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Eat Your Kimchi
Eat Your Kimchi on SBS PopAsia! Simon and Martina bring you all the latest on J-pop, K-pop and Asian pop culture. They take you on adventures through Japan and Korea, diving in to the culture, tasting the food and learning a lot along the way.
Ladybeard's Kawaii Konnection
He's everyone's favourite cross-dressing, pro-wrestling, J-Rocker. Catch the latest on J-rock and Japanese Pop Culture with Ladybeard every Tuesday from 8PM (AEST) on SBS PopAsia radio
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This is the one thing that made Simon's day recently. It made such a difference that Simon and Martina talked about the power of kindness in their latest episode
Simon had a barista draw a smiley face on his coffee cup recently and it made him so happy he wanted to talk about kindness in Japan in this episode. Martina tells you how comments on social media have an instant effect on the mood of your day, while their cat Meemers meows a lot throughout this episode, interrupting Simon and Martina at some p ...…
Simon and Martina's neighbour collects stamps and wants to know how much they are worth. Simon's not sure if people still collect stamps anymore. Is it still a thing?
Simon and Martina are having a little vent about why they unfollow people (yes, sometimes their friends) on social media. If they're not interested in the things you post, if you're spamming your account with baby photos, if they don't like what you're saying/posting then they're not going to keep following you on social media. They like to fol ...…
Simon says he's a terrible dancer, but doesn't care. He and Martina are in their mid-30s and ain't the best dancers in the world. Sure, they used to be super embarrassed about it, but now they realise no one's a good dancer in the clubs so no one's judging you because you're all bad dancers, equally together. Right?…
This week Simon and Martina went to a club in Japan, to see an artist they love dancing to. While waiting for that artist, instead of hanging with everyone else in the club, they paid $30 to go to a VVIP room. They were shocked at how reasonably priced it was. They got seats and drank water. Then they went and danced with the rest of the public ...…
Simon got a hair cut and beard trim while in Rome. It was like nothing he's ever experienced before.
Simon and Martina are back from Rome and tell you what it's like to holiday there. Simon says it's the most beautiful city in the world. They loved the artistic graffiti and ALL the delicious food. They also noticed how 'touchy-feely' the Italians are. A few funny stories ensue...
Simon and Martina have done a lot of travel around the world. Through their time planning holidays, they've come up with their number one travel tip.
Simon and Martina's number 1 travel tip! This week Simon and Martina are in Rome! They've noticed people are collecting sights like Pokemon; taking selfies, looking at the photo and then leaving the sight, without taking it all in. The EYK duo have a few travel tips for you - don't over plan. Also Simon's favourite memory sounds like a glorious ...…
Simon and Martina want to try and record a podcast episode in a Roman pub but it is proving difficult!
Simon and Martina discuss the controversy around YouTuber Logan Paul and the backlash over a recent controversial video he filmed in a Japanese forest. They're not just upset, or angry, about that video though. This is a bigger issue for them.
Simon and Martina tell you about Ramen that tastes like a Thanksgiving turkey, amongst other things. They discovered the Ramen shop while out walking on their date night (CUTE). The line for this place continually goes out the door and even has sake in their vending machines. They also talk about the importance of complimenting a chef and Marti ...…
This week, Simon and Martina reflect on Jonghyun's death. They talk about how SHINee started their interest in K-Pop and tell you their favourite songs from the band. They also talk about how the industry could better look after their artists and ask you for your ideas.
This week Simon and Martina party in Japan for Bonenkai (Japanese drinking party) season! They talk about some strange things they've observed people doing and their experience eating delicious gyoza. In the middle of the ep there was a mini earthquake that struck when Simon was telling a story!
Simon and Martina go in-depth on their pancake experience in Japan, which was like nothing they've ever experienced. We just thought we'd give you a little something to make you drool...and put on your 'must-eat' bucket list.
This week Simon and Martina had the most incredible pancake experience ever. They found a place in a 'sad mall' (they also explain what a 'sad mall' is). The pancakes were super light and fluffy, and souffle looking. It was a huge place, was totally crowded and there was a waiting list. When you order, it takes at least 20 minutes for your meal ...…
Simon and Martina have stumbled on a restaurant in Japan that sells a drink that - in the words of Simon - "tastes rank." The duo think it takes the fun out of a soft drink. They describe it as something that tastes like Vegemite (but not in a good way)...
This week Simon and Martina found two amazing eateries that you all need to try when you go to Tokyo. One place had the best Kimchi the duo have had in Japan so far and the other served up the best Ramen. When they first went in to the Ramen place, it was small (we're talking tiny), with the slowest moving line ever. You were squished next to a ...…
This week Simon and Martina give solid relationship advice. The duo have been married for 10 years and they're more in love than ever. They say you should buy flowers, or something small, 'just because' and not just for special occasions, to show them you're thinking about them and you care about them. Buy a choccy bar and write a cute sticky n ...…
- Last Kawaii Konnection radio show; more stuff with PopAsia in the future- Leaving Ladybaby; the lowdown- EXCLUSIVE: First solo Ladybeard song sneak peak*- New Segment: The Bomb Shelter- The end, for nowBy (SBS PopAsia).
- The Tale of the Ill Manager and the Lost Suitcase- Events in Costa Rica and China- Japan live TV filming fun- Ladybeard the action movie star- Pokemon Go - wowzers!By (SBS PopAsia).
Ladybeard's Kawaii Konnection
It's been a few rough days at sea for the HMS Ladybeard. This is an excerpt from the personal log of the Captain of the sea-bearing vessel, the HMS Ladybeard.By (SBS PopAsia).
- Japan Expo in France - performances and meeting fans- LB asks: travel from Sydney to Perth for charity- Sightseeing in France: Chateau de Versailles- Hidden TalentsBy (SBS PopAsia).
- Voting in the Australian Federal Election in Tokyo- Tanabata Festival- 50th anniversary of rock concerts at the Budokan- Photoshoots/Bitworld/iPhone- Clubbing with businessmen- Spot the real Ladybeard- Ladybeard's favourite song from childhoodBy (SBS PopAsia).
Wouldn't it be awesome if you could play as Ladybeard in a video game? Dream no more! Also, Ladybeard talks us through some secret photoshoots, the Makai Pro Wrestling show, biggest challenges and Ladybeard's highlights of 2016 so far.By (SBS PopAsia).
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