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Mises Institute
The Mises Institute, founded in 1982, is an educational institution devoted to advancing Austrian economics, freedom, and peace in the classical-liberal tradition. Our website offers many thousands of free books and thousands of hours of audio and video, along with the full run of rare journals, biographies, and bibliographies of great economists.
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In Historical Controversies, Mises Institute scholar Chris Calton debunks the history you may have learned in school. Armed with facts, theory, and a Rothbardian appreciation for historical narrative, Calton enlightens and entertains in a podcast that has something to offer all audiences. See the podcast's updated Corrections and Qualifications page. See also Chris Calton's Bibliographic Essays (PDF): Season 1, History of the War on Drugs ( and Season 2: Antebellum United St ...
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A show about how to thrive in the New Economy. It's All About What's Next!
The official podcast of the The Ludwig von Mises Centre (Mises UK), in the United Kingdom
Death To Tyrants will discuss politics, current events and economics generally viewed through a libertarian and free market lens. Many episodes will feature interviews with leading minds in the world of liberty.
Toward the advancement the Austro-Libertarian tradition of economic and political thought, especially as it has been articulated by Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.
Radio Rothbard
Radio Rothbard is a series of short podcasts based on columns and research from the Mises Institute's Mises Wire. Topics include economics, comparative politics, and history.
Economics Detective Radio is a podcast about markets, ideas, institutions, and all things related to the field of economics. Episodes consist of long-form interviews, and are generally released on Fridays. Topics include economic theory, economic history, the history of thought, money, banking, finance, macroeconomics, public choice, Austrian economics, business cycles, health care, education, international trade, and anything else of interest to economists, students, and serious amateurs in ...
Eyes on the Mise
We are a Magic: the Gathering podcast, hosted by meganerds John Wells and Ian Dixon. We have opinions about Magic and by damn we're gonna share them!
Mise en Podcast
Mise en Podcast is a baking show aimed at building better bakers! We'll talk about tools you should have, how to stock an epic pantry, and other things that might help.
Upstream Ideas
"He who seeks to improve conditions must propagate a new mentality, not merely a new institution." — Ludwig von MisesOur aim at Upstream Ideas is to do just as Mises suggested by turning the dial on how you look at the political and policy issues facing Illinois, Chicago and our nation. We present new ideas that inform salient policy decisions, start new conversations and move beyond partisan politics all while challenging the status quo.Dan Proft along with distinguished guests and contribu ...
The New Class Rising Podcast was created of today's struggling Middle-Class. You've always followed life's advice - you've gone to college, put in the hard work, have earned that corporate J.O.B, but now you find yourself struggling to stay afloat in this economy that is only producing a declining standard of living, year after year. Today's Middle Class is buckling under the pressure of student loan debt, credit card debt, income taxes, social security taxes, medicare taxes, sales taxes, pr ...
Audio Mises Daily
Audio recordings of Mises Daily articles.
The official podcast of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
BIEN radio
BIEN is good/Spanglish audio podcast x BIEN broadcast from our HQ in San Diego /Our Roster of Shows /back of house /A Spanglish no filters chat with friends from the hospitality + food + beverage industries with a side of culture./dossier digital/A Spanish transmission focused on delivering news and industry insights from the digital agency world./mise-en-pod/Produced by Chef Diego Hernández of Corazón de Tierra, this broadcast is all about food + sustainability.
Two guys talking about analogue pursuits in a digital world - and a fair amount of nonsense too.Make the Past, the Present in the Future, this is 1857.
Contra Krugman
Join Bob Murphy and Tom Woods in this weekly libertarian podcast as they teach economics by refuting Paul Krugman's New York Times column. Plus, expect special guests like Ron Paul, David Stockman, and more!
The Human Action Podcast features in-depth interviews on current topics in economics through an Austro-libertarian lens.
Perennials Podcast
Conversations about growing up, getting wise and trying to live a good life.
Cryptonomics is about the principles of cryptocurrency and investing. Learn about personal finance, the disruptive power of this emerging industry, and how it might change your life in more ways than one.
Libertarian Papers
An Online Journal for Libertarian Scholarship
Sell More Merch
Sell More Merch is a casual podcast to share sales and marketing ideas and insights that matter to today's print entrepreneurs.
Welcome! I’m Stephen Rose. I am a follower of the Austrian School of Economics, in the intellectual tradition of Frederick Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Hans Hermann Hoppe. This is my blog. It is my hope that it lives up to its name, and becomes an intellectual standard bearer in humankind’s progress toward a stateless world. Topics for this show will cover all facets of that struggle. All content here is my own. I hope you enjoy it. Please contact me at anarchiststandard//@/ ...
Les experts de France Bleu Creuse : notaires, avocats, associations de consommateurs, professionnels de santé répondent à vos questions.
Every so often John Fink, MFA Candidate and Adjunct Professor of Film History at SUNY University at Buffalo/Media Study checks in with a rotating cast of guests including co-founder Mike Reiff and more. Broadcasting from Buffalo, NY - Mise-En-Oscene probes at current issues in filmmaking, exhibition and distribution. More info at
These four lectures were delivered to the Department of Economics at the University of Colorado in the 1970s, and feature Friedrich Hayek, Israel Kirzner and Ludwig Lachmann. Special thanks to Mr. Fred Glahe for his generous donation of these recordings to the Mises Institute.Download the complete audio of this event (ZIP) here.
The Peace and Liberty Podcast is dedicated to all those who suffer or who have suffered at the hands of the State.
Good Pharma Manufacturing covers many pharmaceutical topics from cGMP's, GDP's, compliance, training, drug recalls, 483's, the history of the pharmaceutical industry, management, case studies and more.
Blast Off! with Johnny Rocket launches from the Southwest, bringing the voice of sanity to a world driven by entitlement and envy economics. Johnny Rocket (from The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad) teams up with his Ray of Truth, Raylene Lightheart, to bring the voices of liberty, Rock 'n Roll, economic literacy, and self-ownership into the stratosphere! This is a production of the Launch Pad Media "Always launching ideas in your direction." Become a supporter of this podcast: ...
Emancipated Radio
Empowering and Freeing the Self
With Cinema Assault, host Dariel Figueroa and co-hosts Kerry Meehan and Professor James Yost are dedicated to bringing you the best in movie news, reviews and Hollywood gossip every week in the most unpretentious manner possible because, honestly, this show is much more fun than discussing the unique textural nature of a Wes Anderson mise-en-scène.
Taxation Is Theft
A show all about taxation and how it's theft.
Podcast langues, locuteurs natifs en anglais sur
It is the early days of The Great War. As the curtain rises, Sara Lee is sitting by the fire in her aunt and uncle’s home, knitting a baby afghan. Her beau’s name is Harvey. He has his eye on a little house that is just perfect for two and he will soon propose to Sara Lee. But in this play, the mise en scène is about to change. A fairyland transformation will take place and Sara Lee will step into a new and different story, where she is the princess in a forest of adventure. There is a princ ...
Podcast officiel Belove [ Minimal-Trance ] Souvenez-vous "La vie ne vaut rien mais rien ne vaut la vie" Mise en ligne hebdomadaire Me contacter : Bonne écoute à tous.
La série d'enregistrements proposée sur cette page illustre quelques uns des usages pédagogiques envisageables dans le cadre de la diffusion “ video-podcast ”. Les outils et les moyens de captation varient selon les contextes de production : • enregistrement direct par l’utilisateur à l'aide d'un enregistreur numérique pendant un cours, staff, ... ; • captation à partir d'un ordinateur et d'un logiciel adapté disponible au Centre Audiovisuel ; • réalisation professionnelle dans le cadre de p ...
EconTalk is an award-winning weekly talk show about economics in daily life. Featured guests include renowned economics professors, Nobel Prize winners, and exciting speakers on all kinds of topical matters related to economic thought. Topics include health care, business cycles, economic growth, free trade, education, finance, politics, sports, book reviews, parenting, and the curiosities of everyday decision-making. Russ Roberts, of the Library of Economics and Liberty and George Mason U., ...
The LTB Network provides a tokenized platform for podcasts, articles, and forums about the ideas, people, and projects building the new digital economy and the future of money.
Economics 101
A collection of ten speeches and lectures by Murray N. Rothbard, spanning from the 1970s to the early 1990s. He is speaking in a small classroom setting, explaining economics from the ground up, and systematically in the manner of a classic 101 course on the topic—but with a revolutionary approach.Download the complete audio of this event (ZIP) here.
Alright! We get it! The dollar's a Ponzi scheme and our government is a lost cause. But if you're ready to do something about it, find the good in each person, and believe in the search for truth, then welcome to Arcadia!We talk about the markets, how to navigate them, building and marketing new businesses, alternative careers and ways of making income, figuring out how to enjoy life, and the occasional commentary on sports, meditation, and music! In other words, we talk about life, and how ...
"What is the biggest lesson you've learned in life so far?" Insight in Progress is a weekly podcast where each episode is an in-depth conversation with a new guest all about their answer to that question and more.
My Heroes Think
I'm Brad Newman. I'm the creator of That's where I display and promote my artwork revolving around the people I admire most. Usually, but not always Libertarians. If you have a flexible mind, strap in and enjoy the ride. I have a pretty unique take on things. I promise to delve into topics and places you may not have anyone to share with.... So keep an open mind.
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The Time magazine article creating "the gateway drug" myth in the 1970s provided no citations for its claims, except ambiguous references to unnamed “experts.” The evidence remains elusive forty years later.Original article:By Mises Institute.
TAGS Decentralization and Secession, Free Markets, Private Property Titus Gebel Download audio file READ MOREBy
Zach Foster has been working with Libertarians in Cuba and Venezuela, to help them realize freedom in these countries controlled by socialist and communist police states. I can't really say much more without typing up the whole thing, so you're going to have to watch the episode! We got the update to what's really going on and how we can help s ...…
Nomad Graph Notebook Blackwing 16.2 Sonic Movie Trailer (NSFW) Greta Van Fleet David Bowie - Legacy Zambartas Rosé Maker's Cabinet - Iris Kickstarter Tj's Høvel Video Wood & Graphite - Long Content Videos Limassol Boat Show Omodos Berol Handwriting Pen 1857 Merch! 1857 Donate Aussie $50 Note - With great power, comes great responsabilty Lime Co ...…
durée : 00:40:21 - Le Dossier du Jour France Bleu Creuse - Le vocabulaire de l'huissier de justiceBy France Bleu.
The Human Action Podcast reviews another overlooked classic by Mises: The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality. This book takes no prisoners, showing how envy motivates progressive and conservative intellectuals who fear dynamic capitalism. The real reactionaries, according to Mises? Socialists who want to keep everyone stuck at one station in life. Our ...…
The issue of international trade is not a simple one of a difference of opinion: Trump genuinely appears not to understand the subject. We sort it all out in this episode. Show notes for Ep. 189
A 'Remote Day' is a dedicated day each week to focus on the things that matter most to growing and improving your printing business. Remote means you are NOT in your office as usual. By working from a dedicated space, you can concentrate and 'pattern interrupt' to get the most from your time. Send in a voice message: ...…
Alasdair Macleod - Only the Authoritarian Will SurviveMatt Nye - Former White House Officials Facing Exposure Danielle Park - Tariff DistractionMichael Banner - Reverse Mortgage Financial PlanningNathan Lewis - Time to Cut the Federal Government in HalfBy Kerry Lutz.
By providing a window into what it takes to produce printed goods, you can help customers understand (and appreciate) the value you create. In this episode, we explore how to take full advantage of Operational Transparent. In doing so, you are likely to increase customer satisfaction, reduce pricing resistance, and develop customer loyalty. Sen ...…
Adam Andrzejewski - Time for Trump to Really Drain the SwampJohn Rubino - Andy Schectman: RoundTableJohn R. Grace - China Tariff Battles Come to a HeadPeter Hug - Gold's Doing Okay Anthony Kovic - Everyone Should PrepBy Kerry Lutz.
Show Summary: After a massive planetary siege, Ivan P. Terrible’s forces have taken major casualties. Key weapons factories have been destroyed but at a heavy cost to the Liberty Rebels. In one of the longest and fiercest battles of the war, Johnny Rocket and Raylene’s commando squad are also on the verge of claiming the earth’s moon. If the fr ...…
durée : 00:32:04 - Le Dossier du Jour France Bleu Creuse -By France Bleu.
Prepping is an individual decision that depends upon where someone lives and their situation. It's not really about people who build ultra-lux bunkers with decades worth of food storage. Rather, it's about being prepared for local emergencies that can leave families scrambling. First, devise a plan that allows your family to meet at pre-determi ...…
Bob explains why the common practice of "offering a plea deal" is a horrible practice, which gives us little reason to trust that those convicted are actually guilty of the crimes to which they confess.For more, see https://bobmurphyshow.comBy Mises Institute.
Bob brings on Mises Institute founder Lew Rockwell to primarily discuss Lew's article in defense of Lori Loughlin ( Why is the FBI involved in a college admission scandal in the first place? And why is Lori Loughlin's behavior so much worse than all the o ...…
Bob finishes his three-part series by first reviewing the contributions of Böhm-Bawerk, Fetter, and Mises to the modern Austrian explanation of interest, namely the “pure time preference theory” (PTPT). Then Bob explains some of the problems for the PTPT, especially for Austrian economists. Instead, Murphy offers a much more straightforward—and ...…
durée : 00:38:18 - Le Dossier du Jour France Bleu Creuse - Alcool et stupéfiant au volantBy France Bleu.
For a long time, people in the Bitcoin community have hoped that it could reach mass adoption, that everyone would start using it and abandon fiat currency. That hasn't happened yet. Is it possible that a multinational corporation could take this technology and use their existing user base to introduce it in a way that's user friendly, and domi ...…
Many people are emotionally tied into their homes. As they get older, their earnings potential declines but they want to maintain their quality of life. That's where a reverse mortgage can help. Rather than doing the rational thing - selling their home while investing the proceeds, a reverse mortgage allows them to eliminate their mortgage paym ...…
Many of us look at the precious metals markets and believe that there's something amiss. With all the money printing and geo-political turmoil, it's believed that the price should be much higher. Is it a conspiracy to hold prices down or is the market functioning the way it was intended? Peter believes that the demand just isn't there to make p ...…
Nathan Lewis writes, "I think the time is coming for an idea that is so old that it is new again: cutting the Federal government in half. The idea is: cancel all Federal welfare-type programs, including all means-tested welfare programs (apparently there are over 150 of them), all healthcare-related programs including Medicare and Medicaid, all ...…
durée : 00:35:21 - Le Dossier du Jour France Bleu Creuse - Le bienfait de massage ayurvédiqueBy France Bleu.
In Episode 19, my big sister Amanda Greatorex and I talk about her life as a mother and a musician. At 29 years old, Amanda is wife to her high school sweetheart Andy and mother to four children under the age of six. She and I talk about how being the firstborn of five kids spurred Amanda to be an independent forward-thinker who follows her gut ...…
It's no secret that the average worker's income has remained stagnant for decades. This has happened in the face of rising productivity and technological innovation and increased corporate profits. So what's a politician to do? Impose tariffs and blame the Chinese. At least that's what Danielle is thinking. At the same time, the economy could v ...…
Now that the Mueller Investigation is over perhaps the truth can finally be told. Was there a plot to depose a duly elected president? Was it hatched at the highest levels of the Obama Administration with the invaluable assistance of the deep state, our intelligence agencies and foreign intelligence operatives? It looks like it's all about to c ...…
President Trump pushed the button and the tariffs blasted off. What will be the net result? Will there be a redefinition of the China - US trade relationship? Now that the trade war has taken off in earnest, where will it all end? Where's the conversation about things we can agree upon?By Kerry Lutz.
The true aim of these “scholar activists,” as many academics have begun calling themselves, is to propagate socialism by redefining capitalism to encompass every evil of human history. Which means they're mostly attacking straw men.Original article:…
Per Bylund talks to Hunter Hastings about the value-centric model for successful entrepreneurship, and we provide an infographic (linked below) to help you apply the model to your own business.Show Notes: Process for Entrepreneurs: ...…
durée : 00:37:42 - Le Dossier du Jour France Bleu Creuse - La chaudière fuel à un euro?By France Bleu.
The West is breaking down. Democracies seem unable to handle the onslaught of problems being thrown at them. According to Alasdair Macleod, Russia and China will be the last men standing once this economic cycle reaches its unhappy conclusion. Perhaps the rest of the world will wind up emulating their oppressive systems. It's happened in histor ...…
John Rubino and Andy Schectman joined us for a roundtable today. If the economy looks so great then why would anyone be worried about it. As John and Andy point out there's lots to worry about and that's why gold prices are breaking $1300 yet again. No doubt, President Trump will pull another rabbit out of a hat with China Trade, but then what? ...…
Adam Andrzejewski runs, a fiscal watch dog that often blows the lid off of corrupt spending. Corporate welfare now runs $400 billion per year. Boeing is by far the largest benefactor receiving billions yearly. And they're certainly not alone. Adam tells us about $1000 coffee cups at the Pentagon, that 5 sided paragon of waste, ine ...…
How quickly do you respond to prospective customers? What trust are you establishing with prospective customers? In this episode, we explore how speed and action can help you win more business. Send in a voice message:
Baron Fig Oracle Nomad Graph Notebook Blackwing 4 Baron Fig Show & Tell Line of Duty Snowpiercer (2013) Long Shot (2019) Minus One Limassol Street Art Festival Alien: Out of the Shadows Simon Mayo Bad Blood - John Carreyrou Maker's Mark TJ's Painting Maker's Cabinet - Iris Kickstarter Tj's Høvel Video Troodos Walk ASMR "A murder of Bank Holiday ...…
Do you know the big differences between libertarians, conservatives and progressives? Well my guest today is Jacob Hornberger from the Future Of Freedom Foundation. He believes that one major difference is the constant talk from conservatives and progressives to want to "reform" government programs and our wish that the program be completely ab ...…
durée : 00:37:21 - Le Dossier du Jour France Bleu Creuse - Le viagerBy France Bleu.
TAGS Decentralization and Secession, Free Markets, Private Property Titus Gebel Download audio file READ MOREBy
Today's guest is Vlad Tarko of Dickinson College. We discuss the life and work of Elinor Ostrom, the 2009 winner of the Nobel Prize in economics. Vlad is the author of Elinor Ostrom: An intellectual biography. We discuss Elinor Ostrom's work on polycentric governance, the management of common-pool resources, and policing. We also discuss the co ...…
Show Summary: The Statist reigns. Having decimated the peaceful Republic, Ivan P Terrible now deploys his merciless legions to seize military control of the galaxy. Only Johnny and Raylene’s forces stand against the rising tyranny, certain that Libertarian Cosmonaut Ron Paul will return and restore a spark of hope to the fight. But the Resistan ...…
After having predicted that the election of Trump would lead to economic hard times as far as the eye could see, Krugman's new line is that of course the economy is strong: federal deficits have been driving it! Show notes for Ep. 188
John Rubino - Follow the Debt William Hyland Jr - - George Mason, Forgotten Founding Father Jeff Ferry - Final China Showdown Happening NowBy Kerry Lutz.
Frank Vernuccio - Tax America to GreatnessRich Wessenberg - Do You Need Health Insurance Ken Ameduri - Cannabis Liberalization Coming SoonBy Kerry Lutz.
durée : 00:36:21 - Le Dossier du Jour France Bleu Creuse - La valeur des objets en cuivreBy France Bleu.
Jason and I discussed the economic expansion and how much longer it can continue. The answer, contrary to popular belief and punditry, is that it can go on for quite a bit longer, perhaps many years. There are mega-trends taking place that can keep it going, almost indefinitely. Everyone already knows that this is the longest stock market advan ...…
durée : 00:37:40 - Le Dossier du Jour France Bleu Creuse - L' ostéopathieBy France Bleu.
How ironic that Pompeo and the rest of the neocons in the Trump Administration are ready to violate the US Constitution in order to attack Venezuela to "restore their constitution."Original article: Mises Institute.
Please help us distribute 'Economics in One Lesson' far and wide to students across the US. From home schools and high schools to universities and graduate programs, our network of professors, teachers, student groups, business owners, supporters, and activists stands ready to blanket the country. We will put this book in the hands of thousands ...…
Trade Deficit Improves 3.4% as China Deficit Hits Best Level in 23 Months. Now Trump has imposed 25% tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods. There's more to come and Trump isn't backing down. On brighter news, the U.S. trade deficit in goods and services for February was $49.4 billion, an improvement of 3.4 percent over the January figure of ...…
No matter how you figure it, Cannabis liberalization is coming and soon. Between bank protections for businesses and individuals engaged in the CannabisBy Kerry Lutz.
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