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Dr. A. Mutawa's lectures teaching C Plus Plus at Kuwait University
The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers!
Cpp Spring 2011
Cpp programming
This is a show about new trends and innovations in the field of education featuring Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) faculty.
Jeffrey Eric Funk has written hundreds of choral works published by Warner Bros. Publications. His music has also been published by CPP/Belwin, Hope Publishing Company and Carl Fischer Music. He wrote the opening song for the millennium NBC telecast of the 74th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He is the composer, lyricist and creator of Glee Club Smarties™ A New Musical.
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Recorded June 17th, 2018. After a break for vacations and the ISO meeting in Rapperswil, we're back with an episode on the new SG15 study group and, in particular, its focus on dependency managers and build systems. All of our guests have been major contributors to different dependency managers and build systems and combine their ideas and expe ...…
Recorded May 24th 2018 More proposals! This time the main topic is p0847r1, "Deducing this", authored by our guests, Gašper and Ben, along with Barry Revzin and Simon Brand. This proposal is a simple idea, that works by allowing you to make explicit something that has always been implicit in the language. Yet the consequences are many and far r ...…
Recorded May 18th 2018 In this episode we discuss Herb Sutter's new proposal, p0709, "Zero-overhead deterministic exceptions", a.k.a. "Static Exceptions" - and a couple of supporting proposals from Niall Douglas (p1028 and p1029). We talk about what the proposed feature is, how it works, and why it is so signifiant. Find out why Jon is, "really ...…
Recorded May 10th on location during C++ Now in Aspen, Colorado. In this episode we discuss, with speakers, organisers and attendees - old and new - what it is that makes C++ Now special: from bears to beers, low-level experts to high altitude running, C++ Now has it all. With guests: Brian Heim Jonathan Müller (@foonathan) Peter Bindels (@dasc ...…
Recorded in April immediately after the ACCU 2018 conference with a panel of guests involved with the conference and ACCU communities: Giovanni Asproni Ralph McArdell Bob Schmidt Roger Orr Lisa Lippincott Francis Glassborow Gail Olis Felix Petriconi Note that this episode was recorded before episode 26, with Rob and Jason, so Jon introduces it ...…
This is the first episode of in the podcast format, and the first of the rebooted series, following a hiatus since last summer. In this episode we introduce, new producer and co-host, Phil Nash, and entertain Rob and Jason from "the other C++ podcast", CppCast. We turn the tables on these long-time interviewers, digging into their back ...…
using bubble sort to order numbers in Cpp
Our guest is Calvin Smith Elementary Kindergarten teacher Tricia Rosno who talks about her background and what our Kindergarten students learn during the school year!
The CPP Podcast guest for our latest show is Mr. Terry Pruyne, CPP High School English teacher and published author!
​Recorded late summer, 2016: Superintendent Michael Ginalski is the guest on the C-PP Podcast, talking about the start of the 2016-17 school year.
Our latest episode of the C-PP Podcast features Corning-Painted Post High School Humanities teacher Bryan Kelley. Bryan talks about his pathway to becoming a teacher, his passion for integrating technology in the classroom, and the adventures on his motorcycle during the summer months.
Middle School Science is the topic on the C-PP Podcast with teacher Jason Tahirak.
Winfield Elementary Principal Jennifer Batzing is interviewed about her career and background, and about all of the great things happening in her school!
Happy Music In Our Schools Month! Elementary music teacher, Claire Smock, talks about her passion for teaching and instilling a life-long love of music in her students.
In this episode Corning-Painted Post High School Language and Literature teacher, Rob Orr, sits down with Bill to talk about his journey of becoming an educator, his love of books, and the IB Personal Project.
In this episode Maria Goldwyn, Art teacher at Winfield at Gregg Elementary Schools, discusses how she got into education, shares her passion for art and talks about all of the outstanding art venues Corning has to offer.
In this episode Jeff Marchionda, Principal of Calvin U. Smith Elementary School, sits down with Bill Cameron to discuss FOSS, STEM and all of the great things happening at the elementary schools.
Bill interviews Secondary Director of Education, Michelle Caulfield about curriculum, technology and the premiere of CPPowerUp, Corning-Painted Post's Digital Citizenship series
In this episode, Bill Cameron sits down with Corning-Painted Post Middle School Art teacher and Yearbook advisor Meg Wukovitz
Bill Cameron talks with Joseph Kilmer, Director of School Food Services
Welcome Back to School for the 2015-16 school year with Bill Cameron and Superintendent, Mike Ginalski
this video explain the concept of algorithms, if-else statement will be given with example on the temperature will be coded, and finally a while loop will be given
in this lecture we explain the math to cpp conversationwe also explain the logic operationsas well as the if statement
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