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A weekly preview of world events in the week ahead from the Council on Foreign Relations.
A chance to go inside Council on Foreign Relations events. Watch world leaders and foreign policy experts discuss and debate the most pressing issues in international affairs.
The Peace Revolution Podcast acts as a virtual classroom for adults, designed to point out and provide useful resources and information pertaining to history, philosophy, economics, politics, and other subjects; to enable individuals to act responsibly and attain life, liberty, and happiness. Each episode contains a subject of study essential to a comprehensive understanding of reality; all of which is focused on providing you with the historical lineage of the topic, as well as context, ref ...
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This symposium will explore the changing relationship of trade and health. The incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and other noncommunicable diseases is rising in poor nations.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Thailand conducts its first general election since the 2014 military coup, and Kosovo commemorates twenty years since the end of the war.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Farah Pandith and Kal Penn discuss how to inoculate communities against extremism, as well as Pandith’s new book, How We Win: How Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurs, Political Visionaries, Enlightened Business Leaders, and Social Media Mavens Can Defeat the Extremist Threat.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro meet at the White House, and Huawei divides the United States and Germany.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Representative Michael McCaul discusses global hot spots, including the crisis in Venezuela, the implications of China's Belt and Road Initiative, the relationship between the United States and Russia, ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, and the future of negotiations with North Korea.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
The British Parliament is set to vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s revised Brexit deal ahead of a looming deadline, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visits Baghdad for the first time in his tenure to talk trade.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Panelists will discuss the links between democratic governance and global health.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang opens the annual session of the National People’s Congress, and White House senior advisor Jared Kushner travels to the Middle East ahead of Israel’s general election.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Panelists discuss Russia’s foreign policy under President Vladimir Putin and its increased involvement with countries around the world, including those in neighboring Eastern Europe and Eurasia, as well as in Western Europe, the United States, and the Middle East.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
U.S. President Donald J. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meet in Hanoi for a second summit, tensions between India and Pakistan escalate, and the Ninety-First Academy Awards are held in Hollywood.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
James Gorman discusses his approach to setting a global strategy for Morgan Stanley and the importance of effective leadership and clear communication when running a large multinational company.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Panelists discuss modern anti-Semitism and the influences behind the recent increase in anti-Semitic activity in both the United States and around the world.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
The United States could face another government shutdown, Nigeria holds a presidential election, and U.S. and North Korean officials discuss holding a second summit.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
At the end of this month, President Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for the second time during his presidency. In advance of the summit, panelists discuss what to expect from this unique diplomatic moment, the prospect of denuclearization negotiations, and the future of U.S. policy toward North Korea.…
Panelists reflect on the events that unfolded during the Iranian Revolution in 1979, how the United States responded, and the consequences for today.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
The 2019 Robert B. Menschel Economics Symposium discusses the ways behavioral economics can inform development policy to create effective solutions to poverty at the international, national, and local levels.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Although the global rate of extreme poverty is at a historic low, the pace of poverty reduction is slowing and the World Bank estimates that more than 700 million people still live on less than $1.90 a day.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
In the wake of recent geopolitical and economic upheavals in Saudi Arabia, please join our panelists as they discuss how U.S.-Saudi relations should move forward, as well as what Saudi Arabia's future means for the greater Middle East and its Western allies.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
President Hassan Rouhani commemorates Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, the United Kingdom's House of Commons votes on a new Brexit deal, and the African Union convenes in Addis Ababa.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
President Donald J. Trump delivers the State of the Union, Russia and the United States debate the future of the INF Treaty, and Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou faces legal trouble.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Panelists analyze Iran's foreign policy strategy, including their regional ambitions and interventions in Syria and Yemen, and offer recommendations on ways the United States should proceed after withdrawing from the JCPOA.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Panelists discuss the political and economic challenges facing Iran internally, including the recent protests and the pressure to deliver economic development under the stress of sanctions.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
During the inaugural C.V. Starr & Co. Annual Lecture on China, panelists discuss the future of U.S.-China relations amidst ongoing trade frictions, tensions in the South China Sea, and political, demographic, and economic developments within China itself.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Chike Aguh, principal of strategy and product integration at McChrystal Group; Diana Farrell, founding president and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase Institute; and Alexandra Fuenmayor Starr, Spencer fellow at Columbia Journalism School, discuss U.S. economic competitiveness.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
In the opening session of CFR’s Local Journalists Workshop, Fareed Zakaria, host of Fareed Zakaria GPS at CNN; and member of CFR’s Board of Directors, discusses pressing U.S. foreign policy issues and the evolving journalism landscape. Michael Krasny, host of Forum at KQED, moderates.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
The UN Security Council debates the humanitarian crisis in Syria, U.S.-China trade talks continue in Washington, and the United States and South Korea work to renew a military cost-sharing deal.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Joan Donovan, director of the technology and social change research project at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center; Amy S. Mitchell, director of journalism research at the Pew Research Center; and Claire Wardle, executive director of First Draft; discuss trends in disinformation and practical ways journalists can build trust with ne ...…
Daniel Kurtz-Phelan, executive editor of Foreign Affairs; Robert McMahon, managing editor of; and Lisa Shields, vice president of global communications and media relations at CFR, discuss the breadth of CFR and Foreign Affairs resources that can be used in newsrooms, and share their take on the most pressing global issues of the day wit ...…
Benoît Cœuré discusses the European Central Bank, financial regulation, and the international role of the euro.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
President Donald J. Trump begins his third year in office, political turmoil continues in Venezuela, and Brexit faces more challenges.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
With the potential shifting global balance of power from the United States to China, the latest issue of Foreign Affairs focuses on how the troubled hegemon and the confident challenger are trying to determine what comes next for the world order.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
In late 2018, economic and political divides in France sparked the Yellow Vests movement. Panelists discuss how the movement differs from other populist politics in Europe, and what implications it may have for President Macron's agenda and the country's relations with the rest of Europe and the United States.…
In advance of World Cancer Day, speakers discuss developments in cancer treatment and prevention, and the prospects for closing the global cancer divide.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
The World Bank searches for a new president after Jim Yong Kim resigns, and Detroit hosts the annual North American International Auto Show.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
The World Economic Update highlights the quarter’s most important and emerging trends. Discussions cover changes in the global marketplace with special emphasis on current economic events and their implications for U.S. policy.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Panelists discuss the national security risks posed by corruption of IoT devices and ways to mitigate the probability of successful attacks.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
As 2018 draws to a close, CFR’s James M. Lindsay and Robert McMahon are joined by Brookings senior fellow Constanze Stelzenmuller to reflect on the year that was and look ahead to 2019. Democratic backsliding and rising nationalism are at the top of the agenda.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
The world marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing, Yellow Vests protesters take to the streets of Paris for the fifth weekend in a row, and Pakistan’s foreign minister visits Afghanistan amid new peace efforts.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Theresa May’s Brexit plan faces a series of devastating defeats, and nations make crucial decisions regarding the UN’s Global Migrant Compact. Sebastian Mallaby sits in for Jim Lindsay.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
World leaders convene in Argentina for the annual G20 summit, and a UN climate summit gets underway in Poland.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
A Brexit deal triggers a political crisis in Britan, trade wars loom large as the APEC Summit gets underway, and an Ebola outbreak in Congo threatens to spread. Ted Alden sits in for Bob McMahon.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
The 13th East Asia Summit takes place in Singapore, the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I is commemorated, and the 29-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is marked.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
The United States goes to the polls in a tense midterm election, and Iran faces the consequences of new oil sanctions. Carla Anne Robbins sits in for Jim Lindsay.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Brazilians go back to the polls in a presidential run-off, and NATO conducts massive military exercises in Norway.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
Saudi Arabia’s investment conference kicks off under a cloud of tension, Chinese and Japanese leaders meet to discuss intellectual property protection, Afghanistan holds parliamentary elections, and protests against Brexit begin in London.By (Council on Foreign Relations).
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