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Fresh Air
Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, the show features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.
Ideas is all about ideas \x96 programs that explore everything from culture and the arts to science and technology to social issues.
Live performances and conversations in which artists talk about their work, their process, and themselves. Genre-blind but open-eared. Hosted by John Schaefer.
The Hub - ABC RN
Formerly Books and Arts, The Hub is RN’s new dedicated home for arts and culture. Each week day we’ll zoom in on a specific area of art and culture, brought to you by a specialist presenter. Search The Hub for the individual podcasts.
FT Life of a Song
Each month FT music critics and contributors discuss the story of a song, from its origins and early recordings through cover versions good and bad. Formerly called FT Arts.
This podcast is about art, music and the technology that enables it. But it is also about creativity, motivation and the future of music and art. I do interviews with amazing artists and technologists, and hope to crack the surface of their practice.
ART FOR YOUR EAR brings you stories from some of my favorite contemporary artists. When I studied Art History, the best part was, well, the gossip. I loved finding out why artists did certain things, what was going on in their personal lives, and behind-the-scenes details about other artists they knew and worked with. This podcast is exactly that ... inside-scoop stories from the artsiest people I know. You'll hear first-hand from these talented, successful, full-time artists (who also happe ...
A lively and unpretentious look at the latest films, plays, dance events, books and exhibitions, alongside an eclectic selection of music.
FrequencyFM, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence in Christian artistic endeavors. We accomplish this by encouraging artists, providing them a platform on which to share their work and engage with other artists, and by speaking truth in kindness and love in areas where we can do better. Join us at for insightful artist interviews, objective and honest music and book reviews, and thoughtful commentary on art across all mediums f ...
The VICE Magazine Podcast is your definitive monthly guide to enlightening information. Hosted by Ellis Jones, Editor-in-Chief of VICE Magazine, each episode brings in-depth interviews, sonically rich cultural insights, and offers a rare glimpse into how the magazine is made.
Front Row
Live magazine programme on the worlds of arts, literature, film, media and music
Get ready to meet the artists you're talking about, and the ones you'll soon love. Whatever you're into -- be it music, TV, film, visual art, theatre, or comedy -- q is there. Expect deep insight, and big surprises. Because on q, arts and entertainment get personal.
THE SECRET HISTORY OF ART takes you on a series of private guided tours of the world's greatest artworks. Best-selling author and professor of art history Noah Charney presents the history, symbolism, and importance of each work. The Secret History of Art is a series of lessons in miniature on great works of art around the world. By spending just a few minutes per masterpiece, you can learn the mysteries, stories, and secrets of some of civilization’s greatest treasures.
Mental Floss
Join mental_floss and host Jeff Rubin for a dive into into an area of culture, food, or the arts that you never knew could be so fascinating.
Starving Artist is a podcast about art, money, and how to combine those things. If you’re a creative who’s ever wondered “how the hell do I make this work?!” then this podcast is for you. The show is basically an excuse for host and honesty enthusiast Honor Eastly to ask successful artists really nosy questions about their financial situation, and record the conversation.This is a no-holds-barred exploration of the reality behind the Starving Artist myth, and season one features 12 interview ...
Art Detective
Art is the truest expression of the workings of the mind, free from learnt language. More than that, it is the visual expression of culture, politics, society, religion, emotion, zeitgeist, channelled through the brush, chisel, or hands of creative individuals. Understanding art allows us to understand history: to pin it with images, and pepper it with the faces, colours, drama and expression of its time. This series is designed to give bite-sized insights into the world of Art History, brin ...
All of It
ALL OF IT is a show about culture and its consumers. ALL OF IT is a show about culture and context. ALL OF IT is a show about culture and the culture. Our aim is to engage the thinkers, doers, makers, and creators, about the what and why of their work. People make the culture and we hope, need, and want the WNYC community to be a part of our show. As we build a community around ALL OF IT, we know that every guest and listener has an opinion. We won’t always agree, but our varied perspectives ...
Mad Art Cast
Mad Art Cast. The official podcast of Mad Art, where we discuss the intersection of art and science .
A timely and revealing update of some of the most groundbreaking narrative journalism ever published by Esquire since its founding in 1933. Presented by PRX and Esquire Magazine.
A Podcast from the Massachusetts Cultural Council
The Arts & Healing Podcast, a project of the Arts & Healing Network, includes over 35 interviews with artists and innovators who are using creativity for healing, transformation and social change. Although the Arts & Healing Network closed in 2015, the podcast remains online as a source of inspiration about the transformational power of creativity.
We interview exceptional creators and performers, de-constructing how they start with nothing and end up with a highly emotive performance which can move and inspire millions. Listen as elite musicians, comedians and writers share their secrets, tips and experiences, and, as a result, give you meaningful takeaways which provide a greater understanding of them and their art, and help you progress with your own creative endeavours. Find more content at or follow us at @anatomyoftv.
Nihal Arthanayake brings you in-depth interviews each week with the biggest names in entertainment, culture and the arts.Remember to subscribe and leave a review.
《流行通信》是由 IPN 出品的艺术类播客,由龙荻主持。我们不只谈艺术。Pop Dispatch is a podcast about arts, culture and beyond. It is hosted by Julia Long and produced by IPN.
Art Ed Radio
The Podcast for Art Teachers
Creative Drive
Whatever our creative passion is, we can all agree on doing more of what we love – writing, drawing, crafting, composing, photography. How do we find time? How do we exist in reality without letting it stop our progress? How do we make our projects happen in the real world; doing what we can, with what we have, while we have it?Creative Drive is a biweekly podcast for everyday people creating extraordinary things. Tune in for down-to-earth perspective, practical tips, and some occasional ran ...
Hosted by singer/songwriter Marcio Novelli (Toronto, Canada) and web designer Ross Barber-Smith (Glasgow, Scotland), Bridge the Atlantic is a humorous and insightful exploration of the creative industries, directly from those who are working within it. With a varied range of guests including musicians, filmmakers, actors, artists and other creative professionals, Bridge the Atlantic is an entertaining mix of funny “WTF” moments, career defining experiences and industry advice. New episodes e ...
WAMU: Art Beat
Art Beat with Lauren Landau is a daily one-minute update on arts and culture events in the DC region.
The National Museum of Australia's audio series explores Australia's social history: Indigenous people, their cultures and histories, the nation's history since 1788, and the interaction of Australians with the land and environment. The series includes talks by curators, conservators, historians, environmental scientists and other specialists.
It's All True!
This conversational storytelling podcas features interviews with a wide range of guests who are prompted to reveal a headline for a funny personal true story. Hosted by comedian Tim Barnes, "It's All True!" is quick, sonically rich and always fun.
Bastards of Art is a podcast to reach out to lowbrow artist. We are helping artist to come together with a message of positivity and ambition. It can feel very lonely spending hours in the study. We are here to help erase self doubt and cultivate the artist inside you.
ArtHouse Radio
ArtHouse Radio is a weekly arts, comedy and culture podcast which features prominent artists, comedians, thinkers, filmmakers, friends and lovers (oh la la!). Hosted by composer and artist Troy Ramos. Follow us everywhere @arthouse 43! ©ArtHouse 43, LLC 2015
The New Criterion
A monthly review of the arts and intellectual life. Interviews, poetry readings, musical criticism, and
This is the audio-only version of the Ancient Art Podcast. Subscribe to the HD-video Ancient Art Podcast at Explore the art and culture of the Ancient Mediterranean World in the Ancient Art Podcast with your host Lucas Livingston. Uncover the truths and unravel the mysteries of the civilizations that shaped our modern world. Each episode features detailed examinations of exemplary works from the Art Institute of Chicago and other notable collections in addition to broa ...
Writer-director Ted Mills sits down for a chat with artists and other creative folks, including visual artists, musicians, writers, restauranteurs, filmmakers and more!
Hosted by Mike Veerman, a seasoned writer, director, and producer, the "Mike On Much" podcast features tales of camaraderie and conversations with creative figures from the world of music, film and television. The series is co-produced by Max Kerman, lead singer of the Hamilton-based, four-time JUNO Award-winning group Arkells, and also features a dessert segment with pop culture aficionado and fellow "Champagne Boy" Shane Cunningham.
Arts Extract
Not an insert, not a supplement, but a weekly podcast of concise stories extracted from the arts communities of Madison, WI.
Art Dealer Show
About and for the people who sell art.
Christiana's Stuff
The Many Works of Christiana Ellis
Weekly conversations with arts and cultural icons.
TOKYO ART BLOOM is a program where we invite foreign culture and art creators living in Japan as guests on the show. What kind of TOKYO do these creators who are living far from their origin see and feel? TOKYO ART BLOOMは、東京に暮らしながら文化・芸術の分野で活躍する外国人の方を、毎回お招きし、『東京』の魅力について伺うプログラム。
Welcome to The Art Collective Podcast by Jabberjaw Media! Former Anberlin frontman and author, Stephen Christian, interviews musicians and authors to explore how the two worlds influence each other and our culture as a whole. Get more info at and subscribe on iTunes today!
Interview with the Artist is a long form, in-depth interview show which airs on 102.5 WBAZ-FM in the Hamptons, and as a podcast. On this new series, radio host and former actor Walker Vreeland lets you in on a different kind of celebrity interview. Featuring conversations with an impressive roster of guests from all facets of the entertainment industry, the show invites actors, directors, writers, musicians and comedians to reflect on their lives, the evolution of their careers, their creati ...
Arts & Seizures
Arts & Seizures is Heritage Radio’s rogue child, a rambunctious, unfiltered talk and variety show featuring a wide range of high-minded miscreants and rock’n’roll outlaws. Guests include dipsomaniac journalists and James Beard-award winners, comedians, art stars, pro wrestlers, punk rockers, and rule breakers of every stripe. Hosted by notorious author, X-rated raconteur, and internationally known provocateur Mike Edison, Arts & Seizures is indeed the “Fastest Half-Hour on the Internet Today.”
Fenella Kernebone looks at how we shape our world, from the ground up. One single audio file of each program - good for continuous listening.
Hear a rich tableau of performance, film, literature, and music from ABC RN's Weekend Arts.
Jeff Attacks!
A podcast about weirdo artists, strange creators, bizarre performers, and shit I think is cool.
Talking arting every other week.
Drunk Art Cast
Emerging artists talk shop about art, projects, and the business of working and living as an artist while having a relaxing cocktail.
Los Angeles Comedian Tim Powers sits down with the world's most interesting people. Song writers, actors, artists, animators, authors --Tim will get the story out of them with a charm and a sense of humor nobody else has.
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Singer and songwriter, Rhiannon Giddens, joins us to discuss her career. She plays violin and banjo, sings, and is a founding member of the band, The Carolina Chocolate Drops. She also recently had a residency at Symphony Space and has a new podcast called Aria Code. Director Yorgos Lanthimos joins us to discuss his new film, “The Favourite,” a ...…
Marianne Faithfull released her first record in 1965 and now aged 71 she's releasing her 21st. Titled Negative Capability, the album is inspired by loss, ageing, and love. She discusses being misunderstood, her refusal to live in the past, and why this album is her most honest.Last night Holly Willoughby made her I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out o ...…
Local collectors share their favorite pieces for the holidays
In Ralph Breaks the Internet, the new sequel to Disney's Wreck-It Ralph, the internet is a physical destination where heart-shaped Instagram likes fill the air like confetti and birds tweet endlessly on the branches of pixelated trees.John C. Reilly is Ralph, the well-meaning video game bad guy at the centre of the movie. Reilly knows that in r ...…
Karina Longworth is a film critic and the host of the popular movie podcast You Must Remember This. It's been downloaded millions of times and has become something of a bible for film lovers everywhere.Longworth drops by the q studio to talk about her latest book Seduction: Sex, Lies, and Stardom in Howard Hughes's Hollywood. She talks to guest ...…
Actor John C. Reilly talks about his return as Ralph in Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet. The q screen panel discusses what exactly draws us into reality dating shows. Cary Elwes reveals secrets from the set of The Princess Bride. You Must Remember This host Karina Longworth traces sexism in Hollywood back to Howard Hughes.…
Christopher Hedges believes that America may well be in its last act. Addiction, income disparity and hollowed-out towns and cities are becoming the norm, he argues, while the political and financial sectors increasingly merge with each other to the exclusion of anyone else's interests or needs. His vision is dark, and sobering. Its only salvat ...…
The band Pond hails from Perth, the Western Australian city referred to “as the most remote city on earth.” They blend blissful and mind-bending psychedelic rock, with subversive strains of funk, synth-pop, falsetto, somehow both of the moment, and informed by the past. To illustrate, in a recent video, the band went shopping at Amoeba Music in ...…
The Pulitzer Prize winning war photographer Lynsey Addario talks to Nihal about her new book, Of Love & War.
Professor Stephen L. Carter, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law at Yale Law School, joins us to discuss his new book, Invisible: The Forgotten Story of the Black Woman Lawyer Who Took Down America’s Most Powerful Mobster. The bestselling author delves into his past and discovers the inspiring story of his grandmother’s extraordinary l ...…
In this B-SIDES episode we're talking about why it's so important to be nice in the music industry. We talk about why it's important to maintain a good and professional reputation, to build genuine connections with other people in the music industry, and to treat your fans well. Enjoy!
Whose Line Is It Anyway's Brad Sherwood and Greg Proops tour Australia, Big hART Creative Director Scott Rankin on the importance of culture and ensuring everyone's stories are heard, Vicki Reynolds' play about the aftermath of the West Gate Bridge collapse restaged at the Art & Industry Festival, and we visit the workshop where the backdrops, ...…
When your resume begins with Disney, runs through Teddy Ruxpin and includes World of Warcraft, Diablo III and Starcraft II, you probably don't even need a resume at all! Russell Brower has had a hand in many of the pieces of the entertainment world that you've interacted with, and has had the opportunity to work in sound design, sound editing, ...…
Christiana Ellis (DM) gets it together enough for a quick one-shot into Undermountain!
Christiana and Mike discuss episode 08 of Survivor Season 37!
Episode number 150! I'm celebrating this milestone with LA based painter Seonna Hong by talking about process, day jobs, Care Bears, tiger lilies, and happy accidents.
"Every surface, every bit of air, every bit of water in your home is alive," says scientist Rob Dunn. His new book, 'Never Home Alone,' examines the bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and insects we live with — from armpit bacteria to black mold in our walls. Also, linguist Geoff Nunberg chooses 'nationalist' as his word of 2018. In 'Burning,' ...…
On Nov. 18, 1978, an itinerant preacher, faith healer and civil rights activist named the Rev. Jim Jones led more than 900 of his followers to kill themselves by drinking cyanide-laced Flavor Aid at their Jonestown settlement in the jungle of Guyana. 40 years later, questions still linger regarding the Jonestown massacre and the man who inspire ...…
Matthias Waschek, Executive Director of the Worcester Art Museum, says truly accessible museums create experiences that make visitors want to return. In doing so they must challenge institutional norms to welcome and engage more diverse populations. Matthias Waschek joined the Worcester Art Museum in 2011 as the C. Jean and Myles McDonough Dire ...…
Jane Fonda, the two-time Academy Award-winning actress, film producer, political activist and fitness guru, looks back at her 60 year career with Kirsty Lang. The feminist classic film 9 to 5, about three female office workers who take on their chauvinist boss, is being rereleased in cinemas. Jane Fonda, who produced and stars in the film, expl ...…
Susan Harris talks about The Golden Girls' enduring popularity and how the show broke down walls in the sitcom genre.
Prize-winning journalist Tanya Talaga (author of Seven Fallen Feathers) explores the legacy of cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples in her 2018 CBC Massey Lectures series, titled All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward.
Susan Harris, creator of The Golden Girls, talks about how she pushed the boundaries of the sitcom. East Coast rapper Classified joins Choclair and Maestro Fresh Wes to perform a special medley live in the q studio. Classified sticks around for the q This music panel with Lisa Christiansen and Tabassum Siddiqui. Sarah Feldberg shares a brief hi ...…
Luke Boyd, otherwise known as Classified, is on the road right now playing shows across Canada in support of his new album Tomorrow Could Be the Day Things Change?. For the entire tour, he's had two titans of Canadian hip-hop by his side, Choclair and Maestro Fresh Wes. Today, all three of them perform a very special medley live in the q studio.…
Classified drops by the q studio to chat about his latest record, Tomorrow Could Be the Day Things Change.
REBROADCAST: Janet McTeer joins us to discuss starring in the Broadway production of Theresa Rebeck’s new play, “Bernhardt/Hamlet,” presented by the Roundabout Theatre Company and now playing through November 18 at the American Airlines Theater. REBROADCAST: Acclaimed playwright Theresa Rebeck joins us to discuss her fourth play, “Bernhardt/Ham ...…
WNYC reporter Stephen Nessen joins us to discuss the terrible road conditions and nightmare commutes people experienced due to the snow storm. We'll also take your calls to hear what you experienced on the road. Legendary casting director and talent agent Boaty Boatwright joins us to discuss her career. Boatwright has been in the film business ...…
We remember Marvel Comics' Stan Lee, travel to the wild west to explore video game mega hit Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Spice Girls embrace "people power".
A new video series by 'New York Times' reporter Adam Ellick explores Russia's role in spreading fake news, dating back to the '80s conspiracy theory that the AIDS virus was created by the U.S. military. Ellick also talks about the impact of Russian disinformation in the U.S. "This country is so split and divided that we're now using this Soviet ...…
Hello everybody, welcome back to the podcast! In this weeks abridged episode, I sit down with Max and Shannon of The Shacks, one of NYC's hottest bands! In our interview, we talk about DIY recording, songwriting and creative inspiration. Make sure to check out awesome music by The Shacks in the links below! If you enjoyed the podcast, please li ...…
Hello everybody, welcome back to the podcast! In this weeks episode, I sit down with Max and Shannon of The Shacks, one of NYC's hottest bands! In our interview, we talk about DIY recording, songwriting and creative inspiration. Make sure to check out awesome music by The Shacks in the links below! If you enjoyed the podcast, please like and su ...…
In Sebastian Barry’s inaugural speech as Laureate for Irish Fiction earlier this year, he stated that Ireland was in a 'golden age of prose'. As Northern Irish writer Anna Burns scooped the Man Booker Prize for her novel Milkman last month, Front Row hears voices from the No Alibis bookstore in Belfast. We speak to former Irish Laureate and Boo ...…
Madison-based musician John Kruse discusses the trio of upcoming releases from his solo ambient project, John Praw.By (Scott Gordon, Ben Munson, Mark Riechers and Joel Shanahan).
Lindsay Wong joins us to discuss her new book, The Woo-Woo: How I Survived Ice Hockey, Drug Raids, Demons, and My Crazy Chinese Family. This dark and comedic memoir is a coming-of-age story about a dysfunctional Asian family whose members blamed their woes on ghosts and demons when mental illness was the more likely culprit. Michael Napolitano ...…
Prize-winning journalist Tanya Talaga (author of Seven Fallen Feathers) explores the legacy of cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples in her 2018 CBC Massey Lectures series, titled All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward.
Donna De Salvo, deputy director for international initiatives and senior curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, joins us to discuss curating “Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again,” which is up from November 12 through March 31. Jennifer Sendrow, executive producer of The Greene Space, joins us (at 19:20) to discuss the Werk It podcast ...…
The cinematic Minnesota band Cloud Cult is a creative collective who continually celebrates life and love, and catharsis through music and multimedia performances, usually involving painting from stage, and lately, film. Cloud Cult’s emotive, melodic, orchestral indie rock is perfectly suited to the movies. Singer/instrumentalist Craig Minowa a ...…
CBC's Carol Off reflects on As It Happens on its 50th anniversary. The Wire's Michael K. Williams discusses his reputation as one of the most compelling tough guys on screen. Neon Dreams open up about leaving the Hedley tour and why having tough conversations about sexual misconduct is important to them.…
This year As It Happens celebrates its 50th anniversary. In tribute, Carol Off dropped by the q studio to reflect on what the show means to Canadians and share her memories of London, Ont., in a special live edition of the q Block Party.
For actor Michael K. Williams, the role of Omar Little on The Wire was life-changing. It paved the way for similarly astounding performances on Boardwalk Empire and The Night Of. Williams joined Tom Power in the q studio to talk about defining himself as an actor and redefining himself as an activist and advocate.…
Neon Dreams is one of Canada's most buzzed-about bands. With new music out and their debut album on the way, they joined Tom Power for a performance and chat about their rise, and why having tough conversations about sexual misconduct in the music industry is important to them.
Jeff joins Nihal to talk about his new jazz album, becoming a parent in his sixties and why he cries more than his father.
David Lowery talks about directing Robert Redford in The Old Man and the Gun, the true story of a career criminal and rumoured to be Redford's last film. Sound artist Dean Lowery was David Lynch's music supervisor for over 12 years. He tells us what it's like to work with the man and the visions of the notably abstract director. Greg Haddrick i ...…
Aladdin Ullah joins us to discuss creating and starring in the one-man show, “Dishwasher Dreams.” Ullah draws on his father’s life experiences as a steamship worker from East Bengal who made his way to New York in the 1920s, worked as a dishwasher and line-cook, and for a time in the late 1940s ran one of the city’s first Indian restaurants. Ul ...…
David Priess joins us to discuss his new book, How To Get Rid of A President: History's Guide to Removing Unpopular, Unable, or Unfit Chief Executives, a darkly humorous historical look into how presidents have been removed or disempowered throughout history. Priess is also a former CIA intelligence officer who reported to Robert Mueller. On No ...…
Sandi Tan was 19 when she wrote and starred in a film directed by her 40-year old mentor. But then her mentor disappeared and took the film's footage with him. 20 years later, Tan got the footage back. She revisits the mystery of her mentor's disappearance and the film that was never made in a new Netflix documentary 'Shirkers.' In 'Burning,' S ...…
Arts education has become the focus of a great deal of passion and concern recently, since the core, knowledge-based subjects took precedence over the creative subjects when the EBacc was introduced in England by the then Education Minister Michael Gove, announced in 2010.With the arts not being a requirement in the GCSE syllabus for the Englis ...…
Prize-winning journalist Tanya Talaga (author of Seven Fallen Feathers) explores the legacy of cultural genocide against Indigenous peoples in her 2018 CBC Massey Lectures series, titled All Our Relations: Finding the Path Forward.
Actor Tim Blake Nelson tells us why his role in the Coen brothers' new film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is one of the toughest he's ever had. The q online culture panel discusses YouTuber Lilly Singh's break from making videos. Novelist Erwan Larher remembers surviving the Paris Bataclan attack in his new memoir The Book I Didn't Want to Write ...…
Hélöise Letissier, better known as Christine and the Queens, talks about the latest evolution of her on-stage persona: Chris. She tells us exactly who Chris is and where her need for reinvention comes from.
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