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Digital Noise
One Of Us’ Blu-ray/DVD review podcast breaks through the pixel barrier and takes you inside all the latest home entertainment selections. What should you buy? What should you avoid? What glorious title will win our prestigious Pick of the Week honors? Tune in and find out, on the only Blu-ray review show that encourages you to crank up the Digital Noise.
Come with me as we restudy the word man has past down with the Word of Yehuwah. Dr. Arroyo B. Sanders Sr., Pastor of Yehowshuwa Intl. Assemblies Ministry is a great servant of Yehuwah who walks in the anointing and ministerial gifts of the five fold ministry. Yehuwah has set a mandate upon his life to raise and train up tomorrows leaders to this new generation in the unadulterated teachings of Yehowshuwa, our Messiah & Saviour. He looks to come together in unity to carry out the commandments ...
Sound Barrier
Join supermodel, style icon and barrier-breaking body activist Ashley Graham and trailblazing guests for intimate, off the cuff conversations about culture, beauty, business and owning who you are. With the biggest, boldest and most influential people discussing heartfelt and hilarious issues that really matter... this is a Pretty Big Deal.
Outer Banks
Gerald Brooks, the founding pastor of Grace Outreach Center in Plano, Texas, is well-known internationally for his passionate heart to mentor other pastors.Pastor Brooks hosts the annual North Texas Leadership Conference in Plano, drawing ministers from all over the nation. He teaches leadership across the country through church growth seminars, including John Maxwell’s Breaking the 500 and 1000 Barrier conferences. Pastor Brooks’ regional roundtables and monthly leadership subscriptions pro ...
Keeping Good Company - Join two business besties, Karly Nimmo and Lisa Corduff, while they explore what it takes to create, grow and keep good company. In this day and age, when the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs is so low... while people can create a brand for themselves with nothing more than internet access and youtube tutorials, and the amount of noise in the online space is so high... what is it that sets those who make it apart from those that don't? Lisa and Karly intend to find o ...
Join Budget Queen , superwoman , and barrier-breaking statistic Lauren Todd for conversations about beauty, business, family, and conquering wealth. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Wrangle a disjointed design process, bring order out of chaos, and cultivate a more simple way of working. Host John Barrier Wilson provides DesignOps tips for individual designers and design teams alike. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Live To Lead
Inspiring leaders want to break the excellence barrier by reaching greater heights. They are ready to unlock higher performance by expanding their horizons to capture sustained desirable outcomes for both business and life application.But there's a problem. Many leaders today are tapped out, immobilized, and feel complete unfulfilled. Why? Because of unnecessary distraction and lack of the right support, leaving them completely off course.Live To Lead offers up the opportunity to gain insigh ...
Ryan Egglestone
Welcome to the Ryan Egglestone podcast, where amazing travel stories and up to date pop culture are brought to your ears every week. From hitchhiking across a country, to motorbike riding a country, to hiking in Yosemite or diving the Great Barrier Reef this podcast aims to get you stoked on travel !
Conic Section
Frankie Volo (, Remixer, Records Producer, Frankie Volo has a long experience in the electronic music scene, using a bunch of influences in his eclectic live set: house hypnotic groove techno electro dirty sounds.Over the past decades Frankie caught the attention of many promoters around the world from Miami to Spain, playing regularly at festivals and parties, supporting the legendary names of the underground electronic music scenes such as Miami Music Week, WMC, Amste ...
Hello and welcome to 'Seacroft Studios Live & Unsigned'. Listen to live bands who are breaking the creative barrier with their music and laying down their roots. We also sit down for a nice chat, finding out about the band, the best venues to play and where and when you can see these bands perform...
Find Your Worth
Find Your Worth is a self-started personal project by four friends. Find Your Worth was created to share the stories of a variety of people who have experienced or are currently experiencing some type of barrier that has affected their mental health. Whether it's through bullying, depression, societal expectations, and many others. ​ We feel that if we share these stories, we can create a sense of community and contribute to the positive movement associated with dealing with mental health.
Girls can Gym
For some reason we don’t see many girls in gyms (not counting the women only gyms). For every 10 guys there’s probably about 2 girls in all he big gyms.. but why is that? Hosted by a once gym snob turned gym enthusiast this podcast attempts to break down this invisible barrier by talking about the gym as seen through the eyes of a girl. Expect plenty of random gym-related talk plus a few nuggets about fitness and health thrown in there too! Come in girls, don’t be scared! Let’s get in there ...
“Each unbuttoned button is a disclosed secret, a higher level of conscious intimacy. Each fastened button is a hard barrier, an insurmountable obstacle. According to that, the button becomes a symbol of communication.” (Soul Button)
Lady Finger is a small town like any other. Nestled in the heart of a small county, the denizens are, for the most part, just like you and me. In fact, they could be you and me except for one important detail… or two. Lady Finger and the surrounding hamlets that make up Clover County will - in the not too distant future - suffer massive nuclear fallout from a sudden reactor leak. Soon they will be quietly wondering if the radioactivity created the abominations that besiege their little commu ...
Helping International Professionals to develop great English communication skills so they can achieve amazing career success. AHuffington Post Blogger who believes that language should never be a barrier to success.
Ditch The Box
Retail packaging with a strong emphasis on printed flexible packaging and the marketing tools and techniques that are available can and will help companies communicate like never before. Flexible packaging includes stand up pouches, spouted stand bags for liquids, flat barrier bags, and more.brbr We interview thought leaders in our industry about their experiences in dealing with the major retailers along with helpful tips and tricks that can lower costs and increase margins.brbr Ditch The B ...
Weekly messages from the Preach It, Teach It speaking team are provided for your spiritual enrichment and encouragement. If you are a pastor, these resources are a great source of inspiration for your own messages!
Planet Money
The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening.
Eliminating the language barrier between English and Spanish Speakers
The most compelling and creative audio documentaries and features produced worldwide, curated by the Third Coast Festival's. Featuring audio treats such as producer profiles and more experimental work.
Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.
Kingdom Intelligence Briefing Podcast serves as a digital portal to nurture and empower the Remnant worldwide. Join Dr. Michael K. Lake (Author of the Best-Seller, The Shinar Directive: Preparing the Way for the Son of Perdition, and Chancellor and Founder of Biblical Life College and Seminary) for in-depth teachings from God's Word that provide a balanced approach to life that is both Spirit-Filled and Hebraic. It's time to hit the challenges facing believers today head-on with biblical pri ...
ABC radio news and current affairs afternoon program reporting on Australia and the world.
For years, I have been absolutely fascinated with the power of the subconscious mind. It’s power have made the sick healthy, the poor wealthy, and the sad happy. Those who understand and apply the methods for using the subconscious mind find themselves bathed in more abundance and joy than they could have ever imagined. In this article, I will explain two of the most powerful tips for harnessing and applying your subconscious mind power, to help you achieve far greater success than you have ...
These characters have been chosen from various countries and from varied professions, that the youth who read this book may see that poverty is no barrier to success. It usually develops ambition, and nerves people to action. Life at best has much of struggle, and we need to be cheered and stimulated by the careers of those who have overcome obstacles.If Lincoln and Garfield, both farmer-boys, could come to the Presidency, then there is a chance for other farmer-boys. If Ezra Cornell, a mech ...
Health Optimized
Ground Zero Media
Ground Zero is a nationally syndicated five hour live broadcast originating from the KXL studios in Portland, OR and syndicated live by Premiere Radio Networks. Hosted by radio veteran Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero is truly independent media and covers the spectrum of Fortean/paranormal and the para-political.
Daily audio devotional from Charles Stanley's In Touch Ministries.
Doomed & Stoned is the evil invention of Dr. Billy Goate, mad scientist and musical drug peddler! Watch out....he'll get you hooked on the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, the worldwide resurgence in doom and sludge metal (bands influenced by Black Sabbath) and stoner and psychedelic rock (in the same vein as Led Zeppelin and Blue Cheer). If you dig it, spread the word and share the tunes!
Come behind the scenes at the Guardian Australia newsroom. We talk to our journalists about the stories they’ve written and how they came to write them. If there are particular articles you’d like us to discuss, please do get in touch
Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch Ministries' daily radio program.
Talk Radio 1210 WPHT
A fable of literally life and death significance, the story explores how the protagonist tries to keep the remembrance of his dead friends, to save them from being forgotten entirely in the rush of everyday events. He meets a woman who shares his ideals, only to find that the past places what seems to be an impassable barrier between them. Although James was not religious in any conventional sense, the story shows a deep spirituality in its treatment of mortality and the transcendent power o ...
Cultivate Farms
We make it possible for anyone to become a farmer. We eliminate the biggest barrier to farm ownership; capital | This podcast was created in Anchor. To make your own podcast for free, visit
Perry Noble will be the first to say that there’s no secret formula for being a successful leader, but there is a PERFECT example - Jesus Christ. This podcast is for those who are ready to be challenged in their faith and stretched as leaders and for those willing to do whatever it takes to be more like Jesus.
RN Breakfast is the program informed Australians wake up to. Start each day with comprehensive coverage and analysis of national and international events, and hear interviews with the people who matter today—along with those who'll be making news tomorrow.
Dense Pixels
The Dense Pixels Podcast is a weekly show talking about everything you need to know in the video game industry. We give you news, opinionated discussion, the important info on major new releases, and lots of humor from four guys who know, love, and live video games. Hosted by Brad, Micah, and Terrence.
The Bio Report
The Bio Report podcast, hosted by veteran journalist Daniel Levine, focuses on the intersection of biotechnology with business, science, and policy.
ADHD Essentials
ADHD Podcast for Parents and Educators
The #1 swimming podcast for triathletes, open water swimmers and pool swimmers. Join Brenton Ford as he chats with Olympians, pro triathletes and a wide range of interesting experts in health and fitness. This is THE show to improve your swimming.
Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky reunite the partnership that made Loveline a wild success and cultural touchstone. In each episode Adam and Drew take uncensored, nothing-off-limits, calls about sex, drug, medical and relationship issues. Dr. Drew brings the medicine while Adam's comedy and rants are the spoonful of sugar to make it go down.
The 16oz. Canvas
A unique look at the artists that bring our favorite beers to life through their artwork, labels and design. This beer agnostic project will feature a new artist each week and explore their process, how they teamed up with the brewery and learn a little bit more about their story. Join us on this unique adventure into the Craft Beer industry.
Everyday people share their incredible stories of overcoming chronic illness with a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet and so much more
Sinister Techno
Info &
Naturally Speaking
Cutting edge research and ecology banter from the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine
We Must Start
Why do we so often fail to execute on our ideas? Each week We Must Start’s Jeremy Wickenheiser and Nicholas Kukucka interview entrepreneurs and change makers about how they are overcoming the barrier to starting and how they have moved from idea to action.
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In America, we are at war with ourselves while the rest of the world understands what the real threat is and that is a World Government that seems to be part of the apocalyptic narrative. The idea of a peaceful revolution or the ability to make positive changes in a peaceful manner is now an afterthought because America is now operating in an e ...…
It's better to have half a bachelor's degree, than no degree, according to researchers. Little research has been done about the benefits of incompletion until now.
The head of a leading Queensland hospital says permanent police stations on site could be the answer to better security for emergency departments not paramilitary units.
Bragging about body counts, assassinations and destroying a city are not normal election tactics, but they are the centrepiece of a new election campaign launched in Israel.
One of Australia's top strategists says Australia's foreign affairs officials are highly adept at managing situations like this apparent detention of a Chinese Australian citizen. But Emeritus Professor Paul Dibb is warning some in Australia have been too ready to appease China.
There's concern that an Australian-Chinese man whose been missing in China for five days has been arrested by the Chinese government.
The Prime Minster has defended the Liberal Party's decision to handpick a new candidate for the marginal New South Wales seat of Gilmore.
On today's program: What's happened to Yang Hengjun? Friends of the Chinese-Australian writer, who backs reform in China, fear he's been detained during his latest visit; And another violent incident in a hospital ward sparks calls for a security upgrade and one Queensland doctor contemplating a permanent police presence.…
This week second-timer Jon Hawes is back for another trip to the microphone to talk about his interesting take on risk, response, and the security world we live and breathe. With interesting anecdotes and a firm grasp on real-world risk discussions, Jon and Raf have a pretty enlightening chat you will benefit from. Highlights from this week's s ...…
Ex-Trump aide: Mueller asking about Trump speech to NRA two months before declaring presidential run; Giuliani downplays contradictions, says Trump "not pissed"; Giuliani insists he hasn't lied for Trump after asking in interview "so what do I care?" If people think I lied for him; Giuliani suggests he's been "through all the" Trump tower Mosco ...…
Why don't you try taking risks for the kingdom of God? You'll never regret it!
Kelby Smith,, Living IN the Private, Come Out of Corporate Babylon System, Own Your Body, Own Your Land, Don’t Share in the Curses of Corporate Citizenship, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,,,NutriMedical Report Show, After a city council ...…
Jonathan Gray,, Blood of Jesus at Golgatha from Rocks to Arc of Covenant, Ron Wyatt Discovery, Proof of Haplotype Blood of Jesus, Prophetic Truth Before Times of the END, Jonathan Back Next Week, Buy eBooks Videos at, Dr Bill Deagle MD AAEM ACAM A4M, NutriMedical Report Show,,, ...…
Ryan Frace NutriMeds Expert and Dr Bill Deagle MD, Antioxidants, H2 Plex, Cell Detox Glutathione, Cell Defense Plus, Power C Plus, CoQ10 Supreme Ubiquinol, Gamma E Plus, Ultra Thiamine B1, Brain Calming, CALMind, BrainMAG, NutrImmune 26Y, AllicinMED, Antipathogenics, Detox Xenoestrogen Detox, Life Support, SAMe, SAMethyl, Omega Supreme Pro, Kar ...…
Josh Bernstein, Trump’s Non-Amnesty Offer to Dems and DACA, Border Crisis, Send Troops to Mexico and Central America Clear Drug Cartels, Start Braceo 2 Work, Limit Immigration to Industry States One Day per Year USA, Border Steel Slats Cyberwall Now with Pentagon Army Corp of Engineers, Trade Treaties with China will END North Korean Threat, ST ...…
Deborah Tavares,, Latest on Ecological Globalist Accountance Genocide, World Water Fire and Climate Wars, Plan to Reduce US Population 83% by 2025, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Vision 2050, Terrible Ted Turner, Worldwatch Institute, 2016 US 72 World Leader Obama Pope Global Climate Genocide Wars Launched, 5G Network Final Layers of ...…
Dr Bill Deagle MD, Michelle Deagle Host of Friday Firing Line Medical Wellness Questions by eMail and 888-212-8871, Cancer, Autoimmunity, Pathogenic Clearance, Dysbiosis of Gut, Arthritis, Pain, Antiaging, Free Radical Clearance, Detox Heavy Metals and Chemicals, H2 Plex, Power C PLUS, Cell Detox Glutathione, Cell Defense Plus, Gamma E Plus, Ul ...…
Two Australians, screenwriter Tony McNamara and production designer Fiona Crombie, have received nominations for their work on "The Favourite".
Australian workplaces are facing a major disruption over the next 20 years, as technology and automation force workers to constantly re-skill.
There are calls for the Football Federation Australia, Asian Football Confederation and FIFA to play larger role in the fight to ensure the refugee footballer's release from a Thai jail.
"He’s also ignored the democratic process of the very party he’s a member of, he’s the leader of."
The Indonesian President Joko Widodo has announced radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir will only be freed from jail if he pledges loyalty to Indonesia.
Michelle Grattan joins RN Breakfast from our Parliament House studio to discuss the latest developments in federal politics.
"The reality is, these events have happened in the past and I’ve got to be honest, they’ll happen in the future."
RN Breakfast's Sports Commentator Warwick Hadfield joins RN Breakfast to bring you news from the world of sport.
Kvinner som var høye, hadde gjennomsnittlig kropp eller var middels aktive hadde størst sannsynlighet for å bli gamle. Noe helt annet gjaldt mennene i en ny undersøkelse.By Chris Veløy.
The European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said overnight that a no-deal Brexit would mean an Irish border will have to go up between the British-ruled north and the Republic of Ireland.
Nearly 200 asylum seekers are missing in the Mediterranean sea after two boats sunk while en route to Europe this week as the political games continue over who should accept those that are pulled to safety by rescue vessels.
"This is out of step with the American people who understand transgender people should be allowed to serve with equal protection under the law like anybody else who volunteers for the US military," Amnesty International said.
Guest: Dr. James Wells is the Director for Research in the Division of Endocrinology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, as well as the Chief Scientific Officer at the Center for Stem Cell and Organoid Medicine (CuSTOM).… The post Ep. 134: “The Power of Organoids” Featuring Dr. James Wells appeared first on Stem Cell Podcast.…
After more information came out regarding the incident in Washington, D.C. involving a Native man and high schoolers from Covington Catholic HS in Kentucky, Dom gives his take and takes callers to hear what they have to say.
Dom has fun with some audio after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said yesterday that it's 'immoral' for billionaires to exist, that the world is going to end in 12 years due to climate change, and then later, admitted on Colbert that she's a socialist.
Yesterday, Joe Santoliquito penned the very controversial expose in The Philly Voice noting that "sources inside Eagles paint Carson Wentz as 'selfish,' 'uncompromising' and 'playing favorites'. Santoliquito joins Dom to discuss both the story itself and the fallout after it's release.
Topics: Kamala’s campaign, the packaging process begins MLK Day and huge portions of the population were being racist Toddlers should be able to vote and participate in national decisions My apology for originally thinking otherwise Brazilian related troll key to spread of the Covington video RPOS (AOC) isn’t dumb…believe she is at your politic ...…
Included in this SpokenEdition: 1) GOP reaches landmark agreement to juice small-dollar fundraising 2) Democrats’ plan to neuter Medicare for All irks liberals 3) Inside Kamala Harris’ 2020 campaign plan 4) Tech billionaire, Democrats clash over campaign tactics and data Please share your feedback by emailing…
KIB 197 - Possessing the Land, Spiritual Testosterone, and Biblical Order Kingdom Intelligence Briefing There is a Joshua anointing that Heaven wants to release upon the Remnant in our day, but we must seek it with all of our hearts. With this anointing, we will find a fresh wave of spiritual testosterone for men across the Body of Christ and g ...…
There is a visceral reason why the werewolf, on a paranormal level, is probably the most terrifying of all the vicious beasts in the darkness during a full moon. This lycanthropic creature is just one example of the supernatural, preternatural, and at times, unnatural presences which early civilizations believed shared their world, and in conte ...…
Adam and Dr. Drew open the show talking about New Years resolutions which quickly leads to an examination of the difference between the cold shower and the submersion in an ice cold pool. They then watch a clip of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio discussing the state of wealth, leading to a conversation about what the messages politicians sen ...…
The booming "buy now pay later" sector has come under the spotlight today at a Senate inquiry into financial credit services that target vulnerable consumers.
Grant Schultz has announced he'll run as an independent after the Liberal party decided to revoke its endorsement of him for the seat of Gilmore in favour of Warren Mundine.
Farmers have ramped up their calls for an animal activist group to shut down a website, amid claims the site encourages vigilante behaviour.
The Prime Minister and the Treasurer have seized on the IMF's world economic growth downgrade to push their case to be returned to government.
Some Darwin pub customers are vowing to boycott a nightspot that's facing allegations the owner told staff to bar Indigenous people from the premises.
Scott Morrison has announced the 250th anniversary of James Cook's arrival in Australia will be celebrated with the replica Endeavour sailing around Australia, but some fear it will be divisive.
On tonight's program: Outrage after the boss of a Darwin pub allegedly bans Aboriginal people; Fears the Prime Minister's plans for an around-Australia tour by the Endeavour could cause division; And the Treasurer cautions against changing the government amid global economic growth jitters.
The trade war with the US and a falling growth rate are not the biggest concern for China, one long term China economy watcher says.
New York Times: Classified documents shows Russian Oligarch with ties to Putin may benefit Trump administration plan to lift sanctions; Giuliani now says his comments on Moscow tower deal discussions continuing until election were "Hypothetical"; After quoting Trump that Moscow project was discussed until "The day I won," Giuliani walks back re ...…
You'll never get to walk on water if you won't step out of the boat.
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