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"Because Wealth is Much More than Just Money."
EconTalk is an award-winning weekly talk show about economics in daily life. Featured guests include renowned economics professors, Nobel Prize winners, and exciting speakers on all kinds of topical matters related to economic thought. Host Russ Roberts, of the Library of Economics and Liberty and the Hoover Institution, draws you in with lively guests and creative repartee. Topics include health care, business cycles, economic growth, free trade, education, finance, politics, sports, book r ...
Featured Voices
Featured voices on current and future economic and environmental events.
From the producers of Up and Vanished, Sworn pulls back the curtain on the criminal justice system, exposing the untold stories and hard truths behind major cases. Host Philip Holloway, a defense attorney and former prosecutor with a background in law enforcement, not only digs into the legal aspects of these cases but the emotional consequences of their outcomes.
FT Alphachat
Alphachat is the conversational podcast about business and economics produced by the Financial Times in New York. Each week, FT hosts and guests delve into a new theme, with more wonkiness, humour and irreverence than you'll find anywhere else
In The Uncertain Hour, host Krissy Clark dives into one controversial topic each season to reveal the surprising origin stories of our economy. From the Marketplace Wealth & Poverty Desk, each season goes beyond buzzwords to bust longstanding myths and uncover surprising backstories. Because the things we fight the most about are the things we know the least about. Listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Twitter: @UncertainHour
Legal Wars
The courtroom can be a battlefield over money, people’s rights, and even their lives. For some cases, the consequences can affect us long after the verdict is read. Based on extensive interviews and court transcripts, Wondery’s new podcast LEGAL WARS puts you inside the jury box of some of the most famous court cases in American history, including Hulk Hogan’s courtroom wrestling match with Gawker, the battle for free speech on the internet, and the Rodney King trial that set off the LA Riot ...
FT Hard Currency
Financial Times foreign exchange correspondent Roger Blitz talks to experts on the currencies market about the week ahead, looking at the global political and economic factors driving the world’s largest market.
Macro Voices
Weekly market commentary by Hedge Fund Manager Erik Townsend and interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics. Made possible by funding from Fourth Turning Capital Management, LLC
Professor Elizabeth Joh teaches Intro to Constitutional Law and most of the time this is a pretty straight forward job. But with Trump in office, everything has changed. Five minutes before class Professor Joh checks Twitter to find out what the 45th President has said and how it jibes with 200 years of the judicial branch interpreting and ruling on the Constitution. Hosted by acclaimed podcaster Roman Mars (99% Invisible, co-founder Radiotopia), this show is a weekly, fun, casual Con Law 10 ...
Mad Hat Economics
A podcast discussing different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science. Hosted by Cornell University graduate students.
Selected articles from the audio edition of The Economist
The AICPA presents the Journal of Accountancy podcast. Where we talk about the key issues facing the accounting profession.
Economic Update is a weekly nationally syndicated radio program produced by Democracy at Work and hosted by Richard D. Wolff. The program explores complex economic issues and empowers listeners with information to analyze their own financial situation as well as the economy at large. By focusing on the economic dimensions of everyday life - wages, jobs, taxes, debts, and profits - the program explores alternative ways to organize markets and government policies.
Denise Griffitts, 'Your Partner In Success™' is a happy nerd in stilettos who works from her beautifully appointed home office with the enthusiastic assistance of her feline office assistants and one woefully outnumbered dog, Abbey Rose. A long-time online business creator and marketer, online business manager, and web developer, Denise is also the host of the very popular podcast called Your Partner In Success Radio which has been identified on INC. com as one of the best business podcasts ...
The World Economic Forum's channel features four podcast series:- "A Glimpse into the Future" explores how breakthrough technologies and innovative ideas can help us shape our future.- "Mapping Global Transformations" is a podcast series featuring leading global experts who are highlighting changes in areas of global interest.- "On our radar" takes a deep look at the issues bubbling up on the global agenda.- "What you said" brings you the must-read stories of the week.
Investment Disciplines and Timely Advice.
Begun in 1988, Financial Sense(R) Newshour is a financial market broadcast hosted by money manager James J Puplava, CFP, on the week's market action, interviews with financial experts, and Jim's personal perspective on the markets/economy.
Mad Hat Economics
A podcast discussing different behavioral anomalies related to economics, marketing, psychology, public policy, consumer preference and food science. Hosted by Cornell University graduate students.
Biz EVOLution Radio is a radio show that discusses evolving trends in the world of business and leadership inside various fields and disciplines. Each episode revolves around a currently trending topic while featuring an interview with a successful leader or leading edge thinker. Jon Alexander Martin, Principal of Fifth Element Consulting, hosts the show.
Every week, we cover the world of economics like no other podcast. From an inside look at the massive market for collector sneakers to the corporate costs for businesses that dabble in Trump era politics, Making Sen will make you think about economics in a whole new way. Episodes are published every Thursday by 9 pm. Is this not what you're looking for? Don't miss our other podcasts for our full shows, individual segments, Shields and Brooks, Brief but Spectacular, Politics Monday and more. ...
These podcast episodes will feature world renowned speaker, business strategist & entrepreneur, Reggie Batts. He will be speaking, coaching & interviewing successful people on actions & disciplines needed to succeed in life & business. This will give you the competitive edge to WIN in life & business and to sustain momentum to get to higher levels.
FT Banking Weekly
The Financial Times banking team discusses the biggest banking stories of the week, bringing you global insight and commentary on the top issues concerning this sector. To take part in the show or to comment please email
Building the 10%
Curiosity Daily
Get smarter in just a few minutes every day. With a timely blend of cultural trends, life hacks, and developments in science and technology, you'll learn about your mind and body, outer space and the depths of the sea, how history shaped the world into what it is today, and more. From the largest galaxies to your smallest brain cells, hosts Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer from will help you understand the world better.
Inside The Squad
INSIDE THE SQUAD is brought to you by the Community Outreach Unit of the Lafayette, Indiana Police Department. From crime statistics, to crime prevention and everything in between, this is your inside look into what’s happening at the LPD.
The Accounting Best Practices podcast covers essential information on a broad range of business subjects, including accounting technology, controls, closing the books, financing, payroll, and much more. Most episodes are just 7 to 10 minutes long and are jam-packed with information.
We’re the CIPD — the professional body for HR and people development. We are the voice of a worldwide community of more than 135,000 members committed to championing better work and working lives.
XpertHR podcasts
Compliance, good practice and benchmarking for UK human resources professionals
Accounting Today’s editors talk with thought leaders and changemakers from across the public accounting profession.
Audio recordings of Peterson Institute for International Economics events.
Audio recordings of Peterson Perspectives interviews with Peterson Institute for International Economics research staff, analyzing current economic and political events.
Investment Disciplines and Timely Advice.
Weekly interviews with leading practitioners, thought leaders and pioneers in the field of People Analytics, drawing in Workforce Planning, Employee Insight and game-changing technology. Find out what you can be doing to push ahead with your own work in People Analytics, and how your company can get a real cometitive edge by using the latest methods and technologies as they emerge. Chaired by Max Blumberg and David Green
A Lidyr Creative concept, the Better Than Success Podcast is a weekly podcast that teaches entrepreneurs, business owners, and the aspiring how to teach themselves the art of Success. The only thing better than success itself is knowing that you pulled yourself up by the bootstraps and taught yourself the skills, strategies, and disciplines to get there. Hosted by serial entrepreneur Nikki Purvy, each episode of the show will give you the tools to develop the habits of success.
Deloitte IFRS
Deloitte IFRS
“Extra Credit,” S&P Global Ratings’ U.S. public finance podcast, delivers a mobile overview of trends, rating actions, and credit commentary on the week's most pressing municipal market issues.
Economics Detective Radio is a podcast about markets, ideas, institutions, and all things related to the field of economics. Episodes consist of long-form interviews, and are generally released on Fridays. Topics include economic theory, economic history, the history of thought, money, banking, finance, macroeconomics, public choice, Austrian economics, business cycles, health care, education, international trade, and anything else of interest to economists, students, and serious amateurs in ...
Bloomberg Law
Host June Grasso speaks with prominent attorneys and legal scholars, analyzing major legal issues and cases in the news. The show examines all aspects of the legal profession, from intellectual property to criminal law, from bankruptcy to securities law, drawing on the deep research tools of Reporters from Bloomberg's Washington, D.C. bureau are prominently featured as they offer analysis of policy and legal issues.
Exclusive, insightful audio interviews by our staff with banking/security leading practitioners and thought-leaders. Transcripts are also available on our site!
Behind the Knife is a podcast aimed for everyone interested in not only an in-depth look at the broad range of surgical topics, but a "behind the scenes" look at the interesting, controversial and humanistic side of surgery from some of the giants in the field. Come along with Kevin Kniery, Jason Bingham, John McClellan and Scott Steele on a journey that explores all the disciplines of General Surgery in this informal discussion and interview format. We feel that this is the perfect medium n ...
Lead Boldly Podcast
I'm an entrepreneur, writer and graduate student focused on leadership and startups. My writing combines ideas from a range of disciplines - psychology, philosophy, management, and design. My mission is to inspire and teach the discipline of creating companies, products and movements that shape the world.
Essential listening for entrepreneurs, product managers and anyone working in tech today. We break down the concepts you need to know, from Product Management to Growth, Sales to Funding, we'll bring you stories that will inspire and insights that will change the way you think about product and, produced in partnership with Product Collective, inspires hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, product people, and designers each month. Join us as we ...
This is Capitalism
This is a collection of programmes from BBC Radio 4 on capitalism - the hidden economic wiring which puts money and markets at the centre of our lives.
The FLAWD Podcast
FLAWD: Focused Lifestyle & Winning Disciplines. The show is about CrossFit, Personal Development and Productivity. The Show host: Peter Larsson interviews interesting people about their life and how to improve. Main language is Swedish
The Human Resources for Small Business podcast is the ultimate resource for HR professionals and small business leaders. Join Xenium’s Brandon Laws as he chats with guests from all sides of the industry—digging up tips, tools and insights you can apply to your own small business to create a great workplace and see results. We’ll dig into a different HR-focused topic each episode—ranging from business strategy and leadership to HR policy, legal updates and more.
Investment Disciplines and Timely Advice.
“Accelerate Your Sales Power.” Are you completely satisfied with your sales performance? Then Accelerate! your sales skills, leadership traits, and personal development, with sought-after speaker, best-selling author and sales sage, Andy Paul. Six times a week, Andy interviews the world’s foremost sales minds and extraordinarily interesting people like Jeffrey Gitomer, Robert Cialdini, Jill Konrath, Anthony Iannarino and Tim Sanders -- to uncover the strategies and insights you can use to ge ...
Setting a standard of excellence since 1970, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a vibrant global membership association with a network of 10,000 members in more than 80 countries, representing many of the Global Fortune 500 companies.A broadly diverse community of communication professionals, IABC connects members to ideas, job opportunities, and people, through professional learning and a generous culture of sharing.We believe that in today’s world, communicat ...
Law and Crime News
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show series
Technology has changed so many things in the workplace, from the way we communicate, to how we get things done. It was only a matter of time before HR and benefits evolve as well. Avi Karnani, CEO of Alice, is changing the way employers and employees manage their benefits by automating pre-tax spending on benefits like healthcare. He joins us t ...…
Greg Stohr, Bloomberg News Supreme Court reporter, discusses why the Supreme Court has blocked the deposition of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in a series of politically charged lawsuits concerning a citizenship question on the 2020 census. Plus, Julie Park, professor at the University of Maryland College of Education and author of "Race on Ca ...…
David Crow and guests discuss Barclays as it tries to defend itself against activist investor David Bramson, the future of CYBG after it completed its £1.7bn takeover of Virgin Money, and the growing competition in the US online banking market. Contributors: David Crow, banking editor, Stephen Morris, European banking correspondent, Nicholas Me ...…
Financial Sense interviews Chris Hennessey at Putnam Investments on who will be positively and negatively impacted by the recent tax changes. Hennessey discusses the various tax brackets, state and... For information on downloading FS Insider premium content, visit…
Learn about several states of matter beyond the three or four you probably already know about; the military-tested Argonne diet designed to prevent jet lag; and the Near-Death Experience Scale. In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following stories from to help you get smarter and learn something new in just a ...…
Accounting students are the future of the profession. So how can professors and practitioners work together to make sure those students complete their education and go on to earn their CPA license with the skill sets they need to be successful?
Charles Gardener Geyh, a professor at Indiana University Maurer School of Law, discusses Attorney General Jeff Sessions's claims that a recent string of court losses for the Trump Administration have been due to "judicial activism" by U.S. judges. Plus, Brad Moss, a partner at Mark Zaid Plc., discusses why the U.S. charged a Russian woman with ...…
It can be difficult for accountants to develop a consultative approach to serving their clients, and Rainmaker Companies’ Angie Grissom offers useful advice on how to open up the opportunities.
Economist and author Ran Abramitzky of Stanford University talks about his book, The Mystery of the Kibbutz, with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Abramitzky traces the evolution of the kibbutz movement in Israel and how the kibbutz structure changed to cope with the modernization and development of the Israeli economy. The conversation includes a d ...…
Protecting "East-West" cloud traffic - the traffic between apps and virtual machines - is a significant challenge, but microsegmentation can help address it, says Raghu Raghuram of VMware.
We have all heard sad stories about seniors or elder citizens that end up in financial difficulties. On this edition of Lifetime Income, Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss two common occurrences... For information on downloading FS Insider premium content, visit…
As companies go through a digital transformation, they need to move toward real-time risk management - and artificial intelligence can play a critical role, says David Walter, vice president of RSA Archer.
Learn what might happen if mosquitoes disappeared; why music played backward makes you hear hidden messages; and what people can tell about your relationships from your Facebook profile. In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following stories from to help you get smarter and learn something new in just a few min ...…
Meghana and Shreya attended the Association for Women Surgeons 2018 annual conference and interviewed leaders of the organization- Dr. Celeste Hollands (@celestehollands), Dr. Sareh Parangi (@sarehparangiMD), and Dr. Sharon Stein (@slsteinMD1). We also spoke with Dr. Smita Sihag (@ssihag_msk) about her research and Professor Robert Bordone (@bo ...…
There was mixed news for markets this week. Economic reports are still generally positive, but sentiment appears to have soured. In this episode we take a look at the current market structure compared to a historical analog that may be a pattern to watch. Here is the simple truth: there are no magical shortcuts – […]…
There was mixed news for markets this week. Economic reports are still generally positive, but sentiment appears to have soured. In this episode we take a look at the current market structure compared to a historical analog that may be a pattern to watch. Here is the simple truth: there are no magical shortcuts – […]…
There was mixed news for markets this week. Economic reports are still generally positive, but sentiment appears to have soured. In this episode we take a look at the current market structure compared to a historical analog that may be a pattern to watch. Here is the simple truth: there are no magical shortcuts – […]…
Following her groundbreaking work on employee culture, we spoke to long-time IABC EMENA supporter Sheila Parry on the launch of her book, "Take PRIDE", the thinking behind this business model and the response to PRIDE at the recent IABC UK event. Sheila talks us through how PRIDE - Purpose, Reputation, Integrity, Direction and Energy - can crea ...…
Learn how Spiritualism made Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini fast friends — and how it caused their falling out; how to read food labels in the U.S.; how to keep your jack-o’-lantern from spoiling; and why it’s hard to declare yourself a sovereign nation, even if you buy your own island. In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer disc ...…
Updates on IMF prediction of slowing global growth, Bank of England warnings on accumulation of sub-prime debt, Nordhaus Nobel prize and market ideology, Dutch unions and others against corporate tax evasion, and signs of labor militancy in Marriott strike and profit-sharing demands of steelworkers. Interview Chris Hedges on his latest book: Am ...…
Financial Sense Newshour covers what moved the markets this week, looking at corporate earnings, Italy, and China. Frank Barbera says we may be looking at a head and shoulder topping process carrying... For information on downloading FS Insider premium content, visit…
In today's Big Picture podcast, Jim Puplava and Chris Preitauer discuss "When Giants Fall," looking at the bankruptcy of iconic American businesses like Sears and Toys R Us, and the steps that lead... For information on downloading FS Insider premium content, visit…
Organizations must carefully monitor that their business associates are adequately addressing data security to help guard against breaches, says Mark Eggleston, CISO at Health Partners Plans, who will speak on vendor risk management at ISMG's Healthcare Security Summit, to be held Nov. 13-14 in New York.…
Joel Schwartzberg joins host Denise Griffitts to discuss getting and staying on point no matter the medium you are using. Currently the Senior Director of Strategic and Executive Communications for a major national nonprofit organization, Joel Schwartzberg has been teaching presentation and messaging techniques to corporate, group, and individu ...…
This week on Extra Credit, S&P Global Ratings’ U.S. Public Finance Podcast, Gabe Petek dives deep on the potential impact to states of a cycle turn, noting they may be tested in unprecedented ways. Lisa Schroeer takes a turn at the mic highlighting and explaining how S&P Global Ratings incorporates ESG factors into its Public Finance ratings.…
A must-read selection of articles from this week's issue of The Economist, straight from the desk of Zanny Minton Beddoes
Our cover this week looks at the growing rivalry between China and America. For the past 25 years America has believed that economic integration would make China not just wealthier but also more liberal, pluralistic and democratic. Today, however, America has come to see China as a strategic rival—a malevolent actor and a rule-breaker. Presiden ...…
Recent elections show that Angela Merkel’s coalition is in deep trouble. That means Europe is in trouble, too
There is nothing inevitable about America’s over-reliance on locking people up
The latest edition of the ISMG Security Report features an analysis of the results of over 1,000 cyberattack investigations in the U.K. Also: an update on the proposed NIST privacy framework and a report on voter registration information for sale on the dark web.
Global markets are getting rocked by a slowdown in two of the three major economic engines for the world: China and Europe. Andrew Zatlin at Moneyball Economics gives an update on the problems facing... For information on downloading FS Insider premium content, visit…
Learn about why the universe may have been teeming with life billions of years ago; why NASA’s Mars 2020 Martian rover mission is going to be a huge milestone; and four personality types people fit into, according to new research. In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following stories from to help you get smart ...…
Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Prof Steve Hanke to MacroVoices. Erik and Steve discuss drivers of the recessions over the last 30 years, perspectives on Lehman Brothers failure, M4 Money Supply as the broadest measure, dangers in quantitative tightening, commercial banks drive money supply, stabilizing the U.S. Dollar Euro rate, unde ...…
The Trump administration has proposed reinterpreting a piece of immigration law intended to screen whether legal immigrants are likely to be self-supporting or end up consuming public benefits. Known as the “public charge” rule, it’s sowing concern even among green card holders and permanent residents, who fear that signing up for social servic ...…
Leon Fresco, partner at Holland and Knight and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Immigration Litigation at the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Division, discusses growing impatience in the Trump administration for a 9th circuit ruling on whether it can scrap legal protections for thousands of DACA recipients. Plus, Lan ...…
Keynes and Bown talk with Stephen Redding (Princeton University) about his research on the border between East and West Germany erected in the mid-20th century. They discuss the loss of market access for cities near the border, and how being cut off from one's neighbors affected the local economy. Spoiler: It wasn't pretty.…
Russian Literature Professor Kevin McKenna of the University of Vermont talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the characters, plot, and themes of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's masterpiece, In the First Circle. This is the second episode of the EconTalk book club discussing the book. The first episode--a discussion of Solzhenitsyn's life and ti ...…
Dan Amerman, chartered financial analyst, author, speaker, and financial consultant, explains how the spread between short and long-term rates, i.e. the yield curve, acts as a shock absorber for Fed... For information on downloading FS Insider premium content, visit…
A massive tragedy leads to a billion dollar business dilemma when Larry Silverstein takes out a 99-year-lease on the World Trade Center. Support us by supporting our sponsors! Zip Recruiter - Get a free trial and learn how to hire smarter when you visit them at
Learn about a personality trait called the D Factor that might be behind all the evil in the world; why the Pluto planet debate just won’t go away; and how much time it takes to grow giant, prize-worthy pumpkins. In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following stories from to help you get smarter and learn somet ...…
Continuing with our Annals of Surgery Journal Club series, episode #3 is with Dr. Ron Maier, who joins us to discuss his presidential address. We are excited to publish this episode as Dr. Maier officially takes over as ACS president this month! Here are links to his articles: 1. ...…
Kevin Whitelaw, Bloomberg News deputy managing editor, discusses new findings from Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. According to Bloomberg sources, Mueller is expected to issue finding on core aspects of the probe soon after the November elections. Plus, Steve Sanders, a professor at Indiana Univers ...…
PIIE's Arvind Subramanian, former chief economic adviser to the government of India, gave the keynote address on the prospects for global development at an event held by the Institute and the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) on October 17, 2018.By (Peterson Institute for International Economics).
October is Fire Prevention Month! This episode of Inside the Squad provides great information on how you can prevent a fire from starting in your home. Our guests, Lafayette Fire Inspector Todd Trent and Red Cross Disaster Program Specialist Kristina Chapman, provide great information on the importance of fire alarms. They also talk about the f ...…
Organizations can effectively rely on managed security services providers to take care of many tasks, but certain strategic security functions must be handled in-house, says Sid Deshpande, research director at Gartner.
FS Insider welcomes one of the most respected experts on AI and China, Dr. Kai-fu Lee, former president of Google China and a founding director of Microsoft Asia, to discuss his latest book, AI... For information on downloading FS Insider premium content, visit…
Eric Barker, author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong, joins me on this episode of #Accelerate!
Learn about why regular bedtimes aren’t just for kids; a toxin in the pong pong seeds of the Cerbera odollam tree that’s been called the perfect murder weapon; and the best word you can say to convince people you’re not a robot. In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following stories from to help you get smarter ...…
Elise Boddie, professor at Rutgers University Law School and Founder & Executive Director of The Inclusion Project, discusses the discrimination suit against Harvard University's admission practices, where a group called Students for Fair Admissions is accusing the institution of discriminating against Asian-American applicants. However, in the ...…
Patrick Jenkins and guests discuss Bank of America's struggling M&A franchise, the Royal Bank of Scotland's recovery ten years after it was bailed out by the British government, and Barclays' decision to get into online banking in the US. Contrubutors: Patrick Jenkins, financial editor, Stephen Morris, European banking correspondent, Nicholas M ...…
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