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Take charge of your health with the House Call Doctor. No topic is off limits as Dr. Sanaz Majd answers your most pressing medical questions with her trademark humor and straightforward advice. She'll make even the most complex medical issues easy to understand with expert advice on topics like cholesterol, diabetes, antibiotics, and everything else you need to know to understand your body better and improve your health and quality of life.
Tom Segura covers all the big stories in College and NFL football, including the draft, the offseason and the week to week battle to win it all. Sportswriters and players call in to discuss their teams with insight and predictions. Agree, disagree, just Charge It To The Game.
The Full Charge Power Hour featuring Matt Fulchiron, Craig Coleman, Radio Rando, and Eric Alan Wendell.
Counter Charge is the first podcast fully dedicated to the table-top miniatures wargame Kings of War
Tom Zayas and Cranjis McBasketball dive deep into the data and analytics to provide detailed and contextualized analysis of the Los Angeles Lakers, and sometimes the broader NBA.
Podcast by Matthew Esteves
This podcast will help you take charge of your life, your career, and everything in between so you can discover, design, create, build and thrive in work and life you love! Your host, Dr. Ann Vertel, is a business and success psychologist, personal development expert, 20-year naval officer, keynote speaker, undercover goofball, and the Founder & CEO of She consults with corporations, associations, institutions, and government agencies on personal development, leadership, ...
Taking The Charge
heinnews and BallinEurope look at the world of international basketball — and occasionally other sports — plus bring you The Sports Movie Review of the Week and fresh music in the regular “Sounds of the Teens” segment.
Our mission is to provide short tips to help you heal and be the best version of YOU. Do-it-yourself health! If you are here you likely have figured out that the only person responsible for you and your family’s health is you! Life happens and life is busy. We all want somewhere we can turn for straightforward honest accurate health and lifestyle information. We don’t have time to read complicated pages on the internet or visit the health food store to ask questions. I will provide you with ...
Women in Charge
In this new series, Slate editor-in-chief Julia Turner will ask other women in charge about the nitty-gritty details of their work lives—what do they do every day, how do they do it, and how are things changing for women in their fields? How does Aline Brosh McKenna, the showrunner of TV’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, make personnel decisions? How does Toronto restaurateur Jen Agg grow a successful business? How does StubHub president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy make herself available to the company’s e ...
Are you a daughter, niece, or other young woman working in your family’s business? Learn how to manage your career, develop your leadership skills, improve your relationships, and understand the finances that affect you and your business. Host Amy Katz interviews women like you and experts who advise family businesses.
Your co-hosts, Paul & Shimina, take you through an introspective, educational, and entertaining journey through various conversations surrounding personal and professional success. Our podcast focuses on how to be a "boss," not just in the work place, but in life, relationships, and society; and through the lens of being a queer person of color (QPOC). Episodes are published bi-weekly.Our August Head Boss of the Month goes to Kid Fury & Crissle West of The Read!
Tune in to conversations for the curious about fintech and cybersecurity. The team at DVELP - a London-based software development company specialising in secure platforms for sensitive data - invite you to join them as they chat to tech thought leaders to discover more about the newest trends in this rapidly evolving industry. We will be covering cybersecurity issues as well as all sorts of fintech, from regtech to insurtech. Plug in and charge!
@T1m_NBA and @LFRTommy dive deep into the world of NBA Analytics with a focus on the Los Angeles Lakers.
The Charge More Money Podcast was created for consultant, coaches, and creative online business owner entrepreneurs who want to learn how to start selling high ticket programs, raising prices, price psychology, and pricing strategy. Darren Scott Monroe delivers new fresh podcasts every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Stories of love and loss – told through sauce.
Taking The Charge
heinnews and BallinEurope look at the world of international basketball — and occasionally other sports — plus bring you The Sports Movie Review of the Week and fresh music in the regular “Sounds of the Teens” segment.
Ehrhardt Charge
Welcome to the sermons of the Ehrhardt Charge of the SC Conference of The United Methodist Church. These are the sermons preached in the pulpits of Wesley Chapel, St. James, Lodge, and Zion UMCs. We pray these sermons will be a blessing to you and encourage you along your faith journey.
The Take Charge Of Your Own Health podcast is a weekly dose of healthy living tips, disease awareness and answers to your questions about health and healthcare. I’ll teach you how to navigate the healthcare system, share tips on patient safety in the healthcare environment, as well as, show you the benefits of advocacy. Of course, we’ll be dishing the health news headlines you should know. Join Meredith Hurston for this podcast series and Take Charge Of Your Own Health!
The experiments herewith reported were undertaken with the view of introducing certain improvements into the oil-drop method of determining e and N and thus obtaining a higher accuracy than had before been possible in the evaluation of these most fundamental constants.Physical Review, Vol. II, No. 2
This poem was published just six weeks after the event, its lines emphasize the valour of the cavalry in bravely carrying out their orders, regardless of the obvious outcome. The Charge of the Light Brigade was a charge of British light cavalry led by Lord Cardigan against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava on 25 October 1854 in the Crimean War. Lord Raglan, overall commander of the British forces, had intended to send the Light Brigade to pursue and harry a retreating Russian art ...
For Serious Golfers Only is an unfiltered discussion with Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher Charlie King and guests about improving at golf the Anti-Method Golf Way! Check out There are no two golfers exactly the same. You should improve at golf the way the greatest players in history developed. We give you an inside look weekly at how to improve at golf while staying true to YOUR uniqueness.
Who Is in Charge?
Who is in charge of every aspect of your affairs? Who is in charge of your live? Who can run your life His way forcefully? Who can force you to do what please Him? And with that we choose not to do so, and leave things to you
Charge Up Radio
Charge Up Radio playing the best music indie & industry
Welcome to the Wg 8228, the podcast for self development.
Simple and doable nutrition strategies to make your life easier and get permanent results for you.
CHARGE Podcast
The CHARGE Podcast will be a place where you can find stories of real people that have had success in their business and life. Our guests will share their journey with you so that you can take away tips and strategies that you can implement into your own business and life.
Taking Charge of Your Health airs Live on AM800 CKLW Wednesdays from 7-8pm EST
The content of this FREE online archive was derived from a live educational teleconference/webcast presented on December 6, 2011, for patients, family members, and caregivers of people living with IBD.
Welcome to my podcast. I'm the founder of Charity Charge. My podcast is my way to document the journey and share thoughts, lessons learned, and questions I have.
Podcast by Chelsea.B
Talk about the latest news, politics and psychological theories.
Taking The Charge
heinnews and BallinEurope look at the world of international basketball — and occasionally other sports — plus bring you The Sports Movie Review of the Week and fresh music in the regular “Sounds of the Teens” segment.
Duration: 13 minutes and 16 seconds
with Corinne Furnari & Carol Petersen
Taking Charge of One's Heath
Distractions and increased demands have forced us into unproductive patterns of action. It is time to Take Charge of your Time and Energy
The Women in Charge Podcast brings you guest interviews with thoughtful insight from women who have had abundant career success.
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Tonight Jeremy and Rob share their current hobby projects along with a few interesting bits of news. Next they dive head first into a review of one of Mantic’s latest Kickstarter offerings; Terrain Crate, “the new affordable, plastic, pre-assembled terrain that’s ready straight from the box”. Below are a links to two of the crates currently up ...…
Mark and Jeremy are joined on this episode by Matt Gilbert of Mantic Games. As well as being the COO of Mantic Games, Matt is also the creative genius and driving force behind the new Vanguard game! Join us as we discuss the new Vanguard game, and review the models that are coming our way in the initial release of the game. Yes, I typed initial ...…
Sarah Hill is a 12 time Mid-America Emmy award winning storyteller and technologist. She's the CEO of StoryUP XR, the makers of Healium which is an anti-anxiety product. Sarah is a 20 year veteran of the interactive media industry. She got into virtual reality trying to find a solution for a group of terminally-ill Veterans who weren't able to ...…
Duration: 13 mins and 16 secsGroup name: Maria Leonora Teresa
What’s it like to be the woman at the helm of one of the most beloved contemporary TV comedies? On the first episode of Women in Charge, Julia Turner talks to Aline Brosh McKenna, the co-creator, showrunner, and head writer of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, about day-to-day life making a hit TV show. McKenna speaks about how she went about forming a team ...…
In light of the ongoing destruction from Hurricane Florence, we ask what, if any, relationship exists between God and destruction. If God is love, how then are we to understand the suffering of the many? Please join us as we explore these questions in today's sermon.
In this new series, Slate editor-in-chief Julia Turner will ask other women in charge about the nitty-gritty details of their work lives—what do they do every day, how do they do it, and how are things changing for women in their fields? How does Aline Brosh McKenna, the showrunner of TV’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, make personnel decisions? How does ...…
Group name: Maria Leonora TeresaDuration: 13 minutes and 16 seconds
Kim Cole Real Estate brings more than 25 years of expertise in local residential sales, marketing, and escrow management to each client relationship. In-depth knowledge, strategic insight, and broad range experience are the strengths valued consistently by her clientele. Those strong business characteristics coupled with Kim’s warm intuitive na ...…
Mark Musso has served as President & CEO of Special Olympics Missouri since 1991. Special Olympics Missouri provides year round sports training and athletic competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.Prior to coming to Missouri, Mark was Executive Director of Minnesota Special Olympics and Director of Games Operations fo ...…
We take a deep dive into this huge piece of research and look at how it relates to New Zealanders.
What to eat before, during and after your workouts.
Butch Bradley stops by to talk about his experiences in Hollywood, and Iraq. Wendell’s sleep schedule is sporadic and uneven.
In the day in which we live, silence may be viewed as something undesirable; yet how ought the Christian view it? Additionally, what is the lifespan of our prayers? And, how does silence and prayer interact? Please join us as we explore these in today's sermon.
The gang is joined by Brian Brodeur and Dan Miner to recap the flagship Kings of War event in the Pacific Northwest Clash of Storms. As always, please let us know what you thought of the show by heading over to our Facebook Page, on Twitter @CounterCharge15, or by posting in our episode thread on the discussion forum found at I ...…
Matt calls the boys from Reno, after picking up the podcast equipment in LA
Have you ever stared at a coworker of yours, thinking “how the hell have you not been fired yet?” Shimina and Paul discuss their experiences and strategies on how to handle employees who are holding back the growth of oneself and/or the organization. Sometimes these folks are fully aware of the “bad Koolaid” they are making, while others do not ...…
Alonzo is living testament that you can maximize opportunities if you free yourself from limited beliefs. He turned a small cleaning company that he started out of his one-bedroom apartment into one of the most successful independent residential cleaning companies in the world. His company, Busy Bee, was awarded the Best House Cleaning Company ...…
274 - TNW9 - Varangurrrr! Tonight Mark and Dan are joined in the Workshop by Duncan Waugh and Chris Morris to discuss the Varangurrrr! Duncan is the author of the short story featuring the Varangur in the Tales of Mantica: Edge of the Abyss anthology. Chris is the designer of the Varangur army list, and a member of the Kings of War rules commit ...…
Two primary questions the text asks is: "From where does evil come?", and "Is it possible to be right and wrong, simultaneously?" Please join us as we attempt to answer these by exploring the text, for encouragement to our faith walk.
William has been able to combine over 15 years of ministry experience as a Senior Pastor with the best practices of Executive Search to provide churches with a unique offering: a deep understanding of local church work with the very best knowledge and practices of professional executive search. Prior to his founding of The Vanderbloemen Search ...…
How do we reconcile God's breaking into our world through the Gospel, with the suffering of the many, Christians included? Please join us as we attempt to answer this in today's sermon.
In the brokerage of residential real estate, it takes at least 10 years to build a reputation but only one day to lose it. That is why it is important to establish a mutual sense of trust with each person the moment they walk in your door. Prior to becoming a principal, the CFO, and the Broker of The Grubb Company in 1999, I had already spent t ...…
Started implementing a system in my business called EOS and in the process it’s allowed me to reflect on strength and weaknesses. I hope this episode will help you reconsider your strengths and give you the freedom to change.
Maura Nevel Thomas is an award-winning international speaker and trainer on individual and corporate productivity and work-life balance, and the most widely-cited authority on attention management. Her clients include the likes of the U.S. Army, Old Navy, and the American Heart Association. She is a TEDx Speaker, founder of Regain Your Time, au ...…
Matt Calls Radio Rando, Eric Wendell, and Craig Coleman.
Superstitions.... where do they come from? Paul & Shimina do a deep dive into the topic with a help from this article in Essence Magazine: Note: We experienced technical difficulties with this week’s episode. So the first 10ish minutes of Water Cooler T ...…
How is "fire" and "baptism" used in Scripture, and how does this apply to the context of today's text in helping us understand why Jesus said He came to bring division, rather than peace? How might this understanding ensure we are not being hypocritical in the living out of our faith? Please join us as we explore these questions in the sermon.…
273 - TNW8 -The Herd is the Word! To day Mark and Jordan Hawthorne are joined by two "Herdologists" Andrew McKinney and Felix Castro. Andrew is the author of the short story about the Herd in the upcoming Tales of Mantica: Edge of the Abyss anthology. The Tales of Mantica anthology is currently available in digital format and should be released ...…
Mitchell M. Merin Mitch spent the majority of his career on Wall Street, holding senior management positions at securities and asset management firms that ranked among the world’s largest. At the time of his retirement in 2005, Mitch led Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM), one of the world's top 20 investment management businesses. He ...…
Eddie Mulholland is 61 years young. He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and had gone further than New Jersey until he was 18. He loved playing soccer and running, but was advised by the soccer coach to run cross country because he was pretty good at running. He received a running scholarship to Marymount College of Kansas. There, he re ...…
We are created to experience euphoria- but how do we respond to God when our physical/emotional high has crashed? Please join us as we attempt to answer this in today's sermon.
Matt discusses his long road trip from Atlantic City to Springfield, MO.
Joseph Gulino, PH. D, is Principal of the Gulinogroup & Fearless Leaders Consulting. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO - Ph. D, Educational Leadership. He was the recipient of the National Association of Secondary School Principals Middle Level Dissertation Award, 1997; and the University of San Francisco Alumni Society Outstanding Educator ...…
Today Mark Zielinski is joined by Mark Barber, Marc DeSantis, and Ben Stoddard (yes, that Ben Stoddard!), the authors of the three upcoming Kings of War novels being published by Winged Hussar Publishing. We get a chance to meet each of the authors, talk about their past, present, and future projects, and engaged in a little round table discuss ...…
Can God be made into an idol? If so, what does this look like, and is there a remedy? Please join us as we explore these questions in today's sermon.
Brian Copeland runs his own real estate team in Nashville, Tennessee. He was the 2017 President of Tennessee REALTORS and will serve as Vice President for NAR next year. Brian is one of a handful of Community Leadership Circle leaders globally for Facebook and has spent significant time speaking for the company and working at their headquarters ...…
Debbra Sweet is a catalyst for growth. She is trailblazing a transformation trifecta in body, mind and business. Because what good is one without the others?She’s an expert in leadership skill set development and entrepreneurial education. Her teachings provide you with a proven path to create a better business, a better future, and a better fo ...…
In this controversial episode, Wendell summons Jody Foster’s Army.
I’m often asked how I came up with the idea for Charity Charge. This episodes dives into that and my thoughts on why people care so much about ideas.
My first podcast as I start to document my entrepreneurial journey including my thoughts, insights, and questions I have along the way.
In our season finale we had @picturesofmal @tgiflagg @lordtjake and @ali_xii come and give some answers to questions all females want to knowTopics include:- Letting your friends effect your relationships- Women having to put up with bs to be considered a "Good woman"- Trust issues- Showing emotions when its too late…
Life Designer®, author, speaker and podcast host, Julie Reisler, MA, ACC is the founder & CEO of Empowered Living, LLC | |a coaching and personal development training company. Julie's book, Get a PhD in YOU, is all about learning to master your inner world so you can master your outer world. Get your free bonus chapter at w ...…
Ooooweee! Paul & Shimina have been through it! But in a good way, actually. Your co-hosts are in the thick of it… the crossroads at which one questions their personal decisions and life’s actions, but strangely enough, life is questioning those same decisions and actions for us. No topic for this one… we just ride the wave and freestyle from ou ...…
Mark Steiner is the co-founder and CEO of GigSalad. As chief visionary, he leads the company’s business and marketing strategy, focusing on building a strong customer-centric team and connecting with strategic partners. His career in the entertainment industry has spanned more than thirty years, including a decades-long stint booking high-level ...…
What is the relationship of love to destruction? How does justice interact with this relationship, and how ought we understand the concept of "alien"? Please join us as we seek to find answers within the text.
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