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Bah Gawd Almighty! Wrestling Review is 3 lads, Graham, Dave & Diarmuid, who crack open a few lovely cans and have a chat about pro wrestling of yester-year, 1 Pay-Per-View at a time.
Bah & the Humbugs, America's premier satiric Christmas rock band, presents their annual Christmas Eve podcast for your enjoyment. Sit back with some eggnog and your favorite elf and enjoy the Humbugs' unique brand of holiday cheer and coal-in-your-stocking, laugh-until-you-hurt Humbugs songs.
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Bah Gawd Podcast!
A wrasslin' podcast where we talk WWE and local Pacific Northwest Indie wrestling. Also, 80 minutes dedicated to discussing the Big Show every week. All Big Show, all the time. Hey, where are you going-
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The 80's are coming to a close, and to celebrate WCW and the NWA decided to find out who would be the star of the 90's with a very special edition of Starrcade: Future Shock. We also discuss the year that was 1989 and how underappreciated The Ultimate Warrior was (at least Diarm does anyway)
"As Seen on North Pole TV" ponders the evil side of the smart appliances you might be thinking of gifting this Christmas. Includes the brand-new Humbugs song Dark Matter, along with Toy of the Year, Christmas List, Holly Danger, and All I Want for Christmas is a Brand New Starship.
It's the 1989 installment of the WWF's Thanksgiving Night tradition. This time around we say goodbye to The Brain, discuss cool team names, Bret Hart & Randy Savage being brilliant, Jim Duggan being a dickhead, the difference between W.B. Yeats & Seamus Heaney, and just what ARE Beefcake and Hogan gonna do when it's NO HOLDS BARRED!…
In this episode of Bah Gawd Almighty; Philadelphia hates cheering, loves booing. Before The Steiner's face their DOOM!, Rick may or may not threaten to do a rape. We push for a new Mullet Club record. We find out why Gary Hart is legitimately terrifying and why Diarmuid actually hates wrestling. And, of course, THUNDERDOME!!!…
In this episode: The utter greed of one Hulk Hogan and utter stupidity of WCW. Jim Duggan is up to his usual cunt antics, we see can the Mega-Maniacs overcome the power of the Cauldron of Madness and Diarm relives some harrowing childhood trauma. It's Summerslam '89: Feel the Heat!
In this episode: Lovely thoroughbred Baltimore horses, "Dangerous" Dan Spivey earns his moniker, the Road Warriors cause absolute uproar in first WarGames on PPV, the Freebirds "DRAWP DA BOMB!" and a reptile wears a leather jacket. It's WCW Great American Bash '89 - Glory Days!
In this episode we have an all-time classic rematch between Ric Flair & Ricky Steamboat, the return to the podcast of The Iron Sheik, casual racists and not-so-casual racists. It's WCW Wrestle War '89 - Music City Showdown!
It's finally here! After a year long build it's the Macho Man vs The Hulkster in a seriously heated main event! Plus; We discuss Total Divas, Cirque de Soleil, Dave tells us how he really feels about Dino Bravo and The Mullet Club strives to break a the PPV record. It's Wrestlemanis V - The Mega-Powers EXPLODE!!…
Santa's Big Brother: Bah & The Humbugs expose the true extent of Yuletide surveillance! Follow the saga as North Polar whistleblower Edward Snowman airs all of Santa's dirty laundry, all in the name of freedom and transparency. Includes the brand-new Humbugs song Man in the Christmas Moon, and favorites Mr. Big Christmas, Authority Man, Cease a ...…
In this episode we take a look at WCW & the NWA's first offering of 1989 - Chi-Town Rumble, and also have a brief chat about Kevin Sullivan booking his own divorce. We talk Mullets, Meltzer & 5 Star Matches. In particular, this show's unbelievable main event!
The Mega-Powers are on the brink of implosion! Plus our first review of a Rumble match. 30 Men, A dissatisfying number of mullets!
True Grit...t...t...t...t! The first WCW PPV under Ted Turner...oh and the return of podcast favourite, Junkyard Dog (note: Sarcasm). Plus a mega rematch between The Nature Boy and The Total Package.
After a week off the boys of breakfast (we didn't think that nickname through) are back to talk a bit of Raw (spoiler: it was garbage), preview our upcoming fantasy draft, and we go over Matt and Jeff Hardy in....THE FINAL DELETION.
TEAMS OF FIVE STRIVE TO SURVIVE!It's the WWF's Thanksgiving tradition and they've pulled out all the stops to bring us as many mid-carders as possible. Could we get a new Mullet Club record and we try to answer the age old question, who the FUCK is Scott Casey?
In this episode; completely mental promos, we ask is Ken Patera just playing Fabulous Moolah in drag?, the debut of a new segment, plus the Mullet Count becomes The Mullet Club!It's WWF Summerslam '88 - Where The Mega-Powers meet The Mega-Bucks!
Watch video version on YouTube now! Search Bah Gawd Almighty!Jim Crockett's last hurrah!! Featuring Dusty Rhodes with his face in Barry Windham's crotch for an eternity and the infamous Tower of Doom! Graham, Dave & Diarmuid are back with some lovely cans for NWA Great American Bash 1988.
The first episode of 2016 and what better way to start it than a PPV with 16 bloody matches?! A one night tournament, a dumb blonde and a future presidential candidate. It's Wrestlemania IV.
As 2015 comes to a close, we look back at our first year as a podcast and join up with a our sister podcast; Versus - Two Films Enter, One Film Leaves, to review the Christmas movie Santa With Muscles, starring none other than Hulk Hogan. Video version available at to Versus: Two Films Enter, One Film Leaves ...…
St. Nick Visits Philly: Chronicles the historic, traffic-halting, nightmare-inducing visit of a beloved religious figure to the City of Brotherly Love. No, not that beloved religious figure; we're talking about Santa Claus! Follow the elves who are planning this historic event on a merry chase through a plethora of new songs, including Sleigh B ...…
Video version available at needed to crack an awful lot of lovely cans for this one. The wrestling PPV that will make you hate wrestling!! Time limit draws and nonsensical ideas galore, it's NWA Bunkhouse Stampede!
3 lads, lots of cans and the biggest event since Wrestlemania III. It's the WWF's inaugural Survivor Series!
Jim Crockett Promotions take their first dip in the PPV pond. Ric Flair challenges Ron Garvin for the World Title in a Steel Cage and home-town boys The Road Warriors tear the house down against The Horsemen.
The Irresistible Force meets the Immovable Object...for as long and as slow as humanly possible! A ludicrous mass of humanity cram into the Silverdome to witness it along with the Savage/Steamboat classic!
Please Support the Crackernuts School of Christmas: The world-renowned Christmas training academy hosts a telethon to help pay for the school's extravagant new sports arena, the Snow Globe. Includes the songs The First Snowflake, The Crackernuts School of Christmas, Chiller Horror Christmas, Merry or Die, Hurricane Santa, and Million Dollar Chr ...…
The Making of "The Making of 'The Night Before "The Night Before" ' ": A Christmas Eve 2013 behind-the-scenes look at the inception and production of the epic new Bah & the Humbugs feature film and hit song. Included is the new Humbugs song, The Night Before "The Night Before."
Ayeuna Abah seja ngadongéng lalakon Sakadang Kuya anu rék di kawinkeun ka anakna Patani. Mudah-mudahan hikmah tina téma Dongéng ieu tiasa di lenyepan ku urang saréréa.Wilujeng ngadangukeun. Kaparayuuuunn Sadayana
Why The World Didn't End Last Friday: Three strangers on separate quests happen to cross paths on Christmas Eve 2012. Included are the Humbugs classics Santa Song, Inadmissible, Million Dollar Christmas, Whining Christmas Babies, Def Noel, Jesus' Funky Christmas, and Christmas to the World.
Ask Us Anything About Christmas with Stormin' Snoman and the Merry Morning Menagerie: The Arctic Circle's #1 morning radio show, The Merry Morning Menagerie with Stormin' Snoman on KPLR 90.0 'The Polar,' asks listeners to call in with their Christmas questions for experts visiting in the studio. Included are a brand new recording of the Bah & t ...…
Help! I Have A Celebrity Babysitter on Christmas! Everyone's favorite Christmas reality show decks the halls on Christmas Eve when veteran rock star Phizzy Parker babysits for an ordinary American family. Phizzy's bedtime tale tells the true story of the first Christmas, with help from the internet and TV friends. Included are brand new Bah & t ...…
Elfbook vs. Humbook: A merry band of elves are enjoying the social networking phenomenon, Elfbook, until one elf gets mad, and gets even. Listen as Diesel the elf gets so annoyed, he quits Elfbook and joins Humbook, in order to take advantage of...anti-social networking. Includes the songs Mr. Big Christmas, Titanic Tannenbaum, No Free Lunch, C ...…
Yetis of Yuletide: The saga of Newton Figg's 'Backyard Astronomer Podcast.' Listen as Figg rails against his neighbor's elaborate Trans-Sylvanian Orchestra-backed light show that foils his attempts to view objects in space, and ultimately bringing ruin and mayhem to the neighborhood. Include the new songs Santa Hat and Mincemeat.…
Bah & the Humbugs is back with an all new, all original comedy program to while away the hours while you're waiting for Santa. This year, entrepreneur Big Jerry is podcasting live from his emergency overstock liquidation warehouse, where the big deals of the day are on Bah & the Humbugs' new CD, "The 12 Symptoms of Christmas," surplus pharmaceu ...…
Bah & the Humbugs is back with an hour of hilarious Christmas commercial parodies. On Christmas Eve, slip off your shoes, relax by a warm, crackling fire...and tune in radio station WCOMMERCIAL, "All-Commercial Radio." The DJ will be spinning all of your favorite Christmas commercials, to make the Yuletide bright.…
It's Aliiiive!!! Bah & the Humbugs - A Christmas Eve Spooktacular is the 2005 podcast from America's premier satirical Christmas rock band. A brand-new spooky radio play and six coal-in-your-stocking Humbugs classics make this a must-listen on your Christmas Eve "To Listen" list.
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