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Arabic Calligraphy is one of the most beautiful handwriting in the history. It has unique flexibility of drawing letters and words when combine all to gather to create beautiful piece of artwork. Also, when its come to the handwriting Arabic calligraphy is one of the most stylistic scripts in history as far as I know. For example one style has about 12-15 styles that is call Kufi
This blog is for anyone desiring to learn Copperplate script. All are welcome.Regards,Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo
Typography Dojo
Typography Dojo is the space where we explore the traditions and techniques in the practice of type and typography with lessons and insights from visual design masters.
Tam Love from presents the Hand Lettering Podcast. Tam shares helpful hand lettering information, tips, and resources, everything from beginning lettering to going pro. Tam welcomes you to join her in the wonderful creative world of illustrative lettering, brush lettering and calligraphy.
Palestine Solidarity
Cartoonist, calligrapher, jeweler and creator of Palbox - a gift box of products from Palestine + Arabic calligraphy jewelry delivered to your door 4 times a year.
Monthly+ - - Essential techniques to help you connect with Babaji Nagaraj - Includes sanskrit calligraphies, focus techniques, energy building techniques + More!
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Having built a career as a design every man, Steven Bonner nurtures a flexible approach that works across all creative disciplines. He takes a blank canvas approach to each brief that has helped him develop a varied skillset over years, leading to a portfolio with a unique mix of design, illustration, and lettering. This versatility has allowed ...…
This original interview with Martina was recorded on June 8, 2016. Martina Flor combines her talents as both a designer and an illustrator in the drawing of beautiful letters. Based in Berlin, she has worked in the creative industry for over 12 years with an emphasis on type design, lettering, and illustration. Working by hand as well as digita ...…
The original interview was recorded on May 26, 2017. Font designer Chank Diesel was born Charles Anderson, but neighbors called him "Chanky," after Spanky from the Little Rascals. He has been running his Minneapolis-based type house and art studio, Chank Fonts since 1992. Clients who have used Chank’s custom font services include Ben & Jerry's, ...…
Angela Southern is a bespoke lettering artist and illustrator who learned her craft on the job as a sign artist at Trader Joe’s from other professional lettering artists at the company. She became good at cranking out lots of artwork under deadline and is now doing work for Time Out, Cooking Light Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Hudson Valley Magaz ...…
In this episode, Terrance reveals how he came to specialize in type, and show some development milestones along the way. Besides type design, he touches on calligraphy, lettering, and real-world applications like food packaging. He talks about some of his greatest hits like the custom font family for Domino’s, Joanna Sans Nova, and Kairos. I me ...…
Paul was a former script coordinator in network TV for close to a decade before shifting to the world of design. Select credits include Friday Night Lights (NBC), Switched at Birth (ABC Family/Freeform), and Mercy (NBC). Paul and I chat about Courier as the linchpin behind the scenes of Los Angeles typography. As the standard face for all motio ...…
What is the future of typography, as our lives are becoming more digital? Gemma O'Brien is on the show from her studio in Sydney, Australia, and she will explore this question while we have a conversation about her philosophy behind the trend of authenticity in design and why she thinks the future of typography is human. In this discussion, Gem ...…
In this episode, I chat with designer Steve Rachwal who used to work as a typesetter at EllaType on Sunset Boulevard from 1985 to 1988 on the Berthold phototypesetting computer system. EllaType was strictly a Berthold shop, which featured the best cut fonts in the world. Steve helped to typeset nearly the entire Motown music collection as they ...…
In this session we get a rare peek at some of the type projects and mindset Rod and his team work on in their San Francisco design office, PSY/OPS. Rod also serves as Adjunct Professor of Type Design at California College of the Arts; and Instructional Lead at (The) Alphabetic Order. His passion for type and teaching are boundless, and he can u ...…
Nikki Villagomez is Graphic Designer and Creative Studio Manager at Dixon Hughes Goodman. She is also an avid letterhunter and the author of Culture + Typography: How Culture Affects Typography. She’s been scouring the nation seeking clues that communicate the culture of a city through the typography of the city surroundings, evident in histori ...…
In the dojo, we'll talk about aspects of visual design influenced by type and typography with a designer or two in every episode. In the first episode of Typography Dojo, Rachel Elnar gives you a sneak peek of what you can expect in our upcoming sessions. Previews of discussions are revealed with Australian mural lettering artist Gemma O'Brien, ...…
EP13 - Pricing can be really difficult especially when you're first starting out at lettering, or if a friend asks for some lettering work you don't always know what to charge. Renata, a member of the Hand Lettering HQ community I manage raised the question of 'How much should you charge for lettering especially if it's for a friend?'. I knew t ...…
EP12 - Dallas Clayton is a very skilled and talented artist. His work can take on many forms and often sends out great messages too. In 'Featured Lettering Artist Dallas Clayton' I give a little intro about Dallas and then discuss a piece of work that he created which stood out to me. I provide an inspiring quote for you to have a go at hand le ...…
EP11 - Thumbnail sketches have a lot of benefits but it's not always obvious what they are, often doing the extra work of drawing out multiple thumbnail sketches can seem pointless. I challenge the misconceptions about using thumbnail sketches through sharing my own experiences and mistakes.
Interview with Basma from the Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society in Beit Sahour, occupied Palestine
EP10 - In 'Featured Lettering Artist Gemma O'Brien' I introduce you to the Australian lettering artist. Gemma's talents are not just limited to one style of lettering, and the size of her work is never limited either. I also discuss in some detail a piece of Gemma's work that has stood out to me and that may inspire you too.…
EP9 - Most of us come from a culture where we're used to getting the things we want quickly, and where things like speed videos are incredibly popular. 'Slowing Down Your Hand Lettering, Brush Lettering & Calligraphy' questions why we need to speed things up so much.
EP8 - Polish lettering artist Mateusz Witczak is this weeks featured lettering artist in episode 8 of the Hand Lettering Podcast. Listen to 'Featured Lettering Artist Mateusz Witczak' to discover some truly incredible lettering work that provides a great example of how to use flourishes and swirls effectively.…
EP7 - Time and creativity go hand in hand, time is needed to create lettering projects, to practice lettering and to go pro if that's what you want to do. A lack of time is an ongoing issue that many of us experience, and finding time can be a big challenge. Discover ways to manage your time, and make time in this weeks episode 'Creating Time F ...…
EP6 - In a brand new episode of the Hand Lettering Podcast, become inspired by Alexandra Snowdon and her beautiful illustrative lettering artwork. Join in by lettering a suggested quote, and listen to answers on lettering questions about practice, and digital versus tangible work.
EP5 - Whether you're starting something creative at the beginning of a new year or starting something new at any point in your life, 'Starting Something New & Following It Through' can help keep you on track.
EP4 - Discover great lettering curation resources as I talk about some of my favourites from the world of Instagram.
EP3 - The second of a two part feature looking at lettering tools including brush pens, calligraphy pens, ink, printers and more.
EP2 - In this episode 'Beginners Hand Lettering Tools & Equipment Part One', I explore some of the most commonly used and most helpful tools for lettering including pencils, plain paper, guide paper, rulers and erasers / rubbers.
EP1 - Tips for getting started with hand lettering, brush lettering & calligraphy. How to manifest the ashramic power in your life - Ashram - Temple - Inner school - Unified field - Differences dissolve - Gurus - Rishikesh - Invisible network - Special meetings - Dedicate your life - Alchemical reaction… How to wake up your Kundalini - Kundalini - Energy - Chi - Life force - The dromant snake colied in the bottom of your spine - Little buddha - Kunladini yoga - Energy techniques - Breathing - Dont overdo itBy (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
Forget about discipline and manuals. Take what is right there in front of you and enjoy these simple 5 min meditation kicks! - More on this at - To your Yoga! vitalcoachBy (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM). Finding Babaji Nagaraj - Kundalini path - Energy breathing - Inner way - Physical quest - How this connection impacts on you - What does it create that was not there before - Energy breathing - Dynamic breathing - Intention (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM). Babaji Nagaraj - Kriya Babaji - Kriya Yoga - Babaji meditation - Snake charmer - Snake king - Tame your kundalini or instinctual nature - Kriya Babaji - kriya=action - Kriya= state of awakened kundalini - Short meditations - Gateway - Refreshing - Like drinking - Connected Yoga - State of unity - Kriya Babaji ...… Connecting with Babaji - Mahavatar Babaji calligraphy - New technique - Intense longing to connect with Mahavatar Babaji - Energy resonnance - Internal meditation - Kriya - Practices - Calligraphies - Cristallizing - Use as frequently as you want - Yoga mat - Objects - Clothes - Keep them - Learn the calligra ...… How to connect with Babaji Mahavatar - Many Babajis - Yoganandas guru - Inner school - Channel on my site - Mind frames - Energy resonnance - Stay tuned…
Babaji’s circle of power – MP3 – 30 min (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
Babaji’s circle of freedom – MP3 – 20 min (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
Who is Mataji – MP3 – 5 min (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
Mataji’s circle of joy – MP3 – 11 min (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
Babaji’s invisible ashram – MP3 – 5 min (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
What is yoga? – MP3 – 12 min (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
108 Names Of Shiva - 6 min - MP3By (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
Finding BABAJI NAGARAJ - Kundalini path - ENERGY breathing - 6 min - AUDIO (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
Babaji Nagaraj - Kriya Babaji - Kriya Yoga - Babaji Meditation - 6 min - AUDIO (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
Connecting with Babaji - Mahavatar Babaji calligraphy - 6 min - AUDIO (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
How to connect with Babaji Mahavatar - 5 min - AUDIO (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
How to connect with Babaji – MP3 - 36 min (SHIVA RAJAYA - VITALCOACHING.COM).
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