Best Armchair podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four year ...
Armchair Atheism is the official podcast of, exploring subjects related to religion and non-belief through interview discussions with a variety of scholarly and thoughtful voices.
Podcast discussing unsolved mysteries, mysterious disappearance and much more.
A rock climbing and lifestyle podcast brought to you by two of your favorite industry professionals... and one pilot. We hit all the hot topics and promise to entertain you twice a week.
Kurt's show will help you gain knowledge, it will be informative and is geared for the "urban survivalist" who just wants to keep his little piece of the Earth together.
Breaking down the obstacles.
Armchair Experts
Team from Longreach offering unqualified opinions, interesting takes and passionate views on all things sport.
A podcast about art and the art of creation. Every week our host, Ando, sits down and has a conversation with an artist, musician, writer, curator or other creative. The show is based in Copenhagen, the aim is world wide.
Armchair Sociologist
Social theory, technology, and culture
A Celtic FC supporters podcast for those fanatics that cant make it to Paradise!
Armchair Expat
Exploring the living overseas experience through expat and geopat creative projects as well as what others report about their lives.
Armchair Reviews
We're just two dudes livin' in Yellowknife, Canada talkin' about the biggest movies that have come out and having spoilery discussions about them! All from the comfort of our armchairs. It's Armchair Reviews! Like we could do better..
This monthly podcast features the staff of Armchair Arcade, who cover all eras of videogames and computers.
Armchair Designers
A Game Design Podcast
Armchair Fancast
Weekly podcast for ill-informed analysis & awful Dad jokes, loosely based around the Premier League & the rest of the football world. New episode every Tuesday. Follow us on Twitter at
A Loonie Politics podcast about Canadian and Ontario politics for everyone.
Just a couple of Armchair Cage Fighters talking all things MMA and everything in between.
Armchair Apocrypha
A bi-weekly podcast hosted by Andrew Massie and Rachael Clark, Armchair Apocrypha features armchair experts telling stories from the subjects they’re passionate about. Featuring a social servant with theories about mixed martial arts, a barista with opinions about first ladies, and a news content specialist with feelings about ghosts.
Pursuing the truth from the comfort of our homes.
Breaking down the obstacles
Travel Video from around the world delivered to the comfort of your mobile devices.
Two brothers give their opinions on a multitude of sports related topics. Including: the games, players, reporters, coaches, and even the fans themselves. Have you ever said to yourself, "man, I really hate sports fans?" Well these brothers do too... and they're not afraid to tell you.
Armchair HQ
Rob and Jake spin humor into football, college, and life, straight from their very own crawl space. Check them out at
That's One Small Step For Us!! One Giant Leap Back For Detroit Sports Broadcasting!!
Armchair Producers
The weekly ramblings of Travis and George. Nerd-dom, cinophiles and shenanigans.
Armchair Blasphemy
Three liberal atheist friends discuss current events
Armchair Society
A podcast arm of Armchair Society, a sports and pop culture website based out of Canada. We talk about basketball, soccer and pop culture around the clock.
Armchair Roundtable gives you a ringside seat to intimate drink-and-bull sessions with fascinating people from many walks of life!
Armchair Heavyweights
Curt and Joel interview each other about pro wrestling.
INTP | Ti(NeSi)Fe, Angel, having casual builds on Personality Typology to learn, share, and connect with other enthusiasts.
Lazily Pushing the boundaries of comfy discourse.
Armchair QB Show
Hosted by Dustin "Dirty Dawg" Brennan and Nate "Statman" Asbury, The Armchair QB Radio Show is hosted on Each week the guys get together to chat Cougar sports, Hawks, and Fantasy sports.
Armchair Philosophy is a podcast about philosophical conversations. We try to make ordinary things sound more philosophical, all the while making philosophical things sound interesting to everyone. We explore the limits of the human mind all from the comfort of what can only be described as very nice armchairs.
Podcasts of the unique, the unusual, and comical.
Arm Chair Sports
Podcast covering a variety of sports on a national & local level. Follow us on Twitter at @ACSportsRI as well as on Facebook @ArmChairSportsRI
Podcast discussing unsolved mysteries, mysterious disappearance and much more.
Drunk Safari
Welcome to the world's premier, high class animal facts podcast full of information that's like, probably true? Each week Maggie hosts a special guest and we learn everything you could possibly need to know about two animals. Everything. You. Ever. Need. To. Know.
The best Old Time Radio adventures in crime, mystery, espionage and suspense! Relic Radio Thrillers delivers the ticking time bombs, mysterious crime scenes, and the cloak and dagger action that today's armchair adventurer demands!
Arm Chair Opinions || Back Yard Philosophy Bringing you the latest in combat sports and more, The Knock Off Podcast is recorded at the Village Green Studios.
Though Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is best known for his detective stories, he also wrote other short stories which are masterpieces of mystery and suspense. In some of the stories in “Tales of Terror and Mystery”, a suppressed uneasiness gradually builds up and evolves into sheer terror. In others, the story line unexpectedly changes and comes to a horrific conclusion. Sit back in the comfort of your armchair and let yourself be transported to the strange but compelling world created by Sir Arth ...
Movie Maintenance
Equal parts fan fiction, review show and armchair producing as we look at Hollywood's greats and not-so-greats. Join us as we propose a very simple premise; we can do it better. Movie Maintenance - because some films just need fixing.
A bunch of armchair Manchester United fans gather weekly to mull over the week's footballing action. Visit us online at
NBA Unfiltered
The Armchair All Americans is an online media publication specializing in the localization of collegiate and professional sports.
Uninformed philosophy and armchair politics for the uneducated masses...
The Armchair All-Americans MLB podcast.
Boat Radio
Fantastic talk shows for boat owners, world cruisers, sailing enthusiasts, professional yacht crews and armchair adventurers everywhere. You can hear compelling tales and inspiring stories from often ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things, plus there's plenty of practical advice and an indelible streak of marine conservation.The Boat Radio story continues with Carolyn Shearlock at The Boat Galley.
Marty Called
A Walt Disney World armchair Imagineering podcast.
Welcome to The Chad Prather Show! Your one-stop shop for comedy, craziness, and common sense. Over half a billion people have watched Chad's social media videos. Now listen as Chad gets real and personal with the names you know and people you love. Often called "the modern day Will Rogers" and a voice of "the every man," Chad has made numerous appearances on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and A&E. Now, he brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world. Politics, inspiratio ...
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In this episode Jen and Tom are joined by technology. Tom schools everyone on sports seasons and naming conventions for football players. They both discuss the recent allegations against podcaster/ entertainer Chris Hardwick. Tom reviews the podcast Armchair Experts and Jen gives the lowdown on NPR's Death, Sex & Money.Visit the website at www. ...…
For Father’s Day this year, the guys got together to talk about sports and life. They talk about the best and worst things happening this week (spoiler alert, Golf may get mentioned) (1:00), they get a bit nostalgic with Pops (15:57), and then talk about the wild offseason that the NBA is already having, from Spurs to Hennessy to where the star ...…
Today, the gang recaps on all of the E3 epicness.
Andrew talks about a Jewish-Hungarian anti-fascist paratrooper, while Rachael discusses the rise and fall of Hollywood censorship.
Xavy and Pete go off the rails in a fun one! Honestly, there is minimal fight talk and maximum entertainment in this episode. They dive into dancing, share stories of some "firsts", and reminisce on cult classics like "Superbad". Strap in for some funny. Email the Show! Follow! Instagram: armchaircagefighter Facebook: armchairc ...…
confortable – Mot du Jour comfortable – French expression What does ” confortable ” mean? How do you say ‘ confortable ’ in French? How is it pronounced? How is it used in a French sentence? Listen to me, a French native say it here. confortable – comfortable. Of course, this word seems pretty easy. However, there are 2 things to notice about t ...…
Dustin has a close call with ebola, and Bill discovers that he's a clone.
Richard Petrone Jr. and his friend, Danielle (Ottobre) Imbo, were last seen around 11:45 pm on Saturday, Feb. 19, 2005 leaving Abilene’s bar at 429 South Street in Philadelphia, where they met with some friends. They were heading for Richard’s 2001 black Dodge Dakota pickup truck, PA license plate # YFH-2319 parked in the neighborhood. Richard, ...…
Steve and Sara look back at the Beaver State Fling and do a little armchair quarterbacking. First, they talk Catrina Allen’s playoff win and her willingness to change her late-round strategy (3:03) before tackling big questions like:•Was Paige Pierce’s roller on hole 18 the right call? (8:00)•Is Eagle McMahon now the best player on tour? (16:20 ...…
We discuss the Stanley Cup Finals & Capitals Booze Cruise Recap We debate the topic of Kyler Murrays Baseball/Football eligibility Group weighs in on the new that TO is skipping his H.O.F induction Cabrera injury talks Best of Topic
I rant & Lincoln drops knowledge as we armchair quarterback the North Korea Summit that was a total fucking embarrassment of a disaster where Trump got totally hosed by Dictator Lil' Rocket Man who runs the most heinous regime in the modern world. Find Lincoln in the twitterverse @lincolnmitchell and online at lincolnmitchell.comSubscribe to th ...…
In a world-first, a trailer for a book will play with a film trailer in New Zealand cinemas later this year. The NZ Book Council are working to make reading relevant again, targetting the group least likely to read – males aged 16 to 25.
Thank you for tuning in to Episode 139 of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast. Full show notes with photos can be found at This week's segments included: Off the Needles On the Needles Brainstorming From the Armchair Knitting in Passing In my Travels KAL News Events On a Happy Note Quote of the Week Thank you to this epi ...…
E020 Armchair Critics by Magna Gopal & Leon Rose
The first episode of our new series, within which we pretend to be Imagineers and discuss what we want to see come to Epcot's World Showcase. If you like this new series, let us know what else you'd like to hear us Armchair Imagineer! --- Looking to travel? Contact CJ at From ZADD Crew merch to theme park gear, ...…
Dustin gets super powers on this episode of the Armchair Mountaineers Podcast.
Today I am announcing a new personal passion project: a weekly podcast conversation with master writers from an array of different forms. Humans have spoken to each other for maybe 100,000 years (or, uh, a lot longer). But we’ve only had writing for 6,000 of them. We’ve cultivated corn for twice as long. Even though it’s relatively new, we have ...…
Franklin, Tyler and Brandon get together to talk this year's divisive Backlash. Let the armchair booking begin!! Seth Rollins puts his Intercontinental Title on the line against The Miz, Alexa Bliss defends the RAW Women's Title against Nia Jax, Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy for the United States belt, Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan, Bobby Lashley teams ...…
Today Xavy and his brother Dominic breakdown UFC 225 in Chicago which goes down Saturday night! Dominic comes in guns blazing with the funny and the guys share a lot of laughs! After the breakdown they even nerd out for a while. Enjoy!! Email the show! Follow us: Twitter: @acfpod Instagram: @armchaircagefighter Facebook: @armch ...…
Armchair Politics Hour 2By (The Tom Sumner Program).
Yohe Returns! Xavy and Yohe sit down as Pete is in Florida on vacation. They recap Yohe's last fight, his plans for the future, and shoot the shit about the state of the UFC among other things. Enjoy! Follow Yohe: Instagram: @_theworldisyours_2 Twitter: @yoherojas0528 Facebook: Yohe Rojas Follow the Show! Instagram: @armchaircagefighter Faceboo ...…
About Armchair Expat: Email Stephanie: stephfuccio (at)
BoConcept was founded in Denmark in 1952 and has a long-standing tradition of modern furniture with the highest functionality, design and quality. A wide range of contemporary Danish design furniture for the living room, bedroom, dining room and home office is waiting to be discovered in our furniture stores. From stylish designer sofas and arm ...…
Armchair Politics Hour 2By (The Tom Sumner Program).
Armchair Politics Hour 1By (The Tom Sumner Program).
Another great show in the books. Today's show we bring on six dynasty experts and we do a live 3-round rookie mock draft. Sure, we all know who is going with picks 1-thru-10, but what about pick 3.08? The expert panel consists of: Mike Kelley of Dynasty League ProblemsDerek Brown of the Fantasy Football 24/7 PodcastRyan Cearfoss of ...…
Xavier and Pete sat down with Pro MMA fighter Justin Brown from Northwest Ohio. He gave us the inside scoop on Ohio MMA, wrestling life, hardships as an up and comer, and the business of MMA. Follow Justin: Facebook: Instagram: frit0_bandit0 Email into the show: Facebook: ...…
I am SO excited to introduce you to my very best friend in all of the world....Mr Jesse Tapley! Jesse is my husband and he's just the best, he has the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen, makes me laugh constantly, and is always pushing me to be better. I am so excited for you to listen to this episode. Jesse shares a little bit about our family ...…
Emma’s View of Her Journey/ Coping with Emotional and Physical Pain This is a follow up to Episode 8 Part 1: Am I The Only One? My Child Is Self-Harming. Make sure you listen to part 1 before part 2 Listen to mom- Jessica’s journey in episode one and Daughter Emma’s perspective of their journey and coping mechanisms in part 2. Listen and learn ...…
Xavier & Pete breakdown the killer UFC fight card that includes Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson vs Darren "The Gorilla" Till. They talk about smoosh technique, porn, and Power Rangers. Do not miss this killer episode of Armchair Cage Fighter. Email into the show: Twitter: @ACFPod Instagram: @armchaircagefighter ...…
Armchair Politics Hour 2By (The Tom Sumner Program).
Armchair Politics Hour 1By (The Tom Sumner Program).
Let's peek into the world of Third Culture Kids (TCK) via Laurie's TCK Problems Instagram feed. TCKProblems Instagram account: Building Identity as Third Culture Kid, Erik Vyhmeister, TEDx Andrews University: Laurie's YT video : TCK stories https://www.yout ...…
We sit down with the Arm Chair Analyst himself, Matt Doyle of and Extra Time Radio to hear his thoughts about the league and what teams are doing within it. We talk about the inherent issues that plague fan bases and the biases that we all contend with. From VAR to PKs, we try to remove ourselves from our Atlanta United skepticism ...…
Nostra-Dumbass, aka Shane Clawson, makes his first appearance for 2018 and we are talking Fantasy Football. First, we play a little "Breakout or Fakeout" with some of the top breakout candidates for 2018, including Joe Mixon and Derrick Henry. Then we do a little "Over/Under" with some of the top names in fantasy. Over/under Tom Brady top 5 QB? ...…
This week's episode of the Rundown will open your eyes to the finacial dangers you could be exposed when buying or selling: $1 Billion in real estate wire fraud last year (FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation, Colorado Bureau of Investigation), how a wire works, how making phone calls are making a come back, and much, much more. This is a spoo ...…
Xavier & Pete are back from a long break. The guys took a break so Xavier could move into his new house and the guys could get settled into the new studio. Recapping UFC 224, this past weekend supporting their fighter friend, and everthing to come! Check out the latest from Armchair Cage Fighter! Email into the show: Instagram: ...…
On Episode 39, we are joined by Bentley Anderson, an arm chair historian, to discuss a real life dilemma of church v. state involving his father in small town Mississippi. The boys discuss prayer in schools, religious freedom, and Thomas Jefferson's impact on the separation of church and state via a letter in 1802. music credits Regeneration - ...…
Andrew mispronounces Hawaiian names while talking about the first queen and last monarch of Hawaii, while Rachael makes an earnest plea for listeners to watch one of her favorite shows.
Am I the only one, am I a bad parent, should I have seen this coming, who can I share this with, who can I talk to that won’t judge us, how do I handle this, where can we go for help…? These seem to be a common theme of questions parents ask when they discover their child is self-harming and or struggling with mental health issues. Although eve ...…
Armchair Politics Hour 2By (The Tom Sumner Program).
Armchair Politics Hour 1By (The Tom Sumner Program).
In this research episode we are looking at the differences (and similarities) with expat/geopat bubbles and TCK, third culture kids, bubbles. We also play compare these characteristics and benefits to ethnic enclaves a bit. Links mentioned in this episode (in order mentioned): ...…
Today we chat with champion boxer and local loveable rogue Kenny Salisbury. Kenny is one of the nicest fella's you will meet, he wears his heart on his sleeve and during our chat kenny's emotions truly came through on a couple of occasions. This is a story of struggle and then victory and his love for music,his kids and life in bondi. So Pull u ...…
Another great show in the books despite some technical difficulties. Basketball insider Mike Truth comes on to talk to talk some NBA. We had Mike on in March to talk about the NCAA Tournament, tonight we talk about: The Sixers futureNBA Draft Lottery ResultsWe redraft last year's Top 10 picksWe give out some NBA awardsand, of course, we talk NB ...…
Abby and Jim discuss the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, the end of the Iranian nuclear deal, and the massive layoffs at the Salt Lake Tribune. And was a religious bigot like Robert Jeffress really the best choice to give a prayer at the embassy dedication? Plus both Abby and Jim give armchair reviews of the long-running Book of M ...…
After Korn and Petre have made their way back to the surface we find our way back to the town of Vit as it prepares for the next attack from the undead horde. With the town being more open then Madelane, Sorkin, and Rundrig previous thought all hands are working extra to ensure the town's survival and safety. How will they get through day to da ...…
Be a guest reader (blog, twitter feed, Instagram feed, or any other online project) on this podcast. Details here: More about Expat Rewind and its' creator:
Be a guest reader (blog, twitter feed, Instagram feed, or any other online project) on this podcast. Details here: More about Expat Rewind and its' creator:
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