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Priti Malik updates us on everything that's been happening in Hollywood.
Kris' Kranks
Find out who Kris Fade pranked on the show this morning.
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SUP PODCASTERS! Today we talked what you stockpile at home...and we took your calls on what you've got cupboards full of at home. Pricey is meeting her partner Kiwi Jamies parents in NZ soon and she's begun to do something to over compensate her nerves. Yay or Nay, Royal Tea Time (our fave girl the Queen was caught doing something to anger Dona ...…
This is a twist to the gossip, Kris compensated for the lack of audio, tune in!
DO YOU SUFFER FROM ANGRY OUTBURSTS?! Well Harry & Pricey asked the UAE for different methods of anger management. Harry's is weird and Pricey's is cute. Naturally. YAY or NAY - What are your thoughts on emojis, hankerchieves or stand up comedy? Pricey's Scandal - Are Keith and Nicole ready for baby number three?! Is everything ok with Demi Lova ...…
Halsey had a really cute confession about G-Eazy, have a listen!
Happy Bin Day! Monday is Pricey's least favourite day of the week so we asked you what you would like to trash from your life! Harry needed to have a manscaping checklist ahead of his photoshoot this weekend YAY or NAY - Find out how Harry & Pricey feel about swimming in the sea, drinking juice straight out of the carton and memes Pricey's Scan ...…
Kylie Jenner's fans have found a way to make her a billionaire faster, tune in!
Justin Timberlake did something smart for the world cup, find out what!
Camilla Cabello has a new collab. Plus Halsey broke down, find out why!
Are we getting older or are celebs getting dumber, did Justin Beiber just get engaged? And is Selena okay with this?
Jay has the funniest thing about Neymar.
Halsey moved on, find out all about that and Priyanka Chopra gets super awkward when asked about her relationship.
Kris' favourite couple broke up, find out who it was. Plus new music from Justin Timberlake.
Is Liam Payne splitting from his girlfriend? And Ed Sheeran is sued again!!!!
Scarlett Johansson auditioned to be with Tom Cruise, does this sound right to you?
This couple is finally instagram official, and it's HUGE, tune in!
Imagine having a model taking you to prom, tune in!
Kanye is worried about Kim leaving him, WHAT??!! And Cardi B is finally married, BUT she's been married for ages, tune in!
This one's cruel but the italians appreciate it, have a listen!
It's a Games Of Thrones wedding, find out who got married!
How much web can Spiderman produce? Have a guess!
BACK TO WORK SUNDAY Mustve been start of the week nerves with 'Whos Ya Daddy' Harry stuffed it up, Pricey isn't handling it well. The guys play a revealing round of "Yay Or Nay" and Pricey's Mum has disappeared somewhere on holidays again....and hasn't told Pricey anything about it. Strap yourselves in!…
END OF THE WEEK VIBES! (Well in the UAE anyway, the weekend here is Friday & Saturday!) Today: The Week That Was Harry & Pricey went to see "Hereditary' (2018's scariest movie) together. Pricey had some issues with Harry. World Cup Latest, Which Country turned off the entire internet because kids were cheating in their exams PLUS a round of Dub ...…
Kim K for president???!!!!! Have a listen!
Find out how much Oprah's worth by tuning in!
Pricey has been snooping through Harry's shopping and has a few questions about what he's been buying... Twitter: 'unlikely ways you met your partner' was trending... Harry throws a tantrum over something so ridiculous on-air and Pricey's Mum...Penny has gone AWOL again...She's run off like a teenager...Pricey shares the texts she recieved from ...…
DAY TWO after a long summer break... Harry lets you imagine a scene that happened to him in Kathmandu, its something we didnt want to imagine...Thanks Harry. Pricey's friend improvised a hygiene product...Probably something that shouldnt be improvised but hey...what till you hear the story. Royal Tea Time... Whats Meghans nickname for The Queen?…
THEY'RE BACK!!! After what seemed like a long summer break, best mates Harry & Pricey finally reunited this morning! Find out what Pricey did to annoy all her friends in Perth, Australia Producer Rog has World Cup chat which Harry had banned but somehow still makes it on the show! The guys play "Whos Ya Daddy?" and try to guess your daddy's job ...…
Ariana Grande is looking for a new apartment, tune in to find out more!
Is Ariana Grande engaged? Tune in to find out!
News about legally blonde, Marshmello's going bollywood, find out next!
Are Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik back? Tune in! And more news about the tv show 13 reasons why!
The Hadid's and the Jenner's find out what all that's about! Plus, a celebrity is suffering from the same problem as Rossi, tune in to find out what all that's about!
The Weekend is over the heartbreak, have a listen to where he took his girl!
Demi Lovato tweeted something about Dubai, tune in!
Ryan Reynolds shared something from the Kris Fade Show, tune in!
Someone lost their voice, find out who!
Priyanka Chopra has a new man, tune in to find out who's the lucky guy!
Eminem and Nicki Minaj, are they a thing?
Game Of Thrones stars getting married, find out who it is! And Ed Sheeran wants to make a huge change, find out what he wants to do!
Ariana Grande is dating someone, tune in!
BEST DAY OF THE WEEK! THURSDAY!! Thursday is the end of the working week in Dubai and we always have so much fun with you! Hear: The Week That Was Harry & Pricey literally give out their social/media email passwords on the air Pricey does something in the shower that made Harry almost vomit. Women of Dubai supported her as well. We play our fav ...…
Wednesday Chat! Our Producer Laila will put songs on purposely to cry and apparently she's not alone. Harry is nervous about flying through airports on his upcoming trip as he has something weird for a guy to have packed in his suitcase. Royal Tea Time...Harry brought a special gift for the team from the Royal Wedding too! Does Pricey redeem he ...…
Hello Poddies! You called in to share the weird stuff you've seen on peoples CV's Harry had a damning confession on the show that genuinely shocked Pricey. Pricey stuffed up a phonecall with our BIG BIG Boss We also learnt about Harry's weird childhood obsession with a commercial that resulted him in buying a canoe. WEIRD We remember the Manche ...…
Monday is Bin Day! We trash whatever you want from your cure for Monday-itus What do you still have to get permission for as an adult? Harry is almost buying womens clothes by mistake We Invade Priceys Phone with cringe worhy results Stalk us! @harryandpricey
Someone's suing someone for a similar song, tune in to hear the songs!
Tune in to hear what the Royal couple danced to!
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