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Trolling With Logic
Weekly Skeptical podcast. Topics to make you think, Movie reviews to make your head explode.
Garage Logic
1500 ESPN's Garage Logic is the seat of Gumption County, down the road from Diversityville, but not as far as Liberal Lakes. It's a place where common sense prevails, the 2-car garage is revered and cigar smoking is allowed (and lawyers aren't).
Barbell Logic
Starting Strength Coaches discuss all things strength.
Lineup Logic is a Daily Fantasy Sports Podcast. We break down slates, by position and price, then build lineups. Coverage for NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, and MMA on DraftKings and Fanduel.
This series of podcasts by Marianne Talbot will equip you with everything you need to improve your reasoning skills. You will learn to recognize arguments and distinguish them from other sets of sentences, analyse them logic-book style into premises and conclusion, classify them as deductive or inductive and evaluate them appropriately to their type. You will also learn about fallacies - bad arguments that look like good arguments.
Logic is the study of the principles and methods used to distinguish "good" reasoning from "bad" reasoning. As it is through good reasoning that we plan, explain, persuade, convince, solve, and prove things successfully through language, good reasoning matters. So too do arguments, for they are the main medium through which we reason. Through the study of informal logic, not only will you learn that a good argument is cogent and a bad argument is fallacious, you will learn how to tell whethe ...
Zoo Logic
Zoo Logic with animal trainer, zoo advocate, and ZOOmility author, Dr. Grey Stafford, is a weekly conversation with zoo, aquarium, and animal experts about Nature, wildlife, pets, animal training, health and welfare, research and education, sustainability, zoo politics, activism and legislation, and all things animals! On Zoo Logic, we’ll go behind the scenes with animal professionals and influencers from around the world to explore the latest Zoos News and issues affecting wildlife, wild pl ...
The State of Logic
The State of Logic Podcast interviews interesting people from innovators to experts to explore the logic behind their opinions & ideas to inspire curiosity in order to understand the world a little better. Hosted by businessman & investor, Kevin Van Eekeren, he and his guests touch on topics from current events to business trends to random thoughts about life.
This series of podcasts by Marianne Talbot will equip you with everything you need to improve your reasoning skills. You will learn to recognize arguments and distinguish them from other sets of sentences, analyse them logic-book style into premises and conclusion, classify them as deductive or inductive and evaluate them appropriately to their type. You will also learn about fallacies - bad arguments that look like good arguments.
Joe Soucheray's Garage Logic has been a Minnesota radio mainstay and lifestyle for more than two decades. This podcast (Inside Garage Logic) takes you behind the scenes and into the history archives to discuss the makings and inner workings of Garage Logic.
Spinning Logic
The goal of Spinning Logic is to thread together the unique stories of unique guests and to celebrate the vast array of people that represent humankind.
Urban Logic Show
Urban Logic Show Podcast Hosted by Rudy Ray
Deductive Logic
Deductive Logic
RPG Logic podcast
RPG Logic is a podcast intended to help run role playing games. We record sessions of a roleplaying game and break it up into scenes after listening to the scene, we discuss the game mastering and playing choices. Discuss what went well, what failed, and what could be done differently next time. An emphasis is placed on the choices that are made by the gamemaster and players for both running the game at the table and for preparing games.
Logic Amen considers himself to be an artist, father, and educator. Amen has used his experience in media, music, and education to provide content for motivational speeches and workshops. In the area of media, he has published a magazine, created, hosted, and engineered a public television show, acted in roles for TV and video, and produced over 100 songs (several were used for his two albums and one for a music compilation released in 2001). He is currently producing shows for 91.3 KBCS rad ...
A collection of videos from the LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method.
Bards Logic is Your show, the People's Show. The Mission is to facilitate sending out information important to you the Grassroots. Send the host a message via the website.
Logic Of Liberty
Logic Of Liberty is a podcast rooted in the liberty movement and dedicated to raising awareness of current as well as timeless issues threatening the freedom of sovereign individuals. We will be covering a range of different topics, from recent political happenings to history lessons to pop culture critiques.
Audio of lectures, and .pdfs of powerpoint slides, for Philosophy 10, Introduciton to Logic, UC San Diego.
This is a collection of tutorials show casing my skills in Logic Pro X, and helping others create at a high level, I this playlist we will be Chopping Samples, Time Stretching, Mixing & Mastering from scratch. I will also will be showing you technics that the pros use, and other useful tips and tricks that will help your music production get better. #DailyHeatCheccListen To My Beats Here To Our Podcast Here: ...
Get your science on Fuzzy Logic Science Show from Canberra's Radio 2XX 98.3FM
Pug Logic
A painfully informal weekly chat with Rhonda O'Neal and Spencer Janyk, and sometimes special guests. Also we love pugs.
This is the William Wallace translation of the first part of Hegel's Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences on logic. This is an outline of Hegel's logical system that he would use and elaborate on during his lectures, it is a shorter version of his earlier publication The Science of Logic. The William Wallace translation is very influential and famous for its clarity, although he took some liberties and does not always stick closely to Hegel's original text. - Summary by Ryan Smallwood
Beyond Logic
Podcast by Beyond Logic
Just a guy with some opinions about whats happening in the world.
Fuzzy Logic
The Podcast Where We Know Very Little About A Whole Lot - A comedy podcast where 3 friends ponder questions they have absolutely no authority to answer using no sources and very little common sense. Releasing every other Wednesday! - Hosted and created by hnkH (Andrew Prensky, V Silverman, and Ben Stern.) Theme - “Laid Back” by Antti Luode - Submit your questions! Share with your friends! Patreon Google form Twitter @fuzzylogicpod Facebook Fuzzy Logic Pod Tumb ...
This podcast discusses LGBT topic/issues and trans topics. Questions? Ideas? Become a supporter of this podcast:
Engage Institute. Engage is a collective of cutting edge creative individuals that cater to the audio-visual production industry. Over the years Engage Productions has completed jobs for some of the biggest corporations in the world including Adidas, Marlboro, HBO, MasterCard, and Disney, among many others. And now we want to take our knowledge and experience and share it with you.Engage is offering training in several of the top production programs in the world including Logic Pro 8, Pro To ...
Video Game Logic
Home of the Video Game Logic Podcast. A podcast recorded by Gaming Psychologist and Caffeine Rage, where we talk about many things in the video game industry. Some good, some bad, and then we give in depth thoughts, feelings, and analysis of how to deal with them.
As one of the leading artists within deep and uplifting electronic dance music, Kam’s podcast show ‘DJ Kam Shafaati presents Liquid Logic Adventures’ now airs on radio stations across the globe.
Logic Pro X
Logic Pro X users unite and share!
This Is Logic
A podcast based on logical thought, with a particular focus on economics, statistics, government, philosophy and morality.
Podcast by Ladies Logic Podcast
Dude Logic Podcast
A place to bond with bros over topics men talk about, and women to step into the mind of Mr. Everyman. #DudeLogicPod
Irrational Logic
From the people that brought you absolutely nothing before this comes an experience that may mildly lower your IQ.... The Irrational Logic podcast is just like a conversation that you'd have with your friends while you're hotboxing in a 04 Civic. "who would win in a fight between Batman and James Bond?" "What happened to rap lyrics?" "Could Al Bundy have survived the Me Too movement?" We're talking entertainment, Sports, Pop Culture, Pro Wrestling and more. Join the conversation!
Logic Cast's Podcast
Truth And Logic
TRUTH AND LOGIC with DARON MONTGOMERY, DAVID CROSS AND MICHELLE DANIELS is the weekly talk show that uses logic to explain the truth.
HOW TO: Logic Pro-TIPs is a FREE weekly HOW TO: podcast providing quick tips for getting more out of your Apple Logic rig. Beginners and advanced users (Logic Pro and Express), alike will find value in these concise, informative, one of a kind tutorials. For additional and full length tutorials including larger 16x9 screen sizes, added content, special features, prize drawing give-aways and optional iPhone feeds, check out the HOW TO: Logic Pro-PREMIUM podcasts at Tuto ...
Where's The Logic?
This podcast explores topics that lack logic, because we seem to be asking the question "Where's the logic?" far too often these days.
Logic VS Emotion
Weekly podcast where husband and wife explore different opinions through hot topics aka "right quicks" and relationship issues aka "shop talk". Follow them on twitter @logicvsemopod, if you have a relationship question/issue you'd like featured or to sponsor an episode feel free to email If you would like to watch the show, check out LogicVSEmotion on YouTube (raw + unedited footage). Become a supporter of this podcast:
Life, Love, Logic
Podcast by Yakeshia Jenkins
Golf Logic
Join Golf Logic weekly to learn & expand your knowledge within the sport of golf. Our passionate host Cole Hendry brings clarity & a new perspective to the game.
Comic Book Logic
Joe and Kevin spend way more time than they should dissecting Comic Book movies, seeing how true they are to their source and if they are truly good movies.
Logic and Sense
Each Week Tk and Dark Wolf Disscuss A Controversial Topic With Logical and Sensable Points
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Matt and Scott answer your questions in the first ever podcast Q&A. Listeners submitted questions via Instagram and the boys will tackle them over the course of several episodes. This week they answer: Can accessory lifts be useful for form corrections? How do we prioritize the 3 Criteria (for exercise correction)? How do you help clients set l ...…
Zoo Logic is in Algarve, Portugal for the International Marine Animal Trainers' Association annual conference. Our guests are Dolphin Research Center's Dr Kelly Jaakkola, Karen Pryor's Ken Ramirez, and Loro Parque's Dr. Javier Almunia. Kelly and Ken talk about the importance and current state of research and training in zoos and aquariums, and ...…
Hour 2 Joe begins with an important but heavy topic on the minimizing placed on the value of life. Reusse joins for his weekly report on the world of sports, including why he thinks that baseball is in real trouble. Joe then wraps up the week with a segment of listener mail.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 1 Joe discusses the winding days of fall and the preparations that must take place before you know what comes. The crew also discusses the etiquette involved in backyard fires, the findings of Keith Ellison's divorce records being unsealed, and a controversy in the world of trans sports.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Think that the Democrats would stop at impeaching Trump? Think again. Join the discussion how the Democrats could take the Presidency by winning the House of Representatives in November. This show is Your show, the People's Show. The show's Mission is to give you the Grassroots a voice on the radio across the internet. Send the host a message v ...…
Hour 1 GL'er Rick Copeland builds a custom GL ukulele and Johnny Heidt plays it on the air!! Joe goes through more listener mail, Johnny Heidt with a news cast, and Joe discusses Randy Johnson the long time Hennepin County commissioner who has decided to leave voting for the Republican party and is voting Democrat this upcoming election.…
Hour 2 More from the world of environmental hysteria!! Alumni and faculty call on St. Lawrence University to rescind Susan Collins' honorary's over. A Johnny Heidt news update, and more gas gauge discussion.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Kwafo Adarkwa, Mike Alexander, and Jason Moshell break down the week 7 NFL DFS action. Tune in to get your DFS prep started on Draftkings and Fanduel. We go game by game, talk through Vegas, and give a lock, fade, and sleeper for each match-up. Start to get a sense for how to attack the player pool for week seven in the NFL. Thanks to Miles And ...…
Hour 1 University of St Thomas professor of thermal sciences John Abraham is now blaming climate change on Republicans, he declined an invitation to be on the show. Elizabeth Warren has essentially windmilled herself right into a political corner, Johnny Heidt with a news segment, and recounting the newest Saint.…
Hour 2 Joe Has more thoughts on why exactly Keith Ellison is trying desperately to keep his divorce records private even though they are public record. The Karin Housley campaign has taken an ugly turn, a John Heidt news segment, and Rookie with another tale from his knack scale and whether it takes another hit...…
Matt and Scott have touched on advanced programming a few times during the show -- most notably with Andy Baker's approach to advanced programming in episode #104 -- and today they walk through their own philosophy. Advanced athletes, loosely defined, have progressed to the point where they can no longer make workout to workout, or week to week ...…
Hour 1 More stories from the great denier, including a man-made climate change story in our own back yard. Joe also goes through his listener email, and Joe relays a story on why he is such a creature of habit.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 The glaring difference in the Keith Ellison vs Doug Wardlow race for Attorney General. An odd story in which one partner now identifies as a dog that you won't want to miss, and the report card from Reusse's appearance on the Lori or Julia show from last Friday.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The Lineup Logic crew breaks down Week 6 and gives some of their favorite plays and fades.
Hour 1 Matt Dunn the owner of Scream Town in Chaska joins the show amid Carver County shutting down his operation. Joe also discussed a group of witches in Brooklyn gathering to put a hex on Brett Kavanaugh, and he boasts about his feats with technology in the past couple of days.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Reusse joins for his usual Friday appearance. They discuss Jimmy Butler, St John's vs St Thomas this weekend, and his debut on the Lori or Julia show on MyTalk 107.1 this afternoon!! Chief political reporter Tom Hauser also wraps up the hour with the latest developments in the local elections.…
Matt and Scott dive into the concept of RPE, or Rate of Perceived Exertion. Popularized by powerlifter and coach Mark Tuscherer, RPE refers to a numerical descriptor (between 1 and 10, though only 6-10 apply to training) of the difficulty of a set, as measured by bar speed. Since bar speed depends on the individual -- some lifters move the bar ...…
Hour 1 The great John Sandford was on to discuss his latest Virgil Flowers novel "Holy Ghost." John Heidt with another award winning news cast, and the boys wrap up the hour playing the Rookie phone call from his garage sale the day they found out they were going off the air when he was "under the weather!!"…
Hour 2 Joe begins with the current state of weather hysteria. Joe also explains why he is a fan of Kanye West, another John Heidt news update, and story about the greatest natural disaster in the history of Minnesota.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
This show is Your show, the People's Show. The show's Mission is to give you the Grassroots a voice on the radio across the internet. Send the host a message via the website.!contact/c1z0x Get the articles from tonight's show by visiting the Newsroom on the Bards Logic website: http://www.bardslogicpolit ...…
Lets talk about the differences between transgender and transsexual. This episode will explain why I no longer identify myself as a transsexual. Become a supporter of this podcast:
We return to Conan by Modiphius to complete the rest of the two shot we ran last year. If you want to hear part 1, listen to episodes 81-84. The heroes desperately battle a horror from beyond the black gulfs of the grave! Music: “Baba Yaga” by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…
Alternate titles for this episode: Baked Potato Moon Tot Parps Three Body Problem Redux Crimes Against Humanity Hosted and created by hnkH (Ben Stern, V Silverman, and Andrew Prensky) Opening theme - “Laid Back” by Antti Luode. He has ideal albedo. Tell us what’s in your nightmare basket: Patreon Google form Twit ...…
Should zoos partner with animal rights groups in those rare instances where there's a common interest, even if the larger, long term mission of these groups is to close all zoos and aquariums? Zoo Logic's guest is Will Coggin from Berman & Co, the driving force behind the watchdog website 18:00. Has there been any indicatio ...…
Hour 1 More denying from the Great Denier as it relates to Hurricane Michael!!! Listener email including more time traveler conversation, a John Heidt news segment, and the boys discuss the nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Joe begins the hour with another great living American. Ilahn Omar finds herself in some hot water but will her supporters even care? Another John Heidt news update, and the boys wrap up the hour with tree talk.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Mike Alexander and Kwafo Adarkwa break down the week 6 NFL DFS action. Tune in to get your DFS prep started on Draftkings and Fanduel. We go game by game, talk through Vegas, the slate and try to get a sense for how we can attack our player pool for week five in the NFL. Thanks to Miles And Minutes for the use of "Watch For Our Lights" in our i ...…
Hour 1 Rosemount teacher resigns after tweeting "Kill Kavanaugh," more nonsense of the earth facing its demise in 12 years unless we reduce our carbon footprint, and more instances of time traveling?By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 We are in the days of endless political ads everywhere!! Joe also got into the history of the gas pump indicator, and why it is on a certain side of your car, and a discovery that a farmer made on the "rock" he has been using as a door stop for over 30 years.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Matt and Scott address accessory lifts and how they fit into a well-designed training program. As Matt says, supplemental lifts -- which he first discussed in Episode 21 -- are variants that closely resemble the main lifts, while accessory lifts are lighter, less stressful (but still complex multi-joint) movements that allow more advanced lifte ...…
Rich and Kev take a trip to Mister Rodger's neighborhood and talk about the influences that he had on kids growing up as well as PBS as a whole. Rich believes in VIP heaven and Kev brings up another PBS figure who is the opposite of Mister Rodgers.
Hour 2 An Austin television reporter fired for wearing a MAGA hat, more early voting controversy, and a late night talk show writer in hot water for comments on the Kavanaugh story.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 1 Joe begins today's show with former St John's QB Tom Linnemann on the death of legendary coach John Gagliardi. He also had his daily listener email roundup, John Heidt's news, and more on why driver-less cars are a sign of bleak times for our nation's future.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
The Lineup Logic crew breaks down Week 5 and gives some of their favorite plays and fades.
Mike Alexander breaks down the UFC 229 card from a DFS standpoint. Listen in to get your DraftKings lineups set.
Joe begins the show with listener email roundup, he then heads down the Garage Logic service road of life with some deep thoughts on the world of driver-less cars. Joe also has some thoughts and reaction from the President's visit to Rochester yesterday.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Facebook executive is under fire for merely attending the Kavanaugh hearings......we are in real trouble. Then of course Patrick joins the show for his Friday afternoon thoughts for the crew, and the boys wrap up the show by taking their very first phone call.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Matt and Scott chat with SSOC client Sean Richardson, visiting the Reynolds' household from across the pond (Leicestershire, UK to be precise). Sean is a speech pathologist by trade, and an SSOC client of Scott's. He is a model client too, demonstrating consistency, patience, and coachability in his training life. Sean also enjoys a number of h ...…
For more than 30 years, Florida's Dolphin Research Center has connected people and animals through trust-based relationships and fun. The DRC's Training Institute prepares post high school students to work with and train marine mammal, zoo, and domestic animals with positive reinforcement. Plus, in a new installment of Science Fact or Science F ...…
Hour 1 Joe and the entire crew are back. They start the hour with a couple of items from the sports dept. Then Joe read an interesting piece from a Canadian psychology professor on the destroyed academy, Kenny asks how to vote early, and the wrap up the hour with a male hairstylist roundhouse kicking a pro-life woman at a protest.…
Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour with GL listener email roundup. He then tells a story of a kid from India who builds a volcano that is a little to good. John Heidt with another award-winning news segment and they wrap up with a few stories of man losing touch with nature.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Alex Remizowski and Jared Smith break down PGA DFS for the Safeway Open. There's plenty to analyze for Lineup Logic's PGA team for the kick off to a new PGA season. Listen in and get prepared for your Fanduel, DraftKings, and contests.
A bittersweet first ever GL podcast best-of for today. Vince Flynn always gave his very first interview to Joe and Rook in Garage Logic before he went on any other show to promote his latest book. He always honored that. His final appearance was on November 9th, 2012Sadly he passed away just a few months later on June 19th, 2013…
Mike Alexander, Jason Moshell, and Kwafo Adarkwa break down the week 4 NFL DFS action. Tune in to get your DFS prep started on Draftkings and Fanduel. We go game by game, talk through Vegas, the slate and try to get a sense for how we can attack our player pool for week five in the NFL. Thanks to Miles And Minutes for the use of "Watch For Our ...…
A poster that defined woman has been taken down in Liverpool. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Perhaps the most genetically gifted (and certainly one of the strongest) Starting Strength Coaches joins us today, Mr. Nick D'Agostino. Nick has been an SSC since 2012, and will soon call himself a Physical Therapist as well. Unlike many of the coaches we have interviewed who began with the Starting Strength method and the novice linear progres ...…
Hour 1 Soucheray begins the hour talking about what may be the final game for Joe Mauer. He then talks about the FBI investigation into the Kavanaugh allegations, and applauds none other than Kanye West refusing to fall in lock step with the club.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Joe finds it very difficult to try and make a simple couple of donations. He also discusses an app to tell your kids how to be active, a couple of new beers he tried based upon a recommendation, and another story from the destroyed academy.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
We return to Conan to complete the rest of the two shot we ran last year. If you want to hear part 1, listen to episodes 81-84. Adelstan and Othwald link up with a captain of the guard, Marcus and close in on their quarry. Music: “Baba Yaga” by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…
Off the news of Batman exposing his greatest tool from the utility belt, the boys talk about other comics throughout history that were also seen as divisive amountst fans. Rich pitches himself into the next Marvel movie and Kevin just wants everyone to stop bitching about inclusion in comics.
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