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The Peabody Award-winning Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen, from PRI, is a smart and surprising guide to what's happening in pop culture and the arts. Each week, Kurt introduces the people who are creating and shaping our culture. Life is busy – so let Studio 360 steer you to the must-see movie this weekend, the next book for your nightstand, or the song that will change your life. Produced in association with Slate.
Opposable Thumbs
We (Taylor Hokanson and Rob Ray) assign ourselves (and a guest) a new creative challenge every two weeks. We then talk about our discoveries, problems, solutions, failures and successes and.... try to steer clear of catastrophic shop accidents.
Don't Feed The Trolls is a weekly podcast hosted by Nate Henry and Matt MacDonald.Matt and Nate met each other in 2006 while touring the country in their respective bands (The Classic Crime and Sherwood). Over the years they've kept in touch, mostly because Nate would call Matt on a regular basis to discuss the meaning of life. Towards the end of 2015, Nate was looking for a new creative outlet, and noticed that Matt spent way too much time being opinionated on Facebook, so he suggested that ...
The Daily Larb
The Daily Larb Podcast is for artists and creative thinkers from writer Larry G. Maguire. Listen to philosophical musings and discussion on art, creativity, life and work going out on all major podcast platforms daily. Every day you'll get a brand new episode where Larry narrates the daily article written on Topics can be divisive and a challenge to some so if you have sensitive earballs or rigid ideas then probably best to steer clear. Subscribe, play, enjoy and share thi ...
A precursor to gothic literature and science fiction genres, Frankenstein is a novel fuming with imagination as it depicts a well known horror story. Shelly’s gothic fiction is written in epistolary form as a means of correspondence between the failed writer Robert Walton and his sister, while he is away on a dangerous expedition in search of fame. Some major themes explored in the gothic classic are the fallibility of ambition and knowledge, revenge, prejudice, isolation, and the imperfecti ...
Three guys discuss topics chosen by the Random Topic Generator.
Have you ever had a dream? Dream job? Dream relationship? Dream house? Dream car? Do you still believe you can achieve your dreams? Or have 'life' and 'reality' convinced you otherwise? This podcast is my journey of how I went from Critical Care Nurse to pursue my dream as an Investor. Your past doesn't equal your future, but there is plenty you can learn along the way. For anyone who dreams and wants to see them become a reality - come share in the journey! Follow me on Insta, twitter or FB ...
This podcast is brought to you from the owner of A custom PC buildings business specialising in Repairs, Upgrades & Custom Builds. In this podcast we are a group of everyday gamers who don't take life to seriously, we like to have a laugh and talk about the games and tech that we love. We all have our own individual areas from building to streaming and we will cover News, Reviews, Games, Custom builds and our own general views. We also run a free TeamSpeak server and commu ...
Life as an independent entrepreneur, stock-trader, and investor.Learn and involve yourself in the simple world of managing your long term finances; insight into how the stock market works, its opportunities, and steering clear of complacency in your profession.
» GW WonkCast
Policy matters. From under the radar regulations to innovations in social policy, the Trachtenberg WonkCast navigates the wonky world of policy so you don't get lost in the weeds. Jessica Blackband steers this roundtable discussion while regular contributors Natalia Abrahams, Haley Dunn, Erik LaDue, Katherine Lundie, Gabe Moss, Eli Richman, and Nathan Rupp offer their analyses of crucial policy topics served up by a range of special guests.
Persistence, Prayer, and Patience Leads to Purpose! Podcast steered from my Blog located via
In-depth, hard-hitting interviews with newsworthy personalities.
The Hot Mess Comedy Hour is hosted by Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin, two blossoming comedians and world-class train wrecks. In each episode, they dive into the psyches of some of New York City’s messiest performers. Each guest comes equipped with their own baggage, whether it be a dark past, addiction, or neurosis. Andrea and Emily go head-to-head with your inner demons so that you don’t have to!
Autonomous Cars with Marc Hoag is the world's only weekly podcast dedicated entirely to driverless cars, and the #1 result on Google! We discuss the products, tech, law, policy, and societal impacts of self driving cars as they start to become a thing in our everyday lives. Participation is encouraged, and let's have fun discussing what is sure to be the greatest step change in humanity since the Industrial Revolution! ...
Quantum Matrix Radio explores the challenging issues of 9/11 and a post-9/11 world with solutions in mind. Hosts Pamela Senzee and David Meiswinkle draw from the science of quantum physics in order to confirm that we can indeed transform the world paradigm for the better using positive thought coupled with action and dedication.
Join TV writer, actor, and New York Times best-selling author Gaby Dunn (aka America's Deadbeat Sweetheart) for season three of Bad With Money. After two seasons of reckoning with her own financial identity, Gaby's ready to give the American financial system an identity crisis. Every week, Gaby brings a queer, feminist, unabashedly radical point of view to conversations with celebrities, journalists, politicians, authors, activists, and fellow deadbeats. If you're sick of podcast "experts" g ...
Taylored 4 Success
Your WIN at Work Coach! I help Workplace Professionals go from Surviving to Thriving! Gain Clarity & Confidence NOW! #careercoaching #empowerment
Join Alex and Jess, a brother sister duo, weekly as they discuss Topics! News! and whatever else they feel like.Please send topic suggestions and feedback to
Totally Mommy
Another podcast from mom Elizabeth Laime - host of Totally Laime and Totally Married! Why? because there's no bigger melting pot of emotions than motherhood and that needs to be broadcasted! Totally Mommy is an honest discussion about all the good, the bad, and the funny that being a new mom has to offer. Write in with questions & tune in between diaper changes every Wednesday!
Cattle Brands is a collection of 14 entertaining short stories depicting not only the life of cowboys in the wild, wild West, but also the harrowing skirmishes with banditos, thrilling shoot-outs, attempt at and the recapture of stolen chattel from fierce desperados, and much, much more exciting accounts that make one think it all actually happened.
DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) features Tracie’s interviews with authors and pet experts from around the world, discussing far-ranging topics involving dogs and cats, many with dog health information, dog and puppy training advice, and help in living harmoniously with your cat.This Gracie® Award-winning show, produced and hosted by pet wellness advocate Tracie Hotchner, has been broadcasting for 12 years with more than 585 consecutive shows from its originating NPR station Peconic Public Broa ...
Locked on Cubs
Locked On Cubs is your daily podcast covering all aspects of the Chicago Cubs. Hosted by Sean Sears and Ryan Davis, taking you inside the clubhouse, breaking down the day's events, and giving unparalleled insight into your Cubs.
Steve - @guitarmoog - and Chris - @ottocrat - investigate cakeism: the philosophy of having your cake and eating it, as preached and practised by the British government in its approach to Brexit. Each week, we explore the latest developments as we head towards Brexit and spend time wading through the weeds from the perspective of two long-standing Brussels and UK government insiders. Our aim: to inform you, our listeners, about EU realities and so, hopefully, to equip you to spot lies and to ...
Nothing But Static
Since they wouldn't stop talking about TV, we just shoved a microphone in front of them and hit record. Listen as aspiring British screenwriters and comedians Dan Doolan and Chris Billingham indulge in their obsession and attempt to dissect the ever evolving world of television. Featuring news, reviews and recommendations.
The Gamers' Inn
The Gamers’ Inn is a weekly podcast focused on all things video games! Each week Jocelyn and Ryan discuss what they’re playing, go over industry related news, and cover topics that have peaked their interest.
Let's Talk iOS
Let's Talk iOS is a weekly podcast about iPhone, iPad, iOS and Apple.
Morning Edition takes listeners around the country and the world with multi-faceted stories and commentaries every weekday. Hosts David Greene, Steve Inskeep, Noel King and Rachel Martin bring you the latest breaking news and features to prepare you for the day.
Join host David Byrd as he talks to some of the fascinating people who help make life in America what it is. Whether its health, technology, entertainment, or culture we’ll meet the folks who make America unique.
Si' Westbrooks
I can find beauty in just about anything! 💕 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Over 40 years repairing cars and over 27 years on the radio, Ron Ananian can help you fix just about any car on the road. Join The Car Doctor Nation!
Your hosts Dave and Kate take you on a comedic adventure of supernatural, conspiracies, news and things that are found on the internet.So grab a beer and tune into the latest episode of Sasquatch Ate My Baby.
Growing in Jesus. In Community. On Mission
Join host David Byrd as he talks to some of the fascinating people who help make life in America what it is. Whether its health, technology, entertainment, or culture we’ll meet the folks who make America unique.
Join the four amateurs: Steve (Woodchuck), Brad (Hollywood), Colt (Train) and Nick (Lefty) here at B Squad Hotrod. We're just a bunch of amateurs getting to the meat and bolts of restoring and repairing real cars for our enjoyment. And hopefully for your education and enjoyment. Because educating us...that is impossible.
Business Extra
As one of the world’s most influential business hubs, the Middle East requires expert attention. Business Extra provides those experts, as well as news and insights from The National’s esteemed team of business editors and reporters, who are on top of the markets, technology, the energy sector and more.
Honda Talk
A podcast about Honda cars from the R-Type Civic to the CRV.News, views, opinions and advice on all things Honda and Acura.Honda Talk is pesented by Ian Wright and Matt Eugenio.
Inspired By JimmyL
Life is calmer when we stop keeping up with the Jones, “Honey They are Broke”. Learn to be more of YOU instead. I’m your host Jimmy Warr Mize and this show encourages us all to follow intuition, your gut... all the way to success and happiness #selflove
Boom #62,63,64 - #18, 32, 34, 39Dr. Ben R. - #15,22,40,50Kevin J. at Greetings and thanks 👍for stopping by! Here you’ll get🤓 mental & ⛪️spiritual support to sustain & live your LIFE! #EliteCircle * All financial support appreciated for upcoming missions and media events. Please donate at * Join our Boom Factor TV show're n-12 foreign languages go to IVOOX app to subscribe.Boom Factor show is sponsored by Redeem ...
Spirit and Life looks at the Bible, the whole Bible, and nothing but the Bible through a Swedenborgian lens.
Raghav's Take
The Quint’s editor-in-chief Raghav Bahl speaks on business, politics and policies.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Dr. John Whitcomb' on SermonAudio.
Recordings of the Wednesday PM Bible studies at Calvary Chapel Laguna Creek in Elk Grove, CA.
All the best original video content from Roadshow. Epic shootouts, comparisons of the best cars on the market, beautiful tours and industry-leading perspective from Roadshow editors.
Deloitte Asia Pacific Dbriefs Mobile
Virtue Riot
The Nazarite Challenge started as a men's spirtual health event, but why should men have all the fun. Virtue Riot is podcast for women growing in virtue, by women growing in virtue. This is a daily micropodcast with audio reflections on how women can live a life of virtue. The November 2018 edition of this podcast is focused on the Cardinal Virtues, Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance, and Justice.
The team at Chesapeake Offshore Sailing Services (COSS) presents interviews with noted offshore racers, brings you tips, tricks and advice on how to prepare your boat for offshore sailing, and shows you how to “win the race to the starting line” and beyond! Since we are both cruisers and offshore racers, we will cover aspects of both activities and show how cruisers can make better racers and racers can make better cruisers!
Business Essentials talks to those at the forefront of business success who are willing to share their experience and expertise with you. Each episode provides relevant, reliable and up-to-date topics on how to grow your business. We interview experts on leadership, innovation, sales and marketing, customer service, and more. And we speak with leaders in business who have faced challenges and achieved success themselves, and who provide their own insights on what it takes to be successful.
Jennifer Touma
Are YOU a Business Woman yearning to be empowered by the Essence of the Warrior Queen … Confident | Decisive | In Charge NO MATTER WHAT?...........A Warrior Queen inspires others during times of certainty and uncertainty...steers the organization with grace and true grit...and occupies a position of authentic prominence with male colleagues....Warrior Queen women-in-leadership inspire our awe and engage their teams from a place of authentic power and certainty..... They are empowered by a Wa ...
Passion for the Nations - Asian American ConferenceVisit us
Road Trip Radio
Welcome to Road Trip Radio, the travel show for the common man! Join us every Monday at 9 p.m. East, 6 p.m. West, where travel and the open road are always the topic of conversation. We discuss the most important topics and talk with the most interesting people in the world of travel. Call in and join the conversation with host Jeremy Krug, and enjoy the fun every week on Road Trip Radio!
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Ron starts this episode talking about plastic in cars : takes a call on an 11 Subaru Outback where, after an oil change, the clock won’t set : takes a call on an 04 E150 where a spark plug literally blew out of the engine block : takes a call on an 09 Nissan Rogue where the doors won’t open from the outside : takes a call on an 09 Honda CRV tha ...…
Ron starts this episode with a call on a 68 Camaro big block where the caller has issues with possibly vacuum or timing : takes a call from a return caller following up on his battery problem who also wants to talk about remote start : takes a call on an 01 GMC 1500 that sat for a while but won’t pass the California smog test : takes a call on ...…
In this weeks episode Dave and Kate become treasure hunters Kate heads to New Mexico to find the Lost Adams Diggings It is an exciting Wild West story of adventure greed and Apache attacks Dave sails through the East Coast and into the West Indies in search of Blackbeards long lost treasure We learn about Blackbeards short but lucrative stint a ...…
Jocelyn is away for her upcoming wedding, so Jon Jagger has jumped back on to the show with Ryan to discuss Resident Evil 2, Apex Legends, and much more! We go into some spoiler territory for RE2 for the first half of the show, so if you’re trying to complete it unspoiled you’re best to skip ahead. In the news, we break down our favourite momen ...…
President Trump has declared a national emergency to secure funding to build a wall at the southern border. Sen. Tim Kaine, Democrat of Virginia, says Democrats will challenge the declaration.
In remarks from the Rose Garden, President Trump on Friday declares a national emergency to secure funding for his long-promised southern border wall.
Border Patrol agents say they're struggling to care for large groups of migrant families who turn themselves in after crossing at remote stretches of the southern border.
NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., about the president's decision to sign a spending deal and his plans to declare a national emergency for a border wall.
Feb. 15 is being called Singles Awareness Day, a holiday for those who are not involved in a romantic relationship to complement Valentine's Day.
Husband and wife Larry and Sharon Adams have spent the past two decades renovating homes in their Milwaukee neighborhood. Their commitment to their community grew out of their own relationship.
Robert Greenfield etched his own version of the Mona Lisa in the snow over his backyard ice rink.
President Trump says he will sign a border funding compromise to avert a shutdown, but will also declare a national emergency in order to build a border wall. Also, Amazon cancels plans for New York.
Congratulations to the Maine Moose Festival. They announced that they had set a world record when more than 1,000 people made moose calls.
Journalist Maria Ressa has been released on bail after she was arrested on Wednesday on charges of "cyber libel." Her arrest came amid fears of a broader crackdown on the press in the Philippines.
The elegant woman — wearing pearls, a long dress, and a slight smile — has captivated historians and art lovers for centuries. Was she a daughter? A wife? A lover? No one knows for sure.
Amazon says it will abandon plans to open one of its headquarters in New York. The announcement came abruptly, after New York leaders spent months campaigning for the facility.
NPR's Steve Inskeep speaks with Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., about the president's plan to declare a state of emergency and divert funds to build a border wall.
Virgnia Gov. Ralph Northam and actor Liam Neeson were both involved in actions widely condemned as racist. Both denied they are racist. It's a phenomenon known as "racism without racists."
Commentator Cokie Roberts talks with Steve Inskeep and answers listener questions about the history of presidents and their tax returns.
More than 70 candidates are running in Nigeria's presidential election Saturday, but two candidates are in the lead. Big issues include corruption, the economy and threats from extremists.
Change your environment to indicate your future. Inspired by JimmyL Host: Jimmy Warr Mize
Is Kenya's ruling political partnership in danger of collapse? Kenya’s big ambitions to be the economic and infrastructure powerhouse of East Africa cannot be truly realised without political stability. HARDtalk's Stephen Sackur talks to the country's Deputy President William Ruto about fragmentation and factionalism at the top of Kenyan politi ...…
A 1982 law empowers the secretary of defense to redirect military construction funds during a presidentially declared national emergency.
Hope that you are enjoying this day with or workout that special someone! 💕 Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said Thursday that top Justice Dept. officials discussed invoking the 25th Amendment. But his new book is about far more than that.
As Cupid takes aim this week, a look at how sex and sexuality are handled — and mishandled — on-screen. Kurt Andersen speaks with Slate’s Jeffrey Bloomer on depictions of first-time sex. Intimacy-scene consultant Alicia Rodis describes how she helps actors who are virtual strangers seem like they are deeply and lustilly in love during sex scene ...…
Tax refunds so far have been smaller than last year's. Some taxpayers kept a bigger share of their income, but for others it reflects an overhaul that rewarded high earners the most.
After the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., some of the students participated in the musical Spring Awakening. Christine Barclay directed it.
Congress votes Thursday on a measure that includes a fraction of the money the president wants for a border wall. Steve Inskeep talks to White House spokesman Adam Kennedy about Trump's position.
In 2017, the man reported an income under $20,000, and also reported paying $1 million in withholding taxes. The IRS refunded him $980,000 — that is, until it figured out what he had done.
Former first lady Michelle Obama was on the Grammy Awards over the weekend. Marian Robinson texted her daughter: "I saw it, because (someone else) called me."
A federal judge ruled that the ex-Trump campaign chairman lied to special counsel Robert Mueller's office after agreeing to cooperate with its investigation into Russia's influence in the election.
David Greene talks to Jessica Bakeman of member station WLRN and Broward County School Superintendent Robert Runcie about the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla. Seventeen people were killed.
Poet Kwame Alexander's latest community poem is inspired by kids' definitions of love, touching on everything from ephemeral connections and puppy kisses to the circle of life and Kendrick Lamar.
President Trump on Wednesday told law enforcement officers from across the country that a border wall will happen. Steve Inskeep talks to Tucson police chief Chris Magnus about border security.
The creators of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text are launching a podcast about romance novels. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Vanessa Zoltan, host and producer of the upcoming podcast Hot & Bothered.
The Trump administration's point man on Venezuela was convicted of misleading Congress during the Iran-Contra affair. Abrams' past came up during a House hearing on Venezuela's political crisis.
David Greene talks to D'Angelo McDade, executive director of Chicago anti-violence group the Peace Warriors, about his work with student activists from Parkland, Fla.
No guest this week! Just Rob and Taylor going big and... then also going home. Rob and Taylor dive in on relational aesthetics, branding and hoping the artist whose art you like isn't a giant butthole. R. Kelly, Carl Andre and Henry Rollins walk into a bar... Which person's art do you choose to like? That's not a very good joke. And then we dee ...…
The global military industry is a vast and hugely lucrative sector where defence spending produces some eye-watering numbers. Next week, Abu Dhabi once again takes centre stage for the world’s major manufacturers and government procurement leaders when the International Defence and Exhibition Conference, Idex, and the Naval Defence Exhibition, ...…
This session will focus on the developments subsequent to the re-introduction of the Sales Tax and Service Tax (SST) on 1 September 2018, including critical changes to the law, guidance, and administration of the tax. It will also touch on key concerns in relation to the close out of GST. Join us to understand how the evolving nature of the Mal ...…
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