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A No nonsense approach to weight loss hosted by Dave Jackson a regular person like you trying to lose weight. He shares what is and isn't working for him, inspirational stories, and weight loss gadgets. Presented in a fun and entertaining style.
Trolling With Logic
Weekly Skeptical podcast. Topics to make you think, Movie reviews to make your head explode.
Garage Logic
1500 ESPN's Garage Logic is the seat of Gumption County, down the road from Diversityville, but not as far as Liberal Lakes. It's a place where common sense prevails, the 2-car garage is revered and cigar smoking is allowed (and lawyers aren't).
Barbell Logic
Starting Strength Coaches discuss all things strength.
Lineup Logic is a Daily Fantasy Sports Podcast hosted by Sean Kane. We break down slates, by position and price, then build lineups, every day. During the NBA season, we walk through key news, then break down player picks by salary tiers.
Logical Fallacies
Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies adapted for audio with permission from Stephen Downes. See Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies at
This is a crash course, meant to catapult you into a world where you start to see things how they really are, not how you think they are. The focus of this course is on logical fallacies, which loosely defined, are simply errors in reasoning. As you complete each lesson, you can make significant improvements in the way you reason and make decisions. Your ability to recognize bad arguments will be enhanced as well as your ability to articulate why an argument is bad. This is the audio version ...
The State of Logic
The State of Logic Podcast interviews interesting people from innovators to experts to explore the logic behind their opinions & ideas to inspire curiosity in order to understand the world a little better. Hosted by businessman & investor, Kevin Van Eekeren, he and his guests touch on topics from current events to business trends to random thoughts about life.
This logical fallacies content is used with permission from Dr. Michael C. Labossiere (, also found at
"Logical Anarchy Today" is a weekday (Mon through Fri) half hour podcast hosted by jon that tackles the fallacies in statism through current events. Learn more about anarchy and Jon by going to his website: www.logical-anarchy.comYou can support the show by entering Amazon through our link or on patreon as well.Hear more at
MCMP – Logic
MCMP – Logic
Spinning Logic
The goal of Spinning Logic is to thread together the unique stories of unique guests and to celebrate the vast array of people that represent humankind.
Logic is the study of the principles and methods used to distinguish "good" reasoning from "bad" reasoning. As it is through good reasoning that we plan, explain, persuade, convince, solve, and prove things successfully through language, good reasoning matters. So too do arguments, for they are the main medium through which we reason. Through the study of informal logic, not only will you learn that a good argument is cogent and a bad argument is fallacious, you will learn how to tell whethe ...
Logically Speaking
Logically Speaking is the weekly podcast where we discuss topics from a logical point of view. Host Max van den Broek speaks with academics from all over the world about a variety of fascinating subjects in logic, science and philosophy. Logically Speaking is hosted at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Logical Apologetics explores objections to Christianity in a thoughtful, in-depth way.
Deductive Logic
Deductive Logic
This series of podcasts by Marianne Talbot will equip you with everything you need to improve your reasoning skills. You will learn to recognize arguments and distinguish them from other sets of sentences, analyse them logic-book style into premises and conclusion, classify them as deductive or inductive and evaluate them appropriately to their type. You will also learn about fallacies - bad arguments that look like good arguments.
Bards Logic is Your show, the People's Show. The Mission is to facilitate sending out information important to you the Grassroots. Send the host a message via the website.
RPG Logic podcast
RPG Logic is a podcast intended to help run role playing games. We record sessions of a roleplaying game and break it up into scenes after listening to the scene, we discuss the game mastering and playing choices. Discuss what went well, what failed, and what could be done differently next time. An emphasis is placed on the choices that are made by the gamemaster and players for both running the game at the table and for preparing games.
Fridge Logic
Tune in every other Monday to hear three charismatic hosts have a discussion. About video games mostly. The weird, the wild, the wonderful, other words that don't start with w. We cover a little bit of everything. Tune in!
Joe Soucheray's Garage Logic has been a Minnesota radio mainstay and lifestyle for more than two decades. This podcast (Inside Garage Logic) takes you behind the scenes and into the history archives to discuss the makings and inner workings of Garage Logic.
Get your science on Fuzzy Logic Science Show from Canberra's Radio 2XX 98.3FM
Beyond Logic
Podcast by Beyond Logic
Pissing Statist off one idea at a time!
Welcome to the Logical Fallacy Podcast, presented by Dr. Bo Bennett, author of Logically Fallacious. This is podcast where we look at logical fallacies in everyday use. Join the Logically Fallacious community at
Urban Logic Show
Urban Logic Show Podcast Hosted by Rudy Ray
Logical Nonsense
The show about everything and absolutely nothing, where we keep it honest like white underwear, featuring some of the hottest up and coming acts in rap and R&B. Tune in and hear some dope music, hilarious takes on current events, and much more. Artist send music to
This series of podcasts by Marianne Talbot will equip you with everything you need to improve your reasoning skills. You will learn to recognize arguments and distinguish them from other sets of sentences, analyse them logic-book style into premises and conclusion, classify them as deductive or inductive and evaluate them appropriately to their type. You will also learn about fallacies - bad arguments that look like good arguments.
Logical Moderation
Spurring Your Thoughts Towards the Rights of All
Millennial Logic
Millennials discussing various topics to encourage social change.
A weekly class on Islamic foundational principles, theology, law and ethics based on al-Sharh'l-Mumti' 'alā Zād'l-Mustaqni'. Taught by Abu Eesa Niamatullah. For more information, visit:
A weekly class on Islamic foundational principles, theology, law and ethics based on al-Sharh'l-Mumti' 'alā Zād'l-Mustaqni'. Taught by Abu Eesa Niamatullah. For more information, visit:
Shaping Logics
Shaping Logics is a podcast produced in Barrio Logan, San Diego. The podcast will serve as a platform to discuss topics of interest in the fields of design and architecture. Shaping Logics is a collaborative effort between aux-lab (Abel Zatarain) and ohms architects (Miguel Reyes and Hector Aramburo).
Podcast by Ladies Logic Podcast
Sin's Logic
Welcome to Sin's logic! Please, call-in and ask me questions anytime!! I will answer them when I can! I hope my podcast gets you thinking of questions and how to answer them!!
Logic Of Liberty
Logic Of Liberty is a podcast rooted in the liberty movement and dedicated to raising awareness of current as well as timeless issues threatening the freedom of sovereign individuals. We will be covering a range of different topics, from recent political happenings to history lessons to pop culture critiques.
A Reasoned Defense of the Christian Faith
'The Philosophy of Logical Atomism' is a series of lectures by Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) that touches on numerous topics, including the nature of propositions, the relations of propositions to facts and of different types of words to the varieties of things, what kinds of facts there are, existence, monism and pluralism, and aspects of philosophical logic and of reference. Guiding the lectures, at least according to Russell's headnote to his lectures, is Russell's intent to fully flesh ou ...
Logic Amen considers himself to be an artist, father, and educator. Amen has used his experience in media, music, and education to provide content for motivational speeches and workshops. In the area of media, he has published a magazine, created, hosted, and engineered a public television show, acted in roles for TV and video, and produced over 100 songs (several were used for his two albums and one for a music compilation released in 2001). He is currently producing shows for 91.3 KBCS rad ...
Fuzzy Logic
The Podcast Where We Know Very Little About A Whole Lot - A comedy podcast where 3 friends ponder questions they have absolutely no authority to answer using no sources and very little common sense. Releasing every other Wednesday! - Hosted and created by hnkH (Andrew Prensky, V Silverman, and Ben Stern.) Theme - “Laid Back” by Antti Luode - Submit your questions! Share with your friends! Google form Twitter @fuzzylogicpod Facebook Fuzzy Logic Pod Tumblr FuzzyLogicPod Email fu ...
Conversations, Monologues, and Thought Experiments
Audio of lectures, and .pdfs of powerpoint slides, for Philosophy 10, Introduciton to Logic, UC San Diego.
Speak On It - Logic Amen's weekly commentary
Logic Pro X
Logic Pro X users unite and share!
Interview with Philosophers about their New Books
Video Game Logic
Home of the Video Game Logic Podcast. A podcast recorded by Gaming Psychologist and Caffeine Rage, where we talk about many things in the video game industry. Some good, some bad, and then we give in depth thoughts, feelings, and analysis of how to deal with them.
Critical Reasoning: A Romp Through the Foothills of Logic
This conference brings philosophers of religion, political theorists and literary scholars together to frame approaches to the problem of political evil–a project one might call ‘political demonology’–for our contemporary political and cultural crisis.What or who is the political enemy? What is political evil or sin? If we are living in the age of ‘the complete triumph of the individual’ (Gilles Chatelet), then the status of ‘individuality,’ ‘subjectivity,’ and ‘soul’ must be attended to wit ...
Welcome to the LipStick Logic with Iam_Blair podcast, where Iam_Blair the self proclaimed Voice of the Plus Sized Woman is discussing Life, Love, Friends and this crazy ass world!
Pug Logic
A painfully informal weekly chat with Rhonda O'Neal and Spencer Janyk, and sometimes special guests. Also we love pugs.
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My guest is Aaron Dowd - Podcaster Success Lead at SimpleCast and host of The Podcast Dude. Great conversation covering lots!: Shure Beta 87a microphone Scarlett solo - audio interface Logic Pro DAW RX Dialogue De-noiser and De-clip Loudness meter plugin aiming for -16LUFS Bussing all voices to a single channel and adding effects to that channe ...…
The former F.B.I. Director James Comey aimed to be above politics, but in the 2016 election he stepped directly into it. In his book, “A Higher Loyalty,” Comey makes the case to America that he handled the F.B.I. investigations into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and Donald Trump’s campaign correctly, regardless of the consequences. Even after being ...…
Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes | Android | Stitcher | RSS feed Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Northwest Sustainable Agroecosystems Research Unit Dr. Claudio Stöckle with the WSU Biological Systems Engineering Unit Contact Information: Contact Dave Huggins via email at What is a podcast? For those of you who are newer t ...…
Testing out a new recording and podcast platform, we talk a little about some of the quirks of technology, and hope to bring back the chat room soon. With a long topic anticipated, we get into a quick segment of… Meet the Hosts Nathan has been busy with his church, and a time to teach the young people there. We don’t have Chris on hand, since h ...…
Chris brings guest cohost Nick to the table, literally. Join us for this laid back episode as we fish around various subjects from graphics cards to games that are a little less family friendly on this deep dive under the fridge.
BCG-004 STOP WAITING TO BE CHOSEN Welcome to Episode number four of the BOOMER CAREER GUIED PODCAST, where we’re going to be talking about the BOOMER CAREER BOOST SECRET #1 So, If you’re thinking about launching a job search, this is the perfect episode to start you in a positive direction. I want you to keep in mind that: THE KEY TO A SUCCESSF ...…
The Ladies have a PSA for the haters! They also speak on how Safari's Penis still gets the girls in a frenzy and how men with children are a no go!
Jonathan Hay & Mike Smith - Daddy's Little Girl Ft.liana Eve & Inspectah DeckRandolph Bush – Drop It LowCap – OfficialFadi Awad - The KingCollegians – Black MassMatthew Schultz ft. Gyptian & Rico Tayla – All night longDavid Cooler – Dog Huntin ManThe Dream Logic – Without YouMandy Woods – A Mother’s Love…
Is it logically inconsistent to brand Comey as a liar while using his memos as a source to vindicate the President? Source: Subscribe to my Purple channel:…
The Dream Logic - Fakes and Fools Randolph Bush – Drop It LowLapsus – SpeculumT.Bryant – We WinCylew – Western SkyDC & Deep Jin – Tutto regolare ft. MarziaKazeloon – Rarest (Treasure Chest) Freestyle prod by Genius BoyMicrophone Terrorists What You Gonna Do ft CapellaAlex Rosselli – Bent Lightbeam
An "Emotional Vortex" is when two people get into an triggered state and cannot make decisions with their logical minds. They essentially have a flashback to being a wounded child and cannot understand what is going on. It is extremely common in intimate relationships and even in business. Seibo and Brandon talk about recognizing vortexes and s ...…
In this episode we discuss how Cardi B is up against errybody, we talk about some great current shows and reboots, would you be cool with ya old lady being a surrogate and Chris Brown vs. Jamie Foxx. Reach out to me on social media and tell me what you thought about the episode. Hit the subscribe button and leave a good review people. Intro 00: ...…
Clip from Q&A April 6 2018Like this episode?Please leave an honest rating on iTunes. Ratings and reviews are extremely helpful and greatly appreciated! They do matter in the ranking of the show, and I read each and every one of them.P.S.: Just takes a minute! :)
Host Bojidar Marinov Description “A sodomite culture that has come to fruition has come to fruitlessness.” Listen Transcript Axe to the Root Podcast Episode #69 The Church’s Forgotten History of Sodomite Marriage Welcome to Episode 69of Axe to the Root Podcast, part of the War Room Productions, I am Bo Marinov, and for the next 30 minutes we wi ...…
Listen now Rogue Bottle Episode 11: Righteous Yammer swapcast: Drinking across America Subscribe to Rogue Bottle Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play Righteous Yammer swapcast: Drinking across America Five years ago, I met Kevin Kautzman at the inaugural Kenyon Playwrights Conference. Just this year we happened to re-connect, and over several ro ...…
Your high school friend won’t stop posting about lizard people and crisis actors. Ivana Rihter gives us the logic behind it. Read Ivana's story. Hosted by Casey Johnston. Produced by James T. Green. Send us your feedback at @OutlineDispatch. And if you love us, rate us five stars in Apple Podcasts, and tell a special life person about us.…
Everyone agrees that the biggest problem facing our universe today is that no one ever helps each other, and the biggest problem facing our high schools today is social media inspired bullying; these facts are indisputable and frankly they remain undisputed as such. Following this logic, our guests today are of course fully in agreement with th ...…
On this episode of echo underground we are discussing the latest album by rapper Logic called Bobby Tarantino II
Mike Alexander and Josh Fernandez give an MLB DFS strategy refresher and break down the 4/13 slate. For more visit
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A new MP3 sermon from Community Bible Church of Highlands is now available on with the following details: Title: Islam Part 1: The 411 Subtitle: LifePoints - Truth on Trial Speaker: Gary Hewins Broadcaster: Community Bible Church of Highlands Event: TV Broadcast Date: 9/19/2014 Length: 4 min. Overview: Humanity is now searching, ...…
The linkages between environmental health and human well-being are complex and dynamic, and researchers have developed numerous models for describing them. The models include attempts to bridge traditional academic boundaries, uniting fields of study under rubrics such as social–ecological frameworks, coupled human and natural systems, ecosyste ...…
Graduated from Chengdu TCM University Registered TCM Practitioner Tai Chi Quen and Qi Kung Master In 2011, Master Stanley was invited by Guangxi TCM University in China to help perform western research to prove the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine in healing a wide range of conditions. During this time, he amassed invaluable data a ...…
If you want to be successful, you're going to have to develop some traits that are not going to be looked on positively by the established order. In other words, you're going to have to be Ruthless. That being said, here are some things that explain what it means to be Ruthless. You put yourself first so that you can provide for others second - ...…
Smart Contracts 101 In this exciting episode I was very pleased to conduct my first remote podcast with Olivier Rikken, Director of Blockchain and Smart Contracts at Axveco, in Holland. Olivier has been working in this space for the last few years and will give us an introduction to smart contracts. 2 Minute Definition of Blockchain Blockchain ...…
Here are our comprehensive stock trading chart reviews and forecasts of the S&P 500, the NASDAQ 100, Bonds and Gold. At we urge you to "Follow the charts, NOT the noise!” For Charting Wealth, The Book, Chapter 8,"Using the Minor indicators," click here. Receive our STOCK ALERTS via TEXT when WEEKLY VERTI ...…
Welcome to “Stats and Stories”, a new podcast series from Family Service Toronto, one of the city’s oldest and most vital social service organizations. In this series, we will examine evaluation trends in the Canadian non-profit sector. Each podcast episode will feature a Family Service Toronto student who will speak to Canadian evaluators abou ...…
P.S. 4080 presents the first episode of our new podcast. Join Bryan and Jimi as they delve into last week's biggest topics on "6th Period". Look forward to new episodes every week.This week we talk about Logic, Craig Mack, Lil Xan, and Waka Flocka, among other topics.
This segment is called Speaking Spirit because it is literally the Holy Spirit speaking through me to the Holy Spirit trying to shine through you. It exists behind your ego's consciousness logically insane world. The paradigm in which we live, being based in western science, seems reasonable, but only from an entirely false premise of separatio ...…
On this weeks episode of Rally Point Baks is off to PAX East for the weekend so Ben and Josh run the show and discuss their feelings on Farcry 5 thus far. Show your support by subscribing today!Intro credits: Upside Down by Andy Mineo credits: Ice Cold by Big Lenbo (ft Logic) ...…
NIGGAS GON FEEL ME LolWhats up my name is JT!Your official orator, your designated duke of narration, your royal of random rhetoric.Letting niggas know off top, my topics tend to vary, if you looking for youtube channel where some fat dude is going to post 17 videos a week talking about magic gathering cards and only that or some nappy headed n ...…
Wanna hear my predictions about where the podcasting industry is headed? You can - on this episode of Podcastification. (((((((((((((PLAYER))))))))))))))))))) You know every year Edison Research comes out with what's called The Infinite Dial - isn't that a cool name? The infinite dial looks at survey data that they have gathered from thousands ...…
Whether you have a BA in philosophy or have never read a book, your daily life is impacted by Aristotle. Have you ever tried to win an argument? Have you ever tried to solve a riddle? Have you tried to rationalize eating twelve doughnuts? Congratulations: you are engaging in logic, the bread-and-butter of the most impactful philosopher in histo ...…
Who better to have on the show to talk about woo woo than the host of the podcast, Some Kind of Magic? Emily Levenson and I discuss how to be more open-minded to "woo woo" practices, even when they go beyond logic, so that you can enjoy a more magical relationship with your spirituality, the world around you, and yourself. In this episode, we t ...…
Brains are pretty complicated organs. We like to think that we are lucid at all times and that we make all our decisions based on reason and logic. But with a little life experience we all know that's not true. Underneath our thin veneer of free will, we operate out of our lizard brains-- our emotions, habits and trained behaviors that make dec ...…
TRACKLIST: 01. Maitika - Cross The Border (Original Mix) 02. Relativ & Yestermorrow - Galactic Riders (Original Mix) 03. X-NoiZe & Rexalted - Follow The Light (Original Mix) 04. Sean Tyas - People (Extended Mix) 05. Coming Soon - African Jungle (Original Mix) 06. Kalki - Japan (Original Mix) 07. Ajja - The Other Side (Original Mix) 08. Modus & ...…
Topics discussed Easter Sunday, Six9ine interview/will he be dead next year, Student walkouts/March for our lives, Killer Mike NRA, Austin Bombings? Are we still using amazon, Lil Xans Tupac comment, Logic’s split with his wife, Chance VS Heineken, Micheal Bennett’s book(Things that make white people uncomfortable, What are actual things that w ...…
Sorry for all of the technological delays... but we thought we told you, we don't stop!C. Diddy (@cdiddy513) & special guest Austin (@_SoOutYOLeague) discuss Logic calling things off with his wife, Rick Ross and his child support situation, the #HeForEverybodyWalk & Austin closes the show with a spicy question to try and stump C. DiddyContinue ...…
We spend our lives looking for the answers to life’s questions, but maybe we’re missing what’s been right in front of us all along. Instructions that stand the test of time. Explanations that defy human logic. Find the answer you’ve been looking for as we discover the uncomplicated truth of history’s greatest genius.…
As we revisit the historical story of risen Jesus, we will see that it is more logical than we could have thought and more personal than we could have imagined. So let us turn back the time and revisit this historical event 2000 years ago. [John 20:1-18]
Listeners how y'all doing ? This episode, the crew talks about the XXL list and who tf is on it, what R&B we've been listening to and who we want and expect to drop and Logic leaving his wife. Special shoutout to the home @_just_jojo__ on all social medias and don't forget to check out her blog ConfessionsofaTelophobia and lookout for her new w ...…
My buddy Alex Wednt is one of the most logical and articulate people I know. We discuss philsophy, meditation, knowing yourself, impermanence, and finding serenity in stressful points in life. This episode is one of my favorites. SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: FOLLOW ME! YOUTUBE: ...…
By the tender age of five or six I had become utterly convinced of the doctrine of total depravity. I didn’t know the doctrine yet by that name. I had memorized bible verses about all sinning and falling short of the glory of God, none doing righteous, none seeking God. But even in those early years it wasn’t merely conceptual for me. I knew no ...…
Can there be 'good' without God?Can God create a rock that he himself could not lift?What is the difference between a rational argument vs. an irrational one?What is the Kalam Cosmological Argument?Listen as the team discusses the definition and understanding of logic and why learning it is extremely important. The team explains the concept of ...…
Suspense: Four Hours To Kill, and then X Minus One: A Logic Named Joe.
"Luis DH – StardustCris Vola – Ci SaraiMandy Woods – A Mother’s LoveDavid Cooler – Dog Huntin ManThe Bleeding Rose – She’s My HeroDavid Simmons – Angel Music LoverThe Dream Logic – Without YouSojo Mojo - Something To Smile About"
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