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I Sell Comics
Podcast by I Sell Comics
Paperkeg is the way comics were meant to be read – by hearing about them.
A weekly comic book podcast by fans for fans. Reviews, discussions, news, contests and more.
1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres
Two guys with PhDs talking about comics! The Comics Alternative is a multi-programmed podcast focusing on the world of alternative, independent, and primarily non-superhero comics. (There's nothing wrong with superhero comics. We just want to do something different.) New review episodes become available every Wednesday and include discussions of graphic novels and current ongoing series, overviews of upcoming comics, examinations of collected editions, insightful analyses of a variety of cri ...
Each week, the Savages get together to voice their opinions on comic books, movies, TV shows, and anything in the geek world! If you're a nerd, especially one who loves Marvel, DC, Star Wars or animal penises, listen in! -- Leave us a message at 413-728-2434 or email
Off Panel is a weekly interview show where host David Harper welcomes guests from comics and beyond to talk the stories behind what they do.
A show about the comic DC Comics Presents starring Superman
Collected Comics Library, hosted by Chris Marshall, The only podcast solely dedicated to news, information and reviews on all sorts of comic book collected editions including DC Comics Absolute Editions and DC Archives, Marvel Masterworks, Marvel Omnibus, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and more - the CCL covers it all!
Join Chris and Mike as they explore and discuss comics from 1938 to 1955, the Golden Age of American comics.
Top 5 Comics Podcast is a round table comic book discussion group. Talking about comic books, pop culture, movies, games and superheros stuff. A "Comics Book Happy Hour" and we have a good time doing it.
Just a quick intro to the Comics for Fun and Profit Podcast. We focus on Comic Books-What we love and Comic Speculation: buying comics to read, enjoy, collect and ultimately sell to someone else. We review the basics, discuss some of our strategies for sucess and learn from our past mistakes in the comic speculation market. We'd love your questions too - Email us at: - Follow us on Twitter: @ComicsFunProfit Like us on Facebook: /ComicsForFunAndProfit
Geekville Radio is yout one stop shop for discussion on science fiction TV, movies, and comics. Regular topics include Star Wars, Marvel and DC comics and movies, Arrowverse TV shows (Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends Of Tomorrow) and much more!
The podcast where the best in the small press comics scene make one hell of a big noise!
1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres
Each week I try to get my 69-year-old Father, who thinks comics are for dolts to understand why I love them and teach him comics. He is tempted with a treat to read an issue or arc and we discuss the comic and I try to defend or explain comics culture
A retailers perspective on the comic industry.
Comics Talk Comics
Daniel Brown, Norm de Plume, and Special Guest Matt Moseley meet weekly to discuss comic books/movies that have been considered poor. Daniel Brown is the comics book expert, Norm de Plume is the veteran, and Special Guest Matt Moseley is padawan. If you like laughing, America, comic books, professional wrestling, Lorenzo Lamas, Christina Hendricks*, or freedom then we are the podcast for you. *We at ComicsTalkComics recognize everyone likes Christina Hendricks so, therefore, you must listen ...
Comics Syllabus
A comics analysis podcast, where literacy researcher, English teacher, and comics reader Paul (@twoplai) discusses a comic book for socio-cultural, literary, and artistic significance. The podcast pairs various academic approaches to studying comics with superhero comics, alternative comics, and other offerings in the medium. Let's dig deep!
A weekly discussion of comics and pop culture
We do comic book previews, news, rumors, and a month superhero theme of your choosing.
Using Star Wars as a guideline, we’re exploring comic books based on licensed properties that Marvel Comics published from 1977 to 1986.
A comics and pop culture podcast, brought to you by three nerds from around the world. Featuring the weekly Comics Countdown.
God and Comics
Join Father Jonathan, Father Matt, and Father Kyle as they talk about their passion for comic books. Just about anything and everything you can think of comes up in conversation. The serious, the silly, and everything in between.
GeekNights Wednesdays is the weekly Anime and comic segment of GeekNights, including discussion of anime, manga, comics, Asian cinema, anime conventions, and more.
Lame On! Comics
The comic book podcast with no powers and no responsibilities. Listen in as the dweebs go back through and review the comic books of their youth, as well as discuss the mysteries of the universe. Be sure to subscribe and review on iTunes for all of the latest episodes released every two weeks.
Welcome to Canned Air! A Tribute to Comics and Pop Culture. Listen as Jack, Jeramy and Jake root through pop culture new and old and also help independent artists get their names and projects heard. A great listen for any lover of comic books!
Weekly comics news and reviews! Hosted by Jessica and Jesse, produced in association with The Escapist Comic Bookstore 3090 Claremont Ave. Berkeley, CA.
Radio, TV and movie buffs talk about the Golden Age of Commercial Communication, including segments on old-time technology, radio/TV personalities, pre-Internet and Cable news, American pop history, collectibles and collecting, and much more. Each episode presents American Pop Culture, family trends, products, notables and celebrities that, to this day, signifies they the rite of passage for those born between 1946 and 1964. Our hosts, guests hosts and historians weave a rich tapestry from a ...
Marriage Issues is a weekly comic book podcast hosted by married couple Tracy and Aaron Boehm. They discuss the comics from their weekly pull list, nerdy date night ideas, and other comic book related news.
Comics Are Stupid
The staff and friends of Titan Moon Comics in Cedar Park, TX gather every week to review new books and talk about whatever dumb things pop into their nerdy little heads. It's gonna be a fun party!
A podcast about the benefits of mixing comic books and geek culture with delicious craft beer!!!
This podcast is recorded weekly at Altered Egos Comics & Games in Orange Park, Florida. We discuss comics that made it to the shop for that week's New Comic Book Day and look ahead to the next New Comic Book Day. We also take the time to comment on at least one item or topic in an extended format, and our panel ends the show with a few personal recommendations for listeners.
Comics R Kewel
A Podcast! Get Your Geek On!
Host JJ Kirby and Josh Casper we are a podcast about comicbooks and graphic novels, we love and are passionate about comics.
The MotherF**cker In A Cape podcast series is an informal chat moderated by R. Alan Brooks (writer & co-creator of The Burning Metronome comic book) and Jordan Froelich (the comics guru at Mutiny Information Cafe). We talk with comic book creators, nerd activists and key figures from areas of geek culture that aren't often explored. Geek culture is everywhere! MFIAC looks at where we can all fit into it.
A brief discussion of comics and related media that can be listened to over a cup of coffee.
Big Red Barrel has a Podcast about the vast world of Comics? EXCELSIOR!
Welcome to Comics
Welcome to Comics is the best comic book podcast you’ve never heard of! Each week, we talk about a classic comic to help you discover what you’ve been missing.
Hooked on Comics
Hooked on Comics is a podcast hosted by two friends who love comic books and enjoy discussions about weekly issues they read and looking back at classic stories and reviewing them in Paperback Trade form.
Rock & Comics
Rock & Comics is a podcast show dedicated to the discussion of movies, music, comic books, and more. Hosted by Defy The Tyrants guitarist, Anthony Esparza
The Official comic book Podcast for JLS Comics. Join Jesse and his panel of experts, and seasoned collectors as we dive in to the topics and picks of the day in the comic book world.
Nerds who love everything nerdy and offer a clean alternative to nerd pop culture. We discuss comic books, movies, TV shows, books, and everything in between.Comics and Graphic Novels
Comics Therapy
A Weekly* Podcast with @andreashock & @aaronmeyers talking about the bigger issues in life using comics as the starting point.
Comics Watchtower
Comics Watchtower is a fortnightly podcast that lets Australian authors express their views about the comics that made them who they are today.
Pop Culture PodcastComics, Movies, Music and More
Wine and Comics
Wine and Comics is the show where nerds and boxed wine come together to tell stories, explain comic history, and help you relate to coworkers who won't quit talking about someone named, "Joss Whedon." It's hosted by Topher Harless and Meghan Fitzmartin. Topher Harless is a DC nerd, a comedian, and he's gotten really good at embarrassing himself. Meghan is a Marvel geek, a writer, and her love language is sarcastic quips and physical violence. LIVE on Periscope every Friday at 8pm PST.
Just two boys from upstate New York who have a sweet love for comics and the gift of gab!
It's a podcast! About comics! (And a blog!)
Literary Treks is a podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek in written form. Each week hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson explore Star Trek books and comics and chat with authors.
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BIG THINGS ABOUND FOR TALKING COMICS!!! First, we have a very special interview this episode with break-out writer VITA AYALA (The Wilds, Submerged, Bitch Planet: Triple Feature, Wonder Woman, etc.) fresh off of the debut of their take on Valiant's LIVEWIRE and just ahead of their run on Shuri this spring! And also, we have the DEBUT as SARAH M ...…
Hey Handsomites! Eric and Robbie are talking about The Superior Spider-Man this episode. They discuss Otto as a character, their shift on the book over time, and the variance in the artists. They also review Young Justice #1 and Captain Marvel #1! Floppies Fortnightly Captain Marvel #1 Conan the Barbarian #1 Young Justice #1 Martian Manhunter # ...…
Heroes in Crisis 4, Young Justice: Outsiders Prequel, Champions 1, Conan the Barbarian 1, Infinity Wars: Infinity, Man Without Fear, Marvel Super-Hero Adventures Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse, Star Wars: Age of Republic - Obi Wan Kenobi, Wolverine: Long Night, Iron Fist: Phantom Limb Reviews: Spider-Verse, Doctor Who Special, Aquaman take ...…
Today we welcome Chris of Miami, Florida's Mad Cave Studios to the show! Join us as we talk Battlecats, Midnight Task Force and more!MadCave Studios Link:
THIS WEEK ON COMICS AFTER DARK... The Comic Crew talks about Spawn, DC Rebirth Teen Titans, and More! Contact us at our email ( FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: C.A.D | @ComicsAfterDark MTR | @RattHaus Support the podcast! Shop for RattHaus Apparel! Check out all the other great podcasts at…
In this week's episode of Off Panel, writer Tze Chun joins the show to talk about the new comic company he's the co-publisher of, TKO Studios. Chun discusses his comic book origin story, how TKO and its team came together, binge releasing comics, why they decided to do things completely different than other publishers, where comic shops fits in ...…
New year. New Dweebs. Will they get their crap together, probably not. Tune in for the first episode of the year as they delve into why there were so many hawk related characters in the 90's with Hawkman, Darkhawk, Shadowhawk, and Nighthawk. But does this bird-session go any deeper??? The dweebs let this theory take flight…
This week the ACP are joined by the founder and publisher of Alterna Comics, Peter Simeti to talk about his journey in comics and what the publisher are trying to achieve in the modern publishing world. Its a fascinating conversation that goes from the fantastic line of titles Alterna has to distribution to comic book and the overall state of t ...…
Enemy Territory. The voyages of the I.K.S. Gorkon continue! Following the events at San-Tarah, the Gorkon must now investigate the disappearance of her brother ship, the I.K.S. Kravokh. The Kravokh had encountered a ship from a newly-discovered warp-capable species, a strange alien race that believes themselves to be the only sentient life in t ...…
Episode 491 - Winners Announced, Who Should Run DC, Comic Convention Priorities, Listener 2018 Picks, FOC, Sneak Peek Picks for Next Week w/Kyle & Drew. Spec Picks For Next Week: APPALACHIAN APOCALYPSE #1 (Drew), Suicide Squad #50 B cover (Kyle). Need an LCS or FOC Access: or Leave an Itunes Rev ...…
GET. HYPED! (But not for Dark Phoenix.) The post Episode #45 – Comic Movies of 2019 appeared first on Yelling About Comics.
An American, a Canadian and a Brit walk into a bar. But this isn’t a bad joke, this is the Ladies ofValhalla. In their ninth episode the Ladies sit down with comics creator extraordinaire - and winner of thisyears Best Breakthrough Writer - Jeremy Whitley! Writer of such modern classics as Princeless,Raven: The Pirate Princess, Unstoppable Wasp ...…
We welcome comic creators James Maddox and David Stoll to the show to first help us recall different movie monsters in this week’s Retro Roundtable. It was this month in 1818 that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was published, so we look at what defines a “monster” and who throughout pop culture fits this description. Our lead candidate for debate? ...…
At the end of the year, I wound up in the hospital with an infection . This will be a long recovery, but I will be ok. On this bare bones podcast, I take listener questionquest
At the end of the year, I wound up in the hospital with an infection . This will be a long recovery, but I will be ok. On this bare bones podcast, I take listener questionquest
It's the New Year and the same old us! This episode we talk about the awesome that is the Drive-In if there is one where you live you should go. We also talk a little bit about pizza why? Cuz why not. Lets not forget we also talk about the AMC A-list pass and how Josh Casper loves it.
Comic book round table. This week, we have – Green Lantern #1 & #2 by Grant Morrison, Interviews with Sarah from Atomic Pixies and Kasey Snow at CSCC 2018 and more ...........Run Times -News In Comics.... – 3:26 – 8:30Green Lantern #1 & #2 by Grant Morrison – 8:30 – 48:26Kasey Snow Interview 2018 CSCC – 48:26 – Sarah from ...…
Join the crew for a deep dive into the wet and wonderfully cheesy world of Aquaman. Discussion includes such strange and fun topics as the divine right of kings, the need for a mediator between worlds, and the alcoholic beverages that we wish we had drank while watching this movie. Plus our recommendation, This or That, and a whole lot more! Ou ...…
Time Codes: 00:00:32 - Introduction 00:03:07 - Listener correspondence! 00:09:07 - The Unknown Anti-War Comics 00:53:57 - Love and Rockets IV#6 01:29:53 - LaGuardia #1 & #2 01:55:39 - Wrap up 01:57:53 - Contact us On this episode, Sterg and Derek discuss three recent titles that run the gamut from sci-fi to political to slice-of-life (or what t ...…
It's that time again!!! THE BEST COMICS OF 2018 (ACCORDING TO OUR VOTES AND YOUR POLLS) WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON THIS VERY SPECIAL EPISODE OF THE TALKING COMICS PODCAST!!!! Welcome one and all to the 7th Annual Talking Comics awards show!!! Come celebrate the best and brightest in all of comic-dom from 2018 and look ahead to what's coming in 2019!! ...…
A show of firsts...On this episode of Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site on the Galaxy Nostalgia Network, we look back on the firsts that occurred in our young lives. From sleeping in our own room, to dancing with a member of the opposite sex, to being charged with running a "grown up" errand, to trying that first cigarette, to flying on an airplane, a ...…
1988 Studios presents:Rock & ComicsHosted by Anthony Esparza, Luis Hernandez, and Alberto Lafarga(Explicit Content)Follow Rock & Comics on Instagram for exclusive clips, posts, stories, and updates on upcoming episodes: this episode of Rock & Comics, the 1988 Studios discusses their favorite Guilty Pl ...…
Comic book round table. This week, we have Book to look for in 2019 plus an Interview with Brian Ball of Rags from Antarctic Press at SDCC 2018 and more ...........Run Times -News In Comics.... – 1:49 – 12:10Books Coming Out this Year to Look For – 13:27 – 53:26Brian Ball Interview SDCC 2018 – 53:26 – 59:50 www.Ragszombie.comLessons of the Day ...…
Time Codes: 00:00:25 - Introduction 00:02:20 - Setup of interview 00:03:54 - Interview with Keith Dallas and Jason Sacks 01:22:12 - Wrap up 01:22:52 - Contact us On this, the second show in The Comics Alternative's new Critical Takes series, Derek has back on the podcast Keith Dallas, coauthor of the new book, American Comic Book Chronicles: Th ...…
In this week's episode of Off Panel, comics retailer Patrick Brower (Chicago's Challengers Comics + Conversation) returns to the podcast for a look back on 2018 for his shop. Brower discusses how the year was for Challengers, how it compared to 2017, disappearing subscribers, their ineffective events, what worked for them, the surprising single ...…
It's the first show of 2019, and the ACP talk about what they and the listeners are looking forward to in indie comics in the coming months. Lots of names, titles and more to keep an eye on are mentioned as well as some great recommendations! Great stuff to check out this week: Into the Realm, Resurrection Men 2, 100 Demon Dialogues, Oblivion S ...…
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019! As the public begins to file back to work we're here to finish off the last drips of the figurative holiday nog that we've been assured is safe to drink even this far past it's expiration date. This week we cover: Resolution: No More Walking Dead - 2:46 Marvel: Conan #1 - 9:24 Image: Man-Eaters #4 - 24:07 DC: Ol ...…
Chris and Andy get down to the annual Adopt A Character show. Chris chooses Green Arrow, specifically the Mike Grell run, while Andy is picking up Jonah Hex, in just about every incarnation possible. You are welcome to follow all year long and we welcome you to join in – details are in the show. We also talk Daredevil and Punisher Marvel Epic C ...…
Year-End Spectacular, Marvel Action: Avengers, FF, Superior Spider-Man, X-Force, Christmas haul, State of the Industry Reviews: TKO Comics, Crossing, 3 Below, Sharp Objects, Glenn vs. Aquaman, She-Ra s1 News: Downey Jr contract with Marvel is done, Bryan Hill quits comics?, Ascender in April Comics Details: Superior Spider-Man 1 by Christos Gag ...…
Michael Jan Friedman. Michael Jan Friedman is one of Star Trek's most prolific authors. Over the course of his association with Star Trek, Mr. Friedman has written or co-written 35 novels, a list that includes original adventures, novelizations, young adult novels, and more. Additionally, he has written 5 Star Trek short stories, 4 reference bo ...…
Episode 490 - Comic Resolutions, Listener Faves, Is $2.99 Going Away?, The Spinner Rack, Batwoman Gets a Pilot, FOC, Sneak Peek Picks for Next Week w/Kyle & Drew. Spec Picks For Next Week: Blackening #1 - Amigo (Drew), Stabbity Ever After #1- Scout (Kyle). Need an LCS or FOC Access: or Leave an ...…
Hello to all of our loyal listeners! We decided to take the week off and enjoy the holidays a bit, but we dare not leave you empty handed! We bring you an episode of John Orlando’s podcast, PVDcast, where he interviews yours truly! I believe this interview and episode posted on John’s website originally about a year ago. John interv ...…
It's the first episode of the new year, and for the January Previewsshow the Two Guys decide to try something different: invite a third person to join them in discussing the current Previewscatalog. This week Sterg and Derek are joined by Troy-Jeffrey Allen who works with community outreach at PREVIEWSworld. And given Troy's association with Di ...…
Happy New Year, nerdz!!! Before we get to the annual Best of Talking Comics Awards next week, we need to talk about AQUAMAN (the movie and the comic!). And also, there's no way we could start 2019 without getting into that big Fantastic Four wedding!!! Joey, Steve, and Bob gather round the table to ring in the New Year with all our loyal listen ...…
Daph J and Eric Anthony revisit NyC for the second time in the calendar year and document some of their adventures as 2018 comes to a close. http://Click Link to Download Episode 146
Time Codes: 00:00:29 - Introduction 00:02:38 - Setup of interview 00:07:14 - Interview with Craig Yoe 02:16:37 - Wrap up 02:18:05 - Contact us It's a new year, so that must mean that it's time for the annual Happy New Yoe show! On this, The Comics Alternative's very first episode of 2019, Derek talks with Craig Yoe about what he's been up to la ...…
Hey Handsomites! Eric and Robbie are back again, this time giving out awards for the year in comics! They award the best, the worse, and the whys of 2018. They also review Freedom Fighters #1 and X-Force #1! Floppies Fortnightly Aquaman #43 Freedom Fighters #1 Superior Spider-Man #1 X-Force #1 Livewire #1 Next week in Nerd Boy Book Club – Super ...…
The Fairly Fantastic Four reunite to give our best 3/worst 3 comics of 2018. Strap yourselves in folks, it's a long one. The post Episode #44 – Top 3/Bottom 3 Comics of 2018 From the Fairly Fantastic Four appeared first on Yelling About Comics.
Time Codes: 00:00:27 - Introduction 00:02:42 - Manga plans for the new year 00:08:52 - Frankenstein: Junji Ito Story Collection 00:54:47 - Dementia 21 01:37:25 - Wrap up 01:39:20 - Contact us On this manga episode, their last of 2018, Shea and Derek look at two recent works of manga that are actually quite similar in a number of ways. They begi ...…
To sign off from 2018 it's an extra special quiz that only the ACP can provide, it's the Big Fat Awesome Quiz of the Year! Play along at home and see if you can beat the ACP crew and their guests, Stuart Mulrain and Andy Hanks!! Great stuff to check out this week: True Believers Comic Festival 2019, Andy Hanks, Stuart Mulrain, 27 Panels CLICK H ...…
A story so big, they should totally consider making a movie about it. The dweebs close out the year in proper style, by reading one of the biggest comic book crossover events of all time- The Infinity Gauntlet. With this event, Marvel Comics laid the groundwork for decades to come, but is it any good??? Tune in to find out!…
Jacob Rubin stops by the store to give us the low-down on ship life, the Aquaman hype, and an non-spoiler review of Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse. In a giving mood? Help the Escapist Comics Podcast by donating to our Patreon! Produced by Will Scovill & The Escapist Comic Bookstore Find more episodes of the Escapist Comics Podcast at escapi ...…
Our next full episode comes out in January, but in the mean time check out this conversation between Fr. Matt and his brother Luke about "Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse." Be sure also to check out Luke’s excellent podcast about poetry, Works Cited!
Episode 489 - Happy Year Year, 2018 Year in Review, Almost Yearlong Comic Sales Numbers, Sneak Peek Picks for Next Week w/Kyle & Drew. Spec Picks For Next Week: MIDDLEWEST #1 2ND PTG (Drew), BATGIRL #30 VAR ED (Kyle). Need an LCS or FOC Access: or Leave an Itunes Review-Win a Signed Comic & Vari ...…
Time Codes: 00:00:24 – Introduction 00:03:11 – Getting caught up! 00:04:05 – McCay 00:34:54 – Bear’s Tooth 01:10:58 – Wrap up 01:12:04 – Contact us For their December Euro Comics show, Pascal and Derek discuss two recent French titles in translation. They begin with Thierry Smolderen and Jean-Philippe Bramanti's McCay (Titan Comics), a surreal ...…
He’s big, he’s wet, he’s smelly… He’s the Aquatic Human of our dreams! The wettest (and best?) DCEU movie yet is out, and high speed Chace Anderson decided to come out of the woodwork and join Jason to talk about it. SPOILER ALERT, make sure you’ve seen the movie before listening. -- Follow us: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Leave us a message ...…
We welcome John Ward of to the show to first help us remember all of the wonderful things Bruce Willis has done in this weeks Retro Roundtable. With Christmas having just passed, and everyone having probably watched Die Hard during the season, it only seemed fitting to pay homage. We look over Bruce’s movie career, his work on ...…
March 2019 solicits, Freedom Fighters, Aquaman 43, HQ 56, Hardcore, Defenders: Best Defense, Champions Annual 1, Extermination 5, Infinity Wars 6, Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian, Spider-Geddon conclusion, Marvel Adventures: Captain Marvel: Frost Giants Among Us, Season’s Beatings, Avatar: The Last Airbender - Imbalance, Feast or Famine, Betty & ...…
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