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Witty, irreverent look at the world through scientists' eyes. With Brian Cox and Robin Ince
The Steel Cage Network of podcasts features weekly shows recapping the suite of WWE content (RAW, SmackDown Live, 205 Live, NXT), as well as everything else in the world of pro wrestling: New Japan (NJPW), Lucha Underground, British Wrestling, and the independent circuit. Also, join us for the occasional Unfunny Nerd Tangent - where we'll touch on our favorite TV shows and movies. Our contributors come from all around the world. Often snarky, sometimes insightful, always opinionated.
A podcast about the Marvel TV Shows Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Punisher. The Defenders, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Doctor Strange
Dig deep into Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Runaways, Daredevil, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, the Defenders, Inhumans, and the related comics and movies! Ben Avery, Daniel Butcher, and friends discuss each episode, review related movies, and cast more light on the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Welcome to Level Seven is an unofficial podcast and not affiliated with ABC Studios.
A podcast for everyone affected by the justice system and incarceration. Released Into Captivity is a series of raw conversations about the struggle to assimilate into society after release and the tools for everyone affected to succeed.
Freedom In A Cage is the official Western Bulldogs podcast. If you’re looking for a straight footy podcast, you’ve come to the wrong place. Hosted by former captain Bob Murphy, and award-winning filmmaker Adrian Brown, and broadcasted ‘live’ every Thursday from Footscray Caravan Park, a place that may or may not exist. Come for the freedom, stay for the claustrophobia, Freedom in a Cage is about the nuances and the eccentricities of our great game.
Outside the Cage is a Mixed Martial Arts based podcast
A POWERFUL discussion on topics that effect the Original People of the Planet Earth in general, and the Black/brown men and women of America in specific.
You never know who's going to stop by the Edward Jones Chatting Cage! Catch up on the latest episodes as MLB players and personalities answer questions from fans, and then be sure to step into the cage LIVE at, and join the conversation on Twitter using #ChattingCage.
Podcast by Howling Hamster Games
Luke Cage
Aaron, Kova and Steven review the new Netflix series, Marvel's Luke Cage
A spoiler-filled podcast that joyfully dissects the filmography of Nicolas Cage.
Welcome to #CageClub! Two huge Nicolas Cage fans are watching all of Cage's movies, writing about them at, and podcasting about them here. Join them on this journey!
Rage Cage
The most dangerous metal show on Earth.
Bringing you the best news and interviews from all Combat Sports MMA,Boxing,Mauy Thai,K-1,BJJ
The Flagship Sports Talk Radio Show for 91.3 WVUD Newark
Thoughtful, intelligent, and timely, the Luke Cage Podcast by Phantastic Geek covers every episode of the Marvel/Netflix series Luke Cage!
Cage Match Cast
Each week a new movie steps into our audio steel cage to face off against a Nic Cage movie. Fish is joined by a rotating cast of guests to help him break down the movies and decide which one is better.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Enter the Cage
A podcast reviewing the crazy career of Nicolas Cage. Put the bunny down and learn!
Steel Cage Radio
Steel Cage Radio in an online pro wrestling show that covers the world of Indy pro wrestling in Southern California. In addition, we rant and rave about the major pro wrestling companies (WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW). The show contains satire and comedy. Est.1999
Podcasts about gaming, geek culture, and everything in between.
A daily 5 minute podcast about movies, tv, video games, anime, & whatever else I feel like talking or ranting about.
A podcast companion for Marvel's Luke Cage!
Best buds George Service and Matthew Wright dive head first into the illustrious career of legendary actor Nicholas Cage. Each week for a whole year the boys will watch and review in chronological order the films of Nick Cage with the sole purpose of answering the question: 'Nicholas Cage, good or bad?' A film review and a life lesson at the same time. What more could you ask for?
Are you dazzled and mystified by the works of America's Acting Treasure, Nicolas Cage? Your two brotherly hosts, Josh and Alex, certainly are. So much so that they made a podcast all about the man. Every episode features a brief guest interview* with Nicolas Cage himself. Yes, the real Nicolas Cage, for sure! Join the brothers and a variety of special guest stars from poets to professional ding dongs every week as we desperately try and get un-Trapped in the Cage with Nicolas Cage. That sent ...
The wilderpeople sit in a car and talk about things.
Contemporary Cage
Podcast by Contemporary Cage
The Tomato Cage
Get in there
Comic Book Cage Match! is a weekly comic book review featuring a married couple who are new enthusiasts of the genre. Each week we offer our reviews on two books and we'll crown a Supreme Champion of the Multiverse! (That's a thing right?) Join Marisol and Jason on their epic journey as they tell you insightful trivia like which artwork is "cool" and which books are "fun reads". In addition to all that you'll get occasional bonus reviews of movies, books, trade paperbacks, and anything else ...
A dark room. A bright light. One man enters. It's Nicolas Cage. He invites you to a Cage Match. Josh and Charlie will be there. Will you?
Cage Match
Every week we pit two characters from the Nicolas Cage filmography against each other in a fight to see who is the Ultimate Cage
MMA in the Cage
Podcast by Daniel Rucker
In the Cage is a novella by Henry James, first published as a book in 1898. This long story centers on an unnamed London telegraphist. She deciphers clues to her clients' personal lives from the often cryptic telegrams they submit to her as she sits in the "cage" at the post office. Sensitive and intelligent, the telegraphist eventually finds out more than she may want to know. (Introduction from Wikipedia)
Rattling The Cage
Join hosts Caroline Diezyn and Dylan Clark-Moore as they bring their unique brand of criticism to the works of Nicolas Cage.
Magic: The Gathering Podcasts
Podcast by Cage Fight Podcast
Cage Talk
I’m a fan of college football, MMA and racing. Join me in my new podcast called Cage Talk as we explore all things MMA.
MMA Podcast for the urban martial artistExecutive Producer, DeShawn Davis (@HelloimDeshawn)Audio Engineered by Dream Ear Productions (@DreamEarProd)Recorded at Dream Ear Productions Studio, San Francisco CA#PODCAST #MMA #UFC #GAMING #FANTASY #SPORTS #BJJ #BOXING #FITNESS #MUAYTHAI #KICKBOXING #WRESTLING #fight #gym #training #workout #fighter #judo #motivation #karate #grappling #sanda #CAGEAGAINSTTHEMACHINE
Host of the podcast RealRepoRadio and star of the TV show Airplane Repo
MMA fanatics Mush, Daniel, Dylan and Cody discuss the latest news and breakdowns within the MMA world
Cage Against The Machine is podcast focused on celebrating the growth of the thriving mixed martial arts ecosystem within the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Visit our website at and signup for events and Fight Nights in the Bay Area.
Cage Side News
The podcast covers a wide variety of topics related to MMA and the UFC with fighter interviews and guest co-hosts.
Just a couple of Armchair Cage Fighters talking all things MMA and everything in between.
Escape The Cage
UnMARK'd Wrestling Radio
David Gordon Green and actor Nicolas Cage talk with Peter Travers of Rolling Stone about their new film, Joe. In the movie, Cage plays Joe Ransom, an ex-con and unlikely role model, who is faced with the choice of redemption or ruin when he meets a 15-year-old boy.
A wrestling podcast for the computer age. Join hosts Justin White, Chris Mitchell, & David Modzelewski for reviews, retrospectives, and much more from the wide world of pro wrestling.
Internal Robots presents a series in which we watch and comment on a variety of Nicolas Cage movies. Through this series we will endeavour to unravel the complexities and nuances of Mr. Cage’s roles, and ultimately continue to be baffled by him.
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The city reels in the wake of Mariah’s horrific actions. Meanwhile, Bushmaster’s convalescence fills in the blanks of his past via flashback. Matt and Pete give props to episode 211, “The Creator." Big thanks to everyone who helps support the podcast at! Reach out and say hello at, Twitter. ...…
Sure, we might be experiencing a little bit of “Pod-Fade”, but we aren’t down for the count yet. Regardless of whatever ridiculous real life throws your hosts Matt, Robert, and The David, they still make at least a half-assed effort … Continue reading → (Read more...) Categories: Music News Podcast Pop-Culture Ramblings Television Useless Drivel…
This week, Captain Jack (@JackHeartless) sits down for an interview with Knokx Pro's own leader of the Attituna Era, Tuna!She opens up about her uncle getting her invested in pro wrestling at an early age, training with Rikishi and the legendary Anoa'i family, learning the ropes both literally and figuratively, and her upcoming match at Suburba ...…
The Greatest OutGORE On Earth edition! Playlist: Obituary - Redneck Stomp Obituary - Slowly We Rot Obituary - Chopped in Half Exhumed - The Matter of Splatter Exhumed - Dinnertimer in the Morgue Exhumed - Open the Abscess Impaled - Gorenography Impaled - All That Rots Impaled - Carneous Cacoffiny Carcass - Corporal Jigsore Quandary Carcass - Ca ...…
Harlem is getting more dangerous as Bushmaster puts a price on everyone's head in our Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 8 Review as we discuss our top five points about "If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right" the eight episode of season 2 of the Marvel Netflix show Luke Cage in our Spoiler filled podcast. As always make sure you've watched the episode bef ...…
Has Harlem turned on Luke Cage? Who better than the Immortal Iron Fist to help Power Man get his mojo back! But before they can chow down on moo she pork, the duo must foil Bushmaster’s operation. Matt and Pete hit the streets in search of episode 210, “The Main Ingredient." Big thanks to everyone who helps support the podcast at ...…
Well hi there little fella! We took ourselves a bit of a summer break, and now your favorite brother-fronted Nicolas Cage-centric audio experience is back with talk of Nicolas Cage's first sequel, National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, known in many circles as "technically a movie" and "the Empire Strikes Back" moment in the career of Justin Bar ...…
Hosts Shaka Smith, Evan Mack and Xia Land discuss episodes 11 and 12, covering Shades snitching, Bushmaster’s rebirth, and Mariah’s take down. RSS Feed: ABOUT Luke Cage: This gritty, action-packed drama follows the evolution of Luke Cage (Mike Colter), a man with super ...…
Hosts Shaka Smith, Evan Mack, and Xia Land discuss episodes 9 and 10, covering Tilda’s past, the return of Mariah “Stokes” and the Legendary Iron Fist. RSS Feed: ABOUT Luke Cage: This gritty, action-packed drama follows the evolution of Luke Cage (Mike Colter), a man w ...…
Three concurrent storylines give us multiple distorted views of our three primary characters: we see Tyrone, Tandy, and O'Rielly become someone else. And the people they are deceiving are also reflections of who Tyrone, Tandy, and O'Rielly could have become. Spoiler: it's another fantastic episode of a fantastic MCU show! What did you think? Em ...…
It’s a “Taken” knockoff that’s also a lackluster heist movie. Guest: Lindsay
Seriously, WWE. Try harder with the graphic design work. Team Friendship is not properly represented in t-shirt form or event posters.But I digress… This week, WWE had a basic go home show in RAW and a bit of a mess (or Teddy Long tribute) in SmackDown. But who cares? Extreme Rules is Sunday! There’s only one Extreme Rules match, a tables match ...…
On this episode of Outside the Cage Cleveland Indians catcher Yan Gomes (30:42) joins Ike Feldman and Pete Hoffman to talk about his love for MMA, the unexpected end to the Stipe Miocic/Daniel Cormier fight, Brock Lesnar in the UFC, preview to upcoming Yankees series, Mickey Callaway, and more...
Monkey Cage 100!Brian Cox and Robin Ince celebrate the 100th episode of the hit science/comedy show, by inviting some very well known monkey cage alumni to join them. Brian Blessed, Eric Idle, Katy Brand, Dave Gorman and Andy Hamilton (to name a few) take to the stage to consider what has been learnt since Episode 1, back in November 2009. Join ...…
Time for the infamously GIF-able Cage movie that bombed at the box office and -- as we discuss -- deserves another look.
This week on the DATEScast, Derek makes inaccurate statements about visibility on the Twitter and Tim escapes the heat of the desert to St. Louis, the new snacking capital of our world. But he didn't come back empty handed. In an effort to continue our 50-Part series, United Cakes of America, Tim brought back this week's snack and local St Loui ...…
What did it mean to Blue Jays outfielder Curtis Granderson when he won the Roberto Clemente Award? What has been his favorite place he's traveled to? What is left in his career that he wants to accomplish? Get all the answers to these questions and more on the latest edition of the Chatting Cage.
Hunkering down at a Rand Enterprises facility, a motley crew attempts to survive the night as unorthodox solutions are pondered. The slow burn, however, still culminates in explosive reveals. Matt and Pete unravel the threads of episode 209, “For Pete’s Sake." Big thanks to everyone who helps support the podcast at! R ...…
In the 16th episode of Freedom in a Cage, the boys discuss Fish Creek's greatest ever players (00:43); Adi gets worked up over the rules (3:00); is it time for zones (9:03); forming a committee for a proper Retro Round, rules and all (11:50); Bobby Bonilla day (12:47);and Bob's favourite Marilyn Manson rumour (15:02). Clay Smith then joins the ...…
What starts in water ends in fire in our Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 7 Review as we discuss our top five points about "On and On" the seventh episode of season 2 of the Marvel Netflix show Luke Cage in our Spoiler filled podcast. As always make sure you've watched the episode before listening to our podcast.Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 7 Review Po ...…
(Recorded JuLY 9, 2018) Cecil, Kova and Spoiler Steve recap and review episodes 8-10 of Luke Cage season 2! Send us your feedback to like us on and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @sceneitcastBy Scene-It Cast.
Xavy and Pete reunite after the holiday weekend to recap the UFC events, and look ahead to some future matchups! Lots of fighting left this month! Stay tuned! Email us! Twitter: @ACFPod Insta and Facebook: @armchaircagefighter Pete: @peteschlegs Xavy: @xavytrabajar
Fish is joined by Laura Rizzo to see who get put their family back together when Click goes up against The Weather Man. Would we rather do a trust fall with Adam Sandler or Nicolas Cage? That's a question that definitely gets answered in this episode. Get the bees! Check us out on Instagram and Facebook Theme song: I dunno by grapes Ft: J Lang, ...…
Marisol and Jason review Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 from Marvel Comics and Death or Glory #3 published by Image. They tell you what they liked (there's a lot) and they decide which book is the Supreme Champion of the Multiverse! (That's a thing right?) Instagram: ComicBookCageMatch Twitter: @CBCMPodcast Email:…
It’s chaos on the streets and nowhere is safe! Misty is drawn back in to pick up the pieces of the precinct while Mariah survives, somehow. Matt and Pete smooth out episode 208, “If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right." Big thanks to everyone who helps support the podcast at! Reach out and say hello at ...…
Welcome back to another episode of Cage Side Submissions So Sit back with us for 2+ hours as we deliever the interviews, YOU the fans, want to hear!! Each and every week we discuss what is going on in the world of Combat Sports and bring our own take on things. Feel free to call in with your questions and comments at 657-383-0267 for our Host S ...…
Squeeze into your spandex, forget everything you thought you knew about math, fire up your Incred-i-mobile and get ready to tweet about #thicc, because Episode 52 of our animated little supershow is all about The Incredibles.While we celebrated the growing list of films, television shows and video games that Jared hasn’t gotten around to, our n ...…
Tonight we will speak with Racheal Blaze who is fighting for her life, due to Breeast implant illness.What is it? What can we do to help? Tune in and find out. Next up we will be joined by Professional heavy weight and 3 time All Armed Forces Combatives champion Cody Goodale who will be fighting for M1 global on August 11.…
If Rockies shortstop Trevor Story wasn't playing baseball, what would his profession be? Besides Coors Field, what's his favorite ballpark to play in? What's the best advice he's ever received? Get all the answers to these questions and more on the latest edition of the Chatting Cage.
Playlist: Reanimator - Electric Circle Pit Testament - Into the Pit Whiplash - Stage Dive Demolition Hammer - Crippling Velocity Hirax - Raging Violence Vio-lence - Kill On Command (live) Midnight - Violence On Violence Violator - Addicted to Mosh Armoured Angel - My Fist Your Face Death Angel - Ultra-Violence Ultra-violence - Lost in Decay Bio ...…
With Luke and Piranha on the run and Shades and Comanche having a real heart to heart there's loads to talk about in our Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 6 Review as we discuss our top five points about "The Basement" the sixth episode of season 2 of the Marvel Netflix show Luke Cage in our Spoiler filled podcast. As always make sure you've watched t ...…
What's going on Combat Sports Fans!! I am BACK...ONCE AGAIN!!! I know I have been gone for a while, but I am READY to get back into talking Combat Sports with all of my Combat Sports fans out there!! Please make sure to call in to the show at 657-383-0267 with your questions about anything Combat Sports related In this week's Episode: - We will ...…
Luke and Misty team up to track down Piranha as Shades closes in on the identity of a rat. Matt and Pete won’t stop ‘cuz it don’t stop at episode 207, “On and On." Big thanks to everyone who helps support the podcast at! Reach out and say hello at,, or PhantasticG ...…
Evan Mack, Xia Anderson, and Sayrie discuss Luke cage getting closure from his father. We also talk about shades getting betrayed and bushmaster closes in on Mariah Dillard. RSS Feed: ABOUT Luke Cage: This gritty, action-packed drama follows the evolution of Luke Cage ...…
Today Evan Mack, Xia Anderson, and Sayrie discussed episodes 5 and 6 we talked about the law suit of luke cage and bushmasters pursuit of may may. we also talked about the battle misty is going through with being a cop. We get into detail about the history between the stokes and the Mciver’s RSS Feed: ...…
In revisiting Ghost Rider, Joey and Mike spend much of the episode wishing they were watching Spirit of Vengeance instead. As per tradition, we talk about re-casting the Batman universe within the scope of the actors we cover on the network, long for a future sequel where Nicolas Cage has to go on "one last ride" as Johnny Blaze, and ridicule t ...…
Xavy and his bro Dominic cover this weekend's fights! They briefly touch on the TUF Finale Friday night, dive into UFC 226 in-depth, and as always nerd out after the breakdown. Enjoy the fights this weekend and Happy Independence Day! Email the Show! Follow us! Insta and Facebook @armchaircagefighter Twitter: @ACFPod Follow Xav ...…
The boys start off discussing whether we've just seen the best round of the year, and breaking the Geelong hoodoo03:30; what the talk on the ground is like in a close game 05:15; the feedback Bob got from a Geelong fan on the way out on Friday night06:55; how many on the mark is too many? 07:59; Adi's revolutionary idea about how to put opposit ...…
Three people. Three goals. Three plans. Det. O'Reilly wants Connors. Tyrone wants to win the ball game. Tandy wants to find the mystery man behind Roxxon. When it's all said and done, powers get used and explored and mysteries deepen. What did you think? Email (audio files welcome) Call (775) 5-LEVEL-7 (775-553- ...…
Sprung (@jasprung) and Psyniac (@psyniac_123) run through the past month of NXT programming; detailing the highs and lows of the episodic content, dissecting TakeOver Chicago, discussing the 2018 UK Tournament and deliberating the potential of the new NXT UK brand.Special thanks to Mega Ran (@MegaRan) for the theme music, "O.P.".Like what you h ...…
Kevin Owens isn’t too impressed by anything Kurt Angle has done lately, but having first-hand experience to Braun Strowman’s feats of strength two weeks in a row has got to impress him quite a lot – whether he likes to admit it or not. The cartoon nature of pro wrestling sure is a lot of fun sometimes, isn’t it?Featuring: ‘The Mayor of Reseda’ ...…
Where did Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell get the nickname "Snellzilla" from? How does he prepare and get ready on days when he starts a game? Is it true that he owns over 250 pairs of shoes? Get all the answers to these questions and more on the latest edition of the Chatting Cage.
Where is Cardinals first baseman Jose Martinez's favorite place to eat while in St. Louis? Does he think he could hit a 100-mph fastball off teammate Jordan Hicks? What advice would he give to a young hitter? Get all the answers to these questions and more on the latest edition of the Chatting Cage.
Luke's hiding almost literally rock bottom with Piranha; elsewhere, Mariah is at an emotional rock bottom. And where's Misty's metaphorical head at? The ground floor. Pete and Matt take the elevator all the way down to Luke Cage episode 206, "The Basement." Reach out and say hello at,, or P ...…
Bushmaster sends a message to Mariah and we chat about it all in our Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 5 Review as we discuss our top five points about "All Souled Out" the fifth episode of season 2 of the Marvel Netflix show Luke Cage in our Spoiler filled podcast. As always make sure you've watched the episode before listening to our podcast.Luke Ca ...…
This week on the DATEScast, our heroes once again bravely put things in their mouths without knowing what the consequences might be. Even if that snack contains the same heating and cooling elements as your favorite lube. This week, Derek and Tim PER the hell out of Fire and Freeze Sour Patch Kids.Featuring: Derek Montilla (@cap_kaveman) & Tim ...…
What does Marlins second baseman Derek Dietrich remember from his first game in the bigs? If he wasn't playing baseball professionally, what would he be doing? What was it like to be teammates with Ichiro? Get all the answers to these questions and more on the latest edition of the Chatting Cage.
How did Houston Astros pitcher Chris Devenski get the nickname Devo The Dragon? Who was his favorite player when he was growing up? What emotions did he have when the Astros won the World Series last year? Get all the answers to these questions and more on the latest edition of the Chatting Cage.
An episode of never before heard bonus clips from previous episodes. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook Theme song: I dunno by grapes Ft: J Lang, Morusque (c) 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.
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