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This Week in Chiptune is an open-format music show highlighting some of the best new 8-Bit, Chiptune, and Internet music from around the world. The show is hosted and mixed live by Dj CUTMAN, and is supported by it's listeners through Patreon. Full track-listings and download links for all music played on TWiC are available in the description of each episode, and also on Sometimes called chipmusic, 8bit, bitpop or lo-fi, chiptune music is so ...
Joe from Pterodactyl Squad and Cheapshot from Cheapbeats chat about and play the best chiptune music
Mixes: Chiptune
Chiptune Tech
Chiptune Tech is created to disseminate information regarding the tech side of the house when it comes to Chiptune hardware, mods, accessories, and all of the amazing innovations that people are doing to bring a brighter future to chiptune music. OhmNomNom is a collective of musicians, artists, tech heads and writers with a passion for chiptune music, retro gaming and old computers. We aim to share information and our passion to all of you. If you are interested submitting audio, video or ar ...
Preserving and playing old chip and tracker tunes from decades ago! Enjoy the music!Visit for episode playlists and more music posts!
A six part series about Irish Experimental Music. Ireland is home to a variety of underground music scenes, from electro acoustic, to new music to noise to free improv. I've interviewed dozens of Irish experimental musicians who are pushing the boundaries of what music is and can be. This series takes you on a tour of the fringes of music, and introduces you to a world of new sounds. It focuses in particular on circuit bending, chiptune, electroacoustic and collaborative music.
BitJam Podcast
Radio Free Hipster
Radio Free Hipster, a member of the GeekDad Podcast Network, features music from the realms of VGM, geek rock, chiptunes, nerdcore hip hop, and electronica.
Open Circuit
Open Circuit is an hour long weekly jolt of chip music, vgm, synthwave and whatever else host jmr feels like playing.
This is an archival podcast of Campbell’s live concerts.
Recorded live on Tuesdays at Dave & Buster's Hollywood & Highland, Aaron and Lance bring you questions about pop culture, history, sports, science, sexuality and drugs. Featuring their games, Name that Chiptune, Movie Mania and that one where you have to guess someone's facial hair. Damn hipsters.
Midnight Snacks
Midnight Snacks is a weekly shoutcast radio show by W.T. Snacks, featuring a wide variety of underground and obscure music from across the globe since 2005.
Impulse Project
#demoscene #chiptunes #mod #podcast
As a half-hour weekly radio show, BitNote gives fun, nuanced and energetic views of video games and the wide variety of music they have. Broadcasts Fridays 3:30pm GMT on Dublin South FM.
Retro Game Audio
Retro Game Audio is a monthly podcast about sound design in classic video game music. Hosted by Patrick ("bucky") and Steve Lakawicz.Patreon: feed:
The best video game music you have never heard.
Classic L337
We play a lot retro games and talk about current stuff too | podcast est. 2010
In between producing, mixing and publishing hit chiptune albums, the Brave Wave team chats about its latest projects in this casual, laid back show. Episodes include interviews with notable Japanese composers as well behind the scenes of bringing licensed game music to the masses.
Critical Strike
Critical Strike is formed by Josh, Kyle and Billy who fortnightly get together and basically talk about video games or celebrate one of our favorite things, video game music.
Breaking down the latest gaming news, history, and culture every week. Plus chiptune & video game music, industry interviews, and other cool features from the gaming world! If you like the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Giant Bombcast, Retronauts, Kotaku Splitscreen, What's Good Games, or Completely Unnecessary Podcast, you'll enjoy this show. Hosted by editors Ryan & Taylor Reeh.
Get Equipped with Podcast! is the Megas’ entry into the world of podcasting… hosted by Josh, Eric, Greg, Mikey, and Brian, occasionally joined by some special guests, it’s a freeform discussion with The Megas on everything from video games to modern literature – and every geeky subject in between!
A radio show consisting of Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle, Eurodance, and all the variations in between for the hard and cheesy dancer alike! You can tune in to the Happystyle Hour, Fridays, 10-11PM PST at or 98.1FM in Portland, OR Tracklists can be found at
Forever Sound Version is a video game music podcast from out of Newcastle upon Tyne that explores classic tracks and deep cuts from the 8-bit home computers and consoles onwards!
Eric's VG Mixtape
Hi! I’m Eric.I love video games and their music.This is my weekly mixtape of songs that stand out to me as great examples of what makes video game music so special.
Super Heavy
the latest and greatest in Hard Rock and Heavy Metal news.
In between producing, mixing and publishing hit chiptune albums, the Brave Wave team chats about its latest projects in this casual, laid back show. Episodes include interviews with notable Japanese composers as well behind the scenes of bringing licensed game music to the masses.
Monthly+ are a weekly radio show about Gaming, Chiptune & Technology. Featuring plenty of interviews with industry folk. We go out live every Sunday on Fab Radio International so you can get involved and shape the show as it airs.
All things chiptune
A digital podcast reproduction of an actual radio show, that airs on EdgeFM in Bega Valley Australia. Join Chris-S and Brex as they review the top tech tit-bits of the week. Info at:
Tiger Claw Radio
Featuring Classic Gaming and Indie Gaming related talk and great chiptune music.
Mandelbrut's weekly Noise show, free to stream or download. There are no strict style or duration guidelines; the Noisecast aims to experiment with different techniques and equipment arrangements on a regular basis.
Who Burned My Toast? is a video game podcast where we don't just sit around and talk about the games we play and regurgitate the news for an hour. We sit down and interview the people who love to make games and feature bands who create kick ass video game music. We love games and we love music, so come join us.
Project Moonbase is filled with music to surprise, delight and occasionally horrify you. Made by someone who really cares (and his prisoner). We bring you music you’ve never heard before that will put a smile on your face, open your third eye and make you dance. We love space age bachelor pad music, library music, charity shop cheese, hauntology, ping pong stereo, moog music, sitar-driven psychedelia, lounge, the retro-futuristic, contemporary electronica, soundtrack music, radiophonics, eur ...
David's Pegacast
The official feed of bit pop artists David's Pegasus featuring music from the band with commentary by Bible trivia expert King David.
The Sound Test is a biweekly exploration of the finest game music new and old, hosted by 1UP's Ray Barnholt.
Epic Radio
The Music of the Epic Default Podcast
GameFuel features a weekly dose of videogame-inspired music selections, as well as original soundtracks, remixes, covers, chiptunes, doujin music, and other original works. Hosted by KyleJCrb.
Subcon Serenade
Subcon Serenade is a podcast about video game music hosted by Leland Radburn (yes, that's his real name) and Vincent Bondy.
Video Game Music/Nerdcore/Chiptune curated by David Sobel and Jordan Mynes. Fridays from 10:30AM-12:30PM CST
The VGMO Podcast
Join us for a roundtable discussion of everything relating to game music, from its evolution to close looks at some of our favorite games and series. VGMO -Video Game Music Online- is the definitive journalistic resource for game music. Each month, our rotating cast of speakers from all corners of the globe discuss a new aspect of game music that interests or excites us, whether it's a thirty-year-old chiptune or an elaborate rockestra - or anything in between. Don't hesitate to email (podca ...
VORC Podcast
VORC is a news site dedicated to oldschool video game music and chiptunes, launched in 2001.
The Nerd Groove
Hosted By Dr. Vern of Sci-Fried, The Nerd Groove showcases Nerd Music: a genre that has been with us for decades, but has never really been accepted as legit. The genre has deep roots and even subgenres like Nerdcore, Chiptunes, VGM, Comedy and Parody, Filk, Geek Rock, and so on. Vern explores every corner of the Nerd Music world from the past, present, and future – highlighting the best and brightest, delving into it’s rich history, and bringing this wide-nerd word together with the music t ...
Pixel Jukebox
Pixel Jukebox is your weekly round up of new Chiptune music added to the 24/7 ChipBit stream! Tune in every Sunday to hear the latest ChipTune music highlights right before it gets added to our station.
Lazybit Collective
Lazybit Collective is a coalition of visual artists, chiptune musicians, local Houston fiqures and contributors formed by Matt Rivas and Jeremy Buzek
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No, not that one. Frédéric Motte aka Moby is a French composer who had his start in the Amiga demo scene and also composed a number of game soundtracks for companies like Coktel Vision, Atreid Concept, and Kalisto. This playlist features a selection of tracks from the early part of his career that draw from from a wide range of influences – fro ...…
00:44 Optimus Rhyme – "Anxiety" 03:58 Talking / Plusses & Ups – "Boosh Gunk" 04:48 Party Ben – "Tender Umbrella" 09:14 Math the Band – "Four to Six" 11:44 Smoochyface – "Part II" 14:35 Shael Riley – "One-Day Monday Song" 16:35 More talking / Plusses & Ups – "Boosh Gunk" 17:36 The Grammar Club – "Backwater" 19:54 More or Les – "Gratitude (feat. ...…
This week the news was light so we learned about retro games! Some of the topics we cover are Nathan Drake not really taking bullet damage, Super Battletoads was an unreleased but 100% finished Gameboy game, the Sharp vs Nintendo patent over the name Famicom/Famicon, a Gameboy compatible sewing machine and an interview about the Atari VCS going ...…
We spend the first hour on new music then to celebrate the deadline for Chiptunes = Win Volume 7 spin a few old favourites from previous compilations. ------Connect with Graeme------{TWITTER}{EMAIL} live every Sunday 7pm - 9pm UK time on and ht ...…
I can't believe it's been this long, but also I can totally believe it's been this long with the way the last year has gone for myself and the gang. While doing this I had to sit back and really remember how to compile and do all the work for an episode, that is truly sad. Anyway, thank you for listening to this and I hope you enjoy it, this ep ...…
Hideo Kojima may be known best as the brains behind the legendary Konami series Metal Gear, but he had other things going on in the late eighties… In this episode I discover Snatcher, a post-apocalyptic detective adventure game that boasts some highly evocative music across its various versions! Listen: ...…
This week is the triumphant return of Dustin! Despite some technical issues it didn't take long to get back into the groove. In the news we talk about Jim Carey being rumored to play Eggman in a new Sonic movie, PUBG dropping it's lawsuit of Fornite/Epic in South Korea, the return of the NES Classic, Google's plan to get into console gaming, an ...…
TCR wraps up the Steam summer sales by getting to know an old friend again.
Chiptune, show news, Japanese culture/language and more!
The Steam Summer Sales are in full swing and they are taking no prisoners.
00:44 Adam WarRock – "STRT CRD" (content warning) 03:18 Talking / 8 Bit Weapon – "Ends Well That All's Well" 03:53 Bill McClintock – "Careless Whisper in the Abyss" 07:26 Mikal kHill – "Pandering Sing-A-Long (feat. Tribe One)" (content warning) 10:25 The Grammar Club – "Stronger Than Them All (Stronger Than the Mall)" 13:56 Worm Quartet – "I'll ...…
LucasArts is a hugely important name in the world of point-and-click adventure games, with an abundance of classic titles under its belt. I didn’t know a ton about these games until recently, so I invited super special guest Robert Hunter back to Forever Sound Version HQ to play some great musical picks from titles like The Secret of Monkey Isl ...…
Retro Joe joins us for his monthly takeover and it's a fire filled episode wiht many tangents. This week we create the "it's a show about gaming" button. ------Connect with Graeme------{TWITTER}{EMAIL} with Joe------{TWITTER} live every ...…
This episode was recorded before E3 2018 but it's release was delayed. Xearrik joins us again to discuss the passing of John "Totalbiscuit" Bain, a gameboy camera mod, NoClip's Bethesda documentary, Valve's decision to stop "policing" games, Mega Man 11, PUBG suing Epic/Fortnite, Epics's $100 Million prize pool, Bloodstained Curse of the Moon, ...…
It's our monthly Chiptune focussed show with a playlist by Auracle. We're joined by Irish 8-bit dance musician, Ansonix. ------Connect with Ansonix------{WEBSITE}{FREE MUSIC}{FACEBOOK}{TWITTER}{SOUNDCLOUD} https://soundcloud ...…
Here’s something special, a free picks episode in which I team up with one of my VGM podcasting heroes – the Diad! Join us as we crank the ‘tude up to 11 and jam on some deep cuts from adult visual novels, isometric adventure games, street basketball simulations, and bizarre movie tie-ins! Listen: ...…
First half of the show is E3 2018 talk with EA opening this year trying to convince the world they're not so bad after all. Then we're joined by Laura Amy Williams, who's blog is so full of love and positivity we had to help get the world out because the world needs more of this. ------Connect with Graeme{TWITTER} ...…
Jam out to some classic video game soundtracks in this OST Special!
00:44 Ultra Magnus ft. Lex Lingo, Schaffer the Darklord, Shubzilla, Sulfur, and Primordial Emcee – "Choose Your Own Avenger (Ultimate Version)" (content warning) 05:02 Talking / UV Sir J – "Tail Chaser (Instrumental)" 06:07 The Mighty Rhino – "Stay Up" 09:45 UV Sir J – "Dat Yugo (Indy 500)" 12:51 Bonecage – "Fish Man (Man Fish)" 16:27 Supercomm ...…
A look at the Korean music scene of the 1990s. Drawing from an eclectic mix of influences ranging from arcade soundtracks to old K-pop and anime scores, it created an impressive catalog of music for the FM chips commonly found in PC sound cards of that era. Download Episode #49: Adlib Noraebang (72 MB, mp3) here …or watch it on Youtube Track an ...…
00:45 ToToM – "Bombs Over Voodoo People" (content warning) 05:29 Talking / djpretzel – "AMEN Reflux" 06:14 Primal Winds – "Cut You Down (feat. Alexa Ourania)" 09:20 Jonathan Coulton – "Pulled Down the Stars" 12:08 LongBoxofChocolate and Philippe Delage – "Glitterbomb" 16:00 8 Bit Weapon – "Underground Blips" 18:58 More talking / djpretzel – "AM ...…
This week our buddy Mike T from the Cartoon Retrocast joins the show! News topics are that we honestly do break some OUYA news (it's not just a gag), being from Hawaiʻi Mike gives us the inside scoop on the volcano eruption, Microsoft's accessibility controller, Nintendo's online service, Boss Key Studio closes, Coleco Evolved Kickstarter, NES ...…
We had Brandon live in the studio to talk his adventures in VJ-ing, other artistic endeavours, managing events and putting out compilations.------Connect with our guest------VISUALS------{FACEBOOK}{TWITTER} LOL------{SOUNDCLOUD}{ ...…
00:44 LEX the Lexicon Artist – "Expectations (feat. Shubzilla) (prod. Eli Grove)" (content warning) 04:28 Talking / Sam Haynes – "Shockwaves" 05:06 DJ RoboRob – "Carnival Kerfuffle (RoboRob Remix) [Electro Swing]" 08:09 The Library Steps – "To Friend Too Fortunate (feat. Thesis Sahib)" (content warning) 12:24 Kirby Krackle – "Dust in the Wind" ...…
I’ve been looking forward to this one! Chris jumps into the Forever Sound Version guest seat for the first time since his appearance on my Sonic the Hedgehog focus episode to jam on some truly top-notch tracks from the Streets of Rage series. If you have somehow managed to stumble upon this podcast without having heard the work of the matchless ...…
This week Dustin is on maternity leave and our good buddy Xearrik joined to fill in! Some of the news we cover includes Cyberpunk 2077 marketing about to begin, Valve buying Campo Santo, Ben Brode leaving Blizzard, Ikaruga coming to Switch, the Atar VCS and an update for Bloodstained. We talk a lot about God of War with no spoilers too! Enjoy! ...…
Chiptune, show news, Japanese culture/language and more!
00:44 Kirby Krackle – "Great Lakes Avengers" 03:28 Talking / 8 Bit Weapon – "Nintechnoid (Extended Chiptune Mix)" 03:57 Hidari – "ChocolaTommy" 09:00 The Mighty Rhino – "Resplendent (feat. D-Sisive & Prince Po)" (content warning) 13:06 8 Bit Weapon – "Dungeon Crawler Baller" 16:31 Schaffer the Darklord – "Mice" (content warning) 19:14 More talk ...…
Episode #219 – Versus We teamed up with Versus to dedicate a BitJam Episode to Amiga composers and to celebrate the release of Versus #8 DiskMag. Still a bit of time left until release, You can vote for the artists presented in the pod or some other artist that you think should enter the charts: Mixed and co ...…
At last! A guest appears on Forever Sound Version once again! Ross visits my house to jam on some diverse and often quite breathtaking compositions from Real-Time Strategy titles. So, plug in your mouse, and please go and see a doctor about those corrugated ankles… Listen: Download: http ...…
This week Dustin and Scott finishes their play-through of A Way Out! In the news we talk about a new Castlevania game coming to mobile, a 26,000 domino Waluigi, Bill Mitchell's response to his records being taken away, Bully Hunters fiasco, PUBG vs Fortnite amazing fan film, and a rumor of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 not having a campaign. Dustin ...…
A podcast with music by developer and publisher Micro Cabin, best known for the Xak series and its various spin-offs. Many of their early releases originated on Japanese computers and featured an excellent line-up of composers like Tadahiro Nitta, Ryuji Sasai, Yasufumi Fukuda, and Yukiharu Urita who created some spectacular soundtracks, especia ...…
We are back from vacation and ready to podcast. In the news this week we talk about Spyro's Triology Trailer, a Hacker talks Nintendo security, Chrono Trigger to get original graphics in PC port, and Radical Heights. Dustin has been playing Symphony of the Night and Scott started Ys Origin on Xbox. Enjoy! Support the show: United States: Our Am ...…
In this episode I celebrate the work of Manami Matsumae – a fantastically talented Japanese composer whose VGM career spans four decades. So, I’ve managed to pick out tracks from the years 1987, 1989, 1990, 1997, 2001, 2010, and 2016! We’ve got Mega Man action, arcade action, and a bit of horsing about too…! Listen: ...…
00:44 The Marc With a C Trio – "One of These Are Gonna Be Your Day (Live at the Geek Easy)" 03:48 Talking / Kid Zan – "Red Mist Ninjas" 04:37 I Fight Dragons – "The Near Future X. Fighting On" 08:52 The Library Steps – "Lush Karma"(content warning) 11:43 The Grammar Club – "Zombie" 15:41 DreamReaper – "Angel Dust (DreamReaper Remix)" 20:22 More ...…
Patrick and Steve discuss the Sunsoft 5B famicom sound expansion and the sound design of Mr. Gimmick. This episode includes some previously-unknown information about Gimmick!, and also a complete listen-through of the soundtrack sampled from original hardware.Show notes:0:00:43 - introduction & general gameplay discussion0:13:49 - the 5B sound ...…
00:45 LEX the Lexicon Artist – "Glasses" (content warning) 03:22 Talking / Smoochyface – "Burger Freakout" 04:22 Shael Riley and The Double Ice Backfire – "Holding Out for a Hero" 08:37 Adam WarRock & Mikal kHill – "Out of Gas Interlude" / "Out of Gas (feat. Jesse Dangerously)" 13:37 D&D Sluggers – "Chrome" 17:36 Smoochyface – "Milk and Honey ( ...…
This week Dustin and Scott talk about playing A Way Out together in online coop. Some of the news topics we discuss are Maniac Mansion available at GOG, Battletech from the 90s, El Rubius gets 1.1 million viewers to live stream of Fortnite, Big price drop for PSVR, Techmo Super Bowl as an esport, and Rocket League's toxic chat has improved. Dus ...…
This week Dustin talks about going to Waverly Place Scott played some WiiWare. In the news we cover Digital Foundry's review of the AA HDMI Cables, Hyperlight Drifter coming to Switch, Jeremy Parish's Castlevania Bloodlines article, CD Projekt Red opens new studio to support Cyberpunk 2077, Twitch record with Ninja and Drake, Lumines coming to ...…
It was the early 1990s, and Nintendo and Sega were going head to head in a 16-bit battle of the mascots, but what about the world of home computers? What about the Commodore Amiga? Meet Zool: the Amiga’s platforming ninja gremlin with a penchant for Chupa Chups lollipops and, evidently, British rave music… Listen: ...…
The 678th show of Midnight Snacks, airing on March 21st, 2018. This show has been tagged with the following: co-hosted by dj fetal position, chiptune, club, electro, future bass, hardcore, hip-hop, house Playlist Audio Download (114 MB)
This week our buddy Xearrik is famous, Dustin is imaging computers and Scott saw the third Thor. In gaming news we talk about Fortnite coming to iOS and being cross-platform, Twitch Prime giving away PC games, Nintendo Direct, Mega Drive/Genesis collection coming to PS4, Xbox One (with a cool trailer), and DOTA 2 adding a subscription with AI-b ...…
An episode with fantastic music covering a wide area of topics such as other-worldly champions, cat secretaries, questionable learning methods, and whatever happens in Nancy’s room. Enjoy! Download Episode #47: Knick-Knack (73 MB, mp3) here …or watch it on Youtube Track announcements provided by Ed Wilson of PixelTunes Radio Intro music by Paul ...…
The 677th show of Midnight Snacks, airing on March 14th, 2018. This show has been tagged with the following: co-hosted by DJ UNDERWATER THEME, DJ mix, Genericon, club, co-hosted by DeBisco, drum'n'bass, hardcore, hip-hop, house, j-core, j-rap, noise, rave, techno Playlist Audio Download (115 MB)
This week Dustin talks about fixing his Twin Duo and Scott enjoyed Annihilation. Some of the news topics we discuss include Giantbomb TV, Castlevania Easter Egg in CORPORATE, March PlayStation Plus games are good, PS 3 and Vita being discontinued from PS Plus in 2019, Long lost Donkey Kong 3 for PC, Chrono Trigger's PC port, Outlast and Diablo ...…
With a title like that, how could you not listen? Another fun hodgepodge we threw together that’s guaranteed to help flesh out your video game music playlist. Dance, chiptune, awesome drum breaks, folksy guitar… seriously, there’s something for everybody here. Also, Vince is in love with Celeste (and it’s smart sound design) while Leland yells ...…
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