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Of all the podcasts in the world, you had to walk into ours... And we're glad you did! The Big Red Barrelcast is the flagship podcast of Your hosts are Dave (a podcast legend), PacManPolarBear (a Canadian podcast legend), and Kev (a dude). Every week we discuss Video Games -- and probably other junk -- as we drop (somewhat) informative entertainment bombs across the landscape of your ears. So if you're looking for the internet's #1 gaming podcast, by all means go and find t ...
Well, hello there! Welcome to Big Red Barrel Geek Speak, a brand new podcast about all your geeky needs! We hope you join our hosts, Lauren, Monica and Alex who will spend the whole hour nerding about video games, board games, movies, TV shows, anime, books and even music!
It's no secret that most of the gaming news out there is based out of the US. So, it's about time that there was a gaming podcast that brings you the best of British - and that show is the BigRedBarrel UK Podcast. Make sure you join your hosts Dan, Tim and Jon (formally known as Yamster, Capn Average & Mighty Mutt) for your weekly fix of British gaming news and reviews. Cups of tea and crumpets are entirely optional.
Big Red Barrel Boom combines cutting edge humor and uninformed video games commentary into a delicious stew of audio entertainment. Hosts DogsDieDieInHotCars, Smelly Pirate Hooker, and Yoshifett discuss everything from the state of the gaming industry to the visceral enjoyment of playing games while on the toilet. For unbiased, informative video game entertainment, listen to…. someone else. But if you want to laugh with and at four grown men addicted to video games, Big Red Barrel Boom is th ...
From the popular gaming website Big Red Barrel comes a brand new movie podcast, BIG RED FLIX! Hosted by Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett, this bi-weekly podcast is filled with movie news, film reviews, and irreverent humor. With an enjoyable mix of personalities and varied discussion of cinema, Big Red Flix is a must-listen for anyone interested in film or simply looking for a good laugh.
Bonus Barrel - Gaming PodYou like games? Well we love them! It's not a contest, okay? We're four people who gather together like a fleshy Voltron to talk about various games and game topics. Overall, I give this podcast a 3.3 out 10 and it has a 27 on Metacritic.It's worth nothing, and it should be obvious, but all the views on this show are by us and us only. Any pathetic attempt at comedy should be taken in consideration. Our "damage" segment is a recommendation system only, and not so muc ...
For more than three years The Blu Show has been your best source for PlayStation-centric information and/or entertainment. Now join Rothbart, Frawlz, and PacmanPolarbear on the PlayStation Podcast (aka "The Blu Show") as they offer three very distinct outlooks on gaming, the PlayStation platforms, and whatever else they decide to talk about each week. Whether you're 14 or 114, these guys will probably make you laugh, blush, and possibly cry with their unique approach to mixi ...
Stories always get better in the retelling. And in the case of Mr. Jack Daniel, the distillery that bears his name, and the world-famous whiskey that emerges from the hollows of Lynchburg, Tennessee, there is no shortage of stories to be told. Lucas Hendrickson hosts Around the Barrel, the official podcast of Jack Daniel’s, as we set out to tell those stories. Your friends at Jack Daniel’s remind you to drink responsibly. Tennessee Whiskey Alcohol 40% by Volume (80 proof). Distilled and Bott ...
An anime podcast hosted by a group of anime bloggers. Once a month, we get together with a guest to throw around big ideas, thoughtful analysis, and a bit of humor about a variety of topics related to anime. If we talk about a specific show in an episode, we'll likely spoil the heck out of it—so be prepared. And that's about all you need to know! Jump into the barrel and discover the anime atelier inside!
Every week, a different gaming topic becomes the center of debate between AJ and Mike, brothers and lifelong gamers. But they’ll often squeeze in their other, geeky interests -- including movies and Disney theme parks. The Exploding Barrel Podcast is 10 years old, but its fire still burns bright. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Supporters Group
Binny’s Beverage Depot is bringing you the best up-to-date and informative coverage of the world of wine, spirits and beer. Host Kristen Ellis is joined by Binny's specialists in round table discussions, special guest interviews, and a weekly Q&A segment fielding your questions. Kristen and the Binny's team cover everything from Amarone to Zinfandel, Single Malts to Stouts.
Sonoma County Comedians Steve Ausburne & Casey Williams taste a different whiskey each episode. Spend an hour with us as we drink the whiskey, discuss the whiskey, drift into 20 year old pop culture references and icons, drink more whiskey, talk about upcoming shows and happenings in the Bay Area Comedy Scene, and finally, drink more whiskey.
Talk the Talk
A weekly show about linguistics, the science of language, on RTRFM 92.1 community radio, Perth.
Barrel Chat
Barrel Chat is your #1 podcast for the finer side of beer, liquor, and wine. Come imbibe with us as we talk to industry leaders about their finest libations.
We find amazingly terrible but entertaining films on Netflix and Hulu and review them for your enjoyment!
Whiskey Barrel CountryHosted by Texas Bulldog and Shannon
In the Pickle Barrel
In The Pickle Barrel is a place to talk about politics,issues and events taking place in the United States of America and places around the world that affect this great country. Whether in the North, South East or West we face major problems. Small towns, big cities, industrial areas, the farm lands across this nation are struggling. In the Pickle Barrel is where the politics, social issues, or any topic that we as Americans should be concerned about is fair game. A long time ago, I decided ...
A Podcast that picks a topic several times a week and gives you the no-holds-barred truth.
Friends talking about video games.
Podcast by Burning Barrel Podcast Network
Over the Barrel
Over the Barrel is a podcast from Sun-Times Media Local focusing on beer, craft breweries and other interesting alcohol-related news in the Chicago area.
Double Barrell Doo-Doo is a show for those that want to have fun, laugh, learn new things and really just get by your day. We are smart dumb guys who just want the best for you. We talk about life, love, money, politics, sports, music and anything and everything under the sun. making you smile is whats important.
Inside The Barrels
Join host Shawn Rockenbach as he peeks inside the barrels of the drinks we love. Each episode he will sit down with the masters to discuss their history and how they do what they do be it brewers, distillers or wine makers from around the world.
Barrel-Cat Gaming
Podcast by Colossus
Whiskey Barrel Podcast
Barrel Racer Land
Welcome to Barrel Racer Land, where dreams and s**t shows come true! A podcast for barrel racers, by barrel racers! Come chase the proverbial unicorn with Sarai and Stacy as they surf the highs and lows of one of the craziest sports on earth.
The Barrel Roll News Network is a site dedicated to video game and movie reviews and news. This podcast is here for our NewsCasts, where we discuss the week's news as well as what we're playing; and the Barrel Roll News where we give you the news flat out without the awesome banter. Whatever your choice is be sure to check out for all our reviews, videos, and more!
Tony, Nick, and other members of the BrNN team discuss games, movies, and other nerdly things. In our NewsCast we discuss gaming and movie news. In our Post Credit Show we talk about what we're watching and playing. We'll also get into discussions about tons of nerd like things going on in our lives.
Welcome to Micstand! What the hell is Micstand I hear you ask? Well, Micstand is a brand new podcast series which aims to explore the world through conversation. Each week a new guest will join host Ross Keniston and discuss anything they're interested in, and in turn educated the most uneducated host on God's green earth. Former games enthusiast press journalist Ross Keniston is attempting to explore the world from the comfort of his podcast studio and is enlisting the help of those he's me ...
The Official Podcast of Bourbon! Featuring interviews with the people making the bourbon industry happen. Listen to hear all the stories behind your favorite brands from master distillers, authors, pundits, bloggers, and more. A new podcast every week focused on America’s native spirit, bourbon.
A Double Barrelled Detective Story is a novel by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), in which Sherlock Holmes finds himself in the American west.At a mining camp in California, Fetlock Jones, a nephew of Sherlock Holmes, kills his master, a silver-miner, by blowing up his cabin. Since this occurs when Holmes happens to be visiting, he brings his skills to bear upon the case and arrives at logically worked conclusions that are proved to be abysmally wrong by an amateur detective with an extremely ke ...
Bottom of the Barrel: A Bourbon Podcast and Blog
Bruery Radio is the podcast for The Bruery, Bruery Terreux and Offshoot Beer Co. THE BRUERY, PLACENTIA, CA 92870 - BEER, ALE, AND LAGER. If you are below the legal drinking age in your country, please refrain from listening.
The Sour Hour
Hosted by Jay Goodwin, co-founder of The Rare Barrel in Berkeley, California, The Sour Hour is an in-depth look into the process of making wild ales. With the help of some of the best mixed-fermentation brewers in the world, Jay discusses the techniques required to make world class sour beer.
L.A. Whisky Hour
Welcome to the L.A. Whisky Hour! Hosted by Logan Butti, and Aiden Frappied! A couple of long time friends drinking the finest of whiskies, and talking about anything and everthing! Join us live every Sunday at 6pm (MST) from our YouTube live stream! Or find us on Facebook, Twitter, LibSyn, and iTunes anytime! So have a look, take a listen, and join us for the L.A. Whisky Hour!
The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.
Calibre Quebec Radio
Keeping french barrels smoking
Join Sharon Camarillo as she inspires, educates, and entertains while exploring the fastest growing equine sport, barrel racing.
BRG Cast
A weekly podcast from Barrel Roll Gaming, with the latest in video game news and reviews. Hosted by Stevo.
No product or service should be provided at the barrel of a gun
No product or service should be provided at the barrel of a gun
About this wine
Be the hit at your next wine party or just learn more about all aspects of the wines you love. History, pairing, making, dinning, wineries and everything else you ever wanted to know about wine.
From the guys the brought you Denis, Leroy, The Joker and There's No I comes BOOM! Featuring the best and latest bodyboarding footage, including sessions around oz, rider profiles and overseas trips.This is the only place you will see Waldron Bros footage this year, subscribe so that you don't miss out.
A mixed bag of fun. Like a barrel of monkeys played by lunatics. From Cult status to Back in toons. From Trash Cinema to Retrorocket hour we got it all. Sit back and have a nutty time.
Strange Country
Welcome to Strange Country, a podcast devoted to bizarre, surreal and extraordinary stories that make America the weird place it is. Co-hosts Kelly and Beth are former newspaper reporters turned school librarians who have always had a soft spot for a good story--the stranger the better. Discover the first woman to survive a barrel ride over Niagara Falls and the man who invented “complex marriage” in one of the most successful utopian experiments. Things get weird pretty quickly around here.
Guys With Microphones
We are some guys and we have some microphones. We are high school geeks who just ad lib whatever comes to mind, so join us on the adventure that is Guys With Microphones.
The latest surf videos from southwest france,the big barrels from hossegor.
Brandon Baxter In The Morning originates on 107.9 KFIN in Jonesboro, Arkansas. BBITM is a country music morning show that talks about the world of country music, pop culture, and social events. Brandon Baxter is a professional wrestling personality as well as the host of BBITM. Baxter is joined on the show by mixed martial arts instructor/mother to 3, Kelly Perry, along with recent college graduate, David the Barrel Boy.
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show series
Kelly is the talk of the office. The office is obsessed with the new girl. What's trending? Brandon posting pictures the day after. What not to do while feeding giraffes. Gotcha Gossip: MTV VMA's. People are Crazy: Is it worth getting mauled by a bear for a selfie? Headed to Hoxie! Brandon & David beg for remedies for Kelly's hoarseness. We cel ...…
Competition and Mental Attitude with Donna Irvin and Hailey Kinsel
That moment you realize your kid is way cooler than you. ASTATE back to school. Brandon takes the family to the Zoo. David may be the worst chaperone EVER. David remembers his first day of college and sings the ASTATE fight song... kinda. David tries to redeem himself. Brandon even dreams in generics. What's trending today? Gotcha Gossip: Why d ...…
Cans aren’t just for beer! These days, innovative wineries and distilleries are joining breweries in packaging their beverages in this portable, lightweight and environmentally friendly aluminum container. The Barrel to Bottle crew breaks convention and tastes a collection of wines, cocktails and more from cans. Things get weird. Plus, stick ar ...…
This episode we discuss two great coming of age/journey flicks. Stand by Me and Kings of Summer.
Raping prosecutor William Higgins gets no jail time for crimes. It’s good to be one of the king’s men. Also spoke with Al from California about relevance, burden’s of proof and when to argue merits. The post No State Project 18 Aug – Serial Rapist and Prosecutor Gets no Jail Time appeared first on…
Raping prosecutor William Higgins gets no jail time for crimes. It’s good to be one of the king’s men. Also spoke with Al from California about relevance, burden’s of proof and when to argue merits. The post No State Project 18 Aug – Serial Rapist and Prosecutor Gets no Jail Time appeared first on…
This is a mini-series of 8 episodes discussing the James Bond Films, the rip-offs and homages. We start off with Dr. No and end with Thunderball in this episode.
This week we focus on a more recent show and one that we and the rest of the fans want to revive.
The crew recaps their 3 year anniversary show, and adds more funny memories!
The Show is 3 Years Old! Early memories working together. We celebrate birthdays! Most embarrassing moments shared on the show: David & Coach Anderson, Kelly meeting Brett Eldredge, Brandon having a really "good time" at Brad Paisley. 3 Years of David's Stunts and more embarrassing moments during the show. David teases us with a "special guest. ...…
Where can you see Lenny Kravitz, John Mayer, Bourbon Pursuit, Sheryl Crow, Eddie Russell, Sting, Fred Noe, and more! Only at Bourbon & Beyond Festival 2018! The entire Bourbon Pursuit Team is together for the first time to talk about the festival, the music , the Bourbon+ seminars, and a few backstage stories from last year. Oh yeah... you can ...…
Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker formed PTL in the 1970s. They were beamed into millions of homes telling viewers that they could pray their way to materialistic paradise and double their money by donating to PTL. Then it all started to crumble like the powder foundation shellacked onto Tammy Faye's face. Join Strange Country on its one-year anniversa ...…
The post No State Project ep 75 Equivocation, So Much Equivocation From Lawyers appeared first on
The post No State Project ep 75 Equivocation, So Much Equivocation From Lawyers appeared first on
Hey there! On this episode of Geek Speak, Jo, Alex, and Diarmuid attempt to stay on topic… they were not entirely successful. They also chat news, movies and games! This week they ramble about: Time-Waster of the Week: Retro Replay Michael Moore Takes On Donald Trump In Fahrenheit 11/9 Trailer UPDATE: Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 Still Set To ...…
Oooh look, we’ve got an episode of BRB UK much earlier than usual… we really do spoil you sometimes. It’s a two-man show this week as Dan and Coleman are missing a Tim but there’s more than enough stuff from the land of video games for us to bring you lovely listeners. Check out what’s on the show this week: Bethesda wants Sony to allow cross-p ...…
Louisville City’s new coach joins us this week for a Special Reserve edition of Barrel Proof, with guest host Evan Floyd from the In the House Podcast. JH gives us the dirt on his plans, his philosophy, and his opinions of Brad Estes and Tim Mulloy. Give us a listen, then give us a rating and review on iTunes or your podcast service of choice!…
This week in Bonus Barrel, the full crew is back again!Our main topic is the 1989 NES title Batman: The Video Game. Also in this episode, what are the effects of using save states? Super Sentai talk, Leff plays WoW and more Ace Attorney rants.Music Credits:"Chibi Ninja" (Eric Skiff,"We're all under ...…
David keeps crying he was robbed. Red Wolf Mark sings a new song, "Let them learn." Kelly vs.David Round 2! "Another successful day of dropping off the kids..." David doesn't want to be disturbed. David wins the sleep contest.Gotcha Gossip: Justin Beiber's wedding date set? People are Crazy: Put your sword away! Kelly worried about her kids all ...…
Topics: Awful practices in games corporate culture, Legitimate Smash Bros, Fortnight Games: Octopath Traveler, Minit, West of Loathing, Mega Man X, DropMix, Pokemon Go ​Bets: None Speaking: Geoff Brewer, Griff Hoffmann Music: Intro - Let’s Tap Tap de Papaya. Mid - Freestyle mode from DropMix Outro SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed 03-16: Sk ...…
School is back! Special guest shows up to the studio... Saved by the bell! Who's Smarter- Kelly or David? The kids have been dropped off at school. As a parent are you crying or celebrating? David may be developing a rash. VOGUE- David wants to take pictures like girls? More likes? Brandon wants to know why he is "unfollowed." What are teachers ...…
Beer is simple – just water, barley, hops and yeast, right? These days, breweries are adding all kinds of stuff to their beer, from fruit and spices all the way through candy and breakfast cereal. Roger leads the Barrel to Bottle crew through an epic tour and blind tasting across the spectrum of adjuncts in beer. And stick around for this week’ ...…
We celebrate the 25th anniversaries of two baseball classics for the whole family.
There are a million and a half things to consider when you decide to purchase a young barrel racing prospect. Bloodlines, industry breeding standards, big butt requirements and the does and don'ts of baby barrel horses all on this episode of Barrel Racer Land! Step one: if you think you know it all, you're wrong!…
Brandon is concerned about David's health and proposes a solution...CRICKETS! Final countdown until school starts. Brandon starts the day with uncool songs. David the Bubble Boy questions expiration dates. What's trending today? Girl pushed off bridge, speaks out. Gotcha Gossip- Demi Lovato cancels remainder of tour. People are Crazy: Wasabi!! ...…
Allo’ you. We’ve got no Coleman this week but we still have the OG BRB’ers of Dan and Tim, along with the sexually charged Irishman, Diarmuid. Together they will be running through the usual collection of news and reviews from the land of video games that we’ve all become so accustomed to. IGN Reviewer plagiarizes a YouTuber’s review of Dead Ce ...…
This episode we prepare for MEG by watching two decent but overlooked Shark Flicks from the last few years.
Reid welcomes his colleague Julia Zema to the podcast to discuss the common questions facing new hunters as they attempt to enter the world of upland bird hunting. Julia and Reid discuss, firearm education, hunter safety, etiquette, access, and dogs, and so doing hope to answer common questions and break down some barriers of entry. Enjoy!…
Everyone is on best behavior when there is a new employee. Do your tastes change as you get older? David tells us how "Tinder" works. "One thing we like to spread in this room." David is rude when he answers the phone. Fortnite dance classes!16 year old girl pushed from cliff. David goes "fishin." Please don't arrest me, I'm pretty. Do certain ...…
It's time for the blind battle of private barrel selections! Three heavyweight bouts between barrels that have sweet stickers and demand a hefty market price. During this fight of flights we are joined by Ben Pickett and Paul Warnott to discuss blind tasting strategies, barrel selection processes, and overall thoughts on our competing picks. Sh ...…
The Bohemian Grove is where the rich, powerful, mainly white dudes go to unwind, drink and pee on the glorious Redwoods that they would likely chop down just cuz they can. This has been happening every summer for nearly 150 years. Strange Country co-hosts Beth and Kelly speculate what these masters of the universe may be up to since no women ar ...…
Oh deer! Brandon is afraid of the dark! People are Crazy- He must of really wanted a corn dog. KFIN breakfast Club- Club Tan Studios & Coffee Gallery- BBITM Celebrates Cats. We celebrate birthdays! Amanda Herringer- St. Bernards FREE Health Screenings. Haydn Huckabee- Director of Clinical Operations for Families Inc: Anxiety Part II. Dr. Kevin ...…
Well, Princip is dead and has been for quite a while. No guest or Brian this week but we still manage to gab for an hour about the Louisville-Indianapolis Proximity Association Football Contest, Indy Eleven, John Hackworth, bad hashtags, Red Bulls Two, and your questions. Give us a yell!
Due to this week's potty-mouthed guest, please know that this episode has more than the usual amount of profanity.In this episode, Seigi has a conversation with friend and former co-worker, Parra.The music in this episode:"Green Hill Zone Theme" (Juu Zourei,"forgotten lullaby" (Fusion42, F-u-s-i-o-n-4-2 – A-forgotten-lulla ...…
We continue our conversation about Summer Flicks with Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise & North Shore.
#BBITM takes an in-depth look at the life of David the Barrel Boy. Growing up in Weiner. Farm life. First exposure to radio. Becoming an intern. The difference in morning shows.
Beyonce has nothing on David the Barrel Boy! Brandon embarrasses his son. Brandon's neighbors break their contract. Surprised from our friends in Hawaii! People are throwing "pheromone" parties. What's trending today? Gotcha Gossip: Demi Lovato enters Rehab. People are Crazy: Oh the irony! You can the boy out of Weiner, but you can't take... We ...…
We revisit the idea that language shapes behaviour with two expert linguists. Is the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis coming in from the cold? In the News: a young woman from New Zealand challenges stereotypes on signage, and the Cha’palaa language of Ecuador has a surprisingly detailed vocabulary for smell. Words of the Week: 3D guns, bag-flip, wolphin…
David lied... to ALL of us, and pooped in the floor? David tries to make it up to everyone involved in his lies. David isn't sure he should accept a certain friend request. What is it with guys and directions? What's trending today? Apps we hate but we just can't quit. Gotcha Gossip- Demi Lovato releases first statement since overdose. People a ...…
This week on Barrel to Bottle, Kristen and Greg sit down with two VIPs of California wine, Chris Benziger and John Concannon. Chris Benziger carries the tradition of his family’s winery into the next generation, with all of Benziger’s releases certified sustainable, organic or biodynamic. John Concannon is an advocate for environmental stewards ...…
This episode we go old school for a discussion on the many iterations of Tom & Jerry, Try and find the good elements of TerryToons and discuss the Comic-con animation news.
The post No State Project 4 Aug 2018 Equivocation and Outright Lies appeared first on
The post No State Project 4 Aug 2018 Equivocation and Outright Lies appeared first on
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