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The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Fast forward to 2018 and the show is still going....I wouldn't say strong, but it's still sputtering along. Personal stories, rants, half-truths, current events, pop culture, game shows episodes, and messing with Internet scammers are some of the things you can expect to hear from Jay, ...
The Brink
For many companies, there’s a definitive moment that could determine success or failure. What do you do when you find yourself at The Brink?
After hosting over 1500 segments of SPORT SCIENCE, 6x Emmy Award-winning host and NYT Best-selling author, John Brenkus, recognized that high achievers tend to share a similar story of attaining success that's driven by hard work and tough choices, accompanied by some moments that are simply divine. Through "The Brink of Midnight Podcast", John explores the moments that guests credit with changing their lives forever... those that pushed them in an unexpected direction, shaping the experienc ...
Podcast on the Brink is a weekly podcast about Indiana basketball featuring interviews, analysis and Q & A hosted by Alex Bozich from Inside the Hall and Jerod Morris from The Assembly Call.
Need your Hoosier fix? Want something on your iPod besides John Mellencamp? Can’t read? If so, this podcast is for you! Hosted by Matt Dollinger and Justin Albers, Podcast On The Brink is a lively, free-flowing discussion on IU Basketball, featuring some of the brightest basketball experts in all of the land. Cream-and-crimson to its core, our show promises to keep you informed and entertained throughout IU’s season. Podcast On The Brink is available exclusively on Inside The Hall and iTunes.
Arms of the Tide is an actual play about fighting for what’s right in an original magitechnological world on the brink of catastrophe, using the Mutants in the Night system. Join Quinn, Jo, Chanel, and Jon and revel in the laughs and gasp at the drama while the only thing standing against the apocalypse are a robot with a fondness for stray cats, a wolf made of living plants with a bad case of depression, and a private eye who’s so done with all of this.
Told through encounters on his travels, Donald Brink conducts conversations with professional surfers, clients, and strangers about surfboards and the value they add to one’s ocean going experience.
Reluctantly released every Sunday.
Think to the Brink
From cartoon characters to song lyrics, meal deals to social media etiquette, comedy podcast starring Will Baker and Alex Prescot where we overthink a different topic each week!
Brink Of Reality is Australia's biggest and most comprehensive Survivor strategy and interview podcast. Covering multiple international series of Survivor including AUS, US, SA & the now rested NZ we recap and interview players through official exit press around the world. We have been nominated twice for an Australian Podcast Award. Occasionally we will cover shows like The Bachelor and The Amazing Race.Subscribe above and give us a 5 star rating so others can find our podcast.*This podcast ...
We're Alive
A classic style radio drama, updated for today with a full sound design and a large cast of actors. This audio drama focuses on a group of survivors in a world on the brink of collapse.
On The Brink
We are "On the Brink". Engaging talk to start your day! Join us from 6:00 - 7:00 am, Monday-Friday, on NBC News Radio KCAA at 106.5 FM, 102.3 FM or 1050 AM in the Inland Empire, at, with the TuneIn app on your Apple device, and at with your Android device.
On The Brink is a podcast where the goal is to help you better "see, feel and think" about your business, your job, your personal life and your purpose. There will be great interviews and conversations with people who are deeply involved in change—consultants, change agents, managers transforming their teams, entrepreneurs just starting out and CEOs running well-established companies.
Verbal Assault
In a world teetering on the brink of annihilation, five friends meet to have a few laughs and watch it all burn. Science, religion, news, conspiracy, and the occasional improv comedy: all options are on the table. Enter our bunker, crack open a beer and hang out with the dudes of Verbal Assault. Who knows? One day it may save your life.
Travel with our hosts hundreds of years in the future, where things are different than what we are used to after humans have colonized the solar system and Mars has become an independent military power, pushing Mars and Earth on the brink of war. Each week on THE EXPANSE AFTER SHOW, we’ll review, recap and provide in-depth discussion on the latest episodes as well as bring you scoops from the show’s cast and crew!
A mysterious crime is being plotted in a tiny garret above a dilapidated apartment building in St Petersburg in Russia. The plotter, Rodion Raskolinikov, is a poor student who has delusions of ridding the world of “worthless vermin” and counter balancing these crimes with good deeds. He commits a murder to test his own theories and prove that crime comes naturally to the human species. Crime and Punishment is a path-breaking novel of ideas that changed the course of novel writing in the 20th ...
I want to talk about what no one else wants to talk about... Children with mental illness. Raising a child who is ‘different’ from the other kids takes a great mental and emotional toll on the parents. They are worn out and pushed to the brink, totally exhausted. Many are tapped out financially and in some cases, they have had to quit their jobs or take lesser ones to be there for the next episode when their child can’t cope. There is little or no support from a system caught up in process a ...
We're Alive
A classic style radio drama, updated for today with a full sound design and a large cast of actors. This audio drama focuses on a group of survivors in a world on the brink of collapse.
Speak Your Success
From being on the brink of failing out of college to now being a successful TEDx speaker and Best-Selling author! Hear first hand Jonathan share his personal experiences, failures, and tangible application throughout his entrepreneurial journey. Putting his life on display so that we all will be able to learn and in turn create the life and business of our dreams.
I'm just this guy, you know?
We're Alive
A classic style radio drama, updated for today with a full sound design and a large cast of actors. This audio drama focuses on a group of survivors in a world on the brink of collapse.
█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌║Bawn Trubble:"dj,producer,promoter,radio host,pioneer..."█║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌║The best of dark underground house, tribal, big room, jacking and techno compiled and mixed into a bi-monthly podcast by one of the UK's finest underground pioneers: Bawn Trubble. Stacked full of promo's, exclusives and classics this pocast has it all,always airing on the darker side of the genres the upcoming mixsets can only be dscribed as GRITTY !! Locked tight mixing skills and track selections mak ...
FATE: Emergence
A group of empowered individuals are thrown into the middle of a conflict that has been building since the dawn of human history. The world teeters on the brink of disaster, individuals are waking up with strange powers, and a fast growing multi-national corporation is poised to take advantage of it all.
Narrative storytelling, topical interviews, and deep dives with Benjamin Bryant
Music, Sounds and Silence sees Eshan Khadaroo aka PUSH4life document his sonic adventures as he transitions from working as a pro musician with acts such as Cirque du Soleil, Imogen Heap and Blue Man Group to seeking for the answers to our deepest musical questions and how they relate to being a "Spirit having a human experience" on the brink of the technological Singularity. Through conversations with people from all over the world he seeks to unravel these mysteries as old as human beings ...
JUMP IN ON ANY STORYLINE. A city on the brink. Techno-cults. Roving street gangs. Anything's possible with that crook Nixon in the White House. Only one crew can stand up to The Man... The Jive Action Nerds. JAN is an actual play podcast for the wet and wild RPG Spirit of 77. Filmmakers, comedians, and veteran dorks TV's Kevin Lanigan, Jacob Kelleher, and Justin Germeroth bring you a weekly show of tumbling dice and makin' nice. Bite sized stories with a world you can sink your teeth into. T ...
Home and rental prices continue to soar in Northern Nevada and Northeastern California, leaving more working families and individuals on the brink. Seniors, college students, single parents, immigrants, and the working poor are particularly vulnerable. Some must choose to pay rent over buying food or securing healthcare. The lack of affordable housing in urban and rural areas alike is changing the identity of this region. In response, the KUNR newsroom is examining housing through many lense ...
Published in 1920, Thuvia, Maid of Mars is the fourth book in the Barsoom series and concentrates on Carthoris, the son of infamous John Carter, and Thuvia, the princess of Ptarth, as they find themselves entangled in a complex web of love and strict traditions of Barsoom. A typical Burroughs piece, the installment contains all the required elements of an effective pulp fiction, including a hero, a damsel in distress, unforeseen complications, and a generous supply of action. Welcoming a new ...
Four Lights
Steve and Big Jeff embark on a mission to review every episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, even if it drives them to the brink of shouting dramatically THERE ARE... FOUR LIGHTS!
Hosted By comedians, Zach Peterson and Justin Brink, Getting Around to it takes comedians and makes them watch movies they should of seen ages ago. Classics, blockbusters, the hosts' favorites, and whatever else.
First serialized from January to August, 1845, Twenty Years After is the second book in The D’Artagnan Romances, and follows the gallant adventures of the musketeers, as they are once again summoned to alleviate the various threats that lurk in the political scene of France, as the country is threatened by a possible uprising. Enriched with exciting and well-developed characters, the novel adds more detail to its familiar characters, as the musketeers have matured and are portrayed in a more ...
Do you wonder how experts in working with early learners address children's behavior and motivate them to be their best selves? If you are a family member, teacher or anyone who impacts the lives of young children, join Alison Kentos (Early Childhood Teacher) & Cindy Terebush (Early Childhood Consultant & Author) every other Monday to find out how a preschool teacher and early childhood consultant do what they do every day!Cindy Terebush, author of "Teach the Whole Preschooler: Strategies fo ...
Concentration Check
Join in the discovery and tense moments which face the party in the world of Theia as DM Matt leads a group of friends through a tense world on the brink of war. Concentration check is a D&D 5th edition actual play audio podcast.
Welcome to the Circuit Rider Bible study podcast! Our purpose in creating this podcast is to express to all of those who listen, the love of Jesus Christ. You were created for this sole purpose, to know and receive God's love. That's your purpose in life! God's desire and the reason He created you is because He wants someone to express His heart to. We hope you will be encouraged today!
Learn from coaches in the NKY/Cincinnati area about how to win with your team and in your family life.On the 1st and 15th of each month we'll be bringing you great content on how to flourish as a coach. We've seen coaches go from frustrated and on the brink of quitting to finding new purpose and excitement on how they can make a difference as a coach. This podcast will deliver ideas on how we've seen that happen. Sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian
A-Pod Cast for Killer Whales with host Alison Morrow explores the challenges facing the survival of the J, K, and L-Pod Southern Resident killer whales, the 75 orcas on the brink of extinction.
Fareed Zakaria GPS takes a comprehensive look at foreign affairs and global policies through in-depth, one-on-one interviews and fascinating roundtable discussions.
Aviation LO Down
The newest and hottest aviation podcast hosted by the face of ATC Memes, David Lombardo, also known by his operating initials, LO. Full of the passion, humor, and the famous improvisational style found on ATC Memes, Aviation LO Down features fascinating interviews and soundbites from across the industry in an exciting and energy-fueled format anyone can enjoy. A podcast that explores not just flying, but the art and science of what makes people in aviation tick. Whether it's a teen flight st ...
This show is dedicated to discussing each and every episode of the AMC series, The Terror, starring Jared Harris, Ciarin Hinds and Tobias Menzies. Inspired by a true story, The Terror centers on the British Royal Navy’s perilous voyage into unchartered territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage. Faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling hope and fear of the unknown, the crew is pushed to the brink of extinction. Frozen, isolated and stuck at the en ...
The time is NOW. We are at the brink of salvaging the next generation or forfeiting our contribution during one of the most significant eras in history. The turn of the century presented both boundless opportunities and ample challenges. THE ABUNDANT SOLUTIONS HOUR is the perfect hybrid to address tragedies and triumphs. When you enter our virtual world, you’ll find a mecca of hope where we share insight and delve into laser-focused conversations that yield measurable results. We serve as a ...
Part-Time Genius
Will and Mango have lots of questions. Will we ever live without sleep? How do rats keep outsmarting humans? Where are the sunniest tax havens to hide your money? Join these Part-Time Geniuses as they dive into ridiculous topics... and discover some pretty smart stuff along the way.
Technologists and crypto-enthusiasts Joel Comm and Travis Wright attempt to demystify the world of bitcoin, blockchain, litecoin, ethereum, alt-coins, token generation events, and ICOs in this podcast for cryptocurrency newbies.
Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon face off in the nation's capital on the day's hottest topics.
The Watch
Every week, The Ringer's Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan -- longtime friends and pop culture addicts -- break down the latest in TV, movies, and music.
Surf Splendor
Conversations About Surfing
RNZ: Checkpoint
Checkpoint is RNZ’s weekday drive-time news programme.Our multi-media show broadcasts on 101FM, and you can also watch it live on our website, Freeview Channel 50 and Face TV on Sky Channel 083 every weeknight from 5pm, where we tackle the stories of the day. Hosted by Lisa Owen.Send news tips and feedback to
Hosts Zoe Williams (The Guardian) and Luke Cooper (Anglia Ruskin University) are joined by guests with a left take on Brexit, Europe and more. Time to stake out a Remain territory that isn't captured by politicians all too synonymous with the status quo? We think so.
Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events. Sam Harris is the author of The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, The Moral Landscape, Free Will, Lying, Waking Up, and Islam and the Future of Tolerance (with Maajid Nawaz). The End of Faith won the 2005 PEN Award for Nonfiction. His writing has been published in more than 20 languages. Mr. Harris and his work ...
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show series
Aired Thursday 18 April, 2019 on 9Go! in Australia Ryan Brink recaps the latest episode of Survivor Edge Of Extinction (S38) with Adam Rida In 2019 consider supporting our podcast and joining our growing Patron Community. For as little as $2 per month you'll gain access to our patron group and exclusive podcasts. Check out the details here and ...…
KCAA Morning Show on Fri, 19 Apr, 2019
Happy Easter to all you overthinkers out there! This week on the show we are over-analysing the most famous celebrity egg of all time, the accident prone but still beloved Humpty Dumpty! Enjoy...
Ninety percent of the country's wetlands are drained, 94 percent of urban rivers are not swimmable and native forest which used to cover 80 percent of the country, now covers only a quarter. But the Ministry for the Environment is "unashamedly proud" of the grim picture in the latest Environment Aotearoa report.…
Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with hosts Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call and Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall. The show is available weekly.In this edition of the show, we're joined by the newest Hoosier Joey Brunk, Dustin Dopirak of The Athletic and we also open up the reader mailbag to answer your questions. Among the topics ...…
Hear how Maria Gallo took DelVal from struggling to thriving! Dr. Maria Gallo is a very special interviewee for our podcast. She is president of Delaware Valley University—DelVal to many of us—in Bucks County, PA, north of Philadelphia. For about a year now, we have been working with DelVal on their Blue Ocean Strategy® and are thrilled at the ...…
Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton hotels, took a lot of risks while building his empire. Despite numerous setbacks and challenges, he was able to forge a powerful company and establish hundreds of hotels across the world. Learn more about your ad-choices at…
I believe everything he said. I regret many things about this episode. Godspeed.
Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Jay's crypto disaster, the finale (probably) of the stick man trilogy, the Jay Loves network, and much more
Ahead of the season premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ on Sunday, we recap our favorite moments from Season 7 (1:24) and talk about the Night King as a villain for Season 8 (24:17). Also, our thoughts on ‘Killing Eve’ (16:45), ‘Fosse/Verdon’ (18:28), and ‘Survivor’ (31:31). Hosts: Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald Guest: Riley McAtee…
On this week's episode I open up with some personal stuff then talk about new music from Eli Paperboy Reed, Over the Rhine, and Jenny Lewis (as well as touching briefly on my love of Iron Maiden). I then spend a large chunk of the show talking about Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse-Five," which turned 50 years old last month. And I close out by ...…
Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon are in New York going back-and-forth on Tim Anderson's suspension, if Pat Riley is a good fit for the Lakers and if Kevin Durant has to play like he did last night for the Warriors to be successful.
After a three year walkabout in his mid twenties, Quiet Flight’s lead shaper Bruce Ragan returned to shaping with a revitalized passion that has fueled his craft for the past thirty years. In today’s episode he discusses the perils that face teen pro-am surfers, competing with oversized retailers in Cocoa Beach, how real estate development … Co ...…
Ryan Brink and Adam Rida recap the latest episode of The Amazing Race (S31). In 2019 consider supporting our podcast and joining our growing Patron Community. For as little as $2 per month you'll gain access to our patron group and exclusive podcasts. Check out the details here and become a PATRON. Visit our website Brink Of Reality, find me on ...…
When it comes to winning, Duncanville Basketball (Texas) is one of those places you just have to respect. I've always heard many things about the dominance of their program. However, I never knew they called Duncanville the city of Champions. So I wanted to sit down with Assistant Coach Corey N Johnson and get the history behind not just Duncan ...…
This week Disney announced all of the movies and TV shows that will be available on Disney+ (1:06); the streaming service is creating a relationship with subscribers before even launching (8:25). Plus: ‘Game of Thrones’ (20:52), ‘Bless This Mess’ (27:16), ‘Killing Eve’ (31:32), and ‘The OA’ (35:34). Host: Chris Ryan Guest: Alison Herman…
Lanni Johnson is a 71-year old grandmother from Snohomish, Washington who starved herself for 17 days to raise awareness of the plight of the 75 Southern Resident killer whales who are on the brink of extinction. In this episode, she talks about what it was like to go 17 days without eating and why she says she had to do it.…
After a few weeks off, I'm back! Today I sit down with my friends Matt and Rob who run the aviation podcast Spread Aviation! As they put it, 'find out what happens when you cross a talk-show format with in-flight pilot training and a hefty dose of irreverence for practically everything, including gravitational forces.' I have known Matt and Rob ...…
Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser ask if the Rockets are as good or better than everyone, was the shimmy and miss a good look or bad look for James Harden, Tim Anderson throws his bat after hitting a HR vs the Royals, Jordan's comments about Tiger Woods and much more.
KCAA Morning Show on Thu, 18 Apr, 2019
Our convoy finally pushes its way to the premiere, where surely no George Lucases will make it out alive.Patreon: You Were Young will be Friday April 26th from 8-9:30 at Mad Tropical in Brooklyn, NY!PayPal: chekhovcharities@gmail.comVenmo: Kevin-Lanigan-1
Whangarei barman Mark Butler is back cleaning up his tavern today despite being stabbed in the head in an armed robbery last night.
Questions are being raised about a proposed $55 million bill to upgrade the earthquake prone Yarrow Stadium in New Plymouth, including $19m set aside for "enhancements" that would primarily benefit elite rugby.
The Auditor General has ordered an in-depth review into the management, monitoring and evaluation of the Provincial Growth Fund. Shane Jones told Alex Perrottet he welcomes the scrutiny.
Hidden away on the streets of Wellington, surrounded by hundred-year-old houses, is a medieval fighting pit where a handful of armour-clad warriors clash twice a week. Reporter Meriana Johnsen went along to one of the training sessions.
The illegal Harvest Festival - to be held over the weekend - has changed venues after authorities and residents raised concerns about it being held at a council reserve.
The Ukrainian owners of a popular Auckland restaurant were declined residency in January and ordered to leave the country by July. But after an outpouring of support, they have been told they can stay for at least another year.
The government is rejecting claims it has put its political agenda in jeopardy by ditching a proposed capital gains tax. The policy was abandoned after Labour and the Greens were unable to win the support of New Zealand First.
News from the business sector, including a market report.
A woman whose son and husband died in the mosque massacres is having to battle ACC to keep a roof over her childrens' heads. ACC has told Ambreen Naeem it'll pay her 80 percent of her husband's part time salary, but not the income her eldest son was bringing in to support the family.
Former top military attache Alfred Keating has been found guilty of trying to film his colleagues in a New Zealand embassy bathroom. Our court reporter Anneke Smith was in court for the verdict at the Auckland District Court today.
A year on from a horror car crash which killed their two children, Hamilton couple Sia Mosaferi and Mohy Sharifi are pleading with drivers to take extra care to avoid any more lives being lost on our roads this Easter weekend.
While United States citizens await official approval of ETFs by the securities and exchange commission and rulings on the future of cryptos from other government agencies, some states are taking matters into their own hands. The great state of Wyoming is leading the way by passing pro-blockchain legislation that the governor is signing.Today we ...…
Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser ask if the Tampa Bay Lightning coach should be fired after 4-0 sweep, is Russell Westbrook responsible for the Thunder being down 0-2, would the hiring of Ty Lue give too much power to LeBron and much more.
Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with hosts Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call and Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall. The show is available weekly. In this edition of the show, we’re joined by the newest Hoosier Joey Brunk, Dustin Dopirak of ... The post POTB 274: Dustin Dopirak, Joey Brunk and the reader mailbag appeared first on Ins ...…
KCAA Morning Show on Wed, 17 Apr, 2019
Thousands of people are expected to attend a fundraising concert in Christchurch tonight to raise money for those affected by the mosque attacks. Reporter Logan Church joins us live from outside the second of two 'You are us' concerts.
Auckland's mayor Phil Goff says officials are already working on ways to avoid raising rates to cover a $1 billion cost blowout on the City Rail Link Project.
New Zealanders were divided by the proposed capital gains tax, so there's been mixed reaction to the announcement it won't go ahead. Nita Blake-Persen reports.
In February, Green Party co-leader James Shaw laid down a challenge, asking whether the government deserved to be re-elected if it didn't introduce a capital gains tax.
New Zealand First has torpedoed the proposed capital gains tax, which Labour campaigned on for the last three elections.
A Central Otago community's hard work has paid off with the opening of a new multi-million dollar hospital. The revamped Maniototo Hospital - which includes 29 new beds - begins a new era of medical treatment in the region.
Fifty-five Hawke's Bay patients who were exposed to unsterilised medical equipment will have to wait until August to be certain they haven't been infected with blood-borne viruses like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.
A top military attaché that planted a covert camera in an embassy bathroom, or a man caught in a web of unfortunate - but innocent - coincidences? Those are the two theories presented in Alfred Keating's trial, which is drawing to a close at the Auckland District Court.
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