When Veterinarians Need to Hit Reset


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Katie Berlin, DVM, NASM-CPT discusses her thoughts on physical fitness and mental resiliency and the effects they can have on veterinarians. She shares personal insights and very relatable stories in today's episode. We hope our conversation will encourage you to explore a new way to challenge yourself. Please make sure to go check out her podcast, The Vet Reset.
About Dr. Katie Berlin
Katie is an optimist, podcast junkie, book nerd, and lover of all things running and fitness. She works as an associate veterinarian at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital in York, PA, and as a veterinary editor at Clinician’s Brief. She has a personal training certification and teaches group fitness, and she recently launched The Vet Reset Podcast where she focuses on the intersection between physical and mental health and the importance of prioritizing both in our roles as veterinary professionals. You can also find her on the Veterinary Super Friends podcast with Dr. Carrie Jurney of Not One More Vet, and on Facebook and Instagram @thevetreset.
Katie's Book and Podcast Reccomendations:
-The Uncharted Veterinary Podcast
-Ali on The Run Podcast
-Esther Perel's "Where Should We Begin?" and "How's Work?" podcasts
-Atomic Habits by James Clear
-The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin (and take the quiz to find out your type HERE!)
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