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Sermons from Pastor Joshua Teis and the Pastoral staff of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Located near Blue Diamond and Torrey Pines. Southern Hills Baptist Church is only 5 minutes from Southern Highlands and only 5 minutes from Mountains Edge. At Southern Hills Baptist Church, we believe that God has an exciting plan for your life, and we want to be part of it.
ConspiracyOz is a current news site with a uniquely Australian perspective, we seek the truth that mainstream media avoids.
Do you want to make it to the Kingdom? The only way to get there, is by Obeying the Scriptures. We can get a good idea of what is coming in the future, but are You Scripturally and Spiritually Prepared for whatever comes? The time is now to come out of religion, and into the arms of the Messiah Immanu El. This is a series of messages from a Jewish man, who believes in the Messiah. Hence "Messianic Jewish". Not a practitioner of the Messianic Jewish religion, but a humble follower of Scripture.
This is a series of messages from Eric Lakatos. The senior Rabbi of Tikvat Yisrael Messianic Synagogue in Cleveland, Ohio.
Are you trying to BREAK your BAD habits? If that's true, guess what: It's one of three common mistakes you’re probably making and it will backfire more often than it will help! All habits, good-bad-indifferent, serve a function. They don't want to be broken, they want to be healed! Habits Into Health programs, including this free podcast, offer a more kind and loving way to stop feeling held back and start replacing your stuck patterns with supportive habits to move your life in the directio ...
The show is called Money Talk. It covers just about everything that affects wealth and financial well-being. Hosted by Dianne Duva, CFP & Neil Krisel, CFA. Dianne Duva, is a Certified Financial Planner and founding Partner of Arlington Financial Advisors, a leading wealth management firm in Santa Barbara. She is a graduate of George Washington University, a Katherine Harvey Fellow and a board member of numerous not for profits. Neil Kreisel, CFA is from New York where he worked in finance fo ...
Full Moon Madness Live at Rockbar 185 Christopher St. New York City (village).
A World of Warcraft podcast discussing the topics that mean the most to the players. Ben (AltheMage) and Jon (Revendawn) bring you news, discussion, and guests from all over the world of Azeroth.
Short Sale Genius
Short Sale Genius is the only training company to teach the close of short sales and short sale transactions to buyers, sellers, agents and investors. It is a comprehensive training and set of tools that have closed more short sales than any other training program
Hear prank calls like you've never heard them before! Join your host Jin Stewart, a loveable hyper-active telephone hell raiser from London, UK as he pisses off employees of businesses that have wronged him one way or another! Jin's unique style and abundant energy make this podcast a must-have to any prank call enthusiast!
S&B Radio is a mix series from Santiago & Bushido, a production / dj duo hailing from the birthplace of House music - Chicago. In each series one of them will take the reigns and bring you a mix showcasing various styles and genres of electronic dance music.
Niko's podcast
Making his mark on the music industry, Niko Star has been playing to crowds for over 14 years. Now he is ready to take his talents worldwide, so turn your speakers up!
Tunnel Spirit
This audio podcast contains music and news of interest to the fans of the CBS TV series Beauty and the Beast, a television show that aired from 1987-1990 and starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman.
"Billie Jean"- Michael Jackson (Wonabet Remix) MJ Vs MP Chamone Mo Fo. Ableton Live.. The Ting Tings vs Queen "Shut up and bite the dust" Mashup. "Shut Up And Let Me Go & "Another One Bites The Dust".Djay 2.1 & Ableton Live.."What We Saw That Day" Original composition on Garageband.."Lost Inspired" Original classical composition on Garageband.. "Beauty US" - Dogs Die In Hot Cars (Wonabet Remix) Ableton Live.."I Want You Back" - The Jackson 5 (Wonabet Remix) Garageband.. "Shiver" Original com ...
BoomriSe Mix
Get ready for the best of EDM, Trance, Trap and Hardstyle new tracks mixed by BoomriSe! Join BoomriSeBoomriSe Mix: BoomriSe Mix: Mix Broadcast: RADIOSHOW: BoomriSe Mix: Pulsstacja FM (Poland) - Safari Radio (Greece) Maxximixx (Israel)- Radio Studio Dance Roma (Italy)Radi ...
Originally cast in 2006, JND.MP3 poked fun at just about every type of news known to man, taking to task the events that shouldn't have made headlines and making their own along the way.Now, JND.MP3 original James M. Cornett is back with an all new cast, all new segments, and a level of insanity that makes the old version of the show look like a guy going through a mid-life crisis.Buckle up...the Professors are back...and this time, nothing is sacred!
Reading stories about stories.
Just giving you the breakdown on the best boxing manga/anime around!
Buana Dj's Podcast
Motivational Tuesday's with Patrick Talley.
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This is part two of the two-part series, will democrats gain ground this time? We shall see!
We all heard Mad Maxine Waters and her rant, claiming that "God is with" the democrats, so I figured that I would take the general platform of both parties and compare it to Scripture.
'Anti-Fa - Jackboot on the Other Foot?'
After this message, I am not wasting any more valuable time on the "hebrew" roots guy who was harassing and stalking me. Once again, Scripture refutes the hrm doctrines.
What do you do when you feel empowered by doctrines that have nothing to do with the context of Scripture? You go stalk someone and try to convince them that even though your doctrines are garbage, they should believe them anyway because you think that you are anointed.
The "hebrew" roots are at it again, claiming victims with their ignorance based rhetoric, leading good people to deny the Messiah instead of leading them to their anointing.
VOL #68 (July 2018)DJ Ostars PAGE AVAILABLE -->djostars.podomatic.comFacebook -->Jérôme OlliveTracklist: Shazam is your friendDOWNLOAD IT, LISTEN TO IT, ENJOY IT & SHARE IT.
OK, so we don't practice any form of judaism, we don't practice christianity, but we obey the Torah and we follow the Messiah, HOW DOES THAT WORK?
01. 3LAU feat. Carly Paige - Touch [00:22]02. Studio Rauschenberg - Highlands (Ben Böhmer Remix) [03:35]03. Marcus Schossow & Corey James - Time Goes By (Stephan Duy Remix) [07:13]04. Danny Dateno - Nostalgia [08:15]05. Nora En Pure - Roots [09:02]06. Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Dancing Alone (feat. RØMANS) [12:38]07. Cat Dealers & Dubdogz - Nation [16 ...…
Since this is "pride month", I have decided once again to touch the third rail of religious and political talk.
I was watching a news channel, and there are a lot of politicians taking bible verses out of context and trying to appear "holy", one of them said that the Messiah was born as an illegal alien, this is a refutation of that ridiculous notion, and also, a bonus addition that further reinforces the Scriptural proof of the Messiah being named Imman ...…
S&B Radio is a mix series from Santiago hailing from the birthplace of house music - Chicago. In each series Santiago takes the reigns and brings you a mix showcasing various styles and genres of electronic dance music.Follow me on Soundcloud: a fan on Facebook: ...…
This is the final installment of the three-part series, the best for last, exposing the hypocrisy of the church.
IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!! Even More of the Messiah teaching TORAH! The Sermon on the mount is literally Torah 101!
01. Mokita - Love Alone [00:26]02. Like Mike - Rewind [03:06]03. Kygo & Miguel - Remind Me To Forget (Young Bombs Remix) [05:54]04. Hilda x Don Diablo - Wake Me When It's Quiet [09:17]05. Giolì, Assia - Something Special [12:50]06. Chicane Feat. Moya Brennan - Saltwater (Sebastien Remix) [15:17]07. Orjan Nilsen - Million Miles Away [19:39]08. ...…
01. Avicii - Silhouettes [00:24]02. BLR - La Luna [02:40]03. ArtLec - Fly With U [06:48]04. Hidden Nature - New Resonance [08:09]05. Arty pres. ALPHA 9 - All We Need [10:12]06. Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Bruno Martini - Savages (feat. Mayra) [13:48]07. Cristian Marchi feat. Block - Baker Street [15:36]08. Wild Culture vs Qveen Herby - Love ...…
So much of the Sermon on the Mount has been cherry-picked that hardly anybody can recognize it for what it truly is.
HEY! Did you celebrate Shavu'ot last Sunday? At least you got your practice in for the REAL celebration.
This is part TWO of the two-part series, this one covers voluntary offerings and gives a biblical perspective of them.
S&B Radio is a mix series from Santiago hailing from the birthplace of house music - Chicago. In each series Santiago takes the reigns and brings you a mix showcasing various styles and genres of electronic dance music.Follow me on Soundcloud: a fan on Facebook: ...…
Are you giving ten percent of your hard earned money to your church or synagogue? You need to listen to this!
Lots of people say that they love YHVH, but do they really? The Scripture tells us whether or not we do.
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