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An in-depth show about the U.S. men's national soccer team, the players who could one day make it better, and American soccer in general.
Locked Up Abroad
What does it feel like in the split second when you realize you're about to be locked up in a foreign country - possibly for life? In Locked Up Abroad, host Jim Clemente (Real Crime Profile) brings you first hand accounts from people who lived this nightmare, starting with Billy Hayes, subject of the Oliver Stone movie Midnight Express. A riveting, immersive audio adaptation of the hit TV series by the National Geographic Channel. From Istanbul to Bali to Sao Paulo, you'll hear what it's lik ...
America Abroad
America Abroad is an award-winning documentary radio program distributed by Public Radio International (PRI) and broadcast on public radio stations nationwide. Each month, we take an in-depth look at one critical issue in international affairs and U.S. foreign policy.
A Tramp Abroad is a work of non-fiction travel literature by American author Mark Twain, published in 1880. The book details a journey by the author, with his friend Harris (a character created for the book, and based on his closest friend, Joseph Twichell), through central and southern Europe. While the stated goal of the journey is to walk most of the way, the men find themselves using other forms of transport as they traverse the continent. The book is often thought to be an unofficial se ...
The Inside Study Abroad Podcast explores the world of international education and meaningful travel with fascinating guests, a little friendly debate, and whole lot of practical advice. Episodes touch on various aspects of study abroad, entrepreneurship, career growth, higher education, and travel.
The Agenda with Steve Paikin is TVO's flagship current affairs program - devoted to exploring the social, political, cultural and economic issues that are changing our world, at home and abroad. The Agenda airs weeknights at 8:00 PM EST on TVO - Canada's largest educational broadcaster.
A Greek Abroad
I am a professional tennis player from Greece traveling around the world, and experiencing different kind of adventures on my every single trip. I love photography, filmmaking, nature, meeting new people and talking about sports. All I want is to conquer my missions.
News from home and abroad from RTÉ Radio 1.
Programme examining the ideas and forces which shape public policy in Britain and abroad, presented by distinguished writers, journalists and academics
File on 4
Award-winning current affairs documentary series investigating major issues at home and abroad
The Agenda with Steve Paikin is TVO's flagship current affairs program - devoted to exploring the social, political, cultural and economic issues that are changing our world, at home and abroad. The Agenda airs weeknights at 8:00 PM EST on TVO - Canada's largest educational broadcaster.
Featuring personal business stories of entrepreneurs, from early stage start-ups, all the way to billionaire octogenarians in Malaysia and abroad, Open for Business is a valuable resource of shared experiences for the SME industry. The occasional business coach makes an appearance for a different perspective on business concerns.
This is the story of Rose Campbell, a rich but lonely and sickly girl who has been recently orphaned and sent to live with her maiden aunts. When Rose’s guardian, Uncle Alec, returns from abroad he takes over her care. Through his unorthodox theories about child-rearing and her exposure to the exploits of her seven male cousins and numerous aunts, Rose becomes happier and healthier. At the end of a year, she is given a choice of which relative she is to stay with. Whom will she choose? This ...
Black Girl Abroad
As a result of listening and subscribing to Black Girl Abroad Podcast you will gain informative and entertaining content on EVERYTHING International. Together we will explore how stepping out of my comfort zone and taking that leap of faith led me to the life I want and desire. Do you know anyone wanting to get UNCOMFORTABLE... well this is the Podcast for them. Let’s Go!
Welcome to Study Abroad Secrets! If you are studying abroad, wanting to, interested in, or just because you want to get cultured then your ears are listening to the right content! Chat with me, friends and maybe strangers about our good, bad and ugly experience abroad. Who has time to read anyways, just pop your airpods in! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Welcome to UNC Study Abroad Podcast. With 300 study abroad programs spanning 70 countries, UNC Study Abroad has a lot to offer. In this podcast we sit down with UNC students and alumni and learn how study abroad has led to personal and academic growth.Website:
Viking Age Podcast
Sharing the History of The Viking Age, one podcast at a time. We are covering the History of Scandinavia during the Viking Age. We're exploring Raiding, Trading and Settlement of Scandinavians abroad as well as the culture and society of the Norse homelands. Join us to learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about the people, for better or worse, history knows as the Vikings.
Excuse My African
"Life through the eyes of a misrepresented and misunderstood African Girl Abroad" - This is a weekly podcast hosted by Stella Damasus, an award winning Actress and Entrepreneur. Through this platform, she will share her experiences and challenges, as well as her thoughts on different topics; ranging from Politics to Religion, Sex, Business, Entertainment, Human Rights and everything about life as we know it. Become a supporter of this podcast:
This long essay is a work of mock philology, one of several appendices to Twain’s travel novel, A Tramp Abroad. In it, Twain explains, complains about, and shows how one might improve upon various aspects of the (awful) German language. His examples of precisely how the German language is awful include the famed “separable verb” – which allows one to put the first part of a given verb at the beginning – and its second part at the end – of a given clause or sentence (which may, indeed, be ver ...
Zambia BlogTalkRadio's goal is to reach Zambians in the diaspora and consolidate on individual contributions to Zambia. We hope to be a news and resource forum for Zambians living abroad.
The Expats
A podcast about living abroad, and experiencing new places through a distinctly Canadian lens.
I Studied abroad and absolutely loved it so I decided to make a podcast that helps students do the same.
Originally published in monthly installments between 1855 and 1857, the novel focuses on the various forms of imprisonment, both physical and psychological, while also concentrating on dysfunctional family ties. Accordingly, Dickens avidly criticizes the social deficiencies of the time including injustice, social hypocrisy, the austerity of the Marshalsea debtors’ prison, and bureaucratic inefficiency. The novel kicks off with the introduction of William Dorrit, the oldest prisoner in the Ma ...
Virginia Hills Church is a contemporary Bible believing church with traditional values. Our vision of Virginia Hills Church is to help you connect with God and others, grow in your faith, and serve those in your community and abroad.Subscribe to hear Pastor Eric Repleog's weekly sermons.
Revealed to be a personal favorite by Montgomery herself, The Story Girl follows the lives of a group of young children as they experience a summer of charming and realistically clumsy adventures. Published in 1911, the novel explores themes of childhood innocence and its transience, while highlighting the value of intangible things which prove to be the very essence of life. The novel begins when the young narrator Beverly King and his brother Felix are sent to stay with their Aunt Janet an ...
A tournament of roasting where the best comedians in Memphis and abroad go head to head in a battle of insults. Hosted by Memphis Comedy King Katrina Coleman.
Mercedes Hutton and Liz Weselby are two short-haired blondes, both from the back of beyond in the UK who left it all behind to start afresh abroad. FILTH is their take on life in Hong Kong.
Backbench editors and writers offer their thoughts on the most interesting political stories from the UK and abroad.
The AI in Action podcast, powered by AI Ireland, breaks down the hype and explores the impact that Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are making on our everyday lives.Our goal is to share with you the insights of technologists and data science enthusiasts to showcase the excellent work that is been done within AI in Ireland and abroad.
Umbani Productions
Sipho Hlongwane presents: 🎬Home Away Show and Siyabangena Show👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿Our website www.umbaniproductions.comWe also have My Footsteps host by Futhi. Every Saturday 8am US time and 3pm RSA time we have a Radio show called home away show. Host by Kuli Nhlapho and co hosts are Ntate Ncala, Mbali Hillary and Dj Bhushu.The Round Table show by Futhi.Bucksey.Zama.
Our planet is becoming a global village, yet enormous differences remain in culture and spiritual tradition-differences that lead to misunderstanding, hatred, and war. Exploring the unity within all cultures and faith traditions, Rev. Paul John Roach, a lifelong student and practitioner of many world spiritual teachings, guides us through the variety and differences, to the unity and common values shared by all the great religions. Come journey planet Earth's spiritual landscape with insight ...
With a life long passion for books and growing passion for New Zealand authors, programme hosts Ruth Todd and Morrin Rout utilise their wealth of radio broadcasting experience to bring you Bookenz. A weekly programme that brings you the latest on new books and their authors, from both New Zealand and abroad.Developed as a continuation from the book review segment on “Women on Air” (a programme Ruth and Morrin were involved in for an impressive 20 years!), Bookenz is bursting with book talk, ...
A Room With a View opens with Two Englishwomen touring Europe. The older one is poor, bossy, old fashioned and a great upholder of what is “proper.” The younger one is less certain of herself, but holds within her the makings of a passionate, emotional and independent woman. In Florence they are allotted a room overlooking a dull courtyard, whereas they had specifically asked for a “view.” A fellow guest offers them his own rooms which offer wonderful vistas of the Arno. The older woman inst ...
The Student Visa Podcast is for the curious and adventurous listener. It is for people who want the most out of life. Host Rob Sulaski will bring on other international students to share background information, personal stories and travel tips on a variety of experiences in and around Spain. Whether you are a student preparing for your own study abroad, a traveler looking for tips or a listener who wants to learn about an exciting new place on your daily commute, Student Visa has something f ...
In RadioRotary’s weekly 30 minute interviews, two entertaining professional radio hosts, Sarah O’Connell and Jonah Triebwasser, chat with Rotarians and non-Rotarians, people who live by Rotary’s motto, “Service above Self.” Guests are humanitarians who work on many levels in programs that address such important issues as poverty, education, health, the environment, and employment and vocations. Each interview provides timely information that focuses on improving the quality of life for every ...
The Third Culture Journey explores the elements of culture, travel, and transitioning. It picks the minds of the TCKs who are living abroad or who have readjusted to their home country. Listen in for advice from those who have been there.
1A is home to the national conversation. Joshua Johnson hosts with great guests and frames the best debate in ways to make you think, share and engage.
Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.
A regular podcast telling the story of England with warmth and wit and enthusiasm. The story of the great names and the events that made England the mosaic it is today; the daily lives of the people who made it so. We take a chronological approach, from the cataclysmic end of Roman Britain, all the way through to the present day – when we get there! Along the way we follow the major highways of history, and some of the side roads too – what it was like to live in the Middle Ages, why the dif ...
Varvet International
An idiot abroad? Well, it's a Swede abroad! From time to time, I take on a guest and talk about drive, background, politics, dreams, work (VÄRVET is Swedish for "the task"), and the future. All in all, the Swedish and the English spoken versions of VARVET have been downloaded some 70,000,000 times. I hope you'll contribute with another one. Best, Kristoffer Triumf, Stockholm, Sweden
Long-running American soccer show covering the USMNT, Premier League, Champions League, MLS, and more. If you enjoy analysis and silliness in equal measure, we're the podcast for you.
A Podcast dedicated to black expats living abroad, those who dream of living abroad and finding ways to generate income to sustain oneself and family once becoming established overseas. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Join Brian Williams as he delivers the latest pertinent updates on evolving news stories and places the major political events of the day into context for viewers.
Brew News Podcast
Welcome to the Brew News Podcast, all the news that's fit to be brewed! This is a chance to go a little bit deeper behind the brewery’s of your favorite beers and learn about new brewery’s from around the world. We will be exploring the history and beers of craft brewers, and hope to showcase the amazing talent and variety found within the craft beer community both in the US and abroad. We are a listener supported podcast and you can support us here Bec ...
You Say Toma(h)to
Each episode my co-host Jeremy and I discuss some aspect of life abroad, travel, or just some of the strange differences between the US and the UK. I also conduct interviews with folks who have traveled or lived in different countries to get their perspectives on life and the world. Finally each episode features a Word of the Month where we explore some of those little quirks of language that separate the US and UK.
The Rights To Ricky Sanchez is Spike Eskin and Mike Levin, and is (mostly) about the Sixers (76ers) and the NBA. We love basketball.
Performers Joe Canose and close friend Scotty get together once a week to discuss the finer points of nothing in particular. Inspired by their daily lives in San Francisco, this podcast covers everything from the inane to the completely inappropriate. Listening to Joe and Scotty is like that one time you got stuck in an elevator with all the interns on their first day, and there was that one with the weird thing on her face, but, like… surprisingly nice legs. But, you couldn’t even pay atten ...
Jiran 2018
Jiran (جيران) is a 5-week summer language program from July 2-August 3, 2018 that pairs intermediate and advanced Arabic students with underserved Arabic-speaking families in New Britain, Connecticut. Jiran programming in a program focused on Arabic language learning and intercultural competence development. The program allows student participants to progress in Arabic, access Arabic speakers from places they cannot study abroad (Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, etc), and experientially learn abou ...
Inside Politics
John King and his panel of well-sourced reporters bring you their latest scoops on the most important political stories of the day. A reporter with three decades of experience covering the White House, Congress and the campaign trail, King has interviewed presidents, politicians and voters. He explains what political stories matter, and why they matter to you.
Women Who Travel
Condé Nast Traveler editors Lale Arikoglu and Meredith Carey dissect the realities of traveling as a woman today, high-fiving all those shaking things up in food, hospitality, adventure, and travel journalism, and celebrating all the reasons why we refuse to stay home.
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Will the growing competition between China and the United States inevitably lead to military conflict? One leading American academic created huge attention when in 2017 he posed the idea of what he called a "Thucydides Trap". Drawing on the work of the ancient Greek historian, he warned that when a rising power (Sparta) threatens an existing po ...…
Exciting game for the USMNT this Tuesday night. We preview the opposition, so you'll know who we're facing and what their strengths and weakness are, and we also go down the rabbit hole of who Gregg Berhalter will select and in what roles, especially now he's promised "a bunch" of changes. Today's show is sponsored by SeatGeek. Download the app ...…
Twenty-two months later, Robert Mueller's special counsel probe into Russia's election interference has run its course. Attorney General William Barr spent the weekend reviewing the principal findings of the report. What does it mean that the investigation is wrapped up? And what other investigations still loom over President Trump? We bring yo ...…
Inside Politics Special Coverage of the Mueller Report Breaking news this hour: A source tells CNN that Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller gave the Attorney General a heads up -- three weeks ago -- that he would not reach a conclusion on one of the biggest questions in his investigation: Did the President obstruct justice? Plus, with Israeli ...…
The first interview I had with a student who studied abroad with Global Experiences was wildly popular. "Man, I wish I could get more interviews like that," I thought. As luck would have it, a few weeks later I ran into Melissa Buerkett at the annual IIE Summit in NYC, and we decided to get an interview on the books. Melissa's above quote is wh ...…
February edition of You Look Like a Comedy Show recorded LIVE at the world famous P&H Cafe in Memphis, TN!
In this episode, I sit down with Melanie Nogueira from London, England. Her and I discuss how to choose the study abroad program best for you. There are a few important things to consider. Your options may be limited, but it is likely that you will have to make some decisions when choosing a program. This episode will help you make those decisi ...…
Jomana Karadsheh Scott, CNN correspondent in Turkey, reports on the Irish woman she interviewed in Syria
Sinéad Hussey, North-East Correspondent, reports on the Rural Link bus service in Cavan
Brian O'Donovan, Washington Correspondent, discusses the findings of Robert Mueller that the Trump campaign did not conspire with Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential Election
Catherine Murphy, co-leader, Social Democrats, discusses the upcoming appearance before the Oireachtas Sports Committee of former chief executive of the FAI, John Delaney
George Parker, Political Editor of the Financial Times, says Theresa May faces a very tricky week as the British Parliament tries to take control of Brexit
Tommy Meskill reports on Féileacáin, a charity set up by bereaved parents to offer support to families who suffer pregnancy loss and perinatal death
Live news, sports, weather and traffic, presented by Audrey Carville and Bryan Dobson
Bob Schmuhl, Emeritus Professor of American Studies at the University of Notre Dame, discusses the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller into President Donald Trump
Fran Rooney, Barrister and former Chief Executive of the FAI, says John Delaney should resign and questions why the FAI pay Delaney's rent
Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, discusses the latest Brexit developments
We can’t muster up the energy to be angry about the loss to the Hawks, so we talk about the Boban three pointer, and the reasons why they were destined to lose it. We pivot quickly into some of Mike’s NBA related takes from the NCAA Tournament so far, a Jigsaw bracket, what would happen if Jimmy Butler’s name was Jiminy, and some proposed Zion ...…
March 24, 2019: Carl Bernstein, Matt Rosenberg, Olivia Nuzzi, Oliver Darcy, Philip Bump, Jess McIntosh, Alexandra Rojas, Norm Pearlstine and Sukey Lewis join Brian Stelter. via Knit
Fresh off their Irish adventure, Travis and Andrew are back with one of their favorite West Coast breweries, Stone Brewing. They talk beer, brewing, and distribution and how Stone has carved a unique niche in craft beer while still being one of the largest US craft breweries. For their tasting notes and photos please visit , ...…
The Mueller report is finished and filed. All eyes in Washington are on the Justice Department, awaiting the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russia's attack on the 2016 election. We know the special counsel plans no new indictments, but not much more about his findings. Attorney General William Barr is expected to delive ...…
A toxic workplace can be defined as any job where the work, the atmosphere, the people, or any combination of those things seriously affect your peace of mind, your self-esteem, your mental and physical health, and even your relationships. Sheila Singam, Human Equation founder, is back on the last Monday of the month to discuss toxic environmen ...…
Finally, we cover the topic at the heart of FILTH. Liz and Mercedes chat about the surreal hierarchy of status in Hong Kong and question the difference between immigrant and expat.
· If not us, who will help? · What is it like to be in the situation unfolding in our three neighboring counties? · How prepared is Zambia on the personal and government level for a natural disaster like cyclone Idai. ? · South has stepped in a big way, Zambia should. · Second hand clothing will go a long way.…
Zambia Blog Talk Radio celebrates 10 years of being on the air. In addition to current affairs, we will look at some of the memories of the past 1o years and what to expect for the celebration
As Brexit consumes all political and media attention, important domestic issues are being overlooked. One of these topics is Prison reform. To find out more, Natasha Livingstone spoke to Graham Atkins, a researcher at the Institute for Government.
Robert Mueller has given his report to Attorney General William Barr leaving a lot of mystery for now about what his Trump-Russia investigation uncovered. What does it mean for the president? And the other congressional investigations? We talk to Neal Katyal, Nicolle Wallace, Learn more about your ad choices. Visit…
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