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Antarctica (HD)
Join the journey to one of the most remote and hostile corners of our planet... Antarctica. An Eath Touch crew sets out on a mission to film the iconic animals that have learned to survive on the planet's driest, windiest and coldest continent. But before they can put their camera's to work, the crew must cross the world's roughest ocean, dodge an iceberg or two and try not to succumb to the cold.
Short video portraits of some of the women scientists, artists, teachers, technicians and support personnel working in Antarctica. For more information about this project and the work of the women featured in these short video portraits please visit our website,
Station Blue
Desperate to find meaning in his life, troubled Matthew Leads takes a job as the caretaker of an Antarctic Research Facility. An atmospheric isolation horror following his struggles with mental illness, a broken heart and the suffocating presence of Station Blue.
Station Blue
Desperate to find meaning in his life, troubled Matthew Leads takes a job as the caretaker of an Antarctic Research Facility. An atmospheric isolation horror following his struggles with mental illness, a broken heart and the suffocating presence of Station Blue.
Meet the Ocean
Meet the Ocean is a nonprofit podcast actively educating the public with storytelling, science communication, and nature encounters from the far corners of our planet. We empower research and conservation efforts, while employing global outreach strategies that prioritize healthy saltwater ecosystems. The show is hosted by polar expedition diver Paul North, and backed by a team of marine educators and creative minds.
Chimu Podcast
Learn about travel to Latin America and Antarctica.
This is Our Time
This is a serialized storytelling podcast about women confronting, accepting, or challenging the choices they've made in their lives. It's time to talk. Season 1 topic: Women in Leadership....Are you ready for a virtual journey to Antarctica? Join the largest-ever all-female scientist expedition to Antarctica aboard Homeward Bound. Their mission: to raise awareness about women in leadership, women in STEM and climate change. The discussion? Detailed, and compelling. Hosted and produced by Sa ...
Video podcasts about Antarctica Weddell seals, and the work of the ecologists based at Montana State University who study these magnificent animals. This is one of the longest running population studies ever of a long-lived mammal, and involves the southernmost mammal on our planet. More information on this Weddell seal research work available at
Second Decade
This is a historical show examining the momentous events and interesting people of the second decade of the 19th century, the 1810s. From Jefferson to Napoleon, from Iceland to Antarctica, historian Sean Munger will give you a tour of the decade's most fascinating highlights.
The most interesting people you come across in life are never the ones who are on TV or mainstream media. You meet them through a friend of a friend or get talking to them in a pub. They are out there in the world doing cool things like measuring space weather in Antarctica, or driving from London to Sydney on a motorbike. I want to spend some time with these people and find out what makes them tick. I think every different perspective helps as you try to make sense of life and that talking ...
A night of storytelling for the New York City life. Hosted by Matt Dellapina and including a range of musical, comedic, and visual guest artists, the evening aims to replenish the intricate charms and mysteries that first brought you to this island off the edge of America. Brought to you by SLANT Theatre Project.
I have spent a lifetime in search of places that provide exciting, inspiring and meaningful travel. I know firsthand how important it is to safeguard their future. When we travel we have an opportunity to make a difference which is either positive or negative. I have always felt that we and our travelers are in the former category. We have made a positive difference in many areas and, frankly, that is largely due to our guests embracing the mission aspect of their travels, to be inspired, to ...
Jumpstart your life in 2008 with these LIVE interviews with leading experts who will share their stories, and their powerful tools, tips and resources to perform better, stay healthy and make a difference in your life and in the world around you!
See with your ears. The Lapse’s award-winning audio wonderment thrusts listeners headlong into true stories as they transpire. Whether trapped in a touring carnival, running a marathon across Antarctica, or accidentally joining a cult, experience stories as diverse as they are fascinating. Beautifully edited and rich in sound, this is The Lapse.
Travel tips and insights from Intrepid Travel.
3D underwater short videos of the ocean world! These 3D videos are in side-by-side stereoscopic format, and are viewable on 3D TVs, via AppleTV, on 3D capable mobile devices, and using stereoscopic viewers for side-by-side 3D viewing. Most current viewing methods will require 3D glasses. Although, many glasses-free (auto-stereoscopic) methods of 3D viewing are becoming more and more common. We hope you enjoy the new 3D underwater videos!
Hypno Pimp-Daddy F*cks Various Girls Over The Phone With Hypnotic Trigger Words . . . The numbers don't lie! People ARE listening to this PodCast A LOT! Now being heard in over 150 countries, and on 6 of the 7 continents. If you know anyone in Antarctica please tell them so it will be all 7 continents! Thanks for listening!Feed Shark
Artist Joseph Michael and his team record the characters and sounds of icebergs in Antarctica. Winner of Best Creative Feature at 2018 NZ Radio Awards
Barrett's Project Discovery & Project Interaction teachers, & ELL, Reading, & Classroom Teachers were awarded a $10,000 Toyota TAPESTRY Science grant. The 2006-07 grant supported student participation in lessons that incorporate the Jason Project, NASA Explorer School experiences, Virginia Science and culminated with the creation of video podcasts by fourth graders. Recently science podcasts created by 2nd grade students have been added to this blog.
HuffPost Humans
What’s it like living without fear? Do you remember what it’s like being 14? What’s it like living in enclosed quarters in Antarctica? We went there to find out. Welcome to HuffPost Humans -- a weekly podcast about everyday people in extraordinary situations, brought to you by the staff at The Huffington Post Australia.
"Through ageless eons, the Dreamer sleeps In lost R'lyeh, where Shoggoths creep Where every moment they serve in dread Of what dreams convulse the sleeping head. . ." Research scientists in Antarctica find no evidence of global warming. Instead, they discover a truth truly terrifying. Frozen secrets. An ancient evil. A new religion. A clash of skeptics and believers.
Polar Geopolitics
A podcast on the Arctic and Antarctica
A wonderful coming together of two writers who wrote their books more than half a century apart. Neither of them had ever visited the remote islands they were writing about yet they provided inspiration for a couple of exciting adventure tales. In 1838, Edgar Allan Poe published The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket. It was the only complete novel published by the American author. It was the story of a young boy who stows away on board a whaling ship and it goes on to relate the ev ...
The Big Idea
Our presenters Douglas Kerr, Vanessa Collingridge and guests explore the history, meaning and significance of ideas in contemporary society. ********************************************************************************* The whole series of the Big idea is available in our podcast station Podcast: Weekly update and available after its broadcast. ********************************************************************************* Douglas Kerr Douglas Kerr is Professor in the School of English ...
The expedition was given the grand title of The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Due to be launched in 1914, two ships were to be employed. The first, the lead vessel, fittingly named the Endurance was to transport the team to the Weddell Sea from where the great explorer Ernest Shackleton and five others would cross the icy wastes of Antarctica on foot. The second ship, the Aurora was to approach the continent from the other side and put down supplies at various points to help the explo ...
This podcast was born out of my dissatisfaction with what we know in the developed world as "normal life". So I got a job in Antarctica and never looked back! I have since been all over the globe. This podcast is a platform for people living unconventionally to share their stories.
With over 10 years of investing in the stock market, a bachelor’s degree in Finance, I realized that I'm sitting on a treasure trove of vital information. This podcast will center around fundamentally changing how you view your personal finances and give you the tools to be make your dreams a reality. I have become wealthy following my formula and I want to share it with each and every one of you. My passion is also traveling. I have been to 20+ destinations across the word spanning all cont ...
Having, on his first voyage, discovered Australia, Cook still had to contend with those who maintained that the Terra Australians Incognita (the unknown Southern Continent) was a reality. To finally settle the issue, the British Admiralty sent Cook out again into the vast Southern Ocean with two sailing ships totalling only about 800 tons. Listen as Cook, equipped with one of the first chronometers, pushes his small vessel not merely into the Roaring Forties or the Furious Fifties but become ...
SBG Podcast
Welcome to the Straight Blast Gym Podcast. SBG is a world wide organization of BJJ ( Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ), MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts ),/ Functional Martial arts, organization that was founded by Matt Thornton in 1992. Stay tuned in to the SBG Podcast for breaking news, concepts, interviews, and more covering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu BJJ, and MMA! As SBG enters into its 25th year, we are closing in on more than 100 locations. We can be found on every continent on the planet (except Antarctica). We ...
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One of the dirty dozen of jiu jitsu and Matt Thornton's coach, Chris Haueter. Coach Haueter was one of the first people to openly share the so-called secrets of BJJ with Americans.
One of the dirty dozen of jiu jits and Matt Thornton's coach, Chris Haueter. Coach Haueter was one of the first people to openly share the so-called secrets of BJJ with Americans.
Listen to a conversation about some very small, but very important creatures living in our oceans. Help Meet the Ocean continue to create and distribute meaningful, educational content by subscribing to our podcast & donating to our nonprofit. Share on your social media to let your friends know why the ocean matters most. @meettheocean…
Flying in the Arctic posed a dodgy prospect but faint heart never ended up dead on a tundra.
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