Marketing in a Digital Age with Renato Sogueco


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For your business to thrive “You’ve got to be found,” says Renato Sogueco, Vice-President of Digital Strategy and Education at BloomNet. Renato shares with us practical tips for a holistic approach to “Marketing in a Digital Age.”

“This requires your business execute a well-planned digital strategy,” Renato explains. Constant change and development in the digital space may make you feel that you’re coming into it late. But, now is a great time to catch up and move forward to the benefit of your business. “Digital strategy does include social media, but social is really a complimentary strategy - not a main strategy of digital,” Renato continues. He offers solutions that are easy even for the lesser tech-savvy. For example, he suggests that to capture the attention of today’s young consumers - video is the medium of the present and the future. Listen now for more tips on “Marketing in a Digital Age.”

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