think that strategic restraint is an outdated and losing proposition for India, is Wall Street Journal columnist, Sadanand Dhume. Join us as we discuss the viability of war, and the possibilities for peace.…
23 Pakistanis killed by a suicide bomber in Mohmand Agency MQM leader Khawaja Izhar arrested in Karachi Arresting SSP Rao Anwar suspended for the arrest Pakhtuns, Mohairs, Pakistanis of all colors, all shapes and all sizes, aggrieved. Welcome to How to Pakistan
We wish all our listeners a very happy Eid! Eid ul Adha Mubarak! In this episode we discuss our own experiences of Eid ul Adha, or Bakra Eid. We also talk about Abraham, the consumption of beef and the compulsion to eat certain kinds of meat, or not. Join us! And once again, Eid Mubarak!
China is the everything-all-the-time old new thing (and new old thing) in Pakistan. Andrew Small is the Senior Transatlantic Fellow at the German Marshall Fund in Washington DC. His book, The China-Pakistan Axis: Asia's New Geopolitics, is a widely acclaimed reading of the complex and oft-misunderstood strategic alliance between Pakistan and Ch ...…
In this episode we discuss the Orlando shooting in which fifty were killed by a man named Omar Saddiqi Mateen, an American of Afghan origin.
In this episode we discuss the health of the prime minister, and some related issues. Join us! (We apologize for the low sound quality).
University of Oklahoma professor Aqil Shah is the author of "The Army & Democracy: Military Politics in Pakistan", and more recently of a Washington Post oped titled, "Drone blowback in Pakistan is a myth. Here's why". Three days after his oped was published, Taliban leader Mullah Mansour Akhtar was killed in a drone attack in Pakistan. The dro ...…
Note: This episode contains substantial portions in Urdu (and some sparse sprinklings of Pashto). In Episode 04 of Season 02 Fasi and Mosharraf discuss the life and times of Saleem Safi, one of Pakistan's most compelling journalistic voices. He describes his life's journey, his evolution as a journalist, the role of the Islami Jamiat e Talbaa i ...…
On Episodes 02 and 03, we are joined by journalist and television anchor Ejaz Haider, currently the Editor for National Security Affairs at Capital TV. The first part of the conversation is about the mutual love for guns that is shared by Ejaz Haider and Fasi Zaka - which leads to exchanges about arms licenses in Pakistan, the overall licensing ...…
On Episodes 02 and 03, we are joined by journalist and television anchor Ejaz Haider, currently the Editor for National Security Affairs at Capital TV. The second part of the conversation is about the transition from print to broadcast, the Deo-Salafist movement, the evolution of the Jamaat e Islami, civilian-military relations and the enormous ...…
Previously, on How to Pakistan...Fasi and Mosharraf started a podcast. People listened. Fasi and Mosharraf completed twenty episodes. Welcome to Season 2 of How to Pakistan. Join us as we attempt to explore the art of the Pakistani conversation.
The body count from the Easter Sunday bombing in Lahore now stands at seventy-two. Pakistan bleeds once again. Meanwhile, Islamabad's Red Zone continues to be occupied by pro-Qadri protestors demanding a long list of things. The republic stands guilty not only of failing to protect Christians (and Muslims, and all other nationals), but also of ...…
The T20 World Cup in India was a disaster for the Pakistani men's cricket team. Not so for the women's team, or for New Zealand, West Indies, India or England. Join Mosharraf and Fasi as we dig into the ups and downs of the 2016 T20 World Cup with the great Osman Samiuddin as we try to understand what happened to the Pakistan men's team, and wh ...…
In this episode we talk to Osman Samiuddin about the process of writing, and about being a writer. We talk some more about cricket, and learn about the depth and breadth of his knowledge of cricket history, and his love for Sheffield Wednesday. You can read Osman's book, The Unquiet Ones, by purchasing it, here: ...…
Dr. Miftah Ismail is the Chairman of Pakistan's Board of Investment, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and has the rank of a Minister of State (for investment). He is a Wharton PhD with a specialty in Public Finance and Political Economy. He is the former CEO of one of Pakistan's largest food and confectionary manufacturers. He has been a ...…
What is the state of the Left in Pakistan? How left of centre is the PPP, really? What are the revolutionary credentials of the PTI? Why don't Pakistanis respond more enthusiastically to parties like the Awami Workers' Party? Is the state complicit in efforts to suppress and limit the voice of the marginalised and vulnerable? Can a good Muslim ...…
Words. How do we pronounce them? Does it make it a difference? Leonardo Di Caprio. Sweet mouth. This is the first How to Pakistan "short". Enjoy. Here's the story reporting the sweet mouth:
March 08 is International Women's Day. March 09 is the Day After Women's Day. We observe the day after women's day with Episode 12, in which Mosharraf and Fasi speak to Azeema Cheema, a researcher and instructor at the National Defense University, and a woman. Azeema talks to us about women's day, and the place of women in Pakistan, and on How ...…
How to Pakistan
What does the execution of Mumtaz Qadri say about Pakistan? What does it say about those that are comforted by the state's hanging of this man? What does it say about those that mourn this man? What does it say about provincialism and subnational identities? What does it say about liberals and conservatives? What does it say about left and righ ...…
How to Pakistan
Jibran Nasir is a Pakistani activist most commonly associated with effort to have Abdul Aziz of Islamabad's Lal Masjid arrested. A lawyer, a television anchor, a writer and motivational speaker, Jibran is Pakistani civil society's renaissance man. Fasi and Mosharraf talk to Jibran about the present and future of Pakistani civil society, the smo ...…
How to Pakistan
Two recent pieces in the international press have been great reminders of the steep price Pakistan continues to pay for the tragic stupidities that the country endured for decades in the name of national security. In a February 6 piece for the New York, Carlotta Gall asserts that Da'esh is partly a product of Pakistan's ISI, and on Valentine's ...…
Sana Mir is the national cricket team captain for Pakistan. Her off-spin bowling is currently ranked 10th in the ICC Women's ODI Bowling rankings, and has ranked in the top ten consistently for the last nine years. After becoming the team captain in 2009, she lead the national team to its first ever victory in a tournament at the T20 quadrangul ...…
In Episode 07, Mosharraf and Fasi offer as an appetizer, the aftermath of the Valentine's Day debate and Marvi Sirmed's offer of a balloon for Mufti Naeem. The main course for this episode is the Lahore Orange Line, a subway/train infrastructure project that has been protested against recently. We ask Lahore conservationist and lawyer Mr Rafay ...…
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