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Best Carrepairs podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Carrepairs podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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A fun Call-in show blending entertainment and car news with repair advice. The Motor Medics keep you entertained and help you understand your cars and trucks. Airing on over 225 stations across America since 1990 we are America's Largest car talk show.
Welcome to the Pawlik Automotive car maintenance and car repair podcast, with reliability reviews and common problems of used car and truck brands.
The Straight Shift is a podcast about cars! Car buying, car selling, car maintenance and repairs, safe driving tips, and general car-related nonsense designed to empower consumers. Brought to you by The Car Chick, the #1 trusted automotive expert for women and smart men.
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The guys are all back in studio with tales from their trip and a million mile battery is on the way.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
Dodge is talking power dollars, what does that mean. Well, its a lot of Horse Power.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
A Hoodie calls back after he runs the Demo Derby.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
In this episode of "The Straight Shift", The Car Chick reveals the 7 biggest lies that car dealers and salesmen will tell you in order to close the sale!By The Car Chick
Jeep to offer a diesel and a hybrid... say what? Check out the interview at the end of the podcast with John Hanighen from Ford. Lots of interesting stuff coming our way.By Nordstroms Automotive inc.
If it were not for car problems, we would have no problems at all. Or that's sometimes the way it seems. Stay tuned for some great info form our friends at Ford at the end of today's show. Lot's of great info right from the top!By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
Will the rumor of a Camaro going away come true. It's just a rumor for now but anythings possible.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
Chris is giving it his all as we go sans Shannon and hit the electrical stuffBy Nordstrom's Automotive Inc.
We get a call back from a listener who took our advice (just for entertainment by the way) and he calls us back. See what happens.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
In this episode of "The Straight Shift", The Car Chick talks about 7 exciting new and redesigned SUVs that are hitting the market for the 2020 model year, including the 2020 Hyundai Palisade (and Kia Telluride), the 2020 Hyundai Venue, the 2020 Audi Q8, the 2019 and 2020 BMW X7, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC as well as the fully redesigned 2020 To ...…
BMW Issues a recall of the Toyota Supra. Take a listen and figure that out (:By Nordstrom's Automotive Inc.
AVs could be crushed in four years. Could it be true? You decide.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
What's a recall that could not have happened? Well... not all things that are on today's cars were there just a while ago.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
Have you had a safety system on your ride cause you trouble? It can happen. Some regular repair and inspection can be a big help.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
In this episode of "The Straight Shift", The Car Chick breaks down exactly how new car incentives really work. What are the different types of new car incentives, such as rebates, low APRs and leasing incentives? How do know which incentives you qualify for? Is it better to take the rebate or the low APR? And how can new car incentives be used ...…
GM is on Strike and parts are getting a bit hard to find and California emissions may be a thing of the past.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
Cool new car systems often become trouble for a manufacturer but not because the system was bad but rather because it was not easy to use in some cases. What system was hard for you to get used to?By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
Talk Firebirds with Shannon and he is bound to pay attention. Flooding takes its toll and a some listeners need a charge.By Nordstroms Automotive inc.
Movies are a great place to see awesome cars but sometimes we cry when we see them destroyed.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
A dad takes a test drive in a car and its all money from there. Check out the tale of a dad hooked on racing.By Nordstroms Automotive inc.
In this episode of "The Straight Shift", The Car Chick talks about different ways to get out of a car lease. Whether you are in the middle of the lease or at the end, whether you are over your miles or just can't make the payments, you may have more options than you think!By The Car Chick
An odd way to finish a car and a joke from Chris we may not recover from...By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
We have a call from far far away with a really cool classic car. Cummins Diesel Engine in a CK Chevy Truck and a bunch of other stuffBy Nordstroms Automotive Inc
Chris is now buried in his new classic car. He has officially turned into the VW guy.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
Chris finally has the Berkley Classic he always wanted and at the end there is an amazing auction that is getting national attention on Fox News, and others as a classic car auction not to miss.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
Holy exploding sunroofs, Batman! In this episode of "The Straight Shift", The Car Chick talks about the crazy phenomenon of exploding sunroofs. It's NOT just an urban myth! It's a real safety concern that has plagued over 200 different make and model vehicles around the globe. And it's getting WAY WORSE! Tune into find out why and to learn if Y ...…
Shannon has folks screaming out in public places and Russ and Chris have answers for your car questions.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
Lee Iacocca gets a memorable sendoff.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
A caller lends plenty of in-depth knowledge in the diagnosis of his FordBy Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
The show has gone south on us (: Lots of great calls on today's show. We really appreciate your calls.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
In this episode of "The Straight Shift", The Car Chick explains how Certified Pre-Owned programs work, how they different among the different car brands, how much they cost, who has the best (and worst) CPO programs, and is it worth it to buy a Certified Pre-Owned car.By The Car Chick
We go off on a strange tangent about horn rings. You'll see where were going. Thanks for tuning-in and tuning-up!By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
There are some great extended warranty companies out there but also some really bad ones that don't have your car and you in mind. We break down some details.By Nordstroms Automotive Inc.
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