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Sonic Lhord
welcome to the sonic lhord podcast it's all about deep reality of the mind ND music
A podcast about asexuality, fandom, and where they intersect!
I Krig och Fred
En podcast om säkerhetspolitik och krisberedskap
Every day we sum up the show without any of the music bits, pulling the best and funniest stufffor your listening pleasure! Don't forget, you can catch us live every weekday morning from 6-10am!!
Whitetail Rendezvous vision is to educate, collaborate and communicate with whitetail hunters. This is volume 1 of the Whitetail Rendezvous podcast with the first 200 episodes of the show. Hear the story behind the hunting strategy. Learn to hunt whitetail deer from the experts. They will share about food plots, herd management and hunting mature whitetails. Hear about the equipment they use in the field to increase their success. No matter if you’re a DIY hunter or hunt with outfitters, use ...
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As thefirst show in the new Life FM studio it's a great time with some funky music! Josh brings us a brand new segment Intro for a segment that isn't quite ready. Plus, we call up the winner for our marriage week competition!By (Rhema Media Inc.).
The Morning Wake Up went on a field trip to Specsavers after the show yesterday to take an eye exam and the results are in! Also, today is Valentine's Day so Josh hosts a Valentine's Day Quiz. Plus we chat about your mistaken pet identities...By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Find out what happened when Bjorn and Josh got a cop to pull over Charlie and Sherryn who are on their road trip this week! Oak and Dove is back with another tough situation to resolve, plus we chat about that time your school had to be closed.By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Bjorn has made Josh's face a meme so that you can tell us which face best describes your week so far. We also chat about what ONE item you would grab if your house was on fire. Plus, How Groovy's Ya Movies.. returns for 2019!By (Rhema Media Inc.).
PSA: this is your Valentine's Day reminder! With just a few days to go, we find out what people do for their significant other. Today's List Off gets heated... who's even the winner?! Plus Boris joins us for the Monday Sports Report!By (Rhema Media Inc.).
The guys have been away at Waitangi this week doing tv stuff but now they're back to celebrate Feel Good Friday! Also, for today's Friday Treats it's a healthier snack thanks to Josh, and Bjorn has dicovered the "sealiest" news of the week!By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Husband and wife duo, Charles and Emily Looker join us on the show to chat about their brand new album manu (out Waitangi Day) and to perfom one of their new songs. Plus if you could have a red button in life that could do anything - what would it be for?By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Josh has found some helpful advice on this. Plus we find out when listeners have almost died in the name of fun and we bring back back Oak and Dove.By (Rhema Media Inc.).
We get you to finish that sentence! Bjorn brings the first Guide to NZ for the year - the spotlight this week is on Cambridge. And Josh makes Bjorn do an unofficial eye test to find out if he needs glasses.By (Rhema Media Inc.).
We open up a parcel - the Highlanders training jersey that we traded for on Tradey-o-Tuesday. For Friday treats Josh has brought something back from Vietnam. And what's a Friday without Feel Good Friday!By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Bjorn brings us hot health trends for 2019. Plus the guys aren't quite as tech savy as they like to think, and need help. Also how many sprocket puns do the boys have? Too many apparently and they don't know when to sprock it...By (Rhema Media Inc.).
It's day 3 of us playing Life-Opoly! Bjorn found something that Josh had shoved in the studio drawers three years ago- something quite 'eggciting'! Plus Josh puts $100 of HIS OWN MONEY on the line.By (Rhema Media Inc.).
BROTPs have been a part of fandoms for years - fulfilling relationships that remain platonic. Discussed are origins+definitions of "bromance" & "queerplatonic", examples in popular media, more! We even touch on “skin hunger”/the Wire Mother experiments.
We try to find one, and we also try to find marshmellow Santas... plus we bring you two installments of the 12 Days Of Christmas and Josh had to run a few errands in his Santa outfit yesterday!By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Forks go missing from the kitchen here at work so we are having a Fork Amnesty Day tomorrow -Bjorn has even put together a song to encourage everyone in this endeavour. Plus, Eloise brings us her last conspiracy theory for the year...By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Bjorn reckons it's a good idea to get yourself a Christmas present so we chat to listeners who do just that. How Groovy's ya Movies knowledge returns, can Bjorn comeback from last week's loss? It's day 7 of the 12 days of Christmas, seven swans a-swimmingBy (Rhema Media Inc.).
For Obscure Phone Topics this morning we try find someone who has a black number plate with white lettering. Also, what's your go to life advice? -We promise we won't sue! And Boris Slavidivov joins us for the last sports report for this year.By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Unfortunately we've had to cancel our trip but the show must go on! Eloise reveals what car Bjorn and Josh are driving in to The King Country Christmas. Plus, we continue on with the 12 Days of Christmas with the Five Golden Rings.By (Rhema Media Inc.).
...with dogs. Also, we put her to the test with a game of Wrong! Oak and Dove need your help; what should this student do if they have failed 3 of their 4 exams? Theel Good Thursday makes a return, there's so many things to be 'theeling' good about today!By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Turns out another radio station is playing OUR game (How Groovy's Your Movies) so Bjorn goes up against their "movie know-it-all" to see who will win to keep the game... plus try and guess what Bjorn's Mum loves!By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Bjorn knows A LOT of movies and is unbeatable, however today's compeititor is confident and smart... will this end his streak? Also, it's a sad day for Value Sushi of the Day lovers and we try find someone who is listening to Life FM on the train.By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Bjorn's been on this health journey for 9 weeks and today he finds out how well or not so well he did. Josh catches us up on his weekend of weddings and how he has awkward arms. Plus, we continue with the 12 Days of Christmas - what's the real story behinBy (Rhema Media Inc.).
Today's Friday Treats come to us in the form of a MWUMBO (Morning Wake Up Mail Bag Opening)! Also, check out Eloise's Guide to Motueka. Plus as you know we are always busy on the show so can't get to every news story from the week, however, we can mentionBy (Rhema Media Inc.).
Plus we interview Alex from Young and Free ahead of their NZ show and make him play The Monring Wake Up's new fave game- Wrong! Also, Eloise finally brings a conspiracy theory that Bjorn believes.By (Rhema Media Inc.).
We have been asked to create a playlist for The King Country Christmas in The Park so we want to know what you think are the best upbeat, summer songs on Life FM. Also if you could interview God and ask him one question what would it be?By (Rhema Media Inc.).
Nu kan du lyssna på det femtiofemte avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med Annika Nordgren Christensen om Sveriges strategiska intressen och svensk säkerhetspolitik. Samtalet inleds med att vi tittar tillbaka på vad som har hänt i Sverige och i världen sedan Annika medverkade i podden senast, därefter går vi v ...…
Gen fic has less of a following than ship fic, yet for many asexual and/or aromantic fans it's an especially important genre. We discuss ways to find gen fic, the two aro hosts’ experiences being fic writers, the overlap between pre-slash & gen, and more!
Nu kan du lyssna på det femtiofjärde avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du journalisten Annica Ögren berätta om sin rapportering från bland annat konflikterna i Mali, Ukraina och Irak/Kurdistan. Under samtalet pratar vi även om hur man skulle kunna utveckla den svenska utrikes- och säkerhetspolitiska journalistiken, och vi prat ...…
Nu kan du lyssna på det femtiotredje avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du Joa Hellsten berätta om sin tid som yrkesofficer i Försvarsmakten, och om vad det innebär att vara reservofficer. Under samtalet pratar vi även om Joas utlandsmissioner och hur det är att tjänstgöra utomlands, och om hur det är att arbeta som konsult i f ...…
Now you can listen to episode fiftytwo of “I Krig och Fred” (In War and Peace). In this episode you will hear the journalist and author Kelly Kennedy talk about her earlier reporting from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. During the conversation we also talk about the book “They Fought for Each Other: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Hardest ...…
Nu kan du lyssna på det femtioförsta avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du Jacob Fritzson berätta om hur det är att jobba som officer i Försvarsmakten, och hur det var att tjänstgöra utomlands i den internationella insatsen i Mali. I slutet av samtalet utlovar Jacob ett antal lästips och dessa hittar du här nedan: Peter Englund ...…
A staple of queer people's stories, in both real life and fiction: The Coming Out Tale. This month we co-hosts share our personal experiences with coming out, and show that some people plan theirs, others just wing it, and no two experiences are the same.
Now you can listen to episode fifty of “I Krig och Fred” (In War and Peace). In this episode you will hear ambassador Alexander Vershbow give his view on the international security challenges currently facing the world and the international community. Ambassador Vershbow is currently a distinguished fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy a ...…
Headcanons! This episode became a rabbit hole of soulmate AUs, superpowers, asexuality, aromanticism, part-bird people, and cake analogies. Listen to more terminology, the nature of headcanons, and our look at how asexuality works with this phenomenon.
Nu kan du lyssna på det fyrtionionde avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med journalisten och författaren Johanne Hildebrandt. Johanne har varit gäst i podden en gång tidigare för cirka två år sedan (det avsnittet hör du här), och i detta avsnitt pratar vi om vad som har hänt vad gäller svensk säkerhetspolitik ...…
Introductions, vocabulary, shipping! Three aces share their nerdy adventures into fandoms ranging from Yuri on Ice to Sherlock, and how being on the asexual spectrum affected their experiences! Perhaps a cliché place to start, but necessary nonetheless.
Now you can listen to episode fortyeight of “I Krig och Fred” (In War and Peace). In this episode you will hear the awardwinning Finnish journalist Jessikka Aro talk about her experience investigating Russian trolls and propaganda in Finland. Jessikka is an investigative journalist at the Finnish Public Broadcasting company YLE,and is currently ...…
Nu kan du lyssna på det fyrtiosjunde avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med forskaren Björn Palmertz från Centrum för asymmetriska hot- och terrorismstudier (CATS) på Försvarshögskolan, om social engineering och människans psykologiska processer ur ett påverkansperspektiv. I slutet av avsnittet nämner Björn at ...…
Nu kan du lyssna på det fyrtiosjätte avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med författaren och IT-säkerhetsexperten Åsa Schwarz om hennes bok ”De sju nycklarna” och IT-säkerhet i det moderna samhället. Under samtalet pratar vi även en del om framtida utmaningar inom IT-säkerhetsområdet och hur det går med skrivan ...…
Nu kan du lyssna på det fyrtiofemte avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med Johan Landgren från Folke Bernadotteakademin om Fredsarkivet. Fredsarkivet är ett arkiv som innehåller skriftligt material och bilder som getts in av veteraner och som dokumenterar deras internationella insatser. Under samtalet berättar ...…
Nu kan du lyssna på det fyrtiofjärde avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med forskaren Johan Sigholm från Försvarshögskolan om cyberkriminalitet och cyberkrigföringens historia. Johan har gästat podden tidigare och pratat om cyberkrigföringens grunder och det avsnittet hittar du här. I detta avsnitt fortsätter ...…
Nu kan du lyssna på det fyrtiotredje avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med Fredrik Sjöberg om SOS Alarms krisberedskapsavdelning och deras arbete. Under samtalet berättar Fredrik om vilken roll krisberedskapsavdelningen har i krisberedskapssystemet överlag, och på vilka sätt man arbetar med att inhämta inform ...…
Nu kan du lyssna på det fyrtioandra avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med Björn Skoglund om SOS Alarm och deras verksamhet. Under samtalet berättar Björn om bredden i deras verksamhet som innefattar alltifrån att hantera larmsamtal om skogsbränder till att vid behov koppla personer vidare till jourhavande prä ...…
Nu kan du lyssna på det fyrtioförsta avsnittet av “I Krig och Fred”. I detta avsnitt hör du när jag pratar med forskaren Oscar Jonsson om rysk militär strategi och rysk krigföring. Under samtalet förklarar Oscar hur den ryska militära strategin ser ut och hur Ryssland använder en bred verktygslåda av åtgärder för att uppnå sina strategiska mål. ...…
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