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Bulfinch’s Mythology, first published in 1855, is one of the most popular collections of mythology of all time. It consists of three volumes: The Age of Fable, The Age of Chivalry, and Legends of Charlemagne. This is a recording of the tenth edition of the first volume, The Age of Fable. It contains many Greek and Roman myths, including simplified versions of The Iliad and The Odyssey, as well as a selection of Norse and “eastern” myths. Thomas Bulfinch’s goal was to make the ancient myths a ...
Anyone who has achieved greatness has, in part, patterned themselves after those who came before. Napoleon learned from Charlemagne, Charlemagne learned from Caesar, and Caesar learned from Alexander the Great. This podcast analyzes the lives of some of the greatest men and women to ever live. By examining their strategies, tactics, mindset, and work habits, How to Take Over the World helps you understand the great ones, so that you can follow in their footsteps.
Silver and Gold Podcast is devoted to the DC Comics characters Booster Gold and Captain Atom. Hosted by Roy "Charlemagne" Cleary and FKAjason, each episode focuses on one issue of Booster Gold and one issue of Captain Atom, starting with volume one of Booster Gold and DC Comic's first volume of Captain Atom. We'll also be covering their subsequent appearances and discussing Captain Atom and Booster Gold news.
The Rhine
Stories from the chaotic frontier between Rome and the "Barbarians" that became Europe's fault line. We chart the rise of the Roman Empire, it's fall in the West, and the reverberations that led to centuries of conflict between France and Germany.
Viking Age Podcast
Sharing the History of The Viking Age, one podcast at a time. We are covering the History of Scandinavia during the Viking Age. We're exploring Raiding, Trading and Settlement of Scandinavians abroad as well as the culture and society of the Norse homelands. Join us to learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about the people, for better or worse, history knows as the Vikings.
Ask A Black Woman
This is where you Ask A Black Woman anything but... You betta be ready for a real answer!
Bedtime History is a series of educational, relaxing stories for kids. Learn about inspirational characters such as Neil Armstrong, Sacajawea, George Lucas and J.K. Rowling. Other topics include space exploration, current events, and great feats of engineering such as The Transcontinential Railroad.Be sure to subscribe to be notified of new episodes!Check out our videos on YouTube: sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!
Talk It To Me
Raul and Albert discuss movies, sports, music and everything in between.
Einhard was employed by Charlemagne as a court historian. At the request of Charlemagne's son and successor Louis the Pious, he wrote a biography of Charlemagne, the Vita Karoli Magni or Life of Charlemagne (c. 817–830), which provides much direct information about Charlemagne's life and character. In composing this he made full use of the Frankish Royal annals. Einhard's literary model was the classical work of the Roman historian Suetonius, the Lives of the Caesars. (summary adapted from W ...
A confused feed hosting 2 podcasts at the moment. Mad Sounds, a biweekly music-talk/review show hosted by Mark Berman (Fully Involved) & Johnny Goens (Viralrak/Charlemagne's Menagerie), went on hiatus in early 2018. Currently, the focus is on the much more niche Honky Chat, where Mark & co-host Steffi Moreno listen through & comment on Elton John's entire discography... most of which came out long before they were born.
Bulfinch (July 15, 1796 - May 27, 1867) explains the his work is "an attempt tell the stories of mythology in such a manner as to make them a source of amusement. We have endeavored to tell them correctly, according to the ancient authorities, so that when the reader finds them referred to he may not be at a loss to recognize the reference. Thus we hope to teach mythology not as a study, but as a relaxation from study; to give our work the charm of a story-book, yet by means of it to impart ...
The New Old Heads podcast is a weekly hour-long discussion from two DJ’s and two music producers: BDTB’s own Lonegevity and DJ Jay Diff, as well as DJ Spoolz and producer Maja 7th. They talk about hip hop news with cultural and social-related commentary, brand new hip hop music singles, videos and releases, as well as Indianapolis-related media from time to time. J Moore joins the fellas as the fifth member whenever for special occasions, and different guests join the conversation once a mon ...
More light
Interested in the new which is ancient because there is nothing new under the sun. Free thought and music is ethereal...
Nuance: a podcast in which a mother and daughter get together to discuss the ratchet and the righteous - from pop culture to politics, and all the nuanced things in between. Subscribe to us on iTunes or Stitcher!https://www.itunes.nuancepod.com Get all the updates and follow us on:Facebook:
Welcome to the Hollywood Hawkins podcasts
Intended for children 11 to 14 years old, The Story of the Middle Ages relates a little known period of history in an interesting and entertaining way. The author terms the Middle Ages as that period in the history of Europe between the fifth and fifteenth centuries. Its beginning is marked by the decline and fall of the mighty Roman Empire and its end is generally thought to be the dawn of the Renaissance or the Age of Discovery. The Middle Ages are also divided by historians into the Early ...
The History Of podcast is dedicated to telling compelling narrative histories from across the span of human history... Or whatever topic its intrepid author is currently interested in.
Published by Matthew Gabriele, Assistant Professor of Humanities at Virginia Tech.
Three thousand years after a chunk of iron the size of Khufu’s pyramid collides with Europa, Jupiter’s sixth moon, an asteroid borne of the collision crashes into Earth’s Arctic ice shelf carrying extraterrestrial microbial life. The first man to come into contact with the microbes hears voices—and then dies. After determining the meteorite originated from Europa, the Global Exploratory Corporation sends oceanographer and biologist, Kathy Connelly, and her crew to the moon aboard the Surveyo ...
Andreas ana shughuli nyingi za kufanya. Inambidi kushughulikia wageni hotelini, kuwatafutia wazazi wake chumba na pia kumhoji Charlemagne. Ziada ya hayo, wazazi wake wanamchunguza ex ni nani na wapi alikutana na binti yao. Mambo muhimu ya sarufi: Vitenzi vya utaratibu, wakati timilifu, uhusika usioungwa moja kwa moja.
World Wrestling BotchTalk Entertainment hosted by Vik Flair & Charlemagne. Weekly updates and rumors on WWE. Follow on Twitter/Instagram - Botchtalk
Lectures from Open Yale Courses. More info on
Charlemagne's nephew Orlando (AKA Roland) is driven insane by the infidelity of his beloved Angelica. Angelica's relationship with him and others loosely unifies multiple story lines to produce a rich tapestry of romance, fictionalized history, and pure fantasy. This romance-epic is a sequel to the less distinguished and unfinished romance Orlando Innamorato, by Mattteo Maria Boiardo. (Summary by Thomas A. Copeland)
Two years after his wife's death, oceanographer and former navy SEAL, Atticus Young, attempts to reconcile with his rebellious daughter, Giona, by taking her on the scuba dive of a lifetime-swimming with a pod of peaceful humpback whales in the Gulf of Maine. But the beauty of the sea belies a terror from the deep-a horrific creature as immense as it is ancient. There is no blood, no scream, no fight. Giona is swallowed whole by the massive jaws. Only Atticus remains to suffer the shame of t ...
Intended for a youthful audience, The Story of the Middle Ages, published in 1906, tells the history of the Middle Ages in simple and entertaining fashion, and helps to explain the influence of the Middle Ages on modern times. Topics covered include the rise of the Christian church, Feudalism, Charlemagne, the Crusades, the Hundred Years' War, and the daily life of peasant, noble, and clergy. (Summary by Kara)
Twin Wave
Politics,Life,and Reality Conversion
Talk With Milo
Here on this podcast show, we talk about whatever is interesting, and hope that our listeners enjoy the content we make.
Podcast by HistoriCal Outreach
Presented By Rick Skarbo
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More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
The New Old Heads have finished up the selection process for their "Who's The GOAT Emcee" series, rounding the emcees out at 156 total to go through the process. They also talked about Jermaine Dupri's comments on popular women rappers being strippers. Support the showBy New Old Heads with J. Moore.
How did the Rothschilds go from a poor family inhabiting a part-share of a home in a Jewish ghetto to the richest family of all time in less than 50 years? Listen to how they reach their zenith, and what has happened to the family since then.By Ben Wilson.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
Topics: Jay-Z signs Jaz-O, ASAP Rocky jailed in Sweden, Who's The GOAT Emcee Part 3: 125 Emcees Chosen and more. Support the showBy New Old Heads.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
Learn about the brave woman who put her own life at risk to lead others to freedom along the Underground Railroad.By Bedtime History.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Samuel B. Harding.
Discussions this week were on Lil Nas X passing Eminem, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib "Bandana" reactions, Chaka Khan's comments on Kanye's "The Wire" track, and a continued conversation on the GOAT emcee criteria. Support the showBy New Old Heads with J. Moore.
We deep dive into Ava DuVernay's directed Netflix series "When They See Us".We discuss how knowing your rights is a necessity.Did you watch the series?What are your thoughts?Comment down below and let's talk!By Nuance Podcast.
Learn about the history of the famous cathedral in Paris, the Notre-Dame and the efforts to rebuilt it after the recent fire damage.By Bedtime History.
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