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Fresh Air
Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.
Ideas is all about ideas \x96 programs that explore everything from culture and the arts to science and technology to social issues.
Live performances and conversations in which artists talk about their work, their process, and themselves. Genre-blind but open-eared. Hosted by John Schaefer.
The Hub - ABC RN
Formerly Books and Arts, The Hub is RN’s new dedicated home for arts and culture. Each week day we’ll zoom in on a specific area of art and culture, brought to you by a specialist presenter. Search The Hub for the individual podcasts.
FT Life of a Song
Each month FT music critics and contributors discuss the story of a song, from its origins and early recordings through cover versions good and bad. Formerly called FT Arts.
This podcast is about art, music and the technology that enables it. But it is also about creativity, motivation and the future of music and art. I do interviews with amazing artists and technologists, and hope to crack the surface of their practice.
ART FOR YOUR EAR brings you stories from some of my favorite contemporary artists. When I studied Art History, the best part was, well, the gossip. I loved finding out why artists did certain things, what was going on in their personal lives, and behind-the-scenes details about other artists they knew and worked with. This podcast is exactly that ... inside-scoop stories from the artsiest people I know. You'll hear first-hand from these talented, successful, full-time artists (who also happe ...
A lively and unpretentious look at the latest films, plays, dance events, books and exhibitions, alongside an eclectic selection of music.
FrequencyFM, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence in Christian artistic endeavors. We accomplish this by encouraging artists, providing them a platform on which to share their work and engage with other artists, and by speaking truth in kindness and love in areas where we can do better. Join us at for insightful artist interviews, objective and honest music and book reviews, and thoughtful commentary on art across all mediums f ...
The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive monthly guide to enlightening information. Hosted by Ellis Jones, Editor-in-Chief of VICE Magazine, each episode brings in-depth interviews, sonically rich cultural insights, and offers a rare glimpse into how the magazine is made.
Front Row
Live magazine programme on the worlds of arts, literature, film, media and music
Get ready to meet the artists you're talking about, and the ones you'll soon love. Whatever you're into -- be it music, TV, film, visual art, theatre, or comedy -- q is there. Expect deep insight, and big surprises. Because on q, arts and entertainment get personal.
THE SECRET HISTORY OF ART takes you on a series of private guided tours of the world's greatest artworks. Best-selling author and professor of art history Noah Charney presents the history, symbolism, and importance of each work. The Secret History of Art is a series of lessons in miniature on great works of art around the world. By spending just a few minutes per masterpiece, you can learn the mysteries, stories, and secrets of some of civilization’s greatest treasures.
Mental Floss
Join mental_floss and host Jeff Rubin for a dive into into an area of culture, food, or the arts that you never knew could be so fascinating.
Starving Artist is a podcast about art, money, and how to combine those things. If you’re a creative who’s ever wondered “how the hell do I make this work?!” then this podcast is for you. The show is basically an excuse for host and honesty enthusiast Honor Eastly to ask successful artists really nosy questions about their financial situation, and record the conversation.This is a no-holds-barred exploration of the reality behind the Starving Artist myth, and season one features 12 interview ...
Art Detective
Art is the truest expression of the workings of the mind, free from learnt language. More than that, it is the visual expression of culture, politics, society, religion, emotion, zeitgeist, channelled through the brush, chisel, or hands of creative individuals. Understanding art allows us to understand history: to pin it with images, and pepper it with the faces, colours, drama and expression of its time. This series is designed to give bite-sized insights into the world of Art History, brin ...
All of It
ALL OF IT is a show about culture and its consumers. ALL OF IT is a show about culture and context. ALL OF IT is a show about culture and the culture. Our aim is to engage the thinkers, doers, makers, and creators, about the what and why of their work. People make the culture and we hope, need, and want the WNYC community to be a part of our show. As we build a community around ALL OF IT, we know that every guest and listener has an opinion. We won’t always agree, but our varied perspectives ...
Mad Art Cast
Mad Art Cast. The official podcast of Mad Art, where we discuss the intersection of art and science .
A timely and revealing update of some of the most groundbreaking narrative journalism ever published by Esquire since its founding in 1933. Presented by PRX and Esquire Magazine.
A Podcast from the Massachusetts Cultural Council
The Arts & Healing Podcast, a project of the Arts & Healing Network, includes over 35 interviews with artists and innovators who are using creativity for healing, transformation and social change. Although the Arts & Healing Network closed in 2015, the podcast remains online as a source of inspiration about the transformational power of creativity.
We interview exceptional creators and performers, de-constructing how they start with nothing and end up with a highly emotive performance which can move and inspire millions. Listen as elite musicians, comedians and writers share their secrets, tips and experiences, and, as a result, give you meaningful takeaways which provide a greater understanding of them and their art, and help you progress with your own creative endeavours. Find more content at or follow us at @anatomyoftv.
Nihal Arthanayake brings you in-depth interviews each week with the biggest names in entertainment, culture and the arts.Remember to subscribe and leave a review.
Art Ed Radio
The Podcast for Art Teachers
《流行通信》是由 IPN 出品的艺术类播客,由龙荻主持。我们不只谈艺术。Pop Dispatch is a podcast about arts, culture and beyond. It is hosted by Julia Long and produced by IPN.
Creative Drive
Whatever our creative passion is, we can all agree on doing more of what we love – writing, drawing, crafting, composing, photography. How do we find time? How do we exist in reality without letting it stop our progress? How do we make our projects happen in the real world; doing what we can, with what we have, while we have it?Creative Drive is a biweekly podcast for everyday people creating extraordinary things. Tune in for down-to-earth perspective, practical tips, and some occasional ran ...
Bridge The Atlantic
Hosted by singer/songwriter Marcio Novelli (Toronto, Canada) and web designer Ross Barber-Smith (Glasgow, Scotland), Bridge the Atlantic is a humorous and insightful exploration of the creative industries, directly from those who are working within it. With a varied range of guests including musicians, filmmakers, actors, artists and other creative professionals, Bridge the Atlantic is an entertaining mix of funny “WTF” moments, career defining experiences and industry advice. New episodes e ...
WAMU: Art Beat
Art Beat with Lauren Landau is a daily one-minute update on arts and culture events in the DC region.
The National Museum of Australia's audio series explores Australia's social history: Indigenous people, their cultures and histories, the nation's history since 1788, and the interaction of Australians with the land and environment. The series includes talks by curators, conservators, historians, environmental scientists and other specialists.
It's All True!
This conversational storytelling podcas features interviews with a wide range of guests who are prompted to reveal a headline for a funny personal true story. Hosted by comedian Tim Barnes, "It's All True!" is quick, sonically rich and always fun.
Bastards of Art is a podcast to reach out to lowbrow artist. We are helping artist to come together with a message of positivity and ambition. It can feel very lonely spending hours in the study. We are here to help erase self doubt and cultivate the artist inside you.
ArtHouse Radio
ArtHouse Radio is a weekly arts, comedy and culture podcast which features prominent artists, comedians, thinkers, filmmakers, friends and lovers (oh la la!). Hosted by composer and artist Troy Ramos. Follow us everywhere @arthouse 43! ©ArtHouse 43, LLC 2015
This is the audio-only version of the Ancient Art Podcast. Subscribe to the HD-video Ancient Art Podcast at Explore the art and culture of the Ancient Mediterranean World in the Ancient Art Podcast with your host Lucas Livingston. Uncover the truths and unravel the mysteries of the civilizations that shaped our modern world. Each episode features detailed examinations of exemplary works from the Art Institute of Chicago and other notable collections in addition to broa ...
Writer-director Ted Mills sits down for a chat with artists and other creative folks, including visual artists, musicians, writers, restauranteurs, filmmakers and more!
The New Criterion
A monthly review of the arts and intellectual life. Interviews, poetry readings, musical criticism, and
Hosted by Mike Veerman, a seasoned writer, director, and producer, the "Mike On Much" podcast features tales of camaraderie and conversations with creative figures from the world of music, film and television. The series is co-produced by Max Kerman, lead singer of the Hamilton-based, four-time JUNO Award-winning group Arkells, and also features a dessert segment with pop culture aficionado and fellow "Champagne Boy" Shane Cunningham.
Arts Extract
Not an insert, not a supplement, but a weekly podcast of concise stories extracted from the arts communities of Madison, WI.
Art Dealer Show
About and for the people who sell art.
Christiana's Stuff
The Many Works of Christiana Ellis
Weekly conversations with arts and cultural icons.
TOKYO ART BLOOM is a program where we invite foreign culture and art creators living in Japan as guests on the show. What kind of TOKYO do these creators who are living far from their origin see and feel? TOKYO ART BLOOMは、東京に暮らしながら文化・芸術の分野で活躍する外国人の方を、毎回お招きし、『東京』の魅力について伺うプログラム。
Welcome to The Art Collective Podcast by Jabberjaw Media! Former Anberlin frontman and author, Stephen Christian, interviews musicians and authors to explore how the two worlds influence each other and our culture as a whole. Get more info at and subscribe on iTunes today!
Interview with the Artist is a long form, in-depth interview show which airs on 102.5 WBAZ-FM in the Hamptons, and as a podcast. On this new series, radio host and former actor Walker Vreeland lets you in on a different kind of celebrity interview. Featuring conversations with an impressive roster of guests from all facets of the entertainment industry, the show invites actors, directors, writers, musicians and comedians to reflect on their lives, the evolution of their careers, their creati ...
Arts & Seizures
Arts & Seizures is Heritage Radio’s rogue child, a rambunctious, unfiltered talk and variety show featuring a wide range of high-minded miscreants and rock’n’roll outlaws. Guests include dipsomaniac journalists and James Beard-award winners, comedians, art stars, pro wrestlers, punk rockers, and rule breakers of every stripe. Hosted by notorious author, X-rated raconteur, and internationally known provocateur Mike Edison, Arts & Seizures is indeed the “Fastest Half-Hour on the Internet Today.”
Drunk Art Cast
Emerging artists talk shop about art, projects, and the business of working and living as an artist while having a relaxing cocktail.
Hear a rich tableau of performance, film, literature, and music from ABC RN's Weekend Arts.
Fenella Kernebone looks at how we shape our world, from the ground up. One single audio file of each program - good for continuous listening.
Jeff Attacks!
A podcast about weirdo artists, strange creators, bizarre performers, and shit I think is cool.
Talking arting every other week.
Art Beat is a public access television show that "keeps its finger on the pulse of the arts community." This show debuted on May 4, 2001 on and the podcast debuted on March 3, 2010. We interview artist, writers, musicians and pure creative people. This show is produced and Hosted by Kinte. Theme song "Song to the Ancesotrs" by TaumbuSeason 11. Willie Robert Middlebrook2. Yrneh Brown3. Preserving our Culture4. Enoch Mack and Odie Hawkins5. Cecil the Life of part one6. Save Artist Our Centers7 ...
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Third time lucky! Yes, this is the third time I've had New York based artist Trey Speegle on the podcast. We've covered his childhood, the 80's in New York, and everything in between ... but today we're talking about Andy Warhol!
Raphael Bob-Waksberg's animated comedy series for Netflix, 'BoJack Horseman,' satirizes Hollywood using a mix of human and animal characters. "Part of the original pitch was like, 'What's Mr. Ed like behind the scenes?'" BoJack (a horse) is a depressed, alcoholic, sexist former sitcom star in the #MeToo era. Justin Chang reviews 'Can You Ever F ...…
Victoria Arts 2017 Oct 19 2018 Texas Music History by Victoria Arts
Author and historian Ben Macintyre joins us to discuss his new book, The Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War. The book focuses on Oleg Gordievsky, a double agent who worked for both the KGB and MI6. Ian Oldaker, chief operating officer of Spyscape, a new spy museum, and former CIA agent John Sipher (at 18:40) join ...…
Zoe Kazan joins us to discuss the new film she wrote, “Wildlife,” which focuses on a boy who witnesses his parents' marriage falling apart after his mother finds another man. The film opens on October 19 at the IFC Center and the Walter Reade Theater (Film Society of Lincoln Center) with special Q&As and introductions with Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul ...…
David Sheff and his son Nic both wrote memoirs about the family's experience with Nic's addition. Their stories are now the basis of the film, 'Beautiful Boy,' starring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet. They spoke with Terry Gross in 2008 and 2013. 'Can You Ever Forgive Me?' stars Melissa McCarthy as a misanthropic con artist who forges lette ...…
The Tattooist of Auschwitz: the author Heather Morris talks about her novel, based on the true story of Lale Sokolov, who tattooed numbers on prisoners’ wrists at Auschwitz/Birkenau and tattooed and fell in love with a young Jewish woman who survived and became his wife. Billboard art and politics: in the US more than 100 artists have designed ...…
WNYC’s business and culture editor, Charlie Herman, joins us for the next installment of our series, “Charlie For The Culture.” This week, we'll look at the New York Historical Society's "Harry Potter: A History of Magic" and the New York Botanical Garden's "Georgia O'Keeffe: Visions of Hawai'i," which closes on October 28.…
Assassin's Creed Odyssey actors Michael Antonakos and Melissanthi Mahut talk about what it's like to perform as a character in a video game.
"It's a matter of survival": Arkells on why even in the face of cynicism, they remain optimistic.
Today on q: a performance and interview with Arkells, DJ Black Cat on the Toronto ballroom community, the q this music panel, actors Michael Antonakos and Melissanthi Mahut from the new Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and more.
Miss First Nation co-organiser Ben Graetz and finalist Jay Jay Carroll/Bailey Legal, CBC documentary maker and podcast producer Veronica Simmonds and ABC pop culture and music reporter Paul Donoughue on the end of Cosmo Australia and the unfolding saga of Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins.
Angie Thomas joins us to discuss her acclaimed novel, The Hate U Give, which is now a feature film directed by George Tillman Jr. and comes out on October 19.By (© WNYC).
Nick McCarthy, the programming and operations manager at NewFest, the New York Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Film Festival, joins us to discuss the festival, which begins next week on October 24 and runs through October 30. They’re celebrating their 30th anniversary and will screen a wide range of feature-length fiction films, documenta ...…
John Schaefer, host of WNYC's Soundcheck and New Sounds, and Jonathan Meiburg of the band Shearwater, join us to discuss David Bowie’s “Berlin Trilogy.” This week, WNYC’s New Sounds Live is presenting a series of three live performances of these three Bowie albums. Curated by John Schaefer and led by Jonathan Meiburg, an album will be performed ...…
Al Roker joins us to discuss his Broadway debut in “Waitress.” He steps into the role of pie owner Joe at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre now through November 11.By (© WNYC).
Investigative reporters Susanne Craig and David Barstow say the president received today's equivalent of $413 million from his father's real estate empire, with the help of schemes to avoid paying taxes, including fraud. Also, critic Ken Tucker reviews the album 'Desperate Man' by Eric Church.
Eric Idle is of course a member of the comedy phenomenon Monty Python. His autobiography, or as he fashions it sortabiography, is called Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, after the song he wrote for the end of the troupe’s controversial 1979 film, Life of Brian. He’ll be talking about his role in Python, his career, his friendships with t ...…
Madison-based, Guinea-born percussionist Mandjou Mara discusses his work with Tone Madison contributor Phoebe Schlough.By (Scott Gordon, Ben Munson, Mark Riechers and Joel Shanahan).
Today on q: Chilly Gonzales performs and talks new record, Wu-Tang origin story with U-God, novelist Lisa Gabriele and more.
Denver-born songwriter, guitarist, singer, activist, and performer Jill Sobule, is possibly best-known because of her breakthrough hit of “I Kissed a Girl” (pre-dating Katy Perry by more a decade), and “Supermodel,” the anthem from the film Clueless. In her over seven albums, troubadour Jill has "mused on topics such as the death penalty, anore ...…
Guest: Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol ("Chasing Cars," "Called Out In The Dark")By (Mike Veerman).
On 50 years of The Who, why he shunned the rock-star lifestyle and almost losing an eye in an onstage accident.
Primal Scream’s frontman on rediscovering the original Memphis recording sessions for Give Out But Don’t Give Up.
Hollywood star Bradley Cooper joins us to talk about his first time directing with a Star is Born, and what it was like to work with Lady Gaga. As absurdist animated comedy Bojack Horseman returns for its fifth season, we get the low-down on what it's all about, and Jason Di Rosso is on the ground at the Adelaide Film Festival.…
Raphael Bob-Waksberg's animated comedy series for Netflix satirizes Hollywood using a mix of human and animal characters. "Part of the original pitch was like, 'What's Mr. Ed like behind the scenes?'" BoJack (a horse) is a depressed, alcoholic, sexist former sitcom star in the #MeToo era.
Gerard Butler talks to John Wilson about starring alongside Gary Oldman in his latest action film, Hunter Killer. Set deep under the Arctic Ocean, Butler plays an American submarine captain on the hunt for another US vessel in distress when he discovers a secret Russian coup that could lead to another world war. Bigger budgets, bigger explosion ...…
James Clear joins us to discuss Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones. This book offers a proven framework for self-improvement. Clear, an expert on habit formation, reveals practical strategies that teach how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable resul ...…
Pete Souza joins us to discuss his new book, Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents. This portrait of presidential contrasts tells the tale of the Obama and Trump administrations through a series of visual juxtapositions. Actor Brian Cox (at 20:15) joins us to discuss the PBS series, “Shakespeare Uncovered Series III” as well as his starring role on t ...…
Acclaimed country music singer Margo Price performs a few songs off her record All American Made and talks about what it's like to be called the next great Nashville star.
Troye Sivan dropped by the q studio to talk about his new album Bloom.
Today on q: Troye Sivan on his new record, a panel on cannabis legalization, Mike Grant of Musical Youth on Pass the Dutchie, Margo Price and more.
Happy Halloween! This episode we’re talking about the scariest thing of them all... money! And technology! And (for some) Jeff Koons! What do these things have to do with each other? Well pull up a chair and find out! As always, hosted by Troy Ramos! Support us by going to or at! Follow us everywher ...…
Artists Harrie Fasher and Paul Ferman on Salient at Sydney's ANZAC Memorial, curator Rachel Kent on David Goldblatt: Photographs 1948-2018 at MCA, Morag Fraser on Masters of modern art at the Hermitage at AGNSW, Eva Rothschild on her exhibition Kosmos at ACCA.
Jarrett J. Krosoczka's National Book Award-nominated graphic memoir 'Hey, Kiddo' is about growing up with a mother addicted to heroin. Krosoczka initially didn't want to write about his childhood because he felt it was too dark. "It took it took a long time for me to gain that courage to make this book," he says. "I share that for those young r ...…
Willy Loman is very much the heart and soul of Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer-prizewinning play, Death of a Salesman. However as a new production opens at the Royal Exchange in Manchester, two actors Maureen Beattie and Marion Bailey - who have played the role of Linda Loman- join Stig to discuss what they found when they played the salesman’s wife.C ...…
Curator, Ashley James and museum director, Anne Pasternak, join us to discuss a new exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum titled, “Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power.” The show highlights a wide range of black artistic practices from 1963 to 1983. Nationally, black artists worked in communities, in collectives, and individually to crea ...…
Jill Soloway, creator of “Transparent” and “I Love Dick,” joins us to discuss their new book, She Wants It: Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy. In this memoir, Soloway tells the story of their parent coming out as transgender, as well as how they pushed through the male-dominated landscape of Hollywood to create the groundbreaking and a ...…
Irish-born Oscar Wilde was Britain's most famous playwright in the late 19th century. He was also famous, or infamous, for being gay. But the people who arguably had the most important influence on him and his work were women. From the Stratford Festival, a discussion featuring writer and director Peter Hinton, literary scholar Carol Tattersall ...…
Insecure's Issa Rae discusses her new film The Hate U Give, which centres around a 16-year-old black girl and the issues she grapples with after witnessing her best friend being shot by a police officer.
Actor Rupert Everett talks about his new film and his lifelong relationship with Oscar Wilde.
Vancouver musician Dan Mangan dropped by the q studio for a live performance and to talk about his new record More or Less.
Today on q: actor Rupert Everett, actor Issa Rae, Jessica Hopper's musical tribute to Chicago, and performance and interview with Dan Mangan.
Ali Stroker, Rebecca Naomi Jones, and Mary Testa join us to discuss starring in a new production of Roger and Hammerstein’s musical classic, "Oklahoma!," now playing at St. Ann’s Warehouse through November 11. Bestselling author, Tana French, (at 35:30) joins us to discuss her latest crime novel, The Witch Elm. Set in Ireland, this psychologica ...…
AOE Senior Editor Amanda Heyn joins Tim to talk about why art teachers have the best Halloween costumes out there! Listen as they discuss the best art-inspired costumes they've seen (and made), new ideas for costumes with your family or significant other, and possibilities for the procrastinators who haven't yet thought of a costume idea! Resou ...…
Australian writers Hannah Kent and Zana Fraillon have spoken out against the detention of children on the island of Nauru, Arts News, David Malouf and his latest collection of poetry An Open Book, crime novelists Emma Viskic and Chris Hammer on growth of rural crime fiction.
Robinson is the co-host of '2 Dope Queens,' a live comedy show and podcast showcasing comedians from a variety of different backgrounds. The show is now a series of four HBO specials, with more in the works. She also hosts the podcast 'Sooo Many White Guys.' Her new book of personal essays is 'Everything's Trash, But It's Okay.' Also, Maureen C ...…
#MeToo one year on – what impact has the hashtag popularised by Hollywood actresses had on the arts and on women around the world? We speak to Jude Kelly, Founder & Director of the Women Of the World Foundation, film critic Larushka Ivan Zadeh, Helen Lewis, Associate Editor Of The New Statesman, and to Naomi Pohl, Assistant General Secretary Of ...…
Actor William Jackson Harper joins us to discuss the play, “Travisville,” which he wrote. The play focuses on a Texas church community and its reckoning with the civil rights movement. It is now playing at the Ensemble Studio Theatre through October 28. Bestselling author, Barbara Kingsolver, joins us to discuss her new novel, Unsheltered. The ...…
Actor, writer, and comedian Michael Palin, best known as a member of the British comedy troupe Monty Python, joins us to discuss his new book Erebus: One Ship Two Epic Voyages and the Greatest Naval Mystery of All Time. It tells the true story of a 19th century ship that embarked on two 19th century arctic expeditions and vanished for 150 years ...…
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