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Barbell Logic
Starting Strength Coaches discuss all things strength.
Lineup Logic is a Daily Fantasy Sports Podcast. We break down slates, by position and price, then build lineups. Coverage for NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, and MMA on DraftKings and Fanduel.
Bards Logic is Your show, the People's Show. The Mission is to facilitate sending out information important to you the Grassroots. Send the host a message via the website.
A No nonsense approach to weight loss hosted by Dave Jackson a regular person like you trying to lose weight. He shares what is and isn't working for him, inspirational stories, and weight loss gadgets. Presented in a fun and entertaining style.
Inside Garage Logic
Joe Soucheray's Garage Logic has been a Minnesota radio mainstay and lifestyle for more than two decades. This podcast (Inside Garage Logic) takes you behind the scenes and into the history archives to discuss the makings and inner workings of Garage Logic.
Logical Believer
English Recitations of The Quran for Average People.Our Other Social Media Links.YouTube - - - - - - us out onGoFundMe - -
This is the William Wallace translation of the first part of Hegel's Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences on logic. This is an outline of Hegel's logical system that he would use and elaborate on during his lectures, it is a shorter version of his earlier publication The Science of Logic. The William Wallace translation is very influential and famous for its clarity, although he took some liberties and does not always stick closely to Hegel's original text. - Summary by Ryan Smallwood
The logic of personal, philosophical and political freedom
The simplest questions often have the most complex answers. The Philosopher's Zone is your guide through the strange thickets of logic, metaphysics and ethics.
As one of the leading artists within deep and uplifting electronic dance music, Kam’s podcast show ‘DJ Kam Shafaati presents Liquid Logic Adventures’ now airs on radio stations across the globe.
Project Sanity
Cutting through the noise within the ruling prism of our capsizing social construct, Palmerston North based theatre director Scott Andrew presents 'Project Sanity', a weekly educational show laying bare the inner logic of the accelerating global systems collapse now faced by all peoples on Earth and the installation of the new emerging social model. And it’s not all doom and gloom! Featuring a very careful mix of informative interviews, music, comedy and book/video recommendations to help yo ...
Rod is the Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the Planet. Logical, factual, historical to a fault. He makes politics, pop culture and current events entertaining and insightful. His daily program is a Liberals nightmare. Lively and entertaining to get your mornings off to a great start. Call into the program 603 835 3226. The Rod Eccles Show is 3 hours of fact, logic, info and fun.
When an experiment in a time much like our own goes horribly awry, Dr. Sally Grissom finds herself stranded in the past and entrenched in the activities of a clandestine branch of the US government. Grissom and her team quickly learn that there's no safety net when toying with the fundamental logic of the universe.
Previously, in order to add state or side-effects in React you had to create a Class Component. However, with the introduction of the Hooks proposal (currently pre-released), you can now add state and effects to a Function Component. In addition, you can extract your hook logic and create a custom hook that can be shared across your app.As I introduce the concepts of React hooks, I'll apply those concepts in various demos to see how they apply in different scenarios. I'll be converting Class ...
Dr. Craig invites authors, life coaches and other experts to reveal their secrets on how you can generate success from coaching, mentoring or from your own small business. His interviews cover topics that entrepreneurs from all walks of life can relate to, and invites his guests to also reveal the turning points in their lives, and how their inner experiences and decisions led to success. Tune in to learn how you can learn from their experiences to create your own business and coaching succe ...
Well, Actually
Well, Actually… explores the logic behind physiological birth practices. Margo brings together her favorite information, ideas and quotes to synthesize her thoughts on a variety of topics, some you may never have thought about before, and some you may find yourself rethinking.
Mary Everest Boole (1832-1916) was born Mary Everest in England and spent her early years in France. She married mathematician George Boole. She was the author of several works on teaching and teaching mathematics in particular. This short book, Philosophy and Fun of Algebra, is meant to be read by children and introduces algebra and logic. She uses the word “algebra” broadly, defining it as a “method of solving problems by honest confession of one’s ignorance”. Using this definition, Boole ...
The Examined Life is a show in which host Phil Kallberg applies the methods, logic, and rationality of rigorous philosophy to the problems and issues of society, life, the universe, and everything.
Welcome to {Life Learnings} with Helen and Louise!This is a space where we aim to help, educate and entertain you on all aspects of life.Each week we will be here live to inspire you to take action in your own life. We will bring together a beautiful mix of practical logic and spiritual intuition to help you live life your way.Louise is the practical logic to Helen's spiritual intuition. Together their alchemy creates their own unique blend of magic.
Next Dates!19.08.18 Dubbalot zu Dub Logic Livestream #01408.09.18 Dubbalot zu Dreiszig Hertz @ Secret Location outside Leipzig15.09.18 Velocity Sounds & Boundless Beatz pres. DJ Marky @ Elipamanoke, Leipzig09.11.18 Boundless Beatz w/ TBA @ Distillery, Leipzig01.12.18 Boundless Beatz at Tieffrequenz Festival, Darmstadt14.12.18 Dubbalot zu IT’S YOURS Geburtstag @ Distillery, Leipzig15.12.18 audite zu Last Bassport at Rosis, Berlin21.12.18 audite at Ubar, Saarbrücken15.02.18 Boundless Beatz w/ ...
Unabridged philosophy audiobooks including writing by Plato (Parmenides), Aristotle (Economics), Cicero (On Moral Duties) and Plotinus (Enneads). Topics discussed include ethics, justice, law, logic, metaphysics, God, happiness, love and beauty. Each book has been streamlined by merging separate LibriVox recordings into a single seamless whole with no interruptions. Painting: La Perle et la vague by Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry.
The best music and post production tips, tricks and news on the web, brought to you by the Production Expert team. We support users of Pro Tools, Logic Pro and Studio One and those who work in music and post production.
Follow The Logic
This show discusses weekly topics affecting the lives of ordinary people all over the world. Be advised that colorful language will be used!
Sherlock Holmes was fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his prowess at using logic and astute observation to solve
Liverpool FC (LFC) news, opinion and reaction podcast, where we try to back up what we say with facts, stats and logic. Follow us on Twitter@koponpodcastCheck out our app too:
The Argument Ninja podcast is dedicated to helping you improve your skills at rational persuasion. Let philosopher Kevin deLaplante introduce you to a unique approach to critical thinking, inspired by martial arts training principles, that combines logic and argumentation with the latest research on the psychology of persuasion and belief.
Uncovering The Truth
This is a discussion based, round table, podcast. Its dedicated to all those that have changed their lives through the adventure of spiritual growth. This is a place to simply to tell of our experiences, pass on the message and to share what we have. This is a non-partisan and non-denominational Podcast. I'm an English Clairvoyant Medium, Spirit Communicator, rooted in logic and giving strong personal evidence of life beyond.
This was originally a set of greentext novels that were told live on 4chan, across multitudes of postings and amid the chaos of quips, squabbles and near constant feedback from thousands of anonymous readers. Every post was punctuated with a revoltech Woody figurine causing various mischief, quickly becoming the story’s mascot. Each thread was archived, the author’s commentary, explanations, and expositions revealed in real time. It’s a different kind of story entirely than what you’re used ...
Where Faith and Reason Meet (Science and Religion, Archeology and the Bible, Logic and Spirituality)
Sherlock Holmes was fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his prowess at using logic and astute observation to solve
Sherlock Holmes was fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his prowess at using logic and astute observation to solve
Kalpesh Vitthal
Todays history ,stories and logic of the day
A concoction of twelve stories, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is the third book in the original Sherlock Holmes series. It shadows the experiences of detective Sherlock Holmes, an enigmatic genius, as he tries to unravel the mystery of each investigation he partakes in. Set in late 19th century London, the novel not only creates a successful mystery plot, but also circulates through real locations including Hyde Park, the river Thames, St George’s Church in Hanover Square, as well as add ...
On the "LEJ"
Logic over emotion
Liberty Talk Radio – Featuring the Chancellor of The University of Logic, better known as Cristiano’s conservatory, correcting convoluted conversation. Joe addresses issues directly effect you. His programs is based on critical thinking not always palatable but good food for thought. Also Joe is found on the web at where you can view his YouTube Channel or download his iPhone and Android Apps. Joe subscribes to following organizations: – Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF ...
Zen Parenting is a weekly online radio discussion between a spiritual and emotional mom (Cathy Cassani Adams) and a logical and practical dad (Todd Adams). Anyone else living a life like that?
Embedded is the show for people who love gadgets. Making them, breaking them, and everything in between. Weekly interviews with engineers, educators, and enthusiasts. Find the show, blog, and more at
SynTalk (short for Synthesis Talk) is a freewheeling interdisciplinary talk show with a philosophical approach to understanding the world from a long term perspective. SynTalk believes that all understanding lies on nodes, and it therefore brings together concepts, ideas and impulses from different epistemological categories. SynTalk usually deals with disciplines such as art, mathematics, computer science, literature, logic, sciences, social sciences, philosophy, psychology, media, music, m ...
What if the government actually did cover something up in Roswell? What if yetis exist and are just really shy? What if super-intelligent lizards are wearing human skin suits, influencing international affairs and recording podcasts? Conspiracy theories are cool because they appeal to our evolved logical human brains and our stupid mammal idiot brains. So join comedian and skeptic Katelyn Hempstead as her brilliant friends try to convince her of these and many other conspiracy theories.
Welcome to the Prophetic Resistance Podcast is hosted by Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews. We travel the country talking to our beloved community of freedom-fighters, justice-seekers and faith leaders. Grounded in our diverse faith traditions, we are exploring what it means to embody love in the face of fear and to show up like hope in seasons of despair. Refusing to be chaplains to the logic and impulse of Empire, we choose to be prophets of the resistance.
No Conduct Radio
No Conduct Radio is a cutting edge online talk show which airs Thursdays at 6pm est on Our Panel of Knowledge slams an hour and a half of relationship advice down your throat like we were your man! We give you the advice you need - we don't just tell you what you want to hear! Marriage, dating, families, all relationship questions are welcome - do you think you can handle the advice given?Get your answers from the viewpoint of 2 men and 2 women! Hosts, Ky, Bernie ...
An acclaimed children’s classic depicting the odd, but riveting journeys of the curious Alice as she explores the surreal world of Wonderland. Written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson or better known under his pseudonym Lewis Caroll, this episodic novel is assembled in twelve chapters each containing a prominent adventure. The departure from logic and its embracement of pure imagination is what makes Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a model for fantasy novels and a timeless classic. The novel beg ...
Dorsey, Wright research is conducted along technical lines, adhering to the relationship between supply and demand. We believe this simple but accurate economic theory is manifested as a constant battle between these two forces for control of the equity vehicle. It is this objective, logical approach which helps reduce uncertainty in the market. We believe our Research, coupled with your own fundamental research, will greatly increase your probability of success whether your investment busin ...
Michael Brandvold is a freelance music industry consultant based in Northern California. Having launched Michael Brandvold Marketing to leverage his years of experience to provide direction to large and small clients in the areas of online & social marketing as well as e-commerce and customer acquisition and retention.Gene Simmons of KISS first tapped Michael's skills as a pioneering online marketing strategist to launch and manage all aspects of's multi-million dollar enterpr ...
Hyperbolic, ridiculous, yet sometimes logical Philadelphia Flyers hockey talk
TNC Podcast
Many a Thursday night, my brother in law, (Billy Hawes), and I, (Matt Garman), would find ourselves in conversations revolving around creativity following our family dinners. Thus "Thursday Night Conversations" was born! The next logical step was to record those conversations, and put them on the internet as a podcast. Now you can follow along and listen in here!
Past Tense
This is Past Tense. This is a history podcast. Pat yourself on the back for getting the ingenious pun and settle back for as close to time travel as you can get without building any complicated machines or risking all existence in a logical paradox.
Philosophize This!
Beginner friendly if listened to in order! For anyone interested in an educational podcast about philosophy where you don't need to be a graduate-level philosopher to understand it. In chronological order, the thinkers and ideas that forged the world we live in are broken down and explained.
Think About Now
Think About Now, formerly known as the Libertarian Atheist Podcast, is hosted by Carlos Morales and is a podcast which makes the bold statement that as human beings we should be searching for truth over comfort, and that through consistent approach of reason, logic, and emotional empathy, we will find that what is true will lead to a better future where we can attain the self-esteem we need to feel at peace.
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Click On Picture To See Larger PictureUS industrial production plunges, this doesn’t mean that manufacturing jobs are not coming back to the US this means the [CB] is deteriorating quickly as Trump brings back manufacturing.Trump continually tells the media that the economy is doing well, it’s the best economy that we have seen in a long time, ...…
If only Tupac has lived to today. The brilliant rapper, writer, actor, and activist was killed in a Las Vegas shooting in 1996, depriving the world of a whole bunch of great music and poetry and smartness. But there are some who believe that we don’t know the whole story behind Tupac’s death. People like comedian Cara Meyers, who thinks Tupac m ...…
Hour 1 More information has surfaced in the story of the Colorado man who was attacked by a mountain lion while jogging, and used his bare hands to kill the animal in order to survive. Joe also has thoughts on the dangerous road declaring a national emergency over the wall will bring.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour expressing his desire to have Garrison Keillor on the show for a conversation. Then Reusse makes his weekly appearance and informs the team of a new problem that he has been having lately.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
46 Minutes Suitable for All Audiences Pete welcomes Kat Murti back to the show. Kat, and some of her cohorts at 'Feminists For Liberty,' made some signs promoting individual liberty and headed out to the recent Woman's March. Kat talks about her interactions there and then hits some current events including Trump's recent State of the Union add ...…
In this episode of The Examined Life, Phil Kallberg goes through the standard arguments for and against abortion and demonstrates how most arguments in favor of abortion appeal extreme, unusual, and rare cases. Also there is another face palm and sigh award of the week and Socrates is a philosopher you should know a few things about. (February ...…
Matthew Liberty (@mliberty1) shared good advice for lowering power. We talk about different ways to measure current (Matt has a nice write-up) and things software can do to decrease power consumption. Sleeping is critical, of course, as is choosing your clock speed and setting the GPIOs to good states. Everything is fine until you start getting ...…
Click On Picture To See Larger PictureTwo thirds of the American people declare bankruptcy because of medical bills. Obama’s ACA was suppose to fix this, it did not.US retail is collapsing, it is a race against time, the [CB] economy is deteriorating at an accelerated rate, this is part of the plan, let the [CB] economy destroy itself. CA is in ...…
As half of our panel will be out tonight, we're doing a replay with our guest Heads cocked. Learn how to please your man, and for some women -please your self, with the ancient art of sucking.Sponsor used to protect your little one's hands while they have fun playing in the park.Guest: HeadsCocked.comReplay features Ky, Logic, BJ ...…
By now, Matt and Scott have made a logical case, founded on the Stress-Recovery-Adaptation model, for increasing stress in order to continue progressing beyond the novice phase of training advancement. Moreover, they have argued that incremental stress should be applied with a minimum effective dose methodology, that is, using the smallest incr ...…
Owen is thrilled to be joined by Maurice Hauss from Mia San Rot, a Bayern Munich fan site (with English content) and podcast (German only), to preview Liverpool vs Bayern in the Champions League on Tuesday. Topics include: Bayern's season so far, Lewandowski, Niko Kovac, possible line-ups, and much more!! Thanks for listening to K ...…
Hour 1 Joe begins the hour with the embarrassing follow up coverage of the Covington Catholic High School kids story. He also gives many examples of the adult children in office and their spending habits with your money.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with more thoughts on the bizarre story of the man who shot at the bus driver in Minneapolis last week. They also discussed the new green deal and retold the story of the time he buried his car in the sand.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Click On Picture To See Larger Picture The European economy is in a recession or almost there, they are the weak link the global economy. More people are out of the food stamp program than every before. This is part of the plan to reduce the dependency on government. Howard Schultz rips apart the Green Deal. The D’s are pushing the idea that be ...…
Hour 1 The entire crew is in for today's show. The Mayor talks to Matthew Fitzpatrick who wrote an article for "Popular Science" on how global warming will change your town's weather by 2080.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 State Senator Ron Latz joined Joe at the start of the second hour.Latz and other MN Jewish leaders talked with Ilhan Omar about anti-Semitism for hours last year, before the Dem primary. Sen. Ron Latz hosted it at his house.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
50 Minutes Suitable for All Audiences Pete invited the host of the Dangerous History Podcast, Professor CJ Killmer to return to the show. CJ has just completed a 15-episode, 28-hour podcast series on the American 'Civil War.' Proj. Killmer came on to celebrate this accomplishment but also answer questions about the war that many people think th ...…
Mike Alexander and Alex Remizowsk break down PGA DFS for the Genesis Open. There's plenty to analyze for Lineup Logic's PGA team with this field. Listen in and get prepared for your Fanduel, DraftKings, and contests. Subscribe to all the tools Lineup Logic has to offer at…
Click On Picture To See Larger PictureThe EU is now pushing project fear, they are talking about an apocalyptic event if there is a no deal. The CB and elite will use fear to try to get what they want. George Soros says something needs to be done or the entire EU will end up like the Soviet Union. Trump has trapped the Fed with jobs, job number ...…
In this week’s Production Expert podcast Mike, Julian and Dan discuss 192KHz. The workflow, the differences in sound, the equipment and ask why we don’t all record at the “best” quality? The team also answer your questions and share their finds of the week.
Hour 1 The Mayor begins the show with another edition of email roundup. We also discover that the Great Lakes now have too much water. Joe also discussed a candidate for St Paul city council Alexander Bourne and his interesting past.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with a story of Kamala Harris claiming that while in college she did smoke weed and listen to Snoop Dogg and 2pac, just one problem. Their music had not been released yet. He also spent time discussing the accusations that Amy Klobuchar was tough on her staff.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Todd and Cathy discuss why focusing on simple allows other things to flow more easily, and why aligning with what feels right allows determination, grit, and curiosity to show up naturally. They discuss why Equifinality (the fact that there are many different pathways to the same outcome) is important to acknowledge when we are making choices f ...…
Click On Picture To See Larger Picture The real estate market in the big cities are drying up, those who are trying to sell their property are having a very difficult time. Prices are just to high for many, and the sellers are beginning to lower their prices. The economic was pumped by the [CB], but now it is on life support. Trump has cornered ...…
Secret Hopper reveals things customers notice about your craft brewery, Sierra Nevada makes its first brewery acquisition, Men with beer bellies attract more beautiful women and live longer, Drinking coffee and alcohol could actually help you live longer, Can beer help a mom breastfeed? Plus, what is replacing beer and wings on Super Bowl sprea ...…
They may seem trivial, but warm-ups are an important part of the strength training process. Unfortunately many people either fail to do them properly (or at all), or they overdo them, missing the point that warm-ups are, well, a warm-up. Popular slogans like "our warm-up is your workout" don't help the matter, implying that the warm-up must be ...…
Hour 1 Joe begins the show today with a letter to the editor in the enemy paper. He was also introduced to a new term 'dead-naming.' Then Johnny Heidt wrapped up the hour with a news segment.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Hour 2 Elizabeth Warren drinks a beer to show she is just like you and me, until a knick-knack on her kitchen cabinet is discovered in the background. Then Johnny Heidt wraps up the show with another award winning news segment.By (1500 ESPN Twin Cities).
Right now as I look at my progress, I want to quit eating all food, go on a liquid diet, run a marathon, and dump a ton of weight by 6:30. We want the weight off. We want it off yesterday. Meanwhile back, in reality, a better strategy is to set up some habits to do the right things on a consistent basis. Full show notes at…
44 Minutes Suitable for All Ages Pete invited Jen the Libertarian to come on the show and talk about her recent podcast where she took apart the teachings of the 'Communist Manifesto' that was written by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. The Jen the Libertarian Podcast The Communist Manifesto Book Review Episode Jen on Twitter Pete's Patreon Pete ...…
Click On Picture To See Larger Picture Trump and the patriots are bringing manufacturing back to this country. Ford announces 1 billion dollar investment in the Chicago plant, new jobs. Trump is taking on the [CB] and [DS] at the same time. Once the [CB] system is removed the [DS] will not be able to function. Patriots are in control. Judge ord ...…
Owen is joined by Jamie Connolly, Joe Cassinelli, and Linus Lovegard to discuss Liverpool's heartwarming return to form, the Rocket Reds having dispatched Bournemouth 3-0 at Anfield. Topics include: Gini, Keita, Fabinho, Salah, Bayern, the title chase, and much more!
Getting older: comedy or tragedy? Martha Nussbaum and Saul Levmore—co-authors of Aging Thoughtfully: Conversations About Retirement, Romance, Wrinkles and Regret—talk about older bodies, intergenerational resentment, and a certain Shakespearean geriatric.
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