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The Ecommerce Empire Builders are a group of online business owners you’ve probably never heard of changing the world one product at a time. We define our own destiny, we create our own luck, and we build our own empires.
Builders & Makers
Builders & Makers is a podcast made to explore journey some of the most creative, influential, and successful Artisans have embarked on.
A betaworks podcast highlighting the people who are making a dent in the universe. New episodes every Tuesday. Hosted and Produced by Laila Oweda.
Podcast by Mick Hawes
Welcome to Chiro Business Builders Podcast, where amazing things happen.
Tom and Ariana: Lifestyle Builders Videocast (2018-02-16 15:36:07 +0000 UTC)
City Builders Church messages by Senior Pastor Brian Heath & others
This is a podcast of pure, unfiltered ideas because no idea is stupid in a rough draft.
What makes the town of Marietta, Georgia so welcoming, friendly and the center of Southern hospitality? Listen each week as veteran podcaster Bill Nowicki dives deep to tell the heartwarming, sad and funny stories from the people that make up the fabric of this historic city.
Faith Builders
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
Yann ilunga sits down with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, online marketing experts and best-selling authors to talk about their success and struggles, the “tools of the trade” and to give actionable tips to business-builder, small business owners and those who are in the process of building an online business. Every episode of the 360 Entrepreneur Podcast features A-listers like Pat Flynn, Kim Garst, John Lee Dumas, Jay Baer, Jeff Goins and Natalie Sisson and focuses on a different a ...
BRC & Friends
Bruce Reyes-Chow talks with activists, poets, academics, and community builders who are committed to making the world more thoughtful, loving, and just.
The Site Shed
The Site Shed is a podcast designed to assist and educate trade based business owners around the globe with business related topics and current affairs. The podcast is targeted to tradespeople and contractors like plumbers, builders, electricians, tilers, roofers, locksmiths, landscape gardeners & horticulturalists, printers, chefs, hairdressers, however it is a small business podcast so it also suits anyone that is in business. Facilitated by former plumber Matt Jones, this podcast addresse ...
Ambition Today
Ambition Today is a podcast with the entrepreneurs, creators, investors, and builders who ambitiously changed the world. Each episode explores the hardships and heroism of everyday life to reveal the key moments which leave behind a lasting legacy. Creating value in the world is hard, but you are not alone. No matter where you are in the world Ambition Today, hosted by Kevin Siskar, is here to keep you company you as you create your own incredible story. Follow the show @AmbitionToday.
In this podcast, hosts Vikram Ramakrishnan and Faizaan Shamsi, partners at the software consultancy QuantLayer, talk to investors and builders of the cryptocurrency arena. We discuss how industry participants think about crypto assets, how they uncover fraud in the market, and which technologies will turn the budding, nascent crypto space into the revolutionary powerhouse early market participants had hoped for.
NoBraking creator James sits down and talks cars and bikes with automotive legends, icons, drivers, builders and some great friends.New weekly episodes go live every Wednesday and bonus episodes can be found on a Monday.Make sure to follow us and subscribe!NoBrakingcan be found onInstagramandFacebook
Botfoundry is a resource for bot builders to learn how to build bots. There has been lots of noise about bots as the “next big thing”, but few know how to build useful bots, and even fewer have bet their business on bots (except maybe Ashley Madison).BotFoundry is an opensource site that will create blogs and podcasts for bot builders to learn how to build bots. Feel free to contact me if you need help, or if you have good ideas.
‘On the Wind,’ is THE podcast about offshore sailing, where professional sailor & journalist Andy Schell interviews sailors from around the world to discover what inspires them in an effort to inspire you! Andy has interviewed everyone from legends like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, to tech gurus like Nigel Calder, boat builders like Magnus Rassy (of Hallberg Rassy), inspirational family sailors like Totem, YouTube stars SV Delos & Andy's personal favorite, Arctic sailor and octogenarian Bob Shep ...
Leadership Builders believes that when a leader is guiding, inspiring and equipping their team, together they can do anything.
This Podcast is for Woodworkers, Makers and Builders. Host, William Patrick Interviews Company guest and has Guest Co-Host peers to discuss the latest trends in these feilds. the goal is simple to Learn and have fun while you listen! please like tracks you enjoy and Subscribe to get notified on future shows.
Each week, the Fretboard Journal interviews some of our favorite musicians, instrument builders and historians.
Arc Junkies
As featured on the cover of The Welder Magazine, join Host Jimmy McKnight as he interviews Blue Collar America ! Welders, Blacksmiths, Machinists, Builders, Drillers, Makers and more ! Plus ! Product reviews from some of the top companies in the welding industry ! Arc Junkies is dedicated to inspiring and motivating those that get their hands dirty everyday to better themselves, make money and keep building America !
Professional relationships are our most important asset but we never know where to begin. We can help make it real - we provide tips, tricks, and strategies on how the best relationship builders grow their business.
A curated discussion focused around guitars, amplifiers, pedals, effects, synths, and keyboards. Featuring demos of Vintage & Boutique gear with interviews from fellow musicians, luthiers, techs, builders, collectors and gear hoarders alike!
Conversations with brand builders who seduce, rather than sell, add myth to the material and let their brands shine - we call them Ueber-Brands. Go to for rich podcast notes, pictures, further reading and for our blog. We appreciate comments and (good) ratings ;-)
Community Pulse
Community Builders Mary Thengvall, Jason Hand, and PJ Hagerty interview experts in the field of Community Leadership and Management on a broad range of topics related to building community.
KRCL RadioActive
RadioActive is a show for grassroots activists and community builders, weeknights at 6:00 p.m. on 90.9fm KRCL in Salt Lake City, Utah. Got a story you'd like to share on the show? Record a voice memo on your smart phone, then email it to Keep it under 3 minutes and be sure to include a name and phone number in the body of the message.
Intel CitC
Intel® Conversations in the Cloud is a weekly podcast with IT leaders who are driving the future of a software-defined infrastructure based data center. Featuring members of the Intel® Builders programs, Intel experts, and industry analysts, this recurring podcast series provides information on delivering, deploying, and managing cloud computing, technology, and services in the data center and enterprise.
Sawa Shabab (Youth Together) is a peacebuilding radio drama series for the youth of South Sudan. Sawa Shabab is a bold new peacebuilding radio drama series for South Sudanese youth. The drama series follows the daily lives of four young South Sudanese: Rose, Taban, Winnie and Richard, four very different characters facing common issues: tribalism, poverty, gender inequity, and insecurity but also issues that affect youth all over the world: school, work, friendships, family, love and future ...
Builder Oxted
Any homeowner looking to transform their home needs to call on the finest builder Oxted can offer, so choose MayfairFowler for all building work. For more information you can visit at:
There is no better time than the present to be a female entrepreneur! On She Built That you will hear from women just like you who are building amazing companies and initiatives all on their own terms. Mariam Wright Edelman said, “You Can’t Be What You Can’t See,” and She Built That uses the power of storytelling to empower the next generation of women to believe in their ability to build, lead and create career opportunities in whatever industry they desire. In this series, listeners will h ...
Connectors is a playground for ecosystem builders and a podcast featuring discussions at the intersection of creativity, wisdom & technology.
Biographies of entrepreneurs.
Just another weblog
The latest podcast feed searching 'Francis Chan' on
A weekly creative video game idea workshop between hosts Ryan Hamann, and Ryan Quintal, and the Play;Write community.Play;Write is a podcast about creating and sharing new ways to play. Each week, new ideas for new video experiences to bring to life.Visit or email to share your idea today!
Wanna Be
The podcast that takes you from where you are to where you wanna be in 30 minutes or less. Every week Imrie is joined by a guest to discuss the issue that's blocking their personal or professional development. Hosted by Imrie (formerly Melanin Millennials).
Every week the team get together in a studio and record their stream of consciousness and discuss all the latest news and the games they've been playing.For more original gaming content, visit
Wifey Wednesdays
Encourage. Enlighten. Empower.
Resound Denver
We are changed lives, changing lives.
Earth Ancients
Earth Ancients chronicles the growing (and often suppressed) evidence of known and unknown civilizations, their ruined cities, and artifacts developed from advanced science and technology. Erased from the pages of time, these cultures discovered and charted the heavens, developed medicine and unleashed advancements that parallel and, in many cases, surpass our own. Join us and discover our lost history.Armed with the thousands of anomalous archeological discoveries which have not been covere ...
The Aux Cable
Get plugged in to advice on everything! Join Ryan Matlock and Matthew Bird every week as they ponder YOUR questions.
Atlanta Real Estate News
Weekly Message from Traditional Worship with Dr. Burt Palmer
Empire Show
Do you have an idea for a business that has the potential to grow into a massively profitable, sustainable, long-lasting empire? Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne want to help you make that happen. Bedros and Craig are both 8-figure entrepreneurs and long-running business partners who have teamed up to pay it forward to the entrepreneurs who are struggling or just starting out. Listen in to discover practical strategies to become a better leader, build a stronger team, identify and attrac ...
The SwitchCast is more than a show where we talk about Nintendo Switch news and game reviews. We are a lively community of Nintendo Switch players who organize competitive events, contests, and interviews with some of the coolest names in the industry. So listen in, chat with us on Discord, find us on Facebook, and become part of the Switch revolution!
tfw featuring speaker Steve Parsons
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Every business on the planet could use an extra injection of cash -- including yours. Even with their 8-figure empires, Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne are still on the hunt for fast cash techniques and strategies they can implement in their businesses. In this episode, they’ve narrowed down the five techniques you can implement right now, ...…
We're here -- it's episode 300! To celebrate, we did a normal podcast. Bungie and Activision have parted ways, The Division 2 isn't coming to Steam and is coming to the Epic Games Store, and there are serious allegations thrown the way of Gearbox's Randy Pitchford.Rich has been revisiting Onimusha with the new remaster, Colm's had a little go o ...…
Stacie B London is an industrial designer with a passion for art that has become a vintage motorcycle addict. London took up riding late in life, when she bought her first bike. She went from riding around Los Angeles, to road racing across the US, to starting a motorcycle club named the “East Side Moto Babes” and now she has broken land speed ...…
Wifey Wednesdays Season 9, Episode 1 for Wednesday, January 16, 2019 For the season 9 kickoff, Emily talks about guarding our marriages from temptations and Satan’s attacks, especially in light of some of the New Year’s Resolutions women may be tempted to make. We want to hear from you! Email: Join the Wifey Wednesdays ...…
Play;Write is a podcast about creating and sharing new ways to play. We workshop seedlings of ideas for video games in hopes of coming up with something timeless. It's not just about us, though! Join in the conversation! Pitch your own game ideas to be read and explored on air on our website at, tweet us @playwritecast, or ...…
#254: Simon Borjeson returns to the podcast as ISBJORN's new skipper for the first few two-boat passages later this year. Simon & I became friends when we met during the ARC Europe rally a few years back, and bonded on our love of sailing, skiing and endurance sports. Back then he was sailing his dad's X-42 EUPHORIA across the Atlantic, while s ...…
On today's episode we talk with Dr. Matthew Loop about the future of marketing for Chiropractic. We talk about how video is going to be the new driving force behind the most successful practices and what you need to be doing now to make sure you are ahead of the curve. You can find Dr. Matthew Loop here: http://socialm ...…
Bruce Reyes-Chow is back with a revamped and rebooted BRC & Friends podcast where he talks with activists, artists, academics, and community building — all who are making the world a better place! Check out the intro and stay-tuned for new episodes beginning February 2019.Click here to suggest guests:…
We discuss comments from the CFTC about developer responsibilities and liabilities. The CFTC posits that there are a few primary groups of users of blockchain networks: (1) core developers of the underlying software; (2) developers of smart contracts on top of the underlying blockchain; (3) miners who validate transactions; and (4) users who tr ...…
In a world where we can feel rejected, hurt and overlooked, there is One that doesn’t. Jesus pursues us, accepts us unconditionally and loves us relentlessly. He came for the outcast in each of us.
The life of Cornelius Vanderbilt as told through the book Tycoon's War: How Cornelius Vanderbilt Invaded a Country to Overthrow America's Most Famous Military Adventurer by Stephen Dando-Collins How you can help Founders podcast: Add your email to Founders Notes and you will get the knowledge entrepreneurs share on podcasts delivered to your in ...…
Christopher Dunn has an extensive background as a craftsman, starting his career as an indentured apprentice in his hometown of Manchester, England. Recruited by an aerospace manufacturing company, he immigrated to the United States in 1969. Over the past 49 years, Chris has worked at every level of high-tech manufacturing from machinist, toolm ...…
Memphis-based musician Liz Brasher stops by the Fretboard Journal to talk about her early influences, her gear and much more. Check out Liz's debut solo, 'Painted Image,' out on Fat Possum Records.
Named Sales Manager of the Year at the 2018 OBIE Awards, Gayle Bickham now CEO of The Atlanta Community Alliance joins today’s All About Real Estate episode to talk about her new venture to provide new location benefits that are designed to give employees of select industries value-adding perks, incentives and rebates related to every stage of ...…
The votes are in, and tonight we reveal the top Nintendo Switch games and Nintendo Switch Nindies that you, the listeners picked for this year's SwitchCats' Choice awards! SUPPORT US ON PATREON SIGN UP FOR OUR POKEMON LET'S GO LEAGUE TIMESTAMPS 0:25 – Intro 9:03 – Evers ...…
A shocking statistic for many families is learning that a heart transplant will not last a lifetime, the average is just 12 years. With a mission to make transplanted hearts last forever, Atlanta-based Enduring Hearts works behind the scenes every day to accelerate research that will save the lives of kids living with a transplanted heart and e ...…
In this episode, Bedros Keuilian interviews David Meltzer -- the man who became a millionaire nine months out of law school. Like so many people who find success early in their careers, David ended up surrounding himself with the wrong people and had to dig deep to rekindle his true motivations as an entrepreneur. Today, David’s businesses are ...…
Lindsay Ross is the Creative Design Director who brings ideas to life at Mustang RTR. The team at RTR have been designing and building very special cars, for almost ten years. In 2009 the very first Mustang RTR was released. The following year an official alignment between RTR and Ford Motor Company pushed RTR beyond a traditional aftermarket c ...…
Alien: Blackout is real, but the platform it's coming to has people a bit disappointed; Project Cars developer Slightly Mad Studios is making a console; and there's plenty going on at Marvel Games / Marvel G4ames / M4rvel G4mes,Rich has been playing the Spider-Man DLC, but the others were more interested in his new hoover; and Josh thinks Gris ...…
In this episode, Jimmy chats with welder and YouTuber Jacob Schofield about the weld life, being a new father, and finding the common ground between pipeliners and shop welders by discussing our differences and similarities. e-Mail: Social Media: @arcjunkiespodcast
Play;Write is a weekly creative video game idea workshop between hosts, and community.. It's not just about us, though! Join in the conversation! Pitch your own game ideas to be read and explored on air on our website at, tweet us @playwritecast, or email us at In this episode of the podcast, Ryan Quin ...…
#253: Jessie Zevalnkink & Luke Yeates were on the podcast back in October 2017, right after they'd crossed the Atlantic in their 37' yawl DESIREE. Mia & I caught up with them in person aboard their boat in Lagos, Portugal, as we were getting ISBJORN ready to cross the Atlantic. We sat in their cockpit as the sun went down, hearing stories of th ...…
The life of Cornelius Vanderbilt as told through the book The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt by TJ Stiles. Founders Notes: Get key ideas from entrepreneurs delivered to your inbox every Sunday. Subscribe to my private Misfit podcast feed. You'll immediately unlock 18 private podcasts available nowhere else + get extra podca ...…
We discuss our time at the CTO Summit at the NASDAQ Marketsite from a couple weeks back. This was a great conference, because technology leaders from startups to larger companies congregated to talk about managing and scaling tech teams. We talk about software process, distributed teams, how deployment is the main cause of all software failures ...…
In a world where we can feel rejected, hurt and overlooked, there is One that doesn’t. Jesus pursues us, accepts us unconditionally and loves us relentlessly. He came for the outcast in each of us.
A new MP3 sermon from Biblical Restoration Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: Does God Bless Your Church Subtitle: Church Speaker: Francis Chan Broadcaster: Biblical Restoration Ministries Event: Special Meeting Date: 1/2/2019 Length: 50 min.
An astonishing book that will lead to rewrite the history of mankind. An unexplored world, a journey beyond the boundaries of human history. From over five thousand years India and Pakistan seem to guard jealously a forgotten past, a secret locked inside of the oldest traditions that human history knows. The journey starts from an highly evolve ...…
Michael Shaffer traveled to rural southwest Virginia for a church history talk; the story of a Methodist church that was built a year after the Civil War ended. Afterwards, an older lady presented a trunk full of papers and letters from Tom Colley, her relative who spent years as a member of the 1st Virginia Cavalry. She asked Michael to take t ...…
KC, JV, David and Rin have come together for the first time to look back at everything that made 2018 a great year for the Nintendo Switch, and what we're looking forward to in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch! SUPPORT US ON PATREON JOIN THE SWITCH CAST COMMUNITY Facebook - ...…
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