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Examining psychological and psychosocial issues, with a sometimes irreverent style. Specific focus on Cluster B personality disorders: Histrionic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder. Subscribe, donate & share.
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We look into teen culture every week and pull three things that parents need to know if they want to take conversations to the next level. We serve you because every generation needs a translator.
Pastor Troy Beer welcomes you to Axis Church North Lakes, Brisbane. Axis Church is a safe place to discover and experience God's great love. We hope you enjoy listening to our messages spoken recently at Axis Church.
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Electrifying Grateful Dead music from all eras!
San Antonio's award winning sketch comedy troupe touch your topics inappropriately with their live and at-home comedy podcast!
Looking for dental tips and techniques on direct and indirect restoration? Axis Podcast Center will help simplify your dental procedures and show you new ways to work with todays most popular materials! Check back often for time saving ideas you can use in the operatory and lab.
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It’s all about Jesus!
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Ok, you got me. I actually live in Alexandria.
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Helping women fight for mind, body, soul. Sisters, Anna Light and Erin Simms have a mission to help you full-heartedly pursue an energetic life, break free from insecurities, and live confidently with your identity firmly grounded in Truth. Through their candid and vulnerable discussions, the podcast will inspire you to take charge of your body, mind and spirit as you learn to wake up everyday and fight for the life you have been given. Anna is a wife and homeschool mom, former pastor, autho ...
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Axis is the young adult community at Church of the Redeemer. These podcasts are messages from our monthly gathering.
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Podcast by Mental Axis
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First Baptist Church of Hemet's young adult and college age ministry, led by Josh Shwartz, now available for download, please subscribe to stay up to date in God's Word and in the happenings at FBC Hemet! You may also visit to get caught up.
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Three Things This Week 1. Big Bad Bully What it is: October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Why you can help end it: Research shows that direct adult responses to bullying ends the behavior over time. If you see it, stop it! Bullying is the result of an unequal power dynamic, where the dominant person attacks a weaker individual. It happ ...…
Three Things This Week 1. This Week In Social Media... What it is: Snapchat announced new Visual Search, in which its camera detects products and automatically finds them on Amazon, while new evidencedemonstrated that Facebook, under the guise of account security, gives users’ phone numbers to advertisers. Why it's noteworthy: Social media is n ...…
Nothing changes without awareness. Our relationships are one of the greatest ways to bring a deepening awareness of ourselves and our behaviors. Especially within the context of our marriage. But what obstacles hold us back from the richness that comes with this awareness? Are we seeking out ways we can improve our marriages, or are we just bar ...…
It is right to have walls in our relationships? What does God’s Word say about building walls? What are walls for? When it comes to relationships there can be so much contradictory advice. Tear down walls, but put up boundaries. If someone has hurt you, you need to protect yourself… but what about love, and “turning the other cheek’?In this epi ...…
1. iOS 12 A useful link for iOS users: 2. Social Justice Statement (Nope, not Kaepernick yet...) 3. Just Do It (There it is.) +++ Biggest video games of the fall.
Episode 45 offers you a spiritually guided prayer and scriptures to help you fight the battle for your body. Whether you struggle with illness, disease, chronic pain, infertility, body image, there is a word for each struggle of the body. We pray this is a tool you can use to help you on your own journey. Use the scriptures below in your quiet ...…
- What are the 5 steps to Culture Translation? - "The world will always have an answer for our confusion - and it will always be apart from God's word." Agree? Disagree? - How to have cultural conversations without being dualistic or off-putting to teens. - What do the life of Jesus and culture translation have in common? - Is CT a way of livin ...…
Three Things This Week 1. Madden Shooting What it is: On Sunday, a gunman killed two of his fellow gamers at a Madden esports tournament in Jacksonville, FL before shooting himself. Why it can stop: The shooter actively targeted fellow gamers as revenge for being eliminated from the tournament. Most mass shooters... 2. The Legacy of John McCain ...… Sermon Text: Luke 9:1–9
Today, you get a special treat to sit down with Melanie and Gary Alan who compile, write, and edit The Culture Translator (CT) every single week. They have the best eyes at Axis on the idea and process of Culture Translation. - Hear their personal perspectives on parents/teens relating (even differing perspectives?! Whaaat??) - Why did culture ...…
1. Teens getting paid for their posts on Instagram 2. Tattoos -- that's probably enough for today, eh? Tattoos alone could give us an episode. Any topics you want to see us focus or do a special episode on?? Let us know at Subscribe to the podcast: Subscribe to th ...…
Living with purpose, staying young, being a conduit of the Holy Spirit, not allowing the circumstances of life to overwhelm you... all this and more on this special guest episode of Axispodcast with Robin MeadowsRobin is the wife of one and the mother of many. Having raised seven children of her own, she knows just how overwhelming motherhood ( ...…
We conclude our review of the book "Instruments in the Redeemer's Hand" by Paul David Tripp. People in need of change, helping people in need of change... We take you through guided questions to help you identify the things in your life you want to change or improve, as well as give you the tools to help others make changes in their lives as we ...…
Show notes coming soon... For now: Culture Translator updates: Promised link (Facebook creating music talent app to rival -> Tik Tok) Thanks! Shoot us recommendations and ideas at then subscribe to keep getting t ...…
Episode 42 A Q&A with Anna and ErinClimbing a mountain, Beating the cravings that want to take you off your plan, The best way to lose those “lovely-lady-lumps” and even better “why,”Staying committed to your principals in the changing seasons of life...We discuss all this and more on the newest episode of Axispodcast…
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1. A BIG thank-you from Axis!!! 2. Momo game 3. Confusing Christian-ese + What is our culture's biggest religion...hint: It's not something from a church. Subscribe:
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