Best Cereal podcasts we could find (Updated September 2018)
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A weekly music show for the whole family.
The Best Celebrity Guests, The Most Unique Interviews, The Most Fan Centric Shows On The Planet! www.mattypradio.comFeaturing new shows from Saturday Morning Cereal and Marks vs Pro Wrestlers!Our Weekend talk show magazine, Matty P Presents: Saturday Morning Cereal is a show that celebrates the popular culture from the fans point of view and what was for many of us, our first "happy hour", Saturday mornings sitting on the couch with a bowl of cereal and watching cartoons. Saturday Morning Ce ...
Cereal is a podcast. About cereal. It’s also a pun. On Cereal, food writers, chefs, comedians, and other lovers of complex carbohydrates take breakfast cereal ridiculously seriously. They share on air exactly the right amount of ridiculous recollections of their favorite cereals, while breaking down the nuances, quirks, and free toys that propelled great joy and then got thrown away in 15 seconds. Join the only podcast to celebrate cereal's obviously beloved place in basically everyone's l ...
Each week a specific opera is in focus. Liz will dip in daily to a key moment from the work and guide you through its plot, subplots and general mayhem as the story unfolds.
The Heroes Podcast Network is a network dedicated to bringing varied podcast content to you each and every week with four weekly podcast shows and a weekly web series. Gamer Heroes is new every Wednesday and focuses solely on video games! Whether it's retro gaming, console gaming, pc gaming, handheld, or live streaming, Gamer Heroes is talking about. Screen Heroes is new every Thursday and looks at movies and TV with an emphasis on superheroes, comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy. Redshirts & R ...
Cereal Sommelier
Cereal Sommelier is a weekly tongue-in-cheek comedy podcast that examines Saturday morning TV shows of the 70’s and 80’s.
Cereal Wednesday
Where The Bowl Is Always Big And The Milk Is Always Cold
Cereal Skillers
Cereal Skillers podcast is a fun exciting weekly marketing and sales themed podcast where Jason Sibley and Peter Smith cover the latest trending news in digital marketing and sales, share their favourite tools and best practices and also interview brands and key influencers in the industry.
From the creators of THE OMNICAST comes a spinoff podcast about breakfast cereals. We chose one brand each episode and dive in to discuss every aspect of the cereal.
Teaching from Life Cereal Fellowship.
Cereal Talks
Cinema Cereal
Cinema Cereal Podcast explores all things video production. From writing and acting, to sound design and distribution. We cover it all! Tune in for our video podcast online, or download the podcast for on the go listening. Thanks for tuning in!
Cereal and Ham
Sisters Meaghan and Rebecca join forces for a side-by-side look at two critically acclaimed cult favorites: Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Gravity Falls
Cereal For Dinner
A lazy attempt at food for thought.
Cereal Skillers podcast is a fun exciting weekly marketing and sales themed podcast where Jason Sibley and Peter Smith cover the latest trending news in digital marketing and sales, share their favourite tools and best practices and also interview brands and key influencers in the industry.
One Breakfast Food, Told Bowl by Bowl
Soggy Cereal
Podcast by Soggy Cereal
Speaking your mind is its own reward.
Super Cereal
Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @supercerealint to find out when to catch us LIVE! Super Cereal is a conversational podcast, exploring topics such as science, current events, news, movies, video games, and much more.
An examination of the epic hero Marty McFly by 1A - Group 6.
Midnight Cereal
Midnight Cereal is a monthly micro-podcast hosted by comedian Anosh McAdam. Each episode is a commentary about a subject worth commenting on, in roughly the amount of time it takes to eat a bowl of cereal. It's half comedy, half talk show, half fraction work.
Get Cereal
Get Cereal is SYN FM's flagship breakfast show discussing all things news, music and pop culture - basically anything. With a different team for each day of the week, you never know what you'll hear next! Listen live from 6 - 9am Monday to Friday on SYN 90.7.
It's the sugar-coated conversation you didn't know you needed. Nick and Paul go over all those brightly colored boxes in the cereal aisle, talking about history, how they taste, what's good (Cinnamon Toast Crunch), what's bad (anything Pebbles), and the latest juicy cereal gossip. Yeah, there's juicy cereal gossip! Join us every week for a new installment of talking about cerealdom.
Squirrel Eats Cereal
A food news podcast where we discuss what's going on in the world of food.
Cereal & Such
cereal, but also, such.
Cereal Talk
Podcast by Cereal Talk
Podcast by Brandon Shaw
Your hosts, Jacob Ahee and Nick Rempe, with the help of their silent producer, Joe Fernandez, lead you into the world of milky, wet grains and fake sugars to give you the best reviews of cereal in the world. Join us every two weeks for a fact-filled, non-racist, and always-hilarious episode.
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Today the boys spoke to comedian Lainie Chait on her new show Electro Girl as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
On the show today the boys from Parkville came in to chat their 4th birthday bash at The Toff on Friday night and their new EP.
Today the boys got to have a chat with young up and comer and local legend Essie Holt before she lights up The Workers Club this Thursday night.
Today the boys chat more Dr. Who, Ben's Facebook rant, Laneway lineup annoucement. Plus massive interviews with Essie Holt, Lainie Chait and the boys from Parkville and much more.
were officially legal! we're hard at work preparing for our big announcement, so we bring you a favorite from our archives. take a listen to our conversation with Lilie B as she discusses her experience working on HBO's Insecure and Andrew Sarlo, producer & engineer whose production work can be heard on Nick Hakim's, "Green Twins". Listen, subs ...…
In week 2 of the Get Cereal Competition, Georgina shares a story "based on actual events" as the rest of the team listen on in horror! RIP Tuffty
Today the boys share their weekend stories, more improv games, mentors in the boys lives. We chat with Zac Saber on his upcoming tour, and Get Cereal challenge week 2 the story "Journey to 37 Wickets Lane"
Pat & Imo caught up with The Hon. Stephanie Ryan, Deputy Leader of the National Party, to find out some very exclusive and exciting news for SYN ahead of November's election.
Adam Davis comes to the Quantum Arc Media Studio to discuss teaching Film Studies in higher education, and the importance of theory and practice.By (Quantum Arc Media).
MIssed Luca's rap check it out!
As the race for attention continues what are cable and dish companies doing to remain afloat?
Today the boys fun times at events, fake concert posters, Tom's cow hugging experience, Tom's dreams. Rap battle week 1, and Bram's interesting doctors appointment and plenty more.
Kelly, Cai and Ramae, your Get Cereal Monday Team, interviewed the talented Camikazi following the release of his new single - Rush.
Labor day is here let the sales begin. I took advantage of this any finally got me a new car Allow me a moment of your time and let me share with you my little journey.
Today we find out if the boys are OP Shop regulars, would they ever get a tattoo. Tom's audio drama saga, Tom's dream and the second week of improv games, and plently more.
It looks like 2019 there will be some competition for the now streaming giant Netflix.
Danette Tull Speaks with Rose about being a woman in the film making industry and including minority representation. She also talks about the work of the Nevada Film Office.By (Quantum Arc Media).
I've recently discovered something interesting about my money habits. I hope none of you are in the same boat as I am, but if you are I hope this helps.
What if selling our product or service was easier than what we thought? Join me as I share with you an interesting observation when it comes to advertising our products or companies.
Today we find out things that are underated, Ben gets to know Tom's girlfriend, Tom's dream, 'Don't Get Me Started' our new improv game and see how Bram did on his specialist quiz topic the Safdie Brothers and plenty more.
There are literally hundreds of books and e-courses that offer a handful of tips when creating your website. A lot of those tips are great but perhaps my 2 simple step will help you start with your website.
Your weird and wacky Get Cereal Monday crew thought they would try out a little game involving the noises animals make. This is ought to be the pinnacle of breakfast radio.
Summer’s wrapping up and it’s time to get back to school. Some of you are already back at school. Today’s show has few school-themed songs to get you ready. Plus, check out all the new music. Great kindie fun! Hour #1 The Boogers - “SMCB Theme Song” The Green Orbs - “Twelve Steps to Eating Your Veggies” [Thumb Wrestling Champions]Danny Adlerman ...…
It would seem that the grocery store chain ALDI is all in, sorta kinda. In their recent approach to reach the top this grocery chain is taking an interesting approach when trying to reach the top.
We held a 3 day pop up with The Annex in Chicago just in time for Pitchfork music Festival. We caught up with our pal Thelonius Martin and Farhan Momin who's competing in this Season's Masterchef. He makes good food. This episode is a shared stream of consciousness dialogue, very random but very fun and insightful. 20 Episodes in, how incredibl ...…
I finally figured out the reason why some of us cant sleep at night.. YOur not going crazy and your not alone. Lets talk about what that might be.
Today on the show the boys discuss photographs, music festivals and travel destinations. Massive interviews with David Innes and Rob Lloyd on their upcoming show Innes VS Lloyd. Also coming into the studio Nelson Jeffery to have a chat about his upcoming exhibition Crooked Fist.
there are so many moving parts in the stock market today. So what do we as future entrepreneurs do when deciding to invest or wait? we look at what others entrepreneurs are doing with their stocks.
How difficult is it for a 12 year old to make money today? I don't think it's difficult, let me share with you some ideas that a twelve-year-old can use to make some extra money.
Sarah Muir-Smith joined the Thursday team to talk about the "Mix for Tricks" event this Sunday August 12 at the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood. The event features SAATSUMA, Interstellar fugitives, Concealed, DJ Mum, and Hank youngman. Image credit:
12 months seems like a lot of time but we all know that 1 year can go by fast. So how is it that 12 months can be used in a way that brings value and growth in our lives?
staying at the top of the competition is never something easy. It takes big changes in order to win the race.
Making a decision between buying a new vehicle over a used is harder than it sounds. So what is the correct way to go about it when buying a new car for yourself.
Today the boys find out what has aged well, are toys a thing of the past, are cinemas a thing of the past. Blake's Nollsy review, the first BTB quiz, and a massive interview with local legend Zebulen!!
The Get Cereal Monday crew, Kelly, Cai and Ramae interviewed the ever so talented Kwame about the upcoming BIGSOUND music festival! BIGSOUND will be happening September 4 – September 7 at Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Why not come and support some great Aussie music? For more info head over to…
Not only is vintage stuff coming back to the spotlight. It's selling more than ever before. Lets take a look at whats in today's vintage spotlight.
As retail stores struggle to stay afloat One store in particular was forced to file for bankruptcy earlier today. What was the reason why this particular stores was unable to remain open, after so many years?
Moni and Rubes speak with Earl Grey's Breakfast Tea about their gig at Ready to Rise (31st of July at Boney on Little Collins street).
Buying a new car isn't always the easiest thing to do. Let me share with you a few things I've learned these past few days.
Today we discover things the boys are afraid of, who they would love to have dinner with, learning about what the boys favourite sitcoms are. Tom's dreams, Uber Eats, the open mic comedy scene, finish off with 'The First Sing Off' and heaps more.
Is it possible to cut education in half and make the other half something that would completely revolutionize our society?
Aerospace engineer Mike Paul Hughes joins me in discussing how life in the universe may be more similar to us than we like to think.
Listen to Ramae, Cai and Kelly having a chat with director Alain Beek and performer Alex Roe about the 2018 Vic tour of 'Point of No Return', a theatre performance based on a true story of a group of youths struggling to survive in Tasmania's Point Puer Boys' Prison.
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