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Canine Nation
Because it matters how we work with our dogs.
Canine Nation - A Positively Scientific Look At Dogs and Dog Behavior Canine Nation is about discovery. It’s about getting to what is TRUE about dogs and discarding the myth and lore of living and working with dogs. It’s about challenging what we think we know and asking the dogs to tell us what’s real. It’s about giving science, scientific method, and collected data more credibility than hearsay, anecdotes, and the assertions of self-proclaimed dog 'experts.' Canine Nation started as a way ...
I am Chris Onthank, the Canine Master. I am an advocate of everything to do with dogs; sharing info, tips, stories, photos & videos. Follow my blog for an in-depth coverage of dog-related topics including training, health, innovative pet products and general information on how to keep dogs happy, healthy and safe. Join me for practical information and tips on all aspects of dogs and their well-being. Topics will include understanding how a dog thinks and feels, the importance of proper train ...
Podcasting for the canine community
Weekly dog training show answering common dog training and behavior questions, hosted by professional dog trainers Eric Letendre and Jim Helems.
Podcasts that will help you experience a better life with your dog.
A podcast brought to you by Heroly featuring our weekly Hero Jonas Black as he guides our listeners through the amazing world of canine psychology, news, and training advice in a format never before experienced! This is not your average dog show!
Canine Nation
Because it matters how we work with our dogs.
Canine Campus
Positive Dog Training from Canine Campus!
Counseling canines since 1985, Phyllis shares her knowledge amassed from training thousand of pet dogs and their owners. Intended to help dog owners and dog trainers, this podcast will share some of her theories and solutions to common behavior problems. She specializes in challenging cases of aggression, anxiety, and reactivity. She concentrates on changing relationships, mindset, and habits for the dog while using obedience to help the owners transition a newly trained dog to their home.
Dog training advice from basic training, health, nutrition, exercise and everything dog
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More questions, more answers. As we didn’t have time to cover the questions asked of us in the last episode, we agreed that it was only reasonable to do another session so we could make our way through more from our listeners so enjoy Questions from our audience Part 2. This episode gets a little preachy but not without good cause. There are fa ...…
Hero Jonas talks and rambles alot as usual, this time, it's about the prong collar.
We like to acknowledge the people who listen to our show because without you it would just be two Johno’s sitting in a room entertaining each other. In this episode we answer some listener questions with TCP pearls of wisdom. Thanks to everyone who took a moment to write in and again to those who provide feedback and send words of support to le ...…
Hero Jonas speaks of how the balanced way of training dogs has impacted his own life and success.
We get to speak with one of Americas top dog training Vloggers and all round nice guy, Larry Krohn about his origins and his book. Larry has an amazing following and fan base of frustrated dog owners who he has shed some wisdom to in many of his on-line recordings. We also find out that Larry is also a federal agent for homeland security, so he ...…
Hero Jonas talks about how viral videos are detrimental to how we as human approach canine behavior.
Dissecting ego is an episode we have wanted to look at for some time now as it can be a troublesome emotion that many of us find damages opportunity, relationships and more. This week we get our resident psychologist, Birdie O’Sheedie back for her 3rd time on the show to help us look at what this little monster is and how to keep it under bette ...…
Hero Jonas discusses how people are taking full advantage of the service dog laws in our society and how wrong it is.
Hector "Extra Pickles" Garcia is an entrpeneur and dog lover from Houston, Texas. We discuss dogs, life, motorcycles, and general jazz. This dude is seriously a Hero.
Another origin story of two people we know very well and love. Brent Dry and Cat Saunders are well established in the Australian canine community and are ingrained in the hearts and minds of many people both here and abroad for good reason. Both these people have been supporting the industry in a very big way by being very inclusive in their ap ...…
Hero Jonas discusses how to properly choose a trainer or behavior modification specialist, extended Q&A, and the breed of the week is the Rhodesian Ridgeback!
While Forrest and Josh were in town and we had a live audience, we all thought it would be a great idea to have some beers and talk about our training lives and some deep thoughts in between on our seminar panel. Discussions were intense and a little emotion came to the surface at times, however it was a great time to have a room full of passio ...…
Get your proper socialization on in this week's episode of Heroly's Canine Club spectacular spectacular!
Forrest Micke and Josh Moran who have both been on the show before and are no strangers to many Australian folks who have been to their seminars, bought their DVD’s through Leerburg and have done online coaching are now on Australian shores ready for their first joint seminar in Dural NSW. In this episode we talk about what’s important in train ...…
Ya'll go be Heroes and help each other!
Lots of leashy goodness from Hero Jonas, HUGE Q&A, and the general cider inspired ramblings from a mad man out of Austin, TX.
Something slightly different from our usual show however, very relevant as it’s something that has an effect on all most people at one stage or another. The dog industry can be exciting and challenging however, it can also be intimidating and reckless at times as egos are often unchecked. Keeping Sane should be at the top of your priorities to ...…
Hero Jonas talks about his evaluation of a wolf hybrid, extended question and answer segment, AND AND AND AND AND Golden Retriever breed of the week!
As promised, we follow up with our good friend Jasmine Whiting to find out how she’s been getting on with life and her career in the dog training industry. Jas, has been getting busy getting on with life with some big goals in her future and some big ones she’s already either made headway on or is getting into them now. We’re impressed with how ...…
Just listen to all of it, it's a trainwreck you have to watch featuring Heroly's founder Audrey Kiefer. This episode is f*cking hilarious.
Great to chat with our mate Forrest Micke who is not far away from returning to Australian shores for another educational super show. Forrest took a small break from the industry to catch up with other interests so we spoke about that in some detail. Forrest has been well know in the industry as a very successful artistic trainer with his own f ...…
Heroly's Canine Club encourages all dog owners to keep their dogs inside during the 4th of July's fireworks celebrations as so many dogs run away every year due to being scared. This week on the podcast tired Hero Jonas extends the Q&A and mumbles some words of inspiration.
We catch up with our old mate Josh Moran who can now be officially adopted into the 'Australian sons' mantle as he's about to head back here for his 3rd seminar tour.Josh talks about his steps into starting his career, his time with Leerburg, his own dogs, his passion and his loves.
Phyllis Smuland, the Canine Counselor, discusses beginning signs of fear aggression in puppies and how to help the puppy. She also talks with me about normal dog behavior, resource guarding, how to tell if a fearful dog will progress rapidly, and many other dog training tips. For the dog owner and dog trainer alike, Phyllis' wealth of knowledge ...…
In this episode we get down to the topic of communication and how that can effectively enhance or breakdown by the very systems implemented between handler / trainer / dog.
Hero Jonas set sets the record straight on vertain myths regarding canine behavior.
Glenn & Pat and a whole bunch of awesome people got to trial our dogs in 2018 official PSA trial under judge Shawn Edwards so we talk about how it went down, all the emotions over the 2 days and what we need to work on next.
Our Hero Jonas Black goes over a dog training study conducted in England, talks about doggy style, and discusses the Akita!
Jonas sheds light on the truth behind non-essential euthanasia for dogs deemed "unfixable".
In this weeks show we had a group discussion with Brent Dry from The K9 Company in Melbourne and Shawn Edwards from the USA who were all in studio to have a discussion around how puppies should be raised for suitability into working roles for multiple applications.
Hero Jonas discusses top 10 things you did not know about military dogs and the top 3 essential commands for healthy dog ownership!
It been a big 3 weeks of seminars with Chad and Jay, however Jay already headed home and Chad dropped in with Pat prior to the big flights back to the US. We got to reminisce a little about weeks gone by and just discuss thoughts about what's been happening in the dog training industry in general.
So excited about this episode, Jonas lets it out regarding the controversial statements being made by Illinois police.
There's a lot going on in today's shows. For starters, we test out a new musical intro the The Canine Paradigm that Pat has been working on himself before we cross over to PSA legends, Shawn & Janet Edwards in the USA to discuss with them how they started in their respective dog training careers and what lead them into their passion of PSA judg ...…
Our Hero Jonas guides listeners through the the 4 quadrants, and dispells marketing myths surrounding dog training. Jonas also does an extended Q&A this week as the mailbag has been filling up quite a bit lately!
While he is still in the country, we grabbed Jay Jack to further elaborate his theory on the layered stress model that he and Chad Mackin refer to. Join us for a fun session with an entertaining breakdown on how it works and what it means to owners so they can better understand why their dog may have reacted…
The truth about doggie daycares, lots of Q&A, and SIBERIAN HUSKIES!
The awesome foursome are all together to discuss life, dogs, training and cockatoos. Jay and Chad were kind enough to hang back after a full days seminar to do a show with us in front of an audience.
Tyler Muto, a wonderful man, trainer and mentor to many, joins us from Buffalo New York to tell us about his migration into the training industry which led him to having his own successful business, k9 Connection and also, current president of the IACP
Jay Jack is the other half of the successful US podcast, Dog Training Conversations and we get to talk to him ahead of his arrival into Australia about his life, growing up around dogs
Narelle Cooke joins us again to discuss a ew things we learned from the Cancer series video and to discuss the differences between allergies and intolerances in our canines
Greyhounds are amazing dogs and some great people are doing a magnificent job finding homes for greyhounds that can't race or retire from racing. In this episode we discuss how Pats sister adopted one.....and she owns a cat. Good guy Pat to the rescue.
In another first on the Canine paradigm, we interview our first international guest, Chad Mackin, who will soon be joining us on Australian soil to run his seminar with training Colleague Jay Jack, who also run their own podcast, Dog training conversations.
Glenn and Pat catch up after many weeks apart to fill in the gaps of what's been happening and also to answer some questions sent in by fans of the show
Another great interview with world renowned international specialist judge, trainer and canine movement expert, Gerard O'Shea
In this episode, Glenn and Pat get to sit with world renowned legendary trainer, Bart Bellon to discuss life and training.
In this episode we discuss how both trainers and owners can create failure in training by not looking at better or more options
Glenn and Pat have a talk about the basics of scent detection and how disciplined you need to be to allow the dog to learn what it's really looking for
Glenn and Pat talk about some of the tools that trainers use (or don't) how they work, when and why you may use them
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