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Cambridge scientists at work is from The Science Show on Cambridge 105 where maths, physics, chemistry and biology are put to use in ways they never told us about at school. We talk to scientists about their role, their discoveries and their motivation.
Lo Zoo di 105
Adore radio
Magic 105 Hit List
The "Magic 105 Hit List" covers the latest in Music and Entertainment News! Hosted by Gary Michaels and Isaac from Magic 105!
Conspiracy Corner
Conspiracy Corner on Alice 105.9
Yahudiyaw keli ka kurane Nankari, yahudiyaw ka Nabiyuma faka, Mussa ka kabakow inafo: Tufana dji, Tonw, Toriw, yahudiyaw ka kuna kumaw ko : Ardjina krinkrin nedo ni olu dronye, ko olu ye allah teriw ni a denw ni aknu bakaw ye, yahudiya be diyin nianamaya kanu ka teme bekan, yahudiyaw ko ko djbrila ye olu djuku ye, yahudiyaw ka lahidu Tiyin, korote kiti, Haruta ni maruta ni kisso, aw kanafo kira ma ko (R`aaina) kafiriw ni muchriku Te silamew ka Here fe.
Podcast for the channel LIVE 105 Music Video Podcast
Fun facts about intellectual toys
This is a collection of poems read by LibriVox volunteers for February 2012.
Troi Torain aka STAR is the most objective voice in media today and in 2011 he was inducted into News One's "Top 20 Best Radio personalities of all time." Respected as a radio pioneer and a relentless business man, STAR is known to push the limits of religion, philosophy and rational thinking. STAR made the national stage on MTV’s Beat Suite but it was his radio show (Star & Buc Wild) on New York's Hot 97 & Power 105 that secured his place in media history. STAR's resume also includes Atlant ...
Christian sermons that will build and grow your faith in Jesus Christ (Psalm 119:105)
Slacker & Steve
Slacker & Steve
BJ & Jamie
BJ & Jamie on Alice 105.9
Great Mate Debate
Slacker & Steve's Great Mate Debate on Alice 105.9!
Dj Cruize
Proving That Anyone Can Get Into Radio.
The BS Show
Bob Sansevere, host of "The BS Show," was on the KQ Morning Show with Tom Barnard for 27 years and hosted his own show on Sports Radio 105 the Ticket. Bob also has been a columnist with the St. Paul Pioneer Press for more than 25 years. Bob says "The BS Show" is a lot like him. And he says about himself, "I’m bright, witty, charismatic, incredibly astute and remarkably insightful, and if you’re even a fraction as impressed with me as I am with myself, you’re going to love me afternoons on Th ...
EW Morning Live
Hosts Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw present the best TV & movie related interviews from the past week on EW Morning Live (Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM, channel 105)
Slacker & Steve's Other People's Problems on Alice 105.9
Your favorite home and garden show is now on the go with the In And Around The House Podcast. Join hosts Tony Works and Ernie Brown as they discuss everything you need to know to keep your home in great shape inside and make it look beautiful outside.
Matt Cooper is the evening host at B-105 in Cincinnati, Ohio that loves to talk about beer and wrestling. Join Matt as he chats with wrestlers, promoters, and announcers about their career and how they got started. Matt will also feature a different beer from breweries across the country.
The Full Story
From a glitzy red carpet to ground zero of a disaster, journalists go where others cannot to do their work. Get the story behind the story from journalists across 105 newspapers nationwide.
Election Studio
Cambridge 105 local election interviews and coverage
Heather and Steve on Lite Rock 105
Pastor Ray Jaramillo Wednesday Teaching 1/05/2011 Jeremiah 8
Julian Clover presents interviews and features from Cambridge 105 Radio’s Drive.
NIGHTWATCH , The radio show for Things That Go Bump In The Night - and the Largest independent Paranormal Radio show in the world! Broadcast in 14 countries incuding affiliates in Europe, Australia, Japan, China and Canada! Join host Todd Sheets each week LIVE Tuesday Nights 9 PM Central with replays at 6 PM Central on Wed and 10:30 PM Central Sunday nights here at Jackalope 105. You just NEVER know what you'll find on NIGHTWATCH! Some of the guests include: Jason and Grant from TAPS (Sci-Fi ...
Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet and a Light unto my Path ~ Psalm 119:105
Welcome to the Ultimate Eurovision Experience: Radio International which is a three hour radio/web-TV show broadcast to the many Eurovision fans around the World hosted by JP and his International Team. The show airs every Wednesday from the studios of RTV Katwijk in the Netherlands starting at 2000 - 2300 hours CET and is in English. The show also airs on Malta's Galaxy 105 and Castlepoint FM in the UK on different days. For details check below.
NBA 360
A weekly show, with your hosts, Penny and Pops, that talks about everything and anything NBA. 10/5/09
Hairy & Merry is San Diego's premier pet destination. Join in the fun on our podcast where we talk about everything DOG!Visit us in person at:2400 Kettner Blvd, Studio 105San Diego, CA 92101Or on Instagram at @hairyandmerry
Hosted by Smyth Automotive’s Andrew Rosen and B-105’s Jason “Stattman” Statt, Sockets and Cylinders is all about the pride of working on your vehicle. Learn tips and tricks from experts in the automotive field, hear Stattman’s creative solutions to truck troubles, and get your parts and repair questions answered.
Headstand podcast
Headstand is a music and spoken word show broadcast on Cambridge's community radio station Cambridge 105. The show airs on 105 FM in Cambridge every other Sunday from 9-10pm and programmes are available via this podcast shortly after. Anyone interested in getting involved in the show or community radio in Cambridge is welcome to get in touch.
A study of the fundamental structure and organization of the organs and systems of the human body. Prerequisite: "C" or better in Biology 105 or equivalent. (Primarily for physical education and nursing students).
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Today's BS Show features Fox 9's Jim Rich, Vikings legend Chuck Foreman and Bob Sansevere in sort of a hybrid show that incorporates portions of both the BS Show and the JimBob Sports Jamboree, along with a 3-And-Out segment with attorney Jeff O'Brien.
Jonathan & Kitty celebrate National Hot Dog Day by getting into an argument. It's what they do.By (WMMM).
Today's BS Show features Ruth Lordan sharing psychic and visualization tips on how to succeed as well as what dreams have meaning, and attorney Jeff O'Brien offers up a sports-related 3-And-Out.
Julie Finch interviews Esther Hatfield Miller from Whoop Ass Healing about being a survivor of clergy sexual abuse and how she has gone on to help others heal after their own experiences with sexual abuse.
Today's BS Show features Bob Sansevere chatting about his trip to Wyoming with his son for the National Rodeo Finals and the calamities they have encountered, as well as a lively discussion with attorney Jeff O'Brien about President Trump's performance in Helsinki and a chat with uber-fan Dave Bialke about what the Twins should do with Brian Do ...…
Sockets & Cylinders this week we talk about the cars we saw in movies and tv that inspired all of us. StattMan from B-105 and Andrew Rosen get into the history of some of the most iconic cars of all time. We're talking, Eleanor the Mustang GT500 in "Gone In 60 Seconds" to Kitt in "Knight Rider", The cars are the real stars this week!…
THE STAR REPORT is hosted by Troi Torain aka STAR. Torain made the national stage on MTV’s "Beat Suite" but it was his radio show (Star & Buc Wild) that secured his place in media history. In 2011 STAR was also inducted into News Ones Top 20 greatest radio personalities of all time.The Star Report - ...…
Download this week's edition of Radio International Hour 1 | Hour 2 | Hour 3 | Play List Also listen to other Eurovision Shows: Forest FM Eurovision Show Case (2018-07-15) Tommy's Eurovison Show (2018-07-17) OGAE Second Chance Song Contest 2018 Amazing sunny days have passed and hopefully many more to come as Radio International is taking you r ...…
In the latest episode of the Sizzle 'N Fry podcast, hosts Brownie and Kim have a chat with Chef Amalia to discuss natural foods and special diets.
Today's BS Show features psychic Ruth Lordan answering questions from listeners, and there is a poignant segment where Chuck Foreman reflects on the impact his recently deceased mother had on his life, as well as a lively chat Chuck had with former Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
KQ Morning Show sensation Brittany Hagan is among the featured guests on today's BS Show. She has an interesting question for Bradshaw & Bryant's Mike Bryant in a lively Ask The Attorney segment. Also, author Jon Pessah, sports business expert Rick Horrow and psychic Ruth Lordan.
The Mega millions is way up for tonight’s drawing and we are all in and hoping to win.By (Alice 105.9).
World Cup is the Croatians and the French and we want Croatia to win. Jamie wanted to know if BJ has ever changed a tire. Jamie found a story that says women love watching a man change a tire and if a guy can’t change a tire it is a deal breaker.By (Alice 105.9).
The Build a bear promotion ‘Pay your age’ went bad fast and they had to shut it down across the country because of chaos. The Denver County Fair starts today too.By (Alice 105.9).
Build a Bear gone bad. - Serena Williams has qualified for Wimbledon just 10 months after giving birth – Amy Schumer says she is not pregnant – Stormy was released and all charges dropped – John Travolta is in a new movie called Gotti and they are saying it’s not worth the film its printed on, it has been removed from theaters and only made $4 ...…
Honey Smacks cereal recall. The CDC is saying do not eat any of it throw it away. Do Not Eat it! And we all do the Cart shamming at the grocery store.By (Alice 105.9).
The Build a Bear pay you age promo went bad yesterday there was so many people that showed up they had to cut it off because they were running out of bears you can get a $15 voucher if you go online at (Alice 105.9).
The Rock new movie out today - NetFlix dominates at the Emmy’s this year - Stormy Daniels was released and all charges were dropped – Tom Cruise Told George Clooney to be careful on Motorcycles - The Papa slam is when a player hits a grand slam fans get free pizza the company now suspends these promotions - Instagram pay off, Kim Kardashian mad ...…
The truth came out this week that Sean also does not pack for himselfBy (Alice 105.9).
Big vacation trip for Jamie starts today.. is she ready? Her son told her that she stresses him out.By (Alice 105.9).
Today's BS Show features movie critic Tim Lammers' review of the new Rock movie, "Skyscraper," as well as a chat with Smart Start MN's Ed Cohen and Mike Friedberg about boxing's resurgence in Minnesota being led by Caleb Truax and a breakdown of what to look for in diamonds by Timeless Diamonds owner Jenny Guan. With Katie Harms, Brent Harms an ...…
You won't believe some of the crazy terms other people use to describe hot weather. Well, other people--and Kitty.By (WMMM).
Jamie was doing a text test with BJ last night and she sent him a very important text and at the end she asked him to send the word hotdog if he read the whole text and he did not send Hotdog. Proving that BJ does not read all her texts.By (Alice 105.9).
Demi Moore was scammed for $169,000 from her bank account. It could have been a skimmer at a gas pump. BJ says he has never heard of a gas pump skimmer.By (Alice 105.9).
Stormy Daniels arrested for pushing cops face in her boobs. – The Rock will not run for president - Kylie Jenner on Forbes as youngest Billionaire - Selena Gomez posted about Justin Bieber’s new relationshipBy (Alice 105.9).
Jamie is just about over Facebook. Yesterday she posted a video wondering if it was a real video but the people turned on her and slammed her for the content of the video. Saying it was irresponsible for her to post and promote the kind of activity that is on the video and Jamie is causing children to take risks and put their lives in danger. S ...…
Kylie Jenner makes the cover of Forbes magazine she is worth $900 Million. - The Rock said he would never drop his nickname The Rock – Tom Cruise Says his costar Val Kilmer is doing good, Tom’s new Mission Impossible movie is out next week.. or today. – Papa John’s founder steps down after using the “N” word on a conference call.…
Stromy Daniels has been arrested in Ohio for forced Motorboat. The police approached her and she them grabbed the male cop’s head and forced him to motorboat her and then honked the female police officer’s boobs.By (Alice 105.9).
Jamie’s son is on the 4x4 trip and it is turning into a trip of a lifetime too. He is not only on the trip but he is going to fly home from Telluride today so he can go to Italy tomorrow.By (Alice 105.9).
Jamie has so much to do before her vacation next week. She could not sleep at all so she started making a list at about midnight and then at 3 she just took a shower and got up, she even picked up some pickle bites at 7-11.By (Alice 105.9).
In the latest episode of The Pawcast, Minnesota gubernatorial candidate and former two-term governor Tim Pawlenty has an engaging, entertaining and informative show with KQ Morning Show co-host and NBC Sports sideline reporter Michele Tafoya.
Cambridge Junction’s Total Arts group for disabled young people its hosting its first Film Festival, Big Trouble, Little Pictures on Thursday. Clare O’Hara, Development Manager of the project, spoke to Julian Clover.
The latest JimBob Sports Jamboree With Vikings Legend Chuck Foreman, Fox 9's Jim Rich and BS Show host Bob Sansevere features an interview with Twins second baseman Brian Dozier as well as Chuck reminiscing about his mom, who recently passed away, and conversations about possible Twins trades.
Featured in today's BS Show: Lively discussions with former KQ Morning Show standout Mike Gelfand, the Pioneer Press' Kevin Cusick and Bob Sansevere on Bird scooters invading Minneapolis and St. Paul, fantasy football and putt-putt golf. Also, psychic Ruth Lordan.
World Cup! Justin Timberlake is going for England to win it all!By (Alice 105.9).
A 65 year old single woman in Florida was taken for over $200K. She met a man on and he told her that he was a big rich guy from overseas and he persuaded her to give him her life savings. The email was tracked to South Africa and the authorities say she is out the money and no way to get it back. We all know someone who has been scammed.…
George Clooney was in a scooter accident yesterday in Italy and it was a pretty bad crash. A car pulls right in front of him and George slams into the front of the car at 60MPH.By (Alice 105.9).
Movie for the Trapped soccer team is in the works and Yesterday the pumps that were keeping the water out of the cave in Thailand failed and they have to leave all the left over equipment - 21 Pilots dropped 2 songs early this morning it is called Jumpsuit - The boat neck dress is the hot thing now, Meghan Markel is bringing them back – Game So ...…
21 Pilots dropped 2 songs early this morning it is called Jumpsuit - The boat neck dress is the hot thing now, Meghan Markel is bringing them back – Iggy Izalea says she knew Demi relapsed – Drake beats out the Beatles on the Billboard top 100 – A Buffalo Bills football player LaSean McCoy and his Girlfriend are fighting and she is still at his ...…
World Cup! Justin Timberlake is going for England to win it all!By (Alice 105.9).
George Clooney was in a scooter accident yesterday in Italy and it was a pretty bad crash. A car pulls right in front of him and George slams into the front of the car at 60MPH.By (Alice 105.9).
Today is Tube to work day in Boulder and this year they are making people sign a waiver to participate. Two crazy fires yesterday one at the scrap yard in Wheat Ridge and another was a hay truck caught on fire on I-25, his hay fell down onto his muffler.By (Alice 105.9).
First break Jamie’s son in on the 4wheel drive trip and has to get to Telluride by morning so he can get on a plane to come home and go to Italy. Bj never showed us pictures of his remodel and today is free Slurpee day.By (Alice 105.9).
Smyth Automotive's Andrew Rosen and StattMan from B-105 talk each week about everything from engine swaps to routine maintenance. This week Tim Brey from the Kentucky Speedway joins in to talk about the upcoming races at the speedway. The green flag will be waving soon so let's get ready to race.By
Attorney Julie Finch interviews Irmadene Hanson, an RN who is CEO and founder of Magnify Your Influence, in the latest episode of Legal Bits.
The latest BS Show features a lively chat about President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and the vitriol he faced before his name was even released, as well as a sports-themed 3-And-Out with attorney Jeff O'Brien and a conversation with author Jennifer O'Brien about losing a beloved pet and subject of her book, "Buster Brown Be ...…
All the boys and the coach have been rescued from the Thai cave this morning.By (Alice 105.9).
Free Chic Fil A day so Sean made us all cow masks to wear – Jamie had an 8 pound burrito yesterday for lunch and she ate the whole thing in shame - Jamie has the best idea, she loads up a small bowl with katsup and takes it with her to sonic so she has her own dipping sauce.By (Alice 105.9).
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