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Jeffrey is back but nothing has changed really. Evan is concerned about the effect of cooler water temperatures. Paddy was watching a different Forest game than the rest of us. James is a pedant about Scottish pronunciations.
Evan is back with the same beer. Paddy loves a defensive header. James can do it on a cold Thursday night in Stoke. And hey, there's Luke.Plus Rob Staton talks about his time on Radio Sheffield.UPDATE: Apologies for poor sound quality during Rob's interview, we had some recording issues, which we have tried to clean up. Stick with it, it does c ...…
Evan is no longer allowed to drink fireball before podcasting. James is not longer allowed to let Evan tell Mighty Ducks stories. We have no beef with Paddy this week.
Jeffrey may have already have a few. Paddy is at the pool bar. Evan is at a tractor playground. Luke is just here for chaos.
Jeffrey needs a vacation from his vacation. Paddy will not tolerate any beach towel slander. Evan has some certainly not slanderous words about the Columbus Crew owner.
Jeff is gone.Evan is hosting (sorry).Mike Lahrun from Portland joins Evan, Paddy, and Luke to discuss Wigan, fan forums, Hull City squirrels, and more.
Jeffrey confuses Derby with Fulham but no one notices. James is on mute and we all notice. Evan is excited about Liam Palmer. Luke is anti-gambling. Paddy drops in to moan about the kit.
James, James, and Peter have another update on the Wednesday financial situation as we approach the 2018-2019 season.
Jeffrey marvels at Tom Lees' abs. James is feeling patriotic for two countries and nostalgic for one Wednesday shirt. Evan does not need James O'Connor's phone number, he already has it thank you very much.
It's beach weather across the United States, but it's always beach weather in SoCal. Anyway, seem like a good time to take a look back at our interview with our San Diego Owl.
Jeffrey stores his vermouth properly. Evan wants a proper score bug. Paddy cherishes the friends we made along the way.
Jeffrey forgot about Kamil Zayatte. Luke forgot to get a drink. Mike wants to forget about a 4:30 AM kickoff. And...uh...wait...where the heck is everyone else?
Jeffrey doesn't know what year it is. Evan doesn't know how to pronounce Reading. Paddy is trying to influence the electorate. James is obsessed with The Lightning Seeds.
The intro song from EP27, written and performed by Evan Skilliter. Original music by Ray Stevens. An homage to the most entertaining thing to happen at the KCOM stadium all season.
Jeffrey would rather talk about Korean baseball. Evan would like to tell you an inspirational story (and also pay for his tattoo). Paddy is still counting carbs. James is still in a cupboard. Luke has an issue with squirrels.
Evan is on his own. Paddy is watching his carbs. James doesn't know what has happened in the last 12 months. Paul reviews goalkeeper fashion. Luke pets someone else's cat.
Jeffrey is a disciple of the Church of Nuhiu. James is a disciple of the Church of Nuhiu. Paddy is a disciple of the Church of Nuhiu. Luke is here very briefly.
Jeffrey is the only one with a good beer. Paddy needs to check sell-by dates. James has seen the light. Evan is on Madagascar's wikipedia page. Paul is on the can. Luke is on mute.And Leeds, Leeds are falling apart...again.
Jeffrey has important sexual health info. James has important kit info. Paddy has important Bradley Wright-Phillips info. Luke has important fixture info.
Jeffrey is not talking about the last two games. Paddy is not talking about the last two games. Evan is not talking about the last two games. James is not talking about the last two games. Paul is not allowed to write the agenda again.
It's another crossover pod with The Wednesday Week, as James, James, and Peter take a second look at the Owls FFP situation after the most recent financial releases.
Jeffrey only watches Monty Python. Evan doesn't know what a philtrum is. Luke believes in American soccer. James is using his children for monetary gain. Paul salutes those we have lost.
Jeffrey is back from bowling. James is down on Jos. Luke doesn't have an underscore. Paul made two shows in a row.And Paddy is off traumatizing Americans with bad Wednesday games.
Evan has a new outro. James has a new last name. Luke has two last names. Paddy is the swinging king of social. Paul is still talking. Jeffrey is never allowed to take a week off for bowling again.
Jeffrey has some defensive pointers for your children. Evan and James re-enact the War of 1812. Paddy is keeping close watch on Harry Redknapp. And none of us remember the Derby game.
Jeffrey remembers to introduce Luke. Evan can't say anything nice about Morgan Fox. Paddy offers an ornithology lesson. Luke remembers nothing about Birmingham.We are also joined by Rob O'Neill who shares stories from his years doing play-by-play of Wednesday games.
Jeffrey has a lot of editing to do. Evan is starstruck. Paddy is only on one segment. James is doing double duty. Paul is boycotting because Reading. Oh, Luke is on the show now.And we have a nice chat with James O'Connor.
James of Manhattan and James of Sheffield are joined by Peter Lohmann to discuss the current state of Wednesday's finances.
Jeffrey is not editing this voicemail. Evan should not be multi-windowing on his phone. Paddy is interested in waxing. James is drinking (responsibly) at Disney.
Jeffrey is intrigued by this Scotch corner you speak of. Evan overslept. James is back from the airport...finally. Paddy watched the Carlisle highlights. Paul is sh***ing glitter. And Oklahoma City Energy FC coach Steve Cooke joins us to talk about his time at Wednesday and coaching in America.
Jeffrey lost track of the score. James is up past his bedtime. Paddy has missed a lot. Paul is playing the bass.
Jeffrey can't pronounce Shakhtar Donetsk. Evan can't pronounce Shakhtar Donetsk. Paul is considering changing his name to Paulo.
Jeffrey is trying to transition to the next segment. Evan can prepare a full breakfast spread. Paul has a large head. James has a chat with James.
Jeffrey has no idea what the Carlisle United kit looks like. Evan thinks every bar should have fireball. Paddy is a gnome, James is well acculturated. Paul has irreconcilable differences,
Jeffrey offers some Atdhecation. Luke is a substitute American. Paddy has an army of children? James gets chastised by James. Paul will defend your ducklings.
Jeffrey is not wasting seven more minutes of his life. Evan is totally sick, you guys. Paddy has found a new striker to capture his heart. James is bang average. Paul is not helping familial relations.
Jeffrey has a terrible secret. Evan has a lot of bourbon. James has an apology.
Jeffrey is a fit model. Evan is still flying obnoxiously high. Paddy needs a new shirt. James can't get out of his shirt, please send help. Paul is warming up the band.
Jeffrey should probably stay away from whiskey-barrel-aged beer, Evan has a praise for Liam Palmer, Paddy might be still at the bar, James ran more than Barry Bannan, Paul wants you to know that he has big hands.
Jeffrey is not up on his West Midlands cultural history. Evan is not going to be invited over for tea. Paddy is still excited about Jordan Rhodes, James may be trying to poison a co-host, and Paul is not a happy clapper (is sort of a happy clapper).
Jeffrey can't enjoy his morning coffee, Evan did not thoroughly research the USL playoffs, James is definitely getting a nasty phone call from the UK Tourism board, Paddy is feeling entrepreneurial. and Paul is on the beach.
Jeffrey has a tight two minutes for the Comedy Store. Evan wants to #savethecrew. James is not getting a second interview for Derby County public relations. Paddy has a heightened sense of smell. Paul is a happy clapper.
It's a dodgy first attempt at a podcast. Paddy tries to get us all sued. James knows his American history. Evan is about to have a rough evening. And Jeffrey has never gotten drunk in Epcot he swears.
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