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A weekly discussion about politics, hosted by The New Yorker's executive editor, Dorothy Wickenden.
Weekly News Roundups and Conversations with California’s Leaders in Politics and Policy.
Rory Sauter
Rory Sauter (2010-09-05 12:13:13 +0000 UTC)
Wie wordt de opvolger van de Amerikaanse president Barack Obama? Clinton, Trump, of gaat er een derde met het bot vandoor? In de grootste verkiezingsshow ter wereld is alles geoorloofd. VPRO-presentator Chris Kijne en NRC-correspondent Guus Valk volgen in een tweewekelijkse podcast de race. Ze bespreken het laatste nieuws, de uitdagingen van Republikeinen en Democraten en de stemming in de staten. Wiens campagne raakt op drift en welke kandidaat haakt af? Wees op de hoogte en luister mee in ...
On the record – off the clock. Veteran Atlanta political reporter Denis O’Hayer hosts a conversation between strategists from the right and the left. Democratic strategist Tharon Johnson and Republican strategist Brian Robinson bring their personalities and passion to the table for an informed, respectful and lively discussion. They spar, they delve into topics others avoid, and they give credit where it’s due. It’s all steered by Denis O’Hayer, who has covered Georgia politics for close to ...
Rory Sauter
Rory Sauter (2010-09-05 12:13:13 +0000 UTC)
The Better Angels Podcast
Ciaran O'Connor (former communications staffer for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) and John Wood, Jr. (former GOP officer and Republican congressional nominee against Maxine Waters) bring left and right together in an effort to heal the anger in American politics. These two millennial, political entrepreneurs take on current events, interviewing thought leaders and public figures from both sides of the aisle and looking outside the box for goodwill and common ground. John and Ciaran are le ...
Making Obama
Former President Barack Obama — along with key advisers, mentors, and rivals — tells the story of his climb from Chicago to the national stage. Season One of Making told the story of how Oprah built a media empire. Now, the story of how Chicago shaped the country's first African-American president.
Great Moments in Weed History delves deep into humanity's 10,000+ year relationship with cannabis (a.k.a. "marijuana") to find the humor, heart, and historical importance of this very special plant. In each episode, co-hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock blaze joints, crack jokes, and explore the people, places, and events that make up the complex and fascinating past of weed and weed culture, from Barack Obama's time in the "Choom Gang," to an exclusive first-hand account of how the ...
What really happens when a hacker snatches all your data? Breach digs into the who, why and how of history’s most notorious data breaches. Hosted by journalist Bob Sullivan and producer Alia Tavakolian. Season 2 - Equifax: the worst breach ever. How hackers stole the most valuable data of 145 million people, why it matters, and what we can do about it.
Hyphen Nation
On Hyphen Nation, I combine all my loves into one. Sometimes, you’ll get an episode about why Barack Obama is a fan of the show. Sometimes, you’ll get an episode about Scrubs. Sometimes, you’ll get an episode about the greatest MCs of all-time. Welcome to Hyphen Nation. Support this podcast:
The Capitol Steps bring their political musical satire to the air, now in two hour-long shows. Tune in on the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve.Visit our website at for weekly songs and to purchase albums. We put the MOCK in Democracy!
The audio version of the Obama campaign video podcast, this series will catch up with Barack Obama and supporters on the campaign trail as America chooses its new president.
Barack Obama's life and times presented in both Portable mp3 Audio & Portable mp4 Video formats. Mastered In High Definition.
Making Obama
Former President Barack Obama — along with key advisers, mentors, and rivals — tells the story of his climb from Chicago to the national stage. Season One of Making told the story of how Oprah built a media empire. Now, the story of how Chicago shaped the country's first African-American president.
The Wilderness
Can the Democrats save America? This is the story of a party’s journey through the wilderness after the most crushing defeat in history. In a documentary that spans two centuries of American politics, Pod Save America's Jon Favreau talks to more than 100 strategists, historians, activists, and voters about how the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Obama arrived at this moment, and how it can lead the country out.
Obama California 2008
The place for news and commentary from Barack Obama's campaign in California.
TERRIBLE TRUTH: Investigative Research on Bâri' Hitler Shabazz, who fraudulently presents as "Barack Hussein Obama II". Companion website OBAMA CONSPIRATORS: the people, process and purpose behind the fake "BHO II" identity. #FourthReich #Hitler #BâriHitlerShabazz
An informative Christian radio segment that highlights current events along and historical world shaping events with various topics.
This Week in Politics: Right Pundits political podcast channel. The foibles of Barack Obama and the Democrat Left are explained, pampered, and humored. Republican and Democrat political strategy.
Ronn Owens has had the top-rated program with KGO 810 for over 35 years. In that time he has had thousands of guests in the hot seat, including President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Steve Martin, Condoleezza Rice, Benjamin Netanyahu, John McCain, Eliot Spitzer, Joe Montana, Tony Bennett, Jimmy Carter, Willie Mays, Secretaries of State, CIA Directors and community leaders. As a versatile talk host and author, Ronn covers everything from politics to pop culture, and his show has been called th ...
with Host Paulie Abeles
My radio show is based on life philosophy, commentary, nfl news, celebrity talk and current events, and politics. Even throw in some celebrity and political impersonations like Suze Orman, Rachel Ray, Sarah Palin, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and even some Barack Obama-believe it or not and do plenty of accents as well.
Live At The Event
LIVE At The Event..
The official on-demand feed for #TWIBnation. Shows including @TWIBprime w/ @elonjames WHITE, #IHHMCY and #DGPOD, the official Daddy Game Proper Podcast.
TEA Party Power Hour
Exposing the truth about global warming, media bias, liberal bigots and Hollywood Left-Wingers. No subject is too taboo as Mark Gillar interviews some of today's leading authors, filmmakers and political thinkers.
Mediaite is the web property, of and about the media.
Liberty Drive
Take a right turn onto Liberty Drive for in-depth discussion and commentary on current events from a conservative point of view.
Milmom in Illinois. Pro military, pro troops, pro conservative, Christian, values-oriented, limited government activist against the amnesty agenda and the "Peacenik" stormtroopers like Code Pink!
Victory Institute
Chaque mois
Discussing matters affecting American liberty and security.
A great place for conservative opinions, thoughts, and occasional blunt reality.
The True Geordie Podcast is a podcast from True Geordie and Laurence McKenna, interviewing some of the most interesting and insightful guests on YouTube and iTunes. Mix in True News and you have a winning combination.
Drunken Politics
Uncomfortably aggressive political talk. Jamie Kilstein (Comedy Central, BBC) and Allison Kilkenny (Huffington Post, The Nation,, the BEAST) host a show about politics for people who hate politics! It's like CNN, but with much, much more swearing.
Now In Session Radio
Our Mission is To provide the entertainment and Information our listeners need to become informed and active in the community.
Conservativeblkwomen aka "Persnicketyblogger" discusses revelent issues in the news.
Michael Fidanza
Michael Fidanza, The Armchair Energist. Common sense for uncommon times!
Each week we discuss both the current happenings in the world of pro wrestling as well as look back at classic matches and storylines.
Italian Tomatoes
Italian Tomatoes- a show about current events from an Italian-American perspective, pragmatic and skeptical. My politics are center-right, but I respect all points of view.
Almost White
Political and cultural talk from the heart with a comic bent. ALMOST WHITE puts the “know” in LATINO.
Steve Garfield
Steve Garfield is an advisor to media and internet companies about online video, a speaker at conferences on video and mobile broadcasting, video producer and teacher of New Media Tools for Journalism at Boston University.
What will life look like in 2038? Twenty years from now is not the stuff of science fiction, but it still sounds like it: flying driverless cars, an internet cold war, a Chinese world order. Given the pace of change we are currently living through, the world really could look dramatically different from today. Remember, twenty years ago, social media and iPhones and the Tea Party did not exist, Barack Obama had just started dabbling in state politics, the Clinton administration was loosening ...
An episode-by-episode discussion of The West Wing, one of television’s most beloved shows, co-hosted by one of its stars, Joshua Malina, along with Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder.
With the January 20 inauguration of hoops-shooting Barack Obama came a new era in American history. And with it, a new chapter in talk-radio history – one in which conservative-dominated dials must adapt to our nation’s voracious appetite for change. But by that time, BlogTalkRadio was ready. Because on December 9, we got a jump on the changing of the guard with the launch of “Game On!” Hosted by Kevin Ross – an African-American Republican from L.A. – and David McLaughlin – a white Democrat ...
Zandar, Bon and company fight the stupid in its many forms.
Faustas blog
The official podcast of Fausta's Blog. Fausta Wertz podcasts daily at 11AM Eastern at Fausta’s 15 Minutes on Latin America on the relationship between American and Latin American politics, news, current events and culture.
Hard Starboard Radio
The poor man's Rush Limbaugh, your ruler, benevolent despot, and Rabbi of Christianity, Constitutionalism, Conservatism, and common sense, reviewing and commenting on each day's events as only he can, and as much as S’Mores The Wonder Kitty will allow.
Hardcore Conservative Radio is an unapologetic, tell-it-like-it is conservative view of the wacky world of American politics. No punches are pulled, no party lines are toed, just pure, unadulterated hardcore conservative opinion-based news.
Hosted by Miguel Lloyd Life Full Circle is a show that will feature provocative topics, covering the interests of the full spectrum of its listeners. Current news, entertainment, sports, faith, entrepreneurship, health issues, etc. will all be featured topics of the discussion.
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When I was younger, I was a part of a radio show on WVU's college radio station called the Urban Diner. During that time, I paired up with a gentleman and together, we created The Hyphen & Kwames Show, the most powerful, mythical, and awesome radio show that there ever was. Then, as suddenly as it started, my co-host Kwame Amponsem moved away, ...…
Hosts Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay break down the top political headlines in California politics and policy. Interested in becoming a sponsor or coming on the show? Send either of us a message:, The pod next week CalChannel goes dark Attorney General and initiative titles and summaries Dead donors Presi ...…
News is happening so fast in Washington DC, so today's Report focused on some of the latest developments such as Mick Mulvaney's "get over it" comment on quid pro quo, a lawsuit by Trump against CNN and Hillary Clinton's assertion that Tulsi Gabbard might be a Russian agent.You can listen to the Ronn Owens Report weekdays at 11:30am, 3:30pm and ...…
On September 23rd, Representative Abigail Spanberger joined six other House Democrats—all from swing districts and all veterans of the military, defense, and intelligence communities—in drafting an op-ed in the Washington Post declaring President Trump a threat to the nation. The op-ed signalled a shift in the position of the moderate members o ...…
It’s still more than a year before the presidential election, but we’re less than three months away from the first caucuses in Iowa. And Georgia takes center stage in a month, with the next Democratic debate, and the rapidly-changing events in Washington and overseas could have a big effect on the plans for both major parties here. Meanwhile, a ...…
Ronn talked about some of the latest developments in Washington D.C. including Nancy Pelosi's press conference this morning, the overwhelming vote against the President's moves involving the Kurds and Speaker Pelosi and Minority leader Kevin McCarthy with their hugely different accounts of yesterday's meeting with the President.You can listen t ...…
Alice B. Toklas was born in 1877 in San Francisco, but she relocated to Paris after the earthquake of 1906 destroyed 80% of her hometown. And on the very day she arrived in the City of Lights, Alice met and fell in love with Gertrude Stein—also an American expatriate, and a collector of important work by not yet renown masters like Cezanne, Gau ...…
Fresh off a new episode of Browns In Our Blood, Anthony Sellers joins me on THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST to talk about El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie! Join us as we ride with Jesse Pinkman as his story picks up where the final episode of Breaking Bad ended. Spoilers galore, wild theories, a lot of reminiscing, and even th ...…
12 candidates, 3's report featured some thoughts I hadabout last night's Democratic Primary debate.You can listen to the Ronn Owens Report weekdays at 11:30am, 3:30pm, and 7:30pm on KGO810 or go to // KGO.
Eli Attie joins us to discuss this tension-filled episode about a potential nuclear disaster. For more, visit Joshua Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway.
We did a short Report in conjunction with the World Concern special KGO ran today.I talked about the honor I've been given to MC the Naturalization Ceremony in Oakland tomorrow, welcoming 1,350 new citizens to the United States.You can listen to the Ronn Owens Report weekdays at 11:30am, 3:30pm, and 7:30pm on KGO810 or just go to www.kgoradio.c ...…
I love you, now die is the HBO documentary about Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy, who fell in love. While they only met in real life five times, they shared many text messages over a period of two years. Then, on July 13, 2014, Conrad Roy was found dead in his car. His death was found to be a case of carbon-monoxide intoxication, but when invest ...…
Chris Micheli is a principal at Aprea & Micheli government relations. He works primarily on business issues and is an adjunct professor at McGeorge School of Law. We discuss the 2019 legislative session by the numbers, and briefly discuss his work on AB 5. Music: Just Can't Get Enough by Depeche Mode because we sure can't stop talking #CaLeg!…
Impeachment was the word everyone was talking about this past weekend, so today I talked about a few aspects of that. The world will soon see the horrors of ISIS coming back from the dead as 11,000 prisoners will find ways to escape their jailers. It's started already.Then I talked a bit about the man himself. He is a liar. 12,000 misstatements ...…
The months of protests in Hong Kong may be the biggest political crisis facing Chinese leadership since the Tiananmen Square massacre a generation ago. What began as objections to a proposed extradition law has morphed into a broad-based protest movement. “There was just this rising panic that Hong Kong was becoming just like another mainland c ...…
Very soon, the decade of the 2010s will be coming to an end. Almost lost without a MCU movie to cover, Marcus went into Thought Father mode and came up with a doozy of an episode. Each of us brought our 5 favorite music projects of the '10s to the table as well as 10 honorable mentions. My list stopped at 30 projects... Marcus was at 95 by the ...…
Hosts Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay break down the top political headlines in California politics and policy. Interested in becoming a sponsor or coming on the show? Send either of us a message:, SHOWNOTES Intro: Books! #AB5 American Independent Party Fiasco Presidential Race Public power shut-offs…
Today's Report featured what we used to call a "potpourri," namely some comments on various items in the news. I talked about the Federal Appeals Court ruling this morning that President Trump must turn over his tax returns to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, his proclamation to deny visas to immigrants who cannot prove they will ha ...…
Last Sunday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan informed President Trump of his intention to launch a military offensive in northeastern Syria, in an effort to eradicate the Kurdish militias there. Trump agreed to draw down American troops to clear the way for the Turkish army. Though Erdoğan regards those militias as terrorist groups, the ...…
'll come out and say it: Trump is done.A bold and possibly foolish statement, but you can feel the tide turning.51% of voters (in a FOX poll!) say he ought to be impeached AND removed from office. And this poll was taken before Ukraine/House impeachment inquiry and before his shameful, sickening discarding of the Kurds. Without conscience, he t ...…
‘De handschoenen zijn uit’ heette de vorige aflevering, toen de Democraten in het Huis van Afgevaardigden begonnen waren met hun impeachment-onderzoek. Maar eigenlijk waren ze toen pas aan één kant uit. Met een brief aan dat Huis heeft het Witte Huis nu laten weten dat ook daar het gevecht met de blote vuist gevoerd zal worden. En allemaal bove ...…
In 2013, renegade weed activists in Philadelphia vowed to host a monthly public smoke-out in front of the Liberty Bell. Despite clashing with heavily armed federal forces, their efforts brought cannabis decriminalization to the birthplace of American democracy. Check out N.A. Poe's YouTube channel, and you can follow him on Twitter @NikkiAllenP ...…
This time out on THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST, we travel to Washington state to find the man known as P-Thug, Paul Hermann! For the first time in years, Paul and I link up to talk about his podcasts (Marvel Studios News/The Comic Binge Podcast/Star Wars Blaster Canon/Star Wars: The Saga Continues), Michael Bailey, the wond ...…
Host Gibran Maciel hosts a book club reading with local musician Tyler Mehlhaff and Carter Todd, president of the Capital Black Nurses Association. This reading focused on Tyler's choice "Zero to One" by Paypal and Facebook founder Pieter Thiel. Note: This is not one of our usual California politics and policy shows. I simply had a friend sugge ...…
On this Yom Kippur, we aired part two of the interview we recorded yesterday with Chris Cilizza of CNN's "The Point." We discussed two major issues: the President's sudden shift in policy towards troops in Syria and Turkey's role in this, and speculation as to what is Mitt Romney's end game, given that he has emerged as the primary Republican S ...…
KSI and Logan Paul went at again in the UK Press Conference hosted by True Geordie. ⏯ Watch here: 🎧 Download on iTunes: 🎙Listen on Spotify: 💡 Business email: 📹 True Geordie: 👑 True Geordie 2: ...…
Bradley Whitford returns to gleefully tell us about writing this episode and giving Josh the lines, "I can't act. I'm a terrible actor." And Annabeth Gish joins us, too! (How lucky are we?) We talk to her about the complicated character of Liz Bartlet Westin, whom she portrayed so thoughtfully. For more, visit…
🧵 Sponsor: Jeffrey Epstein was an American financier and convicted Sex Offender. Since his death many think his connections to those in power need to be looked in to and Shaun Attwood reveals what his research in to Epstein has uncovered in this True Geordie Podcast. ⏯ Watch here: 🎧 Do ...…
Today we aired part one of a two-part interview with Chris Cillizza of CNNs "The Point." We focused on this morning's point-counterpoint news comments between US Congressman Adam Schiff and US Congressman Jim Jordan. This is part of the start of a House inquiry into the possible impeachment of President Trump and dealt with the State Department ...…
Hosts Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay break down the top political headlines in California politics and policy. Interested in becoming a sponsor or coming on the show? Send either of us a message:, SHOWNOTES - Intro - Major League shenanigans - Homelessness in Sacramento - PPIC Polling on California Educat ...…
Today's big story deals with a federal judge in New York City ruling President Trump's accounting firm must turn over eight years of his personal and business tax returns. (The order was immediately put on hold by an appeals court.) We talked with noted tax attorney Steve Moskowitz about the impact of this decision, when states can see federal ...…
David Remnick asks five New Yorker contributors about the nascent impeachment proceedings against the President. Susan Glasser, the magazine’s Washington correspondent, notes that Republicans have attacked the inquiry but have not exactly defended the substance of Trump’s phone call to Zelensky. Joshua Yaffa, who has been reporting from Kiev, n ...…
Let me tell you: there's nothing like booking a guest for THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST and picking out a time and a date... and then letting yourself forget all about it. Despite my best efforts, I was able to call in the host of HPG's Catch The Show and The Underground Monster, EG (that's @catcherofshows on the social mee ...…
Washington Post syndicated columnist E.J.Dionne, Jr. joined us to talk about the constantly evolving developments in the impeachment investigation. We talked about how that issue has shifted power from the Executive to the Congressional branch of government, and about whether the President really is smart (thinking the transcript helps him, bel ...…
It’s football season now, but the real head-knocking is happening in politics--where some of the players are going after each other without helmets. Meanwhile, the state’s strict new abortion law ran into a block in Federal court, and it’s a blitz of candidates who want to succeed Johnny Isakson in the U.S. Senate. We’ve got great seats for you ...…
On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was on the line for President Trump’s July 25th phone call with the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, during which Trump urged Zelensky to assist in an investigation into Trump’s political rival, Joe Biden. Pompeo, a fierce Trump loyalist and the last survivi ...…
On New Year's Eve 2016, Zach “Jesus Hands” Fernandez risked his life to change two letters on the world's most iconic sign. For the very first time, he tells Abdullah and Bean exactly how he did it, and why it was worth the risk. They also get pretty blazed and have a lot of laughs. Jesus Hands says that when the deed was done, he celebrated by ...…
So you know what else Jay-Z does besides make conspicuous deals with Roger Goodell and the NFL? He makes music! Well... he used to pretty regularly. So this time out on THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST, I have the first person who asked to be on the pod finally on as a guest and all by his lonesome! Michael Lamerique (fresh of ...…
Ciaran and John tackle the impeachment question, in addition to discussing polarization at the municipal level, John's forthcoming solo podcast, and how a President should smell.
We talked with US Congressman Eric Swalwell who, along with fellow-Congressman Adam Schiff, have emerged as leaders in the attempt to impeach President Trump. He pointed out one of the reasons the American public has suddenly shifted so much on the question is because, unlike the Russia investigation, this is something everyone can easily under ...…
True Geordie & Laurence McKenna reflect on their podcast with conspiracy expert David Icke. ⏯ Watch here: 🎧 Download on iTunes: 🎙Listen on Spotify: 💡 Business email: 📹 True Geordie: 👑 True Geordie 2: https:/ ...…
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: Start with💰50K silver and get a Free Epic Champion 💥 on day 7 of “New Player Rewards” program ⏯ Watch here: 🎧 Download on iTunes: 🎙Listen on Spotify: 💡 Business email: info@truegeo ...…
This week, the great Kristin Chenoweth joins us to discuss her role as Annabeth. She's an Emmy and Tony Award winning actress and singer, and we’re so glad she’s finally joining us! For more, visit Joshua Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway.
Time to catch up on two sports stories with Drew Hoffar, KNBR Sports talk host. We discussed the 3-0 start by the '49ers (one of only three undefeated teams left after week three in the NFL.) Drew was excited about Monday night's game when the Cleveland Browns visit Levi's Stadium. A Niners win will really start energizing the Bay Area. We also ...…
Hosts Gibran Maciel and Scott Lay break down the top political headlines in California politics and policy. Interested in becoming a sponsor or coming on the show? Send either of us a message:, Show Notes Intro SB 1 (Atkins): Maintain pre-Trump environmental, health and labor standards in CA Vetoed Fri ...…
I've been stunned by the speed the impeachment issue has progressed in just the last week. For months I have felt it better to wait for the 2020 Presidential election when the public can definitively decide if we want another four years of Trump in the White House.But polls have shown a huge increase in support for the impeachment inquiry and I ...…
Senator Cory Booker burst onto the national scene about a decade ago, after serving as the mayor of the notoriously impoverished and dangerous city of Newark, New Jersey. To get that job, Booker challenged an entrenched establishment. “My political training comes from the roughest of rough campaigns,” he tells David Remnick. “You just won’t thi ...…
On this edition of THE BARACK OBAMA APPROVED WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST, strange things are afoot! I had a close encounter of the bird kind while waking up over IG videos. After I recovered from that, I find out that Mario Kart Tour isn't just for iOS but it's available for #TeamAndroid people like myself! This leads to my Mario Kart origin story ...…
CNN Senior Political Analyst and Anchor John Avlon joined us to discuss the President's use of projection (accusing a credible accuser of the same behavior he's being charged with,) whether impeachment will actually succeed, Senator Jeff Flake's belief that if there was a blind vote in the Senate, 30 or more Republican Senators would vote to im ...…
This week, evidence emerged that Trump tried to enlist the help of a foreign power to discredit his political opponents—in this case, Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Biden. Further disclosures revealed that the President may have been aided in his efforts by his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, Vice-President Mike Pence, and Attorney General ...…
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