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LAME- a weekly discussion about the Christian music world and its relevance to today's young generations. Hosted by college students, the show selects artists to feature each week. The backgrounds of the artists are discussed, as well as the inspiration for their music and what artist shares a similar sound in the secular music world.
Lame Town Review brings you an eclectic mix of music with only a few minutes of annoying commentary!
Lame and Ignorant is a podcast hosting site which brings you two premiere podcasts. The Lame and Ignorant podcast is hosted by Leonardo Barajas and Eladio Martinez. Join these two life long friends as they look to meet and speak to Chicago artists. The Southside Huckleberries podcast is hosted by four brothers Jonny, Nicolas, Braulio, and Eladio. Join the hilarious Chicago Southside Huckleberries as they discuss current events and give their take on society.
Chatty and Lame
A few star stuffs compiled into people make noises to communicate to each other about *information*, which entertains them, or displeases them.
Separated by hundreds of miles and a state border, modern technology now allows Noah and Eddie to continue their chats and rants and let everyone else listen in.
Please like share and Subscribe!!People are Lame is a Podcast hosted by Isaac Ulibarri that talks about all things Pop culture, from movies, video games, television to everything in between.Joined by his Brother Bill, they inspire to make one another laugh, and share a passion for all things Pop culture. I hope you all enjoy, Feel free to contact us at: PeopleAreLamePodcast@gmail.comFollow on Twitter @PeopleLamePodand Like us on Facebook! Thank you!
Join Kristian Garrett and Jake Goldberg as they discover the joys of being more than just headline readers in this ever-changing political world. The goal here is to gain a better and more complete understanding of the world of politics. Conversations welcome.
Tech, Culture, Movies, Food. Consuming podcasts like cheap calories. I just want to join the cool kids.
Radio is Lame
Radio is Lame is your Podcast about Podcasting. Using ABC's new Show Alex Inc. as a jumping off Point Dave and Jon will discuss everything from what the podcast space is truly about to the latest in Podcast News. Sit back and enjoy some honest heartfelt conversation about the whoas of being an artist.
The comic book podcast with no powers and no responsibilities. Join Paul, Steve and Omar as they explore the comic books of their childhood, discuss the current comic news and mercilessly make fun of each other.
Asking the most important people the least important questions. Back after a three year hiatus, it's the show where hosts Elizabeth Laime and her husband, psychic Andy, invite a special guest into their home and hang out for an hour!
Paralyzed in an accident while a baby, young Prince Dolor is imprisoned in a lonely tower by his usurping uncle. He is visited by his mysterious godmother who provides him with magical gifts, including a travelling cloak that allows him to fly across the land. He uses his gifts to return to his rightful place on the throne. Also included are several short stories by the author also featuring princes. (Chapters 12-15) (Summary by Alys)
We are an unscripted sketch comedy podcast performed in an old time radio style.Each of our episodes follow a unique science-fiction based theme. We are what the Twilight Zone would have been if Rod Sterling was hit on the head several times with a lead pipe.So, if you want idiotic tales that defy time, space, logic, and intelligence, look no further because you are about to unlock... the Mysteries of the Mind.We would love to hear from you! Please email us at
ironically it was our hate for podcasts that drove us to make a podcast
Mobile-tech talk and lame jokes from the informative yet unrefined team at Pocketnow. Covering smartphones, tablets, wearables and other gadgets you dreamed of owning when you were young. Stitcher Award winner: Best Technology Podcast, 2013
“In these days,” writes the renowned Bahá’í scholar, Mírzá Abu’l-Fadl, “which are the latter days of 1911, A. D. and the early days of 1330 A. H., I have seen a curious article which astonished me. What did I see? I find that one of the missionaries of the Protestant sect, who accounts himself among the learned men of the twentieth century, a helper of the pure religion of Christ and one of the civilized and cultured occidentals, by name, Peter Z. Easton, has been so provoked by jealousy at ...
Deep Inside the Rabbit Hole is THE official conspiracy podcast. Hosts Mike Cannon and the Liberty Men will ruin your carefree days when you become obsessed with the reality that Rabbit Hole exposes.Topics Include: The 9/11 hoax. Vaccines, Crop formations, Extraterrestrials, Chemtrails, Mind control, Ancient technology and a crap ton of other subjects the Lame Stream Media won't tell you.
Podcast About Lame Stuff. Lorenzo Mora and Brian Danger Post talk about anything and everything!
We are a positive gaming and Xbox One community. We believe that gaming can and does have a positive impact on our lives and on the world. We are a community of friends who love gaming, comics, fantasizing about super powers and making lame jokes. We strive to bring you news, informative discussion and good times on a weekly basis all while discussing the world that is Xbox One. We are the brothers you never had and the sisters you always wanted... we are the XoneBros.
Kittens In A Bed!
two kittens (naomi and ben) in a bed talk about stuff.
live from sarah island on tasmania's west coast, nigel & andrew talk during their break as tour guides.
Relevant Church NJ
Relevant Church sermons from the Jersey Shore!
Shut Up and Listen
This is a brand new podcast from two-thirds of Real Life Audio, after Cornell tragically died in a horrific toy train accident. We talk about a bunch of things and offend almost everybody we can. When I say "we offend", I mean Brandon offends.
The UK's most popular podcast for homos, their friends and fans... full of swank, spit and sawdust! Conjured up by Amy Lamé, Baylen Leonard & Lucio Buffone.
Wheatgrass Podcast
Podcast by Lame Pun
Game With Lame Iteration 2
Get a shot of pop culture Botox with How To Be Less Old (formerly OMFG). Emily Foster & Deanna Cheng are reaching out to the youth of America in an attempt to stay young and hip. Or at the very least, less lame. Did you think MCM was a new party drug? Is Salt Bae a person or a town on Long Island? We don't know, but we do care! So we're talking to youths to hip us up to what's happening. Awesome guests like Tara Lynne Barr (God Bless America), Jason Mantzoukas (How Did This Get Made?), Casey ...
Toothbrush Love
Straight outta Bayswater. Speds and his sidekicks Easy, Broni & Gimp rib each other, discuss the world at large and can turn the lamest topic into hilarity. It's free, it's funny, it's downright awesome!!
Welcome to Dice Paper Role, a weekly Dungeons & Dragons podcast. **WARNING** This podcast contains the following: - Random, warped, and dark senses of humour - An apundance of lame jokes - Hijinks and antics - Adult themes and loads of swearing - High level of nerd factor - Original home-brewed narrative - Frequent references to pop culture - Epic combat descriptions - Aussie accents - A fresh new DM every 10 or so episodes, so you never get bored! Join us on this journey of high production ...
Nintendo games, goofy banter, and limestone quarry design combine to form the Brawl in the Family Podcast! Updated weekly, Matthew and Chris discuss video games (usually Nintendo ones) past and present, including current events in the gaming world and complaints about various things. Don't miss out on the lame puns and keen insight into decades-old video games: tune in today!
A Catholic podcast...but it's NOT TOTALLY LAME!
We are a Podcast that Picks a Random Letter and Builds Each Episode around that Letter. It's Funny, Annoying, Confusing, Brilliant, Lame and Everything in between. Every Episode is Different and We Hope you Enjoy.
Teenagers James and Whitney give their opinions on current events in pop culture...but I promise it's not as lame as it sounds.
We Talk Games
This show is stacked! Get Ready, Try! We Talk Games Video Power Magazine Presents!!! The most popular weekly, one arcade game review per episode show ever created by humans or the reptilian illuminati secret overlords of the deranged conspiracy theorists lame crotch imagination. Join the video game journalist award wining crew and non-sport card superstars of Kyle VonKubik and Wiggly of Trap Door review arcade video games with author, artist and all around guy, John E Capcom plus, robot femm ...
Kai Yu
Welcome to the Kai Yu podcast, where you will hear lame story of my daily struggle
A professional wrestling podcast where two guys talk about the wrestling they grew up with and talk about what's still awesome, lame, offensive, or just weird. It should be cool.
Yes, the Candy Man can.'Cause he mixes it with love.And makes the world taste good.Archive of Danny Baker's Afternoon Retreat radio show on BBC London 94.9 (LDN).Join the Sony Award-winning DJ with great music and guests. You're sure to have a smile on your face.Danny is not only joined by the best guests but also his trusty consorts; Baylen Leonard and Amy Lamé.
Start From Scratch
Sports, entertainment, politics and everything in between. Don’t be a lame! Click and listen.
West Coast Eagles Fan Podcast featuring reviews & previews of West Coast matches, stats, insight, predictions, opinion & a whole heap of lame jokes.Subscribe on the iTunes store or on the Podcast iPhone app.
Reel Flicks
Your go-to podcast for lame jokes, discussion of film industry news, and most importantly, films!
Just a short lame and (not so ) funny Segment of my life THE HIGH SCHOOL !!!!
Best of house music from Electro, Tribal to Minimal.All mp3 files are encoded using Lame MP3 Encoder with Constant Bitrate (CBR) 256 kbps This can slow down downloading new episodes, but once it's done you can enjoy high quality music!!!It's free to subscribe. Special thanks to Jay and JamesCreditsPodcast page customisation, cover arts & promotional materials design and mp3 encoding:©
Four friends that explore the universe of board games while also talking about life and why it's lame. Pasta too.
The accompanying podcast to the "Urbane, Not Cosmopolitan" blog about booze. Insert your own lame pun about being "spirited" here.
Johnny and Brad shooting the poop about anime, gaming, and other types of nerdy crud. Sometimes, we have another lame-o talking about that sort of stuff too. Oh, we tend to swear a lot. We also have a podcast and smell nice.
Bekah 's Podcast
Bodcast is just a lame Podcast where you can listen and have a laugh! Follow me on social media! Instagram and Twitter: beek_to_the_ies
Mark Out Radio
Listen in as we rant about the state of the wrestling business, goof on lame gimmicks, mark out to our favorites and generally show a complete disgust for anything that stinks of a lame swerve. If you need an education in wrestling vernacular or just want to hear self-righteous windbags babble for two hours, tune in!
Film Buffs Forecast is Australia’s longest running film show. For 30 years it aired weekly on Melbourne public radio station 3RRR. Now it begins a new chapter. Recorded weekly at Cinema 9 Studios at the Sun Theatre in downtown Yarraville, Paul Harris will bring you a collection of in-depth interviews, film reviews, insider gossip (c’mon, we know you love it) and lots of lame puns. Previous guests have included Martin Scorsese, Melanie Griffith, Jane Campion, Jack Nicholson, Wim Wenders, Tom ...
JDG Podcast
JDG Podcast is a weekly broadcast about children's books! Come and join us for podcasts or you're lame! Love you xoxo
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It’s Dice Paper Role Live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! We bring a recording of our Dungeons and Dragons Comedy Podcast to a live audience for the second time ever on 22 April 2018. This was a sell out show, and the audience got rowdy! Listen in to Ben Clements punish the Tight 5 for their role-playing transgressions. Artwork ...…
The Motorola P30 is pretty much the iPhone X. Design-wise, it just is. Okay, perhaps we should really talk more about this because it's more than just a look-alike. But before that, a stringy thought thread about the Galaxy Note 9 and some Crazy Rich Asians make our day. We also notch another bit of chat on the Pixel 3 XL's devastating notch (g ...…
We Talk Games live at the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo 2018! We run down the history of Batman and Superman Games to tie in with the hot Summer blockbusters, Batman vs Superman! #VideoGames #ArcadeGames
We have always been fans of Battlefield and Pre-orders for the next one are down, why? We aren't experts, but we play ones on a podcast which is why our opinion on this matters. Also are we excited for Battleroyal or are we tired of that game mode? All this and more on the most positive Xbox One podcast on the planet! Support The Community Toda ...…
Hello everybody and welcome to the 133rd episode of Mundane Nights! This week Mud and Riddle cover the Monday Night Wars of 3/9/98. Topics include: Shawn Michaels cutting a promo in a Chuck E. Cheese, WCW drrrrraaaammmmmaaaa!!!!, and the political leanings of Demolition Smash.
In the final instalment of our MIFF specials we talk with Miranda Nation, director of the powerful psychodrama Undertow and Heath Davis, director of the black comedy, Book Week.
Michaela McManus fields our unimportant questions such as What is your most vivid childhood memory? Where do you put your phone when you run? Follow Michaela: Follow along with the show: ...…
This is the big show we've been working up to. It started out on the 'Z' train, went through a street that we failed to turn on to and then ended up at our friend David Cogen's apartment. We were going to shoot a video podcast like we meant it. And what an opportunity to do so! The Galaxy Note 9 is wearing into us like mineral oil does into blu ...…
It's starting to get to that time of year when new awesome games come out every week. Can we keep up with it!? Is it possible!? We of course have to talk all things Red Dead Redemption 2. Is there anything sexier than an animated horse walking in that game? I think not! Oh yea Madden came out too.... and It kinda frustrated David, but why? (he' ...…
Hello everybody and welcome to the 132nd episode of Mundane Nights! This week Mud & RIddle cover the Monday Night Wars of 3/2/98. Topics include: Kimberly is drunk, Ron Reis making an all time lackluster debut, Jeff Jarrett is a failure, and "oh by the way", two of the greatest segments in Raw history. Enjoy!…
MIFF Specials - In The Land Of Wolves / Eurocrime
Every Single idea in the world is already being done. Put your own spin on it and it will be different no matter what.
The dweebs are back and taking this episode to merry ol' England (which may or may not actually exist.) Hop across the pond and learn about the Chris Claremont and Alan Davis' Excalibur, released by Marvel Comics.
Mary Holland fields our unimportant questions such as Are you good at household things? What are your favorite books? Follow Mary: Follow along with the show: https://t ...…
On this brand new episode we discuss the beautiful and gentle game of Gentes. Designed by Stefan Risthaus with art by Harald Lieske and published by Spielworxx. Jason gets sick after the explanation and has to leave. Don't worry though, he returns and we all discuss what we like about Gentes as well as these other things of interest:- Matt has ...…
Motorola might have put its name on the Moto Z3 last week, but at its launch event in its headquarters, it seemed as though its exclusive carrier, Verizon, as well as Qualcomm had upstaged the phone with talk about how great 5G is and how the Moto Z3 would be the first "upgradeable" phone for the new-generation network thanks to a weird looking ...…
It's Dice Paper Role Live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! We bring a recording of our Dungeons and Dragons Comedy Podcast to a live audience for the very first time on 15 April 2018. It was the start of something beautiful. Listen in to Dan Last expertly steer the Tight 5 through a Murder Mystery of epic proportions. Artwork and ...…
Notches. How many can a phone have? How many should a phone have? Is it good to be leading the pack in terms of selling the most phones with notches? And what about other questionable design choices like inserting a mock circuit board into the back of your phone to make it look pretty? The news is brimming with annoying, but pertinent questions ...…
Cross over events are awesome! This week GTA Online announced the goodness that is the quest to unlock the hatchet in the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. What is our favorite cross over event of all time? Should games do more of this? As always it's a good time talking all things games and Xbox One with the most positive gaming community on the ...…
Miff specials - Mahogany / Diana Ross Restored Aussie classic: The Cheaters
This week we have the hosts of Some Guy and The Bug Man Figure things out to help us figure out when it's time to stop your show.
Dax Shepard and Monica Padman field our unimportant questions such as What was your favorite gift you’ve ever been given? What is your ideal type later in life? Follow Dax: Follow Monica: Follow along with the sho ...…
Hello everybody and welcome back to Mundane Nights! Mud has returned from his bookings and is dirty as ever. This week He & Riddle discuss Superbrawl VIII and the Monday Night Wars of 2/23/1998. Topics include: Chaos agent Earl Hebner, Riddle's thoughts on Cheers, the debut of Big Poppa Pump, and a Booty-Riffic debut.…
The Galaxy Note 9 has a hard road ahead of it. It has to make up ground in sales from the Galaxy S9 and it’ll have to do so with few visceral upgrades. So, what can Samsung do to prop up the biggest chance it has against the iPhone? Put Fortnite on it. The world’s most popular MMO is coming to Android and it looks set to debut on a phablet. We’ ...…
No Man's Sky is finally on the Xbox with a brand new updated release and we all had a chance to play it. Has it redeemed itself or is it still the disappointing game it was when it originally released? We discuss this and much more on another fun episode of the xonebros! Support The Community Today Xonebros Swag, Shop Here Like us on Facebook S ...…
Two new Aussie features West of Sunshine and Strange Colours both premiered at Venice Film Festival. We speak with both filmmakers.
We asked you on twitter what you wanted. The Biggest news was that more people voted then who listen to Radio is Lame your new media podcast.
What a busy week for things that don't have to do with smartphones... well, at least directly! For example, Apple's laptops. They try and fix one problem here and then make everything else better. The catch? You don't get there without breaking a few eggs and scrambling them on a MacBook Pro. It's hot. Too hot for its own good. Also, are iPhone ...…
The more things change, the more they stay the same. The dweebs are back with another installment of This Week in Daredevil. In this episode, Paul continues with the epic run of Mark Waid on Marvel Comics' "Man Without Fear."
Matt McConkey fields our unimportant questions such as Have you been jealous in past relationships? What’s your email situation? Follow Matt: Follow along with the show: https://w ...…
We Talk Games Summer Programming steps back to 4/26/2015 to a bash-em-up—un-wiggly. The review of Mutant Fighter (Data East, 1992). And, we will go!!! We Talk Games Video Power Magazine Episode 144, Arcade Weekly, the most popular weekly, one arcade game review per episode show ever created by humans or an Amazoness. The video game journalist a ...…
The name of the game is Calimala. The name of the designer is Fabio Lopiana. The name of the artist is Harald Lieske. The name of the publisher is ADC Blackfire. The names of us boys are Jason, Wil, Matt and Charlie. This week we discuss that game I just said and idk, maybe some other things like:-Dumpster Man-Jason never said please-Heaviest t ...…
ATTACK ON GREYMEAD! The release of noxious gas from a nefarious canister has turned 3 dock workers, 2 couriers, and a Pomeranian into murderous spiked devils. Investigators discovered the canister near Belfinky dock with a name tag still attached. It read: Property of Bruce T Milkman. When asked if Mr. Milkman had been arrested, Chief Inspector ...…
Veteran Aussie Director Brian Trenchard-Smith and Mark Hartley talk trailers: BTS directed hundreds and tells all. Donna McRae discusses her second microbudget feature "Lost Gully Road", a supernatural thriller.
Since E3 rumors and speculation have been furiously flying back and forth across the internet about what the next generation Xbox will be. We discuss what we'd like to see and also whether or not we're ready for a new Xbox. As always it's a great time talking all things games with the most positive gaming community on the planet! Support The Co ...…
Microsoft came rip roarin’ ready this week with a small convertible tablet that starts out at $399. Unfortunately, unlike an iPad, if you really want to take your computing somewhat seriously, you’re going to need to spend upwards of $800 on a Surface Go. Does it make sense? We’ll sort that out and look into the five-camera trend that seems to ...…
Dana Schwartz fields our unimportant questions such as If you stopped everything right now that you’re doing, what would do instead? What childhood activity would you want to do again today? Follow Dana: Follow along with the show: https:// ...…
Bart Mulwimple was a simple goat herder. His goat meat was prized throughout Greymead for its flavour and tenderness, but each season he was left with a surplus of hides. Frustrated by the waste he set about finding a new way to use this versatile material. After years of searching for the right purpose he was inspired when the morning sun shon ...…
Games Pass is the best deal in gaming right now. The latest Warhammer release this week is proof positive of that. We argue that Games Pass not only benefits gamers, but it also helps drive sales for developers. It's an interesting discussion and a good time as we talk all things gaming and Xbox One with the most positive community on the plane ...…
Eurocrime at MIFF. Barrie Pattison on Phil Karlson.
Hosting is not just about talking. Hosting is more about steering then it is about opening your mouth. How would we fix The Hosts?
This very podcast you're listening to right now has been running for six years strong as of this episode. And we're looking to bring you a whole lot more in the future. We start that future off with more pop-up cameras and no chins then we take it over to a foldable phone in 2019 and then, well, who knows, if HTC makes a phone we're interested ...…
We reside on the other side of the veil. What does Dan Abnett have to say about the truth? Tune in and find out the hidden secret to the 1998 Marvel title Marvel Conspiracy.
Megan Neuringer fields our unimportant questions such as Do you meditate? Follow Megan: Follow along with the show: https://www.inst ...…
German Origins. It's finally episode 7, the one you've been waiting all this time to listen to. We dive deep into a little roll and write game called Ganz schön clever. discuss the great time two of us had at Origins Game Fair 2018, and bicker about a whole bunch of useless things that have been on our minds like soup bowls and sleeping during ...…
When you’re stranded and broke and need to get home, who can you trust? 9/10 Doctors agree it’s the bus you took on your first solo trip, the same bus you trusted when you moved to college and the bus you trusted to bring you back home again every summer. It’s the bus powered by a steaming pack of eighteen dogs.... It’s Greyhound. Artwork and C ...…
The Crew 2 is here and it's getting a lot of comparisons to Forza Horizon 3. How does it stack up? Is it the arcade racer we've dreamed about or is it just another missed opportunity in the dumpster heap that is failed racing games? We answer this, plus talk about all the amazing new Microsoft studios and what kind of games we think are coming. ...…
Title fight between Ken Russell and Paddy Chayevsky plus a new Australian sci-fi thriller Occupation.
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