How A Podcast Guesting Tour Can Accelerate Your Branding - With Jason Cercone


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Jason Cercone is a creative professional, strategist, podcaster, connoisseur of steak and chicken wings, and all-around well-adjusted bon vivant making his residence in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the Founder of Cercone Consulting where he helps brands and professionals maximize the podcast platform through impactful, optimized guest marketing campaigns. He's also the host of Evolution of Brand, a podcast featuring self-defined entrepreneurs and professionals sharing inspirational stories and tactical brand-building strategies. When he isn't glued to a microphone producing words to live by, you'll find him consuming good bourbon and a Rocky Patel cigar, obsessing over his fantasy football lineups, and doing everything in his power to break 80 on the golf course.
Every one of us has a story to tell. This is the primary reason Jason has gone all in on podcasting and assists others in leveraging the podcast space for optimum brand exposure. Through podcasting, Jason has told stories, provided education, established trust and authority, generated leads, promoted products and services that led to sales, and grown audiences exponentially - all by connecting with good people and passionately telling a great story.
And speaking of stories, click here to discover Jason's professional
journey, motivations, and more.
Questions asked:

  • Why is the podcast platform such a powerful platform for brand building and engagement?
  • How can leaders and professionals successfully amplify their brand message through podcast interviews?
  • Why are download numbers a skewed vanity metric?

Guest Accelerator Experience
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