Best Black Power podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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RNZ: Nine To Noon
From nine to noon every weekday, Kathryn Ryan talks to the people driving the news - in New Zealand and around the world. Delve beneath the headlines to find out the real story, listen to Nine to Noon's expert commentators and reviewers and catch up with the latest lifestyle trends on this award-winning programme.
Unleashing the Power of the Voice
These "podcasts" are the direct audio recordings of TFIN Webinars. As the original format was a video webinar, please excuse any brief technical difficulties and note that presenters may refer to slides. To watch the TFIN webinar recordings with their corresponding slide decks, please visit
Iya Omitayo
Omi O! an exploration of women's power and mysteries from an Ancient African perspective. Iya Omitayo is an initiate of Yemoja mother orisa of the Yoruba tradition and Mami Wata. The Shrines of Iya Omitayo offer a fresh and unique experience of the Ase of one of the Greatest Goddess traditions on earth.
An engaging forum to examine and discuss a vast array of everyday obstacles and challenges facing adults and children today.
The Familiar Strange is a podcast about doing anthropology: that is, about listening, looking, trying out, and being with, in pursuit of uncommon knowledge about humans and culture. Find show notes, plus our blog about anthropology's role in the world, at Twitter: @tfsTweets. FB: Instagram: @thefamiliarstrange.Brought to you by your familiar strangers: Ian Pollock, Jodie-Lee Trembath, Julia Brown, and Simon Theobald, with s ...
Geekly Distraction
Podcast by Geekly Distraction
CNET Update (HD)
CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes. Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps and what's ahead.
Current content form the Popular Science Magazine
Current content form the PC World Magazine
Yung Pastry and Lil Mattress talk about the topic at hand once a week.One black man and one white man with a lava lamp in between give their opinions on current news, music, culture, wwe , mma and more.
Crave (HD)
Crushworthy tech, science, and culture
Crave (SD)
Crushworthy tech, science, and culture
Our GTD® podcasts are here to support you at every stage of your GTD practice. You will hear David Allen and others interviewing people from all walks of life about their journey with GTD, from beginners to those who have been at it for years. The podcasts include personal and professional stories, as well as practical tips about GTD systems for desktop and mobile, using apps and paper. Start listening now and you'll be well on your way to stress-free productivity.
Cosmic Rock Radio
Higher Vibrational Living, Manifesting your desires, Overcoming Our Past to move delightfully towards our future, Healthy eating, Guided Meditation, Intuitive Consults..with your hostess, student/teacher big sister Afrodeity Stone
On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore presents interviews with the movers and shakers in the world of Low-Carb/Paleo science, medicine and living. We’re here to help, encourage, inspire, motivate and rattle some chains!
Welcome to MMV AKA; Millage May Vary, the feels-good Podcast about life from all of our unique perspectives and point of views. We all see and understand daily lives differently, from our upbringing to our cultures. This will be a platform for us to express our viewpoints and observations of the world and speak not just of our own thoughts but from the minds of others who are doing their best on their own roads to greatness.For future updates and announcements, follow our Twitter Handle at M ...
PDA is socially known as Public Displays of Affection. It can be shocking and gritty or subtle and classy. On this show, Ms. KiKi is all about shock, grit, subtlety and class as she delivers her humorous, edgy take on life, love and relationships by her own rules, by Playing Devil’s Advocate (PDA).™ Ms. KiKi gives it to you straight with real world talk that will have you laughing, crying and challenging social themes while keeping your mental gears in check. Playing Devil’s Advocate (PDA) U ...
Thinking CAP
Thinking CAP is a weekly podcast featuring the nation’s top progressive leaders and influencers. The show covers the major issues at the intersection of activism, race, policy, and politics. Hosted by Daniella Gibbs Léger and Ed Chung.
Young Adulting
From college to social justice issues to female empowerment, Young Adulting has a little something for everyone. Hosted by Bria Overs and Faith Petrie, join our conversations about the different experiences of Young Adults in the 21st century.
The oddest couple in podcast. Giving a fresh new meaning to love, life, & relationships. #GlenAndHer
AURN Podcast
American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) podcasts represent an array of topics including politics, entertainment, finance, wealth building, education, sports, entrepreneurship, civil rights, and advocacy. AURN is the nation’s only African-American controlled Radio & Digital network.
Film Focus
Film Focus is a podcast dedicated to the discussion of various topics of films in each episode. And while there is a primary focus on film reviews, anything and everything related to films are up for debate from film scores to specific film genres or franchises.
Life is one big conversation with
The Free Library Podcast is an easy way to participate in the author events and lectures that take place at the Parkway Central Library. Visit Author Events to find upcoming events.
Q's Movie News
Movie and Tv news and Reviews
Deep Choice
« Deep Choice ». Кто это? Ответ прост - это новый качественный проект на Российской клубной сцене , который уже успел влюбить в себя немало поклонников электронной музыки как в родном городе, так и за его пределами. Идеологом проекта является ди-джей, музыкант, sound producer Дмитрий Дмитрук . С 2012 года он представлен в рейтинге лучших ди-джеев " TOP 100 Promodj". Ранее Дмитрий...
Candi andCompany
Candi & Company Featuring: Candi Fox and a multitude of friends. Join us on Monday and Thursday evenings for Arts and Entertainment, hot topics, trending news, LGBTQ happenings and much more.
Russ Belville Show
The Russ Belville Show is the net’s most comprehensive news program, featuring headlines, in-depth news analysis, new music, timely interviews, and Radical Rants from one of America’s most prolific reformers.
How do humans come to believe all the impossible things we believe? The answers, one story at a time.
Kiss My Angeles
I am an evolving person whose feminism can’t be defined in black and white terms or literal stances on specific subjects. As a women, I’m learning more about myself, and about what it means to be a woman in this world, every single day. It’s because of those experiences and the questions I had that I’m on this path. This podcast is meant to follow the journey, and ebb and flow with the ripples of new information and experiences. I want to create a positive platform for dialogue. It seems the ...
Someday has become right now and host Mary Rogers will guide and entertain you as you pivot to fine tune your career, relationships, finances and lifestyle for this chapter of your life. A certified small business consultant, former business owner and talk radio host, Mary Rogers is a shoulder-shaking truth-teller who gives you the tools to change your life. Start a new business or write your novel, but start now! The podcast features real conversations with real people and guests with exper ...
The Rock Church led by Pastor Miles McPherson is committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The Rock Church offers podcasts of the weekly messages. Go to for more information.
TV Chinwag delves in-depth with two new TV shows each week, as well as discussing the latest developments on all things television.
Pipeman's Power of Music is a special segment of The Adventures of Pipeman Radio Show (#pipemanradio) where Power Music Meets Power Motivation. Pipeman's Power of Music features all kinds of music and interviews with bands & music artists especially in the genres of Heavy Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Goth, Industrial, Alternative, Thrash Metal & Indie Music. Pipeman's Power of Music also features press coverage of events, concerts, & music festivals. Pipeman Productions i ...
Speak Out with Tim Wise is an informative and entertaining podcast aimed at promoting multiracial democracy and justice in dangerous times. The show features the biting, factual, and humorous commentary of its host, alongside dialogue with some of the nation's leading scholars, artists and activists, as well as grassroots community leaders whose voices are often ignored in the dominant media.
1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres
Careful Tech
Reflections on media, technology and authentic humanity. Fresh every weekday.
Ali Goodman and Jon Wolter each spent ages 3 to 13 in the 1980s, about 1,000 miles apart. While there was a lot of cultural overlap, each still has very specific gaps that the other is trying to fill. And you can listen in as two fast talking people who want to be the center of attention decide whether or not their spouse’s childhood memories are even close to accurate. Warning: each episode contains lots of interruptions, lots of verbal tics, a ton of spoilers, the occasional unexplained in ...
Seen in Forbes, Huff Post, Black Enterprise, JET Magazine and more, Caressa Jennings is a Personal Development Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Entrepreneur who regularly lends her insight to Motivational Stories, high-profile tragedies, on a national and global scale as Grief & Loss expert. Through her coaching, content and online platform, she empowers thousands of women to tap into their God given power and to live courageously. Known for her authenticity and straight-from-the-hip ap ...
Micropolis is an in-depth series that brings into view the unique cultures of New York’s ethnically diverse communities. WNYC reporter Arun Venugopal makes the big, anonymous city just a little bit more knowable.
KPFA - Exploration
An hour long radio program on science, technology, politics, and the environment. Topics covered include black holes, time travel, higher dimensions, string theory, wormholes, search for extra-terrestial life, dark matter and dark energy, the future of space travel, genetic engineering, the aging process, the future of medicine, the human body shop, artificial intelligence, the future of computers and robots, as well as topics from science fiction. Hosted by Michio Kaku.
This is the Official Page for "Hilliard Guess' SCREENWRITER'S RANT ROOM!" Our host is Hilliard Guess, a WGAW award-winning writer, a director and a very busy producer. Hilliard and his amazing team drop industry knowledge in this unfiltered, hilarious podcast series that delivers nothin’ but REAL TALK… from real working writers… while at the same time… puttin’ you on game! With co-hosts: award-winning Sci-fi/Horror “Fan Girl” writer and author, Lisa Bolekaja and Cinephile - Chris Derrick of ...
Black Girl Nerds
Black Girl Nerds is an online community devoted to promoting nerdiness among Black women & people of color. Check us out on and play with us on social media by following us on Twitter @blackgirlnerds!
Our station has shows with 2-3 Life Coaches talking about a topic of the day, including Super Soul Sunday recap and a wide variety of personal growth areas
Goddess Roundtable
a show for those who feel they belong in the stars. We discuss ascension, kabbalah, light work, light beings, angelic kingdoms, earth mysteries, psionics, and more. Join us on our Facebook group: Goddess Round Table
A platform for women's voices in theology.
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Health Junk food ads disproportionally target black and Hispanic kids over white kids Teens and younger children are also seeing ads in far more places, like YouTube and social media outlets, than in previous years.
Gadgets Apple finally makes battery cases for the iPhone XS and XR, but you have options But there are already plenty of options out there.
Science Megapixels: Behold this giant spinning ice disk The city of Westbrook has a beautiful physics lesson for us all.
Technology These automated drones know when the supermarket is out of beer This Pensa Systems UAV can check stock at the local grocery store
Science How you see these shapes may depend on your culture Why your eyes perceive the world differently from everyone else.
[caption id="attachment_304956" align="aligncenter" width="800"] SAMSUNG CSC Source: Wikipedia[/caption] With guest Dr. Robert Zubrin on going to Mars; and a summary of the science stories of the week. Hosted by Dr. Michio Kaku.
Keto researcher and Co-Founder of Life Sense International Dr. Alvin Berger is our interview guest today in Episode 1466 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show”. Today Jimmy talks with Dr. Alvin Berger. Dr. Berger is on the board of various academic/industrial organizations and a Food Cooperative (Harvest Moon, Long Lake, MN); is a reviewer or on ...…
Fiio M7 digital audio player review: aptX HD and LDAC support for streaming high-res audio over Bluetooth.
Joining us for the latest episode in our AI for B2B Sales and Marketing podcast series, Bob Stolzberg, Founder and CEO of VoiceXP, explains how B2B companies can utilize voice technology, especially in Account Based Marketing strategies.
The Chairman of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission from 2009-2012, Dr. Gregory Jaczko oversaw the U.S. government's response to Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster. An NRC commissioner from 2005-2009 and former science policy advisor to Senator Harry Reid, he is now an adjunct professor at Princeton University and Georgetown Univers ...…
I (Alex) finally watched Season 1! I'm what, a decade behind? Season 1 intrigued me. I'm not obsessed yet but I'm def watching season 2 :) Overall, we don't agree on certain characters but that's just because I (Alex) know less about the story than my sisters. Please share, like, subscribe and or comment. Tell us what we got wrong. Tell us what ...…
Health You're now more likely to die from opioids than in a car crash Let's put your risk of depth into perspective.
Technology The most interesting fitness and workout tech from CES 2019 The Consumer Electronics Show just dropped a whole bunch of new fitness gadgets on us.
Space Earth's magnetic pole is moving faster than expected But we won't know where it's going until the government shutdown ends.
Alan Ross, Executive Director of The Samaritans of New York joins Mark to discuss the only community-based organization in the NYC-Metropolitan area solely devoted to preventing suicide and helping people in crisis. Samaritan’s is part of the world’s oldest and largest suicide prevention network (with over 400 centers in 42 countries, from Arge ...…
Health How 3D technology is revolutionizing face transplants From modeling to printing, it's all about seeing inside someone's head
Technology The YouTube app now lets you swipe through videos so you can watch forever The design team tells us how they made swipe happen.
TaoTronics TT-BH060 Bluetooth headphones review: Affordable noise cancellation, but the sound lacks sparkle.
There is more than enough memes on social media and a 100+ videos on the Bird Box "Movie Explained," so how about we compile all of that into an episode? We have our own commentary about this new Netflix feature, so listen in and see if your thoughts match! You can also share your opinion on Twitter @MMVPod! Oh yeah, P.S; his name isn't Simon.…
This week we talk about evangelism in the church. We talk specifically about Evangelism as Relationship and Community Building instead of the old traditions and histories of the evangelism as colonization. We chat about the unique ways churches are evangelizing to their communities and how evangelism is a loving spreading difference as the chur ...…
In the episode, Hilliard, Chris and Lynelle go IN on an inspiring TED Talk focusing on how people in business can rethink FINDING A SPONSOR! DIRECT LINK: Carla Harris - How to find the person who can help you get ahead at work More about Carla Harris -- cause she is the REAL DEAL We talked about other well-respected Industry ...…
This 14-part series teaches what it means to passionately pursue God's will for our lives. In Part 2, Pastor Miles reviews the story of Moses and the Burning Bush to discuss three steps in asking God for His heart.By Miles McPherson.
Science Scientists share the most dangerous things they work with Acid, lasers, snakesthe laboratory isn't always a safe haven.
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