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Impressive Sounds with Mr.K on Radio NOVA Bulgaria. Every Tuesday At 18:00 - Sofia 101.7FM,
The History Hour
An hour of historical reporting told by the people who were there.
Stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the digital world the easy way! Digital expert, national radio host and USA Today columnist Kim Komando wastes no time and gets right to the top stories, scams, security alerts, product reviews and crazy happenings in the world of tech. Listen and you’ll be in the know with Kim Komando!
Series focusing on foreign affairs issues.
A podcast made by hard-core True Crime fans. Somewhat grungy and grimy, we bring you stories from all the dark corners of the globe.
Let's talk art, creativity, drawing and painting!! 🎨🔥💪🏼🤩
Each week a new European metropolis in focus. euromaxx city highlights urban flair and local culture. The wonderful world of European cities. euromaxx city – every week on DW-TV.
Financial Times World Tech Founders is a new series on entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Founders talk about the rewards and challenges of starting up a business in countries such as Egypt, Tanzania and China.
MI Ice Guys
Podcasting hardwater fishing in the Great Lakes State
What's that noise? In a world of grey areas, margins, and fuzziness, co-hosts Tommy and Derek pursue matters of confusion and clarity - however and whatever that means. Tune in for slightly academic and marginally intelligent discussions on a variety of topics with academics, researchers, community leaders, musicians, and noisemakers of all kinds! Follow us on Twitter @WTNcast, @Derekcrim, and @Thomasncooke!
U Vibes
The best of Techno, Minimal & Progressive house music! New episode once every two weeks!
Where does a passion come from? How does it get to the point where once you find it its all you want to do?Miki Stefanoski and Dimce Filiposki met many years ago, over a chat service talking about the music they both love. Living in the same city a short distance from each other, many nights are spent in Miki’s home studio sharing ideas, creating tracks and mixes to be shared with anyone willing to listen. And there are a lot of people who want to listen!Latent means "potentially existing bu ...
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Carlos Monzón was Argentina’s golden son: a man with a humble background who managed to win the boxing World Middleweight Championship – a title he defended 14 times. But his violence did not stay inside the ring. On the morning of February 14th 1988, in a domestic dispute, he murdered his wife, then threw her half-naked body over the railing o ...…
Today I want to tell you about some crucial lessons I learned from my daily podcast. This mainly revolves around easy and efficient content creation.
How an ancient Chinese remedy provided a 1970s breakthrough in the fight against malaria; the bombing of Dresden in the Second World War that inspired Kurt Vonnegut's anti-war novel Slaughterhouse Five; the fall of Singapore; plus the town that America built in Afghanistan's south-western desert, and 'was Lenin a mushroom' - a satirical re-writ ...…
Check your laptop’s battery: There’s another big recall involving batteries that could catch fire. Targeted advertising might soon be annoying you through your smart TV. Research shows many Android anti-virus apps don’t work. Facebook had a major power outage that was believed to be a server error, but could it have been a hack? An AI-powered r ...…
Hi there! 👋 Wanted to give you a quick updated about the last couple of days and the upcoming week. I’m very busy with both work-related and non work-related things. I hope it will settle around this weekend! 😊
In 1950, 25-year-old Timothy Evans was convicted of murdering his wife Beryl and their 1-year-old daughter, Jeraldine. He professed his innocence to the end, but was hanged later in the same year. Tim said that his neighbour, 51-year-old year-old John Reginald Christie was responsible for the murders, but nobody believed him. Two years later, w ...…
How allegations of child abuse engulfed Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, the campaign to return the Elgin marbles to Greece, Britain's first black headteacher, the origins of the Barbie doll and how Baroness Warsi made history.Photo: Zoilamerica Narváez announces in a press conference that she is filing a law suit against her stepfather Dani ...…
Mark Zuckerberg says he wants a privacy-focused Facebook. Doctored photos are the new trend for real estate listings. Hackers are stealing from fraudsters who tricked their subscribers. Google can now make phone calls to book restaurant reservations. Alexa can control your Roku streaming devices. The best software for filing 2019 taxes. All tha ...…
Today I want to give a quick update of the last few days, and touch upon how to scale your artwork’s size 😉🎨
Today you will learn how to better prepare for starting a large artwork, based my recent detailed paintings and sketches.
10 Rillington Place became one of the most notorious addresses in London. One of its occupants, Reg Christie, would lure women into his home with the promise of giving them medical procedures, like illegal abortions. By 1950, he had killed four people and kept the bodies at the property. Christie framed his neighbour for two of the murders and ...…
Today I’ll talk about my monthly plan for March, as well as the upcoming Pokemon game - Sword and Shield 😁😁
When Venezuela was rich; surviving a mid-air airline disaster; Japan's Red Army militants of the 1970s, the origin of the swine flu epidemic and Iceland's Beer Day.Photo: Seidel/United Archives/UIG via Getty Images
An open database exposes millions of records from a Dow Jones watchlist. IBM is apologizing after racially insensitive terms were found as options on their job site. Motorola has confirmed they’re also releasing a foldable phone. Amazon is working on even more ways to get packages to you. A robot replica of a long-dead deity is teaching Buddhis ...…
In this episode I want to talk to you about a painting skill I want to further develop in the near future. I’ll also update you on my detailed painting.
Today I want to share with you a painting I’m really excited about. It’s large and more detailed than my usual work. I’ll also share a quick update about my vision and it’s clarity.
Today I want to share with you some challenges along my journey, plus a HUGE painting I’m really excited about painting in the next few days.
On a grey winter’s morning, the captain of a tugboat made a gory discovery in the Vistula River in the centre of Krakow. Stuck in the propeller of his boat, was the skin of missing student, Katarzyna Zowada. There was no body, it was just the skin, sliced off with surgical precision. This case became one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in Pol ...…
Millions left dead or deformed because of chemicals used in the Vietnam war, UK cigarette smoking warnings ignored, remains of the Nazi 'Angel of Death' discovered in Brazil, the Columbia Shuttle disaster which led to huge questions about American space safety and the unrest featured in the Oscar-nominated film, Roma, where Mexican students wer ...…
YouTube is pulling hundreds of channels and deleting millions of comments after an outcry over child exploitation. If you have a drone, make sure you get a registration number. Samsung has unveiled their new folding phone, along with a lot of other new tech. We’re getting a glimpse at just how far China goes with their mass surveillance. Apple ...…
Today I want to tell you about my plein-air session, and the tons of work I put on some YouTube vids.
Today I want to talk about how I have to create frequently and on a regular basis to feel happy.
Today I want to help you destroy your perfectionism, post A LOT on social media and win. Also we’ll talk about an upcoming watercolor exhibition in Bulgaria.
Zack Bowen and Addie Hall had an intense love that was sealed during the destructive landfall of Hurricane Katrina. Their volatile relationship led to many arguments and fights, until one day, things went too far. Zack strangled Addie and dismembered her body before jumping off the roof of a hotel in New Orleans. This is their tragic love story ...…
Why Iceland jailed 40 bankers after the 2008 financial crisis, how the Maastricht Treaty gave birth to the EU, plus America's first female airline pilots, Cameroon's historic referendum and homeless, drunk and yet a genius in the USSR.(Photo: Protesters on the streets of Reykjavik demand answers from the government and the banks about the count ...…
Thousands of Android apps are tracking you, and there's not much you can do about it. Amazon and Google want to collect even more of your data through their smart speakers. A new viral internet challenge wants kids to go missing. A new study looks at the effect of video games on kids. A piece of artwork generated by artificial intelligence is g ...…
Today I will tell you about the huge dividends I’m starting to get from focusing on the basics and fundamentals of drawing!
Today I want to share my improvements in controlling the pencil and working with it in a way that allows a better range of motion and line quality.
Full house tonight Chad, Jake, Steph and Zach join Chas in studio to reflect and tells tales from the WIFC in Bulgaria
Today I want to tell you about a YouTube research I’m going to conduct, which will help me improve my channel. It’s going to be HUGE!
Today I want to tell you about the master study painting I did in watercolor, based on a floral painting by Jasmine Huang, an incredible painter.
When a maintenance worker forced his way into a locked room in the cellar of a building in Vienna, he never thought he would find the remains of two men. Their body parts had been mixed with cement and stored in empty ice cream buckets. Other parts were kept in small freezers. It didn’t take long to figure out who the men were. They were Holger ...…
Hitler's secretary on the last days in the bunker; a CIA operative on the killing of Che Guevara, remembering the US invasion of Iraq, a child of the Soweto Uprising and the tricky task of bringing Disneyland to France.Photo: Getty Images
Mobile phone carriers might have sold your location data even more than first reported. A new online calculator could give you your odds of getting kidney stones again. Amazon might be testing their facial recognition software on sellers. A new study says electric cars lose a lot of power during extreme cold weather. A smartphone just helped co ...…
Today I want to share with you what I think is one of the main ingredients in becoming a good artist, with the potential of great success as well.
In today’s episode I want to talk to you about my fundamentals session from today, as well as an experiment I plan on doing with videos on Instagram.
In today’s episode we’ll talk about my plein-air painting session, and framing the huge painting I’ve been telling you about - with a fancy antique frame!
When British Businessman, Neil Heywood, is found dead in a hotel room in China’s megacity Chongqing, a series of events began that set in motion political change that would influence the next decade in Chinese politics. A flamboyant politician’s wife was tried for the murder of Neil Heywood, but was she framed by her husband’s political enemies ...…
Today I want to tell you about my weekend trip with friends, my upcoming interview with Cesar Santos, and revisiting drawing fundamentals.
In February 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini returned from exile to Iran in the defining moment of a revolution that would change his country and the whole Middle East. In a special edition of the programme, Rebecca Kesby hears eye-witness accounts from the protestors who brought down the Shah, one of the Ayatollah's aides and an American embassy offic ...…
Last month's massive data breach has grown even larger. Another health insurer is offering an Apple Watch, but with a new app. Con artists are adapting in the Instagram era. A new floor lamp from Panasonic could raise privacy concerns because of a secret camera. And a Florida museum is unveiling an A.I. replica of an artist who died 30 years ago.…
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