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Priti Malik updates us on everything that's been happening in Hollywood.
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Find out who Kris Fade pranked on the show this morning.
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We have the lastest from Priti, from drake being ill to a new famous couple on the scene.
Tristan was caught cheating again? and Sam Smith cancelling his appearance at the iHeart music Festival last minute!
IT'S THE WEEKEND PODDY'S! Today was the greatest day because we surprised Harry with the arrival of Long Distance Dannii (his girlfriend) LIVE in the studio.. there were tears, there were laughs and then there was really cheesy music! We asked you to shame your partner with their disgusting habits and the dental hygeine in Dubai is questionable ...…
In light of the cricket ma tch we decided to throw an India vs Pakistan, restaurants edition...
LET ME TAKE YOU STARBUCKS, COSTS ONLY FIVE BUCKS! - Try getting this song out of your head! Harry and Pricey played the best song in the world by Ur Boi Bangz today and it was all kinds of amazing! We asked if you would pay to go to a friends wedding... as in 'buy a ticket' ?! Yay or Nay was interesting when it totally divided the team on washi ...…
Priti talks about the latest gossip, like Justin Bieber busking in London...
Priti Malek talks about the Emmy's and Chris Martin's song to Leonardo DiCaprio's love for his shorts.
Kris Fade prank calls Cloud Architect office and things take an unexpected turn
Hello Poddy's! Happy Hump Day! Lots of people called in with their little humps, big humps, humps as big as your head! Pricey covered the Emmy's and even shared the best proposal that happened on the stage LIVE We asked for your scary spider stories cos let's face it - we all have them! Royal Tea Time covered Meghan the Duchess of Sussex's firs ...…
BIN DAY MONDAY! What do you need to trash from your life?! Rog is trashing a poor person who's just trying to make a living and Pricey left a perishable in her car for 3 days in the sun! Eewwww! Pricey told us the real reason why she went away for the weekend! Harry kept us up to date with his build up activities before Long Distance Dannii get ...…
It's Harry's birthday!! The team had a surprise for him every hour of the show and we still think the cake prank was the best! Pricey's Scandal covered Eddie Murphy being a dad for the tenth time, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber getting married and a sweet new tune from Dolly Parton and Sia! We discussed whether we think feminism has gone mad ...…
WEDMIN Wednesdays!!! Do you think Pricey should elope instead of the big white wedding?! The UAE had their say this morning! Harry wasn’t sure if was all by himself when he does something after he gets out of the shower. The girls really couldn’t relate Scandal – Heidi Klum turned down Drake, Kendall Jenner opted out of walking in New York Fash ...…
Kris pretends he's a rapper on the phone with Urban Spa and asks about their massage prices.
HUUUUUUUUUMMPP DDAAAAAAAY! We hope you will learn our new Hump Day song and be ready to sing next week! Harry and Pricey find out what humps you’ve overcome – no matter what size of the hump! We find out what imperfections you find attractive in the opposite sex. Pricey’s scandal covered the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B since Nicki has ...…
BIN DAY MONDAY! Harry and Pricey like to trash things from their lives on Mondays and invite you to pop something or someone in the bin too! Harry is trashing one of the most influential sport personalities in the world! After hearing Barack Obama got kicked out of Disneyland, we asked the UAE where have they been kicked out of and surprisingly ...…
HAPPY THURSDAY! The 'brain starter' had Harry stumped and then in a terrible mood as a result. Finally the team discusses fine art on the show PLUS Producer Rog got beat up by a kid. Enjoy!
Hello Poddy’s! Sunday Sunday! Pricey is back from being unwell and already berating the staff at Dubai 92 for the studio temperature, eek! Harry makes comment about Pricey’s ChiChi and we were surprised at how she took it! So much happening in the scandal: Shoes were thrown, referees were yelled and Bruno Mars could be taking up a new career! E ...…
OH NO! Pricey is off sick. Poor thing! Still, we carried on with a brainstarter that stumped Harry and put him in a rotten mood, we asked if girls and guys can be friends even if they're in a relationship. Did you go to school with someone famous? Harry and Rog did...kinda... Rihanna is coming to Dubai...we had all the details for you. PLUS a S ...…
Britney Spears gets booed on stage plus it turns out the late Queen of Soul ; Aretha Franklin ; who passed away last week didn't leave a Will !
HAPPY HUMP DAY! Rog has made a new song for us to celebrate Hump Day! It's in this podcast for you to learn and singalong to... YAY or NAY - Charmaine called in to ask us about something SUPER annoying that happens only in the cinema Pricey is on the wedding hype and found an influence who paid for 80% of her wedding through Instagram posts Har ...…
Happy Monday! Pricey reveals today her REAL proposal story...Hear what actually happened when Kiwi Jamie Propsed. You talked about limiting time on your kids gaming... PLUS what TV sitcom actually made you smarter if you watched it. Hint: Harry hasnt seen a single episode...Cant tell right? Enjoy!
Hayley Baldwin opens up about her engagement to Justin Bieber plus why is the latest blockbuster 'Crazy Rich Asians' such an iconic movie?
Priti reveals which artist Eminem was talking about in his latest song.
Hello Poddy’s! Today we had a huge engagement announcement for one person on the team! Plus Harry & Pricey started the week with a win in Who’s Your Daddy?! YAY or NAY took a turn when Savio called in to ask Harry & Pricey what they thought about a certain celebrity We find out if a celebrity has ruined your name And Rog stumped one half of the ...…
How and When does Beyonce get her nails manicured, Priti tells us next!
Is Beyonce taking over Vogue? Tune in to find out!
Are the Weeknd and Bella Hadid serious about their relationship? Tune in to find out!
Priyanka Chopra engaged!!!! Tune in to hear the deets!
Dubai has become her new home, tune in to hear all about it!
Demi Lovato fell off the wagon, find out why!
Ariana Grande and Pete are having a fall out? Tune in to find out more!
Here's Justin Beiber, tune in to hear how he handled the press!
Justin Beiber's mother disowned him, what???? Have a listen!
Have a listen to this Prank, it involves McDonald's
A X factor contestant returns as a judge, find out which celeb it was!
This is a twist to the gossip, Kris compensated for the lack of audio, tune in!
Halsey had a really cute confession about G-Eazy, have a listen!
Kylie Jenner's fans have found a way to make her a billionaire faster, tune in!
Justin Timberlake did something smart for the world cup, find out what!
Camilla Cabello has a new collab. Plus Halsey broke down, find out why!
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