#194 - TJ (Tanael) Joachim - You Call that a Coup?


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Robert Omoto sits with stand-up comedian TJ (Tanael) Joachim (Amazon Prime, Boston Comedy Festival) to talk about growing up in Haiti, his decision to leave to attend college in New York, learning English from Comedy Central, working at a crooked real estate brokerage, his parents reaction to him pursuing comedy, 3rd world countries, U.S. vs. Haitian coups, and filming his first hour special called January 3rd.

Watch his special on Amazon Prime: January 3rd

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More about TJ:

Born and raised in Haiti, T.J moved to the United States in 2008 at the age 19, learned English, and started pursuing stand-up comedy four years later. He went one to become one of the 8 finalists in the Boston Comedy Festival in 2016. He has been featured on FOX5, AXS TV, and he received major praise and notoriety for his heartfelt response in a brilliant New York Times Op-Ed after President Trump called his homeland a shithole.

The hour long set recorded in Brooklyn on January 3rd is a superb culmination of T.J's years as a stand-up comedian in America. With his caustic wit, razor-sharp writing, and casual conversational delivery, T.J presents a keen outsider perspective to the public that only he can provide on the many topics at the forefront of American cultural and social life: immigration, race, the Me Too Movement, and Donald Trump.

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