Will AGI incorporated machines ever become Conscious? | The SCI-AI Podcast Ep. 10 - Daniel Jue


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In this podcast, I have invited Daniel Jue, one of the youngest Entrepreneurs in the field of AGI. Daniel is an Independent Artificial General Intelligence researcher at Cognami in the US. He has worked supporting the US Department of Defense, including Data Fusion and analytic development for DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, whose mission is to prevent technological surprise by potential adversaries. In addition, he worked with scientists and engineers at IronNet Cybersecurity, a startup with DARPA and NSA heritage who have recently gone public. In March of 2021, Daniel took on full-time AGI research, drawing upon the fields of Computer Science, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Psychology. Some of his major influences have been Jacques Pitrat’s CAIA (An Artificial AI Scientist) project, Jean Piaget’s childhood development theories, and Spiking Neural Networks. He sees a generalizable substrate as the basis for AGI, where engineers design the “physics” in which intelligent behavior could emerge.
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