Best Alexa Skills podcasts we could find (Updated August 2019)
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These short top tips and skills for the Amazon Echo are for everyone who’s simply dotty about Alexa.
Alexa in Canada
Teri Fisher, from the Alexa in Canada Blog and VoiceFirst network, reveals all of his top Amazon Alexa skills, strategies, news, power tips and tricks for Canadians. Discover how you can get the most out of Alexa’s voice first service so you can have the time and freedom to make your life more organized, relaxed, stress-free, entertaining, and fun! Although Teri confesses he does not have a complete Smart home, he uses Alexa to help him be more efficient in his daily life. Amazon Echo device ...
Voice in Canada
In this Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing, Teri Fisher from the Alexa in Canada Podcast and Blog, reveals all of his top Alexa and Echo tips, tricks, skills, reviews, news, and deals. Discover how you can get the most out of Alexa’s voice-first service so you can have the time and freedom to make your life more organized, relaxed, stress-free, entertaining, and fun! We cover everything from Amazon Echo devices, smart home automation, and flash briefings, to voice recognition, natural language proc ...
The Compound Show
Listen in on real phone calls behind the scenes of Ritholtz Wealth Management. Featuring Josh Brown, Michael Batnick, Blair duQuesnay, Ben Carlson, and the team behind The Compound on YouTube. You can hear episodes with our Alexa Skill, (just search for "The Compound" on Amazon or the Alexa app). 1-click open in your native podcast app. Enjoy this show? Please rate and review on Amazon and Apple Podcasts.
Are you ready to VOICE your brand? The best news from experts to help you engage your audience with Voice Assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana.
This Podcast provides up to date information pertaining to everything Alexa. Also included is reviews of Skills, devices, and developer tips.
The Voicebot Podcast is about the intersection of voice and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It is a weekly look at trends, founders and newsmakers and supplements the daily research, analysis and news found at
Alexa Dev Chat
Dave Isbitski discusses various aspects of Alexa (Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service), natural language understanding, voice recognition, and how developers like you are building innovative solutions. The podcasts include Alexa news, developer tips, and interviews with Alexa developers and Alexa employees.
VUX World
Learn how to implement voice first strategy and create world-class voice experiences with VUX World. Every week, we speak to industry thought leaders and practitioners on the three core pillars of voice: strategy, design and development. We share the deep details of how they do what they do, so that you can do what you do, better.
Paul Hickey is a business leader, digital strategist and web developer who is starting to get loud while documenting the journey of helping businesses grow. We talk Alexa Skills, Google Actions, Google Analytics, Social Media Content Creation, Facebook Ads, SEO, Paid Search, Web Design and more, as well as the occasional interview with business owners, marketers, educators, entrepreneurs and just overall badasses. Thanks for listening! Support this podcast:
Little Da Vincis
Science and technology made easy for 1st to 6th graders. This Alexa skill might make your kiddies into little Da Vincis! Hosted by Christian Amyx. FEEDBACK I hope you'll love Little Da Vincis and give it a 5-star rating. If you have questions, contact me at Visit
Insights on the latest in marketing and voice technology. Listen to grow your brand or your brain. Answering to no one, always raw. Start the clock on your beetle moment... now!
Level Break
Level Break is for gamers and gadget geeks. Hosted by Todd Harris, the show brings you trending topics around video games, PC gaming hardware, VR/AR, and more!Feedback, comments, business inquiries: levelbreakshow@gmail.comTwitter: available as an Alexa Skill! Just search "Level Break" in the Amazon Skills store or in the Alexa app.
Short insights and tips about the latest in voice marketing, business, and career. ALEXA FLASH BRIEFING: Subscribe free. Click "Enable" here: 1-click listen in your native podcast app Listen to grow your brand or your brain. Answering to no one, always raw. Start the clock on your beetle moment... Now! With Emily Binder, Chief Strategist at Beetle Moment Marketing. Visit to read the blog or find out how to consult with Emily. Comments, thoughts, questions? ...
TK Talks Daily
Every day, I share a thought to help you start your day with a fresh perspective, and positive outlook on life. It's that simple really. I just love having the chance to share my story with the world, and help you appreciate your own. I believe that sharing my life story with the world, and the lessons I have learned from these experiences, can help someone out there. That's why I do what I do. Sometimes it's a random anecdote, sometimes it's a new idea, and sometimes it's just a good old fa ...
What's Updated
A daily briefing (M-F) about what's new in your favorite mobile apps. Ask Alexa to enable the What's Updated skill. Become a supporter of this podcast:
I’m just taking notes as I go through life. I’m sharing my ideas for success, thoughts on self improvement, rants on hip-hop and podcasting and being a father on my way to and from things because the car is an amazing sound studio. About me:I’m a father of four, complete hiphop head, veteran software developer, podcast entrepreneur, and voice technology enthusiast. Co-creator of the Live From the Basement Podcast (one of the longest running hip hop podcasts), avid Amazon Alexa skill enthusia ...
I love real estate! As a full time Realtor I love the marketing, branding, PR and all things related to it! The Real Estate Influencer Buzz is my way of having coffee and conversations with influencers I highly respect in and out of real estate with my gal pal point of view. I hope my episodes will resonate and help you grow as a Realtor, entrepreneur and/or a side hustle boss. If we haven't met I'm Michele Bellisari...Michele Bee and this is my show baby! A midlife mama, wife, Realtor, dog ...
Diving into the lives of "everyday" people and their real life experiences. Learn from their challenges, goals, failures, ability to overcome obstacles and how they grind through life and carve their own path. This podcast is not all about martial arts, even though we will speak with many Black Belts, it is however designed use the martial arts journey as a parallel comparison with life’s journey. Black Belts don’t know everything. They still have to fail, learn, grow and constantly set new ...
Follow the journey of using the Amazon Echo and get power tips and get more out of your Amazon Echo
The place where we talk about bots, artificial intelligence, smart automation and Messenger Marketing
This is Armando's more laidback way to share as much info as he can. Subscribe for thoughts on biking topics, ideas or just random rants.
Alexa Skill Flash Briefing
VoiceMarketing is a podcast covering the latest tactics and trends in the marketing of voice apps and audio products.
It's all about sharing and discussing great business ideas. Get inspired and finally get your company off the ground. You can join the podcast and share your idea! Send your texts or audio file to idea at and be part of this show.
VoiceFirst Weekly
The ultimate resource for your news in voice ecosystem
Essex Ham promotes the hobby of amateur radio in Essex. Our team is often out and about in England looking at the various different aspects of the ham radio hobby, and we release occasional video and audio recordings featuring some of the things that we have discovered in our travels. The audio and video that we release are not podcasts in the traditional sense, but this feed is here for those looking to get our latest content automatically. Follow our media feed to get latest updates from t ...
Design Blind Date
On Design Blind Date Ran Segall is chatting with successful, inspiring, smart designers around the world, trying to learn how the best designers think and work. These fun casual friendly conversation will give you an insight into how to build a career and business as a designer and bring value to your clients.
Hiring On All Cylinders is having the important conversations about Recruitment, joined each week by the professionals who are on the front lines filling their organizations with top talent.
What's New
Podcast Daily Log to document Technology and Economics daily, including Artificial intelligence, machine learning and everything that related
Making the Lives of Lawyers a Whole Lot Easier
Thinking Out Loud
Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and Podcasting Strategist Paul Colligan leverages the Podcast to have the very conversation we need to be having. It's almost a partner to Paul's "The Podcast Industry Report" Podcast, but it's also a stand-alone look at what's really important - and a chance to explore issues he can't cover over there.
AS FlashBriefing
These are my Alexa Skill flash briefings. Can be triggered by "dude speak".
Design for Voice
Learn how to build quality voice experiences from industry leaders and pioneers with Design for Voice. The goal is to help designers, developers, and strategists with understanding what makes for good design practices and how to bring them to life. The show is hosted by Jeremy Wilken and includes guests from Google, Mule Design, VoiceFlow, Invoked Apps, Grand Studio and more. Support this podcast:
Tech Brainstorm
A discussion about technology, brainstorming about what's next. Hosted by Ben Rusczek and Ryan Gray
Tips and how to info on doing things Support this podcast:
Roberto Ordaz
Welcome to the Roberto Ordaz podcast, where amazing things happen.
RoboTalk: Fresh It Up
Do you know why cats always bring dead animals to your doorstep, or why the scratching sound cause you goosebumps? Have you heard that Russia is holding a real Hunger Games, and UK scientists brought a pancake into the universe? With RoboTalk, no anecdote can escape your ears! Listen to daily updated stories and discover a world you never heard of. All stories from this podcast are selected from the Internet and transformed from text to audio either by Amazon’s Polly service or Microsoft’s c ...
Self awareness. The key to success! Let's chat about getting there and living in your truth. I'm on the path.
The Voice Originals podcast takes a look behind the scenes at what goes into making the world's first series of voice connected games: board games that you play with your smart speaker! The show investigates each aspects of the design process: from recording locals in different cities, to developing the infrastructure to host an Alexa game, to what makes a voice connected board game fun? Each week we have different voices from the team in for a chat, including artists, designers, programmers ...
BBcom 365
Welcome to the BBcom 365! Everyday we will have something. To update you and inform you on about health, fitness, or supplements!
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Alexa Skills and Google Actions are voice applications built on top of Alexa and Google Home / Google Assistant. The next generation will expect businesses to have Alexa Skills. Watch this video or keep reading to find out why. You can build these apps for just about anything. For example, in this video, I demo what would happen if I forgot my ...…
Hear the full episode about NLP with Corina Frankie here. Are you asking questions the wrong way? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) improves marketing, sales, & voice app design. NEW: my chat w/@CorinaFrankie CEO & Founder @BrandBesties and Certified NLP Practitioner. #voicefirst
I spoke with Austin-based professional voice actor Melanie Scroggins, Owner of Melanie Scroggins Voiceover. Melanie found me based on my tweets about junk skills (Alexa skills with no content that are squatting on search terms). Her story resonated with me because it opens the door to a larger conversation about how we value and pay talent. For ...……
in this episode, I play around of the school called monster Hunter. Also, this can be heard on Podcoin as well.--- Send in a voice message: this podcast:
Man there's a lot of wake-words to bleep out in today's episode! Speaking of bleeping - if you ever want to delete something you've said to the A-lady, you can say “Alexa, delete what I just said" or "Alexa, delete everything I said today”. More info in Amazon's new Alexa Privacy Hub at…
If you're anything like me, you sometimes compulsively add things to your life without any though of how it may weigh you down.
Some unpopular opinions for mountain biking I got from a set of mtb related subreddits. ¡LET’S CONNECT! ------------------------------------------ Instagram: @parallax_mtb Facebook: Parallax MTB Website: Email:
Want to know if it's a good time to indulge in your emotions, make a decision or lift a heavy object? Well, if so then we've got just the skill for you! Account linking is required, but I can't quite see why. My intellectual wossname must be even lower than usual today.By Robin Christopherson.
This week's interviews are all about the intersection of podcasts (the content) and voice assistants (the channel). Interviews were conducted onsite at the Podcast Movement conference. Guests include Zack Reneau-Wedeen of Google followed by Tom Webster from Edison Research, Suzy Schulz of Westwood One, Will Mayo of Spoken Layer and Steve Goldst ...…
According to the skill description: Play an interactive experience based on the legendary videogame Polybius - an immersive audio experience, or fully interactive film for those with an Echo Show or Spot !It is based on a fictitious arcade game, that supposedly first emerged in early 1981. The original game was allegedly part of a government-ru ...…
40% of consumers will shop with the help of smart speakers 3 years from now. - 2018 stat via VoxxUp We can't predict accurately when the growth curve approaches Singularity-like speed Voice shopping will move faster than you think. Winter of voice coming? That inaccurate and widely used "50% of searches will be done by voice in 2020." - Comscor ...…
In this episode, I talk about some annoyances in the developer console. Are you a business trying to break into the world of voice? VSI might have your answer, contact Jody at You can call or text us a message at 360-830-6662 for questions, comments, skill review requests, and concerns about the show. Also, you can cont ...…
Seems like a weird concept, right? But honestly, the data says that we’re only about 1-2 years away from people expecting to be able to listen to content from websites on Alexa while driving. This means, Alexa Skills Are The New Websites. Today, Data Driven Design is building Voice Based versions of content on websites, using Voice User Interfa ...…
A new contributor today; Wes Ferrell (@WesLF on the Twitters) brings us the frankly seismic news that you can change how fast the A-lady speaks. Speaks American, to Americans, in America, that is (*sigh* Whisper mode anyone?)By Robin Christopherson.
The title slide is wrong on this video folks, it is Data Driven Daily Tip #324, and we're talking Facebook Offline Events with Casey Carroll of Action Ad Agency. In addition to the alliteration in our company name, Casey and I have a lot in common. As you can see from the Steve Largent jersey hanging in the background, he is also an NFL fan (Se ...…
Today's skill won't be everyone's cup of tea but, if you have small kids (or are a big kid yourself), then this one might be right up your street. Think candyfloss for your ears.By Robin Christopherson.
HoverboardBy Christian Amyx.
“I have something to admit – I enjoy receiving a paycheck twice every month. Some people are willing to give up the sure thing to pursue a passion project, launch their own business, or take a year off to travel the world. While I’m envious of those with such conviction, I just can’t pull the trigger.” Kevin (@ferventfinance) blogs at Fervent F ...…
What is a Google Action? A Google Action is a way to make Google Assistant smarter. It's something you can search and add to your Google Assistant App, Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Hub and more. As a user, you can just ask Google for information, similar to the way you can ask Amazon's Alexa via Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and any other ...…
Forget the game and just enjoy the banter. This skill's cute and clever. Actually, the game might be great too - I didn't even get as far as defeating a Dustling so I can't really comment…By Robin Christopherson.
In this episode, Teri welcomes Sarah Andrew Wilson, the Chief Content Officer at, a company that is producing some of the most engaging Alexa skills. Welcome, Sarah! Sarah was an educator and musician for 23 years before she joined Matchbox 2 years ago to oversee all of the content for their voice applications. Matchbox develops som ...…
Hear the full episode about NLP with Corina Frankie here. Are you asking questions the wrong way? Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) improves marketing, sales, & voice app design. NEW: my chat w/@CorinaFrankie CEO & Founder @BrandBesties and Certified NLP Practitioner. #voicefirst
Marki and I connected through Instagram and Facebook...shocker right! Have a listen to this great episode where she and I discuss strategies on Facebook and Instagram and how you can successfully brand yourself on social media! PS...I sat in on her sesh at Inman Connect Las Vegas 2019 and it was fabulous so if you have the opportunity to see he ...…
From the makers of the TV Guide skill and opened with 'Pop Time', this skill's all about TV trivia (of which I know next to nothing) and is a real doozy.By Robin Christopherson.
Twitter has mobile in its DNA. That's why it's successful. Voice will take that single screen and put it in the air - everywhere. Click here to enable this Flash Briefing on Alexa, then say "Alexa, news."
Guest: Corina Frankie, CEO & Founder of Brand Besties, Certified NLP Practitioner Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Voice Marketing, Communication, and Language Click here to play this podcast in your favorite app Show notes: 02:25 “NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is collection of practical techniques, skills, and strategies that lead to exce ...…
Interview with Kyle IsaacsonBy Christian Amyx.
David Isbitski joined the Alexa team in early 2015, shortly after the Amazon Echo launched and before Alexa Skills Kit or the skill store. When he started, it was all about developer office hours, slack groups, and meetups. Today, it is more often about conference keynotes and boardrooms. Bret Kinsella interviewed Dave at the Voice 19 Conferenc ...…
With snazzy sound effects and great gameplay, this cool category game will give you hours of fun. Well, minutes anyway - as that's how long you've got to find six (or two if the Gremlins have got into your Echo too) items beginning with the same letter.By Robin Christopherson.
Opened with "Recall Training," this skill will keep your brain agile, your tongue supple and your ears completely devoid of sound-effects.By Robin Christopherson.
Nice. Hope your A-lady can sing this sweet summer song too.By Robin Christopherson.
Offering a suite of rooms infact, this great escape the room skill has three separate scenarios to solve. The one we dip into here involves materialising mere metres away from a slathering lion in his cage and nothing to protect us except our wits. We're doomed.By Robin Christopherson.
Make your voice app / action/ skill play well with your other content. Click here to enable this Flash Briefing on Alexa, then say "Alexa, news."
Covered over 600 episodes ago, this skill definitely needs revisiting as it's really clever and lots of fun. So what is the colour of Wilma Flintstone's hair?By Robin Christopherson.
All the top apps and sites (Google, Twitter, Facebook) do one simple thing really well. Which isn't easy. But you should try it. Click here to enable this Flash Briefing on Alexa, then say "Alexa, news."
In this episode, I talk about some well needed and well deserved upgrades to the developer console. Also are you a business trying to break into the world of voice? If so VSI might have your answer, contact Jody at You can call or text us a message at 360-830-6662 for questions, comments, skill requests, and concerns ab ...…
Covered over 500 episodes ago, the Word of the Day Quiz needed a revisit as it's soooooo cool! It's sunglasses cool. It's flared trousers cool. It's groovy, man!By Robin Christopherson.
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