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Best Cod podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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A nature writer living in Wellfleet, Robert Finch has written about Cape Cod for more than forty years. He is the author of nine books of essays. A Cape Cod Notebook airs weekly on WCAI, the NPR station for Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, and the South Coast. In both 2006 and 2013, the series won the New England Edward R. Murrow Award for Best Radio Writing.
Wicked Housewives on Cape Cod TV Show & Radio Shows Enlighten & Entertain with our listeners with an array of hosts. There is certainly something for everyone!
News and Interviews from The Cape Cod Times
This book (eleven short stories) was also published under the title of “The Old Home House”. Joseph Crosby Lincoln (1870 – 1944) was an American author of novels, poems, and short stories, many set in a fictionalized Cape Cod. Lincoln's work frequently appeared in popular magazines such as the Saturday Evening Post and The Delineator.... Lincoln claimed that he was satisfied "spinning yarns" that made readers feel good about themselves and their neighbors. Two of his stories have been adapte ...
COD Talks
A weekly podcast about all things competitive Call of Duty related. New episodes available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Link to Twitter: to YouTube: to SoundCloud: to iTunes:
Cod Paste
Delicious confusing comedy. Three pinches of salt recommended
Welcome to the Black Ops 4 And The Future Of Cod podcast, where amazing things happen.
Listen to the weekly Sunday morning messages shared at Calvary Chapel Cape Cod in Yarmouth Massachusetts.
Christ Chapel Cape Cod featuring speaker Michael Malanga
Listen to the weekly Sunday morning messages shared at Calvary Chapel Cape Cod in Sandwich Massachusetts.
Built on Cape Cod
Built on Cape Cod shares the stories, challenges, and lessons-learned by local entrepreneurs from all walks of life and all corners of the Cape. ?Listen to gain insight, be inspired + entertained, and discover the history behind your favorite local brands, establishments, and products.
Weekly Sermons from Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Sandwich, MA
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A friend of mine who lives in Eastham was preparing his morning coffee when he heard a ruckus in his yard and looked out to see a hawk grappling with a grackle. “Hey,” he said, “these are my grackles!” and he ran out and chased away the hawk. He later shared this episode on Facebook.By Dennis Minsky.
'Tis the season for scaring, so we share our favorite spooky Cape Cod cemeteries plus we get cheesy on our search for the best calzones on the peninsula!By GateHouse Media.
Over the course of his ministry, the apostle Paul encountered his fair share of well-intentioned dragons. In fact, most of his letters were written in response to the activity of well-intentioned dragons among the churches he planted. Galatians is no exception.By Michael Malanga.
It is deer hunting season on Martha’s Vineyard. The eight-week archery season, which began October seventh across the Cape and islands, is a favorite time of my outdoor calendar. Over the years, I have come to appreciate much about the fall hunting experience. And some stuff, not so much.By Nelson Sigelman.
With night temps dipping into the 40s we ask the heartbreaking question: Is it time to turn off the outdoor shower? Plus beer and oysters, 80s dance performance and a great weekend walk in West Barnstable!By GateHouse Media.
I don’t think most of my friends would describe me as a killer, but after I got stung by the yellow jackets living under my deck, I turned into a cold-hearted murderer, loaded for… well, yellow jackets.By Susan Moeller.
Paul's commission came through a direct revelation of Jesus Christ, therefore neither he, nor the gospel he preached, required verification either by another human being, or any human agency. Nevertheless, Paul often had to defend his authenticity as an apostle as well as the authenticity of his gospel.…
Cape Cod Times reporter Cindy McCormick discusses how the story she wrote about the Samaritan suicide hotline issue on the Cape came to be.By GateHouse Media.
Fore! The Scuttlebutt Putt Putt Mini Golf Tournament tees off next week at Skull Island in Yarmouth for prizes and glory! Plus a dachshund fest and a talk by the state's shark expert.By GateHouse Media.
All summer long, I’ve watched as the calendar moved closer to September. September meant the end of the summer rush, a chance to catch my breath. I watched the days get shorter, by a minute or so at first until whole hours of daylight had been swallowed up. September would mean my week in a dune shack in the Province Lands.…
Cape Cod Times reporter Cindy McCormick joines WCAI's News Roundup segment to talk about the biggest stories on Cape for the Sept. 20 week.By GateHouse Media.
Mung and I visit Kayak Cookies in Hyannis, makers of Salty Oats, perhaps Cape Cod's best cookie--plus an amazing weekend of fun stuff to do!By GateHouse Media.
I was walking on the beach in the East End with my dog Dory. It was a very low tide and we were halfway out on the flats, trudging through the wet sand and the warm shallow pools of left-behind water. She happily carried her tennis ball in her mouth and I followed her wagging tail at a moderate pace.…
The letter to the Galatians, is Paul’s passionate appeal for the churches in Galatia not to abandon their newfound faith by turning to a different gospel.By Michael Malanga.
Prayer is a one of the most wonderful gifts of having peace with God through Jesus Christ. It's so much more than petitions and requests. Though it can involve that as well, PRAYER is at it's most significant, when Prayer shifts from want we want from God to simply being with God. There, in His presence is found all we have ever longed for. The ...…
In an off-Cape store last month, one of the clerks noticed the address on my account. “Oh, you live on the Cape,” she said. “You must be looking forward to Labor Day.”By Susan Moeller.
Cape Cod Times reporter Cindy McCormick joines WCAI's News Roundup segment to talk about the biggest stories on Cape for the Sept. 6 week.By GateHouse Media.
Paul wrote Galatians out of concern the churches had abandoned the gospel as a result of the influence of preachers who believed that salvation required faith in Jesus plus practicing certain parts of the OT law such as circumcision and the dietary laws.By Michael Malanga.
Looking for a walk with a big-vista payoff? Try Kent's Point in Orleans--it's our hike of the week--plus great cello concert in Wellfleet and the Seaside Le Mans race!By GateHouse Media.
Four days a week I patrol Lake Tashmoo in a small skiff for the Tisbury shellfish department. Tashmoo is a lake in name only. A 270-acre coastal pond on the north shore of Martha’s Vineyard, it’s connected to Vineyard Sound by a deep, narrow channel.By Nelson Sigelman.
The more we practice what Jesus preaches the more we grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ. The evidence of our growth is the fruit of the Spirit. As far as Paul is concerned the fruit of the Spirit is the necessary evidence proving you are practicing what Jesus preaches.By Michael Malanga.
Cape Cod Times reporter Kristen Young joined WCAI to talk about about some big stories on the Cape during the week of August 30. Check out the full hour of the news roundup here: GateHouse Media.
Cape Cod Times Food Editor Gwenn Friss talks with Dave Badot, the District Nutritional Coordinator/Liaison for Barnstable schools, about what students can expect this year foodwise.By GateHouse Media.
The Cape Cod Times reporter Geoff Spillane joined WCAI to talk about about some big stories on the Cape during the Aug 23 week. Be sure to listen to the full hour of the news roundup here: GateHouse Media.
It was one of those days where the sand scorches your feet, where even the ocean doesn’t feel crisp enough to refresh you. Summer was at its apex, the sun and the smell of salt and sunscreen enough to intoxicate you.By Mary Bergman.
How do we know we are growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ? How do we know we are practicing what Jesus preaches? According to the Puritan Richard Sibbes, “We may know whether the Spirit of God has wrought anything in us by our embracing of good things.” When we embrace good things we produce the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit of ...…
Our hard-charging taco investigator finds what may be the best crispy tacos on Cape Cod--wicked tasty and they don't fall apart after the first bite!By GateHouse Media.
Who is not a fan of nature trails? They provide an opportunity to connect with the natural world, to see, hear, smell and touch the glories of nature, and be surrounded by them. Thoreau famously said, “In wildness is the preservation of mankind.”By Dennis Minsky.
The more we follow Jesus the more we will practice what He preaches. The more we practice what Jesus preaches the more holy we become. And the evidence of this holiness is the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.By Michael Malanga.
Cape Cod Times' Gwenn Friss, a features editor, joined WCAI's Kathryn Eident to talk about the biggest stories for the week of Aug. 16 including shark tagging and controversy with Cumberland Farms.By GateHouse Media.
My grandchildren live on the other side of the country. They are here for two weeks in the summer and two weeks at the winter holidays, so I’m lucky that I’m the grandmother associated with an exotic locale and the freedom that comes with vacation. Who wouldn’t like a lifestyle that includes rolling off Mayflower Beach at 7 p.m., stopping at Ca ...…
Cindy McCormick, a reporter with the Cape Cod Times, talks about the most important stories this week on the Cape during the weekly news roundup with local radio station WCAI.By GateHouse Media.
There are days when you can’t see the horizon out here. Days when the fog is so dense, sea and sky are stitched together as one fabric, but you can’t find the seam. The ocean stretches on from here to Portugal, people like to say. The ocean is virtually endless.By Mary Bergman.
Paul begins this last section of Galatians 5 with a command - "walk by the Spirit" followed by a promise - "and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh."By Michael Malanga.
Listen to what it's like from start to finish to spend a day at a Cape Cod Baseball League game.By GateHouse Media.
Looking for old school Cape Cod dining fun right near the beach? We visit the legendary Bookstore Restaurant in Wellfleet and have a before-dinner beer at the Bombshelter Pub dive bar--it's all part of the same complex!By GateHouse Media.
It was late morning, walking the East End beach on a falling tide. Sand damp beneath our feet, shells and seaweed strewn about. It is mild and almost foggy; rain is on the way. From the water there emanates a funky, fishy smell- schools of mackerel in the harbor, they say.By Dennis Minsky.
Whereas many Americans would define someone who is spiritual as being open and tolerant of all religions and philosophies, and someone who is religious as being a close-minded, no-thinking, rule-following, intolerant person, the Bible defines someone who is Spiritual as possessing the Holy Spirit, and being religious as being led by the Spirit ...…
Mung dines at Pepe's Wharf in Provincetown and gives us a full report, plus we tell you about the best hiking/swimming trail on Cape Cod!By GateHouse Media.
Listen to police scanner communication in Yarmouth after a tornado swept through town. This is audio from 12:01 p.m. to 12:21 p.m. on Tuesday, July 23, 2019. It may not be comprehensive and some of it is quite scratchy but there are clear spots throughout.By GateHouse Media.
On a recent beautiful morning, I chatted with a fisherman on the beach. He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I was wearing my underwear.By Susan Moeller.
Fore! We report on an odd sighting of a man playing golf on the beach--hitting balls into the water, then donning a mask and snorkel to retrieve them! Plus we tell you all about the fab Barnstable County Fair!By GateHouse Media.
Spring is beginning to stretch its legs, the sun is calling to us to get outside and move around. There are moments now, when the sun comes out and decides to stay a while, when the wind is still, where it feels as bright and warm as mid-July.By Mary Bergman.
Paul wrote Galatians to encourage them to keep walking by the Spirit, to continue being led by the Spirit and to carry on sowing to the Spirit by practicing what Jesus preaches.By Michael Malanga.
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