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Sherry Voluntary
Sherry takes on the world
A media focused podcast created by Lucas DeRuyter, Andrew Clark, and Ryan Holtz.
The Voluntary Contrarian takes a hard look at arguments against liberty from social and mainstream media. Host Jared Nordin utilizes critical thinking from a thoroughly libertarian and free market perspective.
The Voluntary Life
A podcast about living a life of your choosing. Topics covered include financial independence, productivity, freedom, entrepreneurship, peaceful parenting, minimalism, perpetual travel, and rational thinking.
The Brian Nichols Show is a political show for anyone and everyone. Whether it's a discussion about climate change, gun rights, abortion, or big issues like discussing the fundamental role of government, Brian Nichols brings on guests from all forms of political thought to have meaningful conversations about the issues you care about. Every show has one primary goal: to discuss the news objectively to help educate, enlighten, and inform our audience.
The only NRL podcast prepared to palm off the big issues.
Channeling the flow of information to the LAVA (Libertarian, Anarcho-capitalist, Voluntaryist, Agorist) Community. If you want more meat and less fluff in your libertarian podcast, this is the show for you. We talk libertarian philosophy, news from a libertarian perspective, and other topics is a short, punchy way to ensure your time is not wasted on hearing what my dogs are up to this week. I get in, give you the information you want and need, then I get out and leave you alone!
The Internet's #1 Anarchy Call-in Show
The Voluntaryist Voices podcast features lectures, interviews and audio essays by intellectual giants, past and present.
The Ancap Barber Shop
Scott McDonald is the Ancap Barber. Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. He seeks to spread the ideals of liberty, do old school haircuts and engage in his own personal style of outright f***ery.
A podcast about voluntaryism, free markets, agorism, radical unschooling, peaceful parenting and self improvement. Hosted by Skyler J. Collins.
Putting people in the lead to improve lives and communities across the UK.
The Liberty Weekly Podcast is a show about voluntarism, libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, property rights, and Austrian economics. The show features discussions of libertarian theory, current events, geopolitics, social issues, and employs guest interviews.
A podcast for Connect Communicate Change, a website dedicated to Social Media in the Not for Profit Sector
No Labels NZ
Join Thomas Bryan as he explores the diversity of disability issues. No Labels is a programme about your community with a focus on accessibility for all. The show looks at services which might assist you, and highlights topics and challenges that might pose barriers for older people, or those living with or experiencing disability. In each programme we interview someone from the community whose role, paid or voluntary, provides topical and current information relating to our community. Each ...
"Primitive tider" is an independent scientific peer reviewed archaeology journal run on a voluntary basis. We publish once a year and welcome articles in the Scandinavian languages and English from established and early-career researchers alike. In the podcast "Arkeologi på rappen" we present short interviews with the authors of the latest articles.
Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.
CBIC Podcasts
The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC) is a voluntary autonomous multidisciplinary board that provides direction for and administers the certification process for professionals in infection control and applied epidemiology. The mission of CBIC is to provide pathways to assess and maintain infection prevention competency.
In the spirit of the great “Mister First Nighter”, Murray Rothbard’s movie critic review pen name, Robert and I analyze popular movies from a Anarcho-Capitalist perspective.We use movies as a starting point for people who may not be familiar with this way of thinking. Discussion of the plot and decisions that characters make in relation to morality and violations of the non-aggression principle are our bread and butter.We also will highlight and discuss any themes or lessons from Austrian Ec ...
Explore the evolution of society through the most influential systems we live under: Government, Money, and Education using economics, political theory, history, ethics, and more
Rural Radio
Podcast feed for Rural Radio at www.acountrylife.com
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya is the senior pastor of The Fountain of Life Church, Lagos, Nigeria – a church with a membership in excess of 8,000. He holds a degree in petroleum engineering and worked for 12 years with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) until his voluntary retirement in 1994 to concentrate on the ministry God has committed to him.Among his initiatives are: Discovery for Men, Discovery for Women, The Woman Leader, Home Affairs and Grace Springs Medical Centre. An accomp ...
Bibleway Specials
CBW podcast provides the weekly songs sung at Cloverdale Bibleway. Please be aware that the content of this podcast is for personal use only, and not for resale in any form, or for commercial/non-profit purposes. Although this site features many live-recorded songs from Cloverdale Bibleway, this podcast is maintained privately under a personal burden on a voluntary basis. Selected content is updated as frequently as possible. As you listen and enjoy, we trust you will be immensely blessed an ...
Our mission statement at the Free Cities Podcast is to produce a weekly podcast with examples of people moving towards freedom and away from force. Most of our episodes will consist of interviews with people who are actively involved in this peaceful transition, or historical examples of people who have moved towards a freer society. Decentralization is a huge component of moving people towards more freedom so, some of our episodes will look at the growing trend of decentralization in busine ...
Mance Rayder's core philosophy is that all human interaction should be voluntary, period! Any and all coerced or forced interactions are logically and morally without mandate. If I do not have the right to demand 30% of my neighbor's labor, I can in no way, logically or morally, pass that right on to some other man or organization. -Mance Rayder (July 2017)
Management Consultancy Purveyor Events | Shows | Conferences | Venues | Eco-Tourism | MICEUK & International Events Management Consultants'Voluntary/Not-for-Profit Sector & Fundraising Freelance Consultants’
Inspiration for World Language teachers! From Ashley Uyaguari of Desk-Free.
Read Rothbard is comprised of a small group of voluntaryists who are fans of Murray N. Rothbard. We curate content on the www.ReadRothbard.com site including books, lectures, articles, speeches, and we make a weekly podcast based on his free-market approach to economics. Our focus is on education and how advancement in technology improves the living standards of the average person. The Read Rothbard Podcast is all about Maximum Freedom. We look at movies and current events from a Rothbardian ...
Prem Brulee
One permanent host, sometimes a co-host, but all spicy takes, discussing the week in sports using rapid-fire, category form. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/prem-brulee/support
All Points North
The All Points North podcast has everything you need to know about the news in Finland this week. All Points North is produced by Yle News, a unit of the Finnish Broadcasting Company.
Deloitte Asia Pacific Dbriefs Mobile
Selected readings from voluntaryist.com and other sources. Audio content for the on-the-go supporter of voluntaryism and libertarianism.
Two Scottish Libertarians Discuss Current Affairs.Scottish Liberty Podcast brought to you by Antony Sammeroff and Tom Laird will deconstruct the news and current events from a 3rd wing, libertarian, perspective. Everything in Scotland seems to be left-vs-right but we are more interested in freedom than partisanship. Subscribe!
Ask the Anarchist
Ongoing conversation concerning Anarchy, its premises, stigmas, and common misunderstandings.
Peaceful Anarchism
Just Do Good Things
Getting Off
Criminal defense attorneys Jessa Nicholson Goetz and Nicholas (Nick) Gansner discuss high profile trials, defense strategies, popular culture’s fixation on crime, and all other things related to criminal justice and criminal law. We try to use actual trial records and motions to explain how a verdict is reached in cases that surprise people, and to highlight some lesser known cases. We also like to talk about bail, criminal justice reform, juvenile justice, etc. We think we are kind of funny ...
Podcast by Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
Podcast by Beth Crackles
FOX Sports Knoxville on WKGN-AM 1340 FM 105.7 | 3&OUT with Nate Hodges and Houston Kress(7-10) The Blitz with Ric Butler, Chance Collins, and Brandon Orrick (10-12) Talk Sports with Jon Reed and Cody McClure (12-3) The Drive with Russell Smith, Trey Wallace, and Bear (3-6) Overtime (6-8) with Tanner Carson, Malcolm Harris, and Justin Feist...The WarmUp, Tennessee Tailgate and The Voluntary Reaction Weekends.
The Orlando Insight Meditation Group is a non-profit organization formed to support the practice of insight (vipassana) meditation in the Orlando area.Peter Carlson has practiced Theravadin Mindfulness meditation since his first retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Massachussetts in 1982.He has sat over 30 retreats since then, lasting from 3 days to 3 months in duration. He has attended retreats led by many different teachers, including Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Larry Rosenb ...
Waking Life Podcast
Conscious Co-Creation Ad Infinitum
Pete's Phlog
We offer Websites, Training, IT Development, design and advice to Voluntary and community organisations in the UK, as well as my own passions of bees, words and people
Homilies 1 - 14 of Saint John Chrysostom's commentary on the Gospel according to Saint Matthew, which include the wonderous birth, baptism, temptation, and early ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Orlando Insight Meditation Group is a non-profit organization formed to support the practice of insight (vipassana) meditation in the Orlando area.Peter Carlson has practiced Theravadin Mindfulness meditation since his first retreat at the Insight Meditation Society in Massachussetts in 1982.He has sat over 30 retreats since then, lasting from 3 days to 3 months in duration. He has attended retreats led by many different teachers, including Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Larry Rosenb ...
This is the sermon audio feed of Josh Christophersen. If Josh preaches a sermon somewhere, this is where it goes. You can find more info about Josh Christophersen at http://joshchristophersen.com.
Hi, How Are You?
A Self-Help Podcast for the Uninitiated/Lazy/Perpetually Stoned. If you're here, it's because, for one reason or another, you're now aware that maybe you've been procrastinating for a while, putting off actions that could be propelling you into a more positive realm - but instead, you're glued to the latest TV show you've committed to binging on. I'm the laziest one in the room, so if I can do it, you certainly can too. So let's hold each other accountable. Accountabilibuddies.
It’s All Broke
A weekly podcast covering current events in politics, entertainment, religion and anything else from a libertarian, voluntaryist perspective. Exploring news stories, our current culture and political climate in an attempt to figure out how and where we can push the needle towards more personal liberty, more individualism and more freedom. Call the show : (815) 627-6530
Welcome to the Peace Revolution, a multivitamin for your mind providing you with the tools to think critically so you can organize the vast amount of information in today's world.Listen, before you decide.http://www.PeaceRevolution.org
Ben Gowland talks to those making real change happen in healthcare, getting underneath what they did, how they managed to do it, and the challenges they faced along the way
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50 Minutes Suitable for All Ages Pete invited professor of Latin American History at Salem State University, Avi Chomsky, to come on the show. Pete has wanted to do an episode on Reagan's disastrous wars in Central America for a while and Professor Chomsky was able to provide, not only that, but history going back over 200 years detailing one o ...…
Executive coaching can be defined as a professional relationship between an experienced coach and a client which is designed to enhance the client’s leadership capabilities. Dr Karen Castille is a skilled, qualified executive coach who has considerable experience of working with clinical leaders. In this episode she explains what coaching is, h ...…
Limber up and get ready to enjoy the little things as we welcome back Rachel from Cannabis Heals Me to talk about "Zombieland". The new one is currently in theaters now, so we thought it would be a good time to hit up the original. This is not an SJW-friendly movie, which is just our style. It's even got the great Bill Murray in it. It's time t ...…
The Anarchist Experience Episode 236 Season 3 Episode 56 Download Episode Rich & MC are joined once again by Ken Schoolland to discuss the Federal Reserve’s role in the market, and how it distorts it to the detriment of the people, How government schools interfere with private education, and whether or not the seeds of liberty can be planted in ...…
Vols notch first SEC win of the season!By FOX Sports Knoxville.
The guys discuss the upcoming game against Mississippii State. What do the Vols have to do to get their first SEC win of the season. Will Maurer start as hit as he did last week. Whose run game will take the day?By FOX Sports Knoxville.
Should libertarians identify as left or right? Peter Quinones of Free Man Beyond The Wall and Antony Sammeroff discuss on Episode 138 of the Scottish Liberty Podcast.By Scottish Liberty Podcast.
New York Times: Ex-Ukraine Ambassador says Trump led effort against her, New York Times: Ex-Ukraine Ambassador testifies Trump fired her based on "false claims by people with clearly questionable motives", Source: Giuliani no longer dealing with Ukraine issues after Trump dodges if he is still his personal lawyer, Sources: Trump concerned over ...…
- NFL Week 6 Pick 'em- MLB Playoff Update- Packers RB Aaron Jones FineBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
- CFB Week 7 Predictions- More China/NBA talk- Good News Story of the weekBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Top 5 at 5, Can the Vols get an SEC win?, and Barnes Bashing from callersBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Top 4 at 4, Russell's 5 Things, and Aaron Torres joins The DriveBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Rocky Top Report, Dr. Bear's Flu Shot Lecture, and Hot QuestionBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
TalkSports 10/11 Hour 3: NFL Talk, Pump the Breaks or Keep Going by FOX Sports KnoxvilleBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
TalkSports 10/11 Hour 2: Power Rankings, NBA-China Talk by FOX Sports KnoxvilleBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
TalkSports 10/11 Hour 1: Mississippi State Preview by FOX Sports KnoxvilleBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Post by Skyler J. Collins (Editor). This episode features a lecture by historian and author Anthony Gregory from 2013. He discusses the modern evils of fascism and communism, their commonalities and differences, and their continuing significance today. Purchase books by Anthony Gregory on Amazon here. Listen To This Episode (1h7m, mp3, 64kbps) ...…
-Be Balanced Offensively-Pats Impressive DefenseBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
-Run the Damn Ball-We Need PositivityBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
-MSU vs. TENN-TNF-Winning Importance For VolsBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Thursday Showers on 10-10-2019By Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.
Two men separated by time embark on parallel paths to succeed in the blood sport that is professional politics. In the aftermath of the 2016 election, a young political operative named Art Brown finds himself about to sit at the right hand of power in Washington D.C only to end up falling out of the insider-circles he spent years trying to find ...…
93 Minutes Some Strong Language Keith Knight of the "Don't Tread on Anyone" podcast invited Pete on to go over a few common, Conservative arguments, and to destroy them because "facts don't care about your feelings." Don't Tread on Anyone Podcast The Ultimate Red Pill Lions of Liberty Podcast Indiegogo for The Monopoly on Violence Pete's Patreo ...…
A friend of the show has invaded our feed to share what we believe will be interesting to our listeners -- a spirited discussion by smart people who disagree about something. Check out the Challenging Opinions podcast for regular logical/intellectual/political/philosophical duels between thoughtful, nuanced narrators that respect each other but ...…
Two Giuliani associates arrested at DC airport; Had lunch at Trump hotel with Giuliani hours before, Two men who helped Giuliani's efforts to dig up dirt on Biden in Ukraine under arrest, Trump on arrested Giuliani associates: "I don't know them", Washington Post: At least four national security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy befo ...…
In hour 2 of Overtime, we update Astros/Rays and try to find some optimism for Tennessee football, the scene at Texas/OU, the ATL sports curse and Tanner and Stetson make game picks.By FOX Sports Knoxville.
In hour 1 of Thursday's Overtime, we talk more of the Braves' awful Game 5, expectations for Brian Maurer, Lucas Panzica talks the inconsistent Titans and Brandon Johnson takes a voluntary redshirt.By FOX Sports Knoxville.
Top 5 at 5, The Return of Bear's Olympic Update, Fashion Advice, and Baseball RecapBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Top 4 at 4, Christopher Smith talks bets, NBA - China Beef, and Hot QuestionBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Rocky Top Report, Mississippi State Suspensions, and UT Receiving CorpBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Best of TalkSports 10-10: Cody's Pain and Suffering by FOX Sports KnoxvilleBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
TalkSports 10-10 HR 3: Snakehead Alien Fish by FOX Sports KnoxvilleBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
TalkSports 10-10 HR 1: Cody is sad by FOX Sports KnoxvilleBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
-Pats/Giants TNF -NBA and ChinaBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
-Braves and Dodgers Choke-Maurer to Start Against Mississippi StateBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
The theme of previous talks has been reviewing how Buddhist principles and practices can be beneficially applied to the extraordinary stresses of contemporary life. The current political conflict in the U.S. warrants a review of how mindfulness can bring clear awareness and equanimity to our social interactions which seem to be conflicted by th ...…
The theme of previous talks has been reviewing how Buddhist principles and practices can be beneficially applied to the extraordinary stresses of contemporary life. The current political conflict in the U.S. warrants a review of how mindfulness can bring clear awareness and equanimity to our social interactions which seem to be conflicted by th ...…
-Around The League-MLB Playoffs-NFL RoundtableBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Finnish policy on residence permits for highly-skilled migrants is under the spotlight this week, so we asked Melanie Dower from Supercell and Rasmus Roiha from Software E-Business Finland what needs to change and why. / All Points North / Yle News
-Competent Coaching-Brian Maurer-Vol CallsBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
-Braves Choke-WR Brandon Johnson Redshirting-Tennessee's Offensive GameplanBy FOX Sports Knoxville.
Sherry Voluntary is back! Today we're talking about burn out, and the Candles In The Dark seminar.https://www.sherryvoluntary.com/patreonhttps://www.larkenrose.comhttps://www.facebook.com/829296630415360/posts/2323534780991530/By Sherry Voluntary.
Trump lashes out at whistleblower and impeachment probe; falsely claims complaint "wasn't close at all" to transcript; Sources: confusion inside the White House over who is leading the impeachment strategy; Democrats prepare flurry of subpoenas in face of White House stonewalling; Growing pressure for Pelosi to call vote on impeachment inquiry; ...…
http://peacefulanarchism.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Specialization-has-made-us-Wealthier.mp3 “Maybe you would benefit to learn about how to grow your own food rather than being grateful you don’t have to think about it.” One of the miracles of the modern economy is that of specialization. One is able to focus on working and producing in the ...…
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