1/19: Darkfrenemies


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{Spoilers through Book 12, The Gathering Storm} The Grey Warder takes a look at the Dark One's Chosen and breaks down their dirty dealings in Book 3, to unlock the puzzle and figure out exactly who is doing exactly what, and why are they doing it? (She also lies in the outro and says she was a guest on Way of the Leaf's Tavern Talk, not knowing it would be postponed. That's what she gets for recording in the future.) Links to WoT Spoilers, Tangents of Chaos: https://youtu.be/_MHRf96UAfg ; https://wotspoilers.com/wheel-of-time-spoilers-342-loc-tangents-of-chaos Please support the show! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=51381686 https://twitter.com/WarderGrey?s=09 podcastofthedragon@gmail.com https://discord.gg/syCqfgr - Podcast of the Dragon https://discord.gg/ppdHzEB - WoT Trivia and Games https://discord.gg/mK4Ukwc - WoT Fandom and Calendar

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