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A podcast about the comparison of parliaments in various countries, taking a look at the inner workings of the system, important parties, history of elections, politically interesting events and, of course, controversy. We embrace controversy.
21st Century Democrats is proud to bring you Americas Democrats, the weekly netcast for stand-up Democrats that explores progressive perspectives on public policy, economic debates, foreign affairs and national politics. With regular contributors who include Texan populist Jim Hightower and provocative media commentator Bill Press, seeks to become a salon of the nation’s most prominent Democrats. We're all about giving progressive Democrats tools you need to fight back ...
Civil Discourse is the most informative Progressive Radio Show in Wisconsin. A grassroots radio program featuring Senator Peter Bear and Eric Brant. 30 years separate these two co-hosts, offering a unique dynamic to the program. Learn about current events from a historical angle. Hear from state senators, representatives, local politicians, activists, and historians to better understand our current political environment. Gain a better understanding of how political decisions affect everyday ...
Democrats Live
Democrats Live is a weekly show hosted by DNC Chair Tom Perez and Dep. Chair Keith Ellison with the influencers and up-and-comers of the Democratic Party. We’re getting the word out on what Democrats are fighting for each week.
Buckeye state politics with elected officials, candidates, party leadership and volunteers.
Jamar Nelson and Preya Samsundar host Black Republican/Black Democrat on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130
In the heat of the failed 1905 revolution in Russia, Lenin here contrasts the precision of the Bolshevik political program and tactics with various inconsistent and servile factions within the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party.
Jamar Nelson and Preya Samsundar host Black Republican/Black Democrat on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130
Our place to talk - an independent website for supporters of the Liberal Democrat party in the UK.
Snarky Democrat
Snarky Democrat was just your simple left wing progressive who turned the other cheek against Right Wing Hatred, Lies and Proud Ignorance until he couldn't take it anymore and turned into the rudest, snarkiest, snottiest left winger out there. Watch out Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Palin, Cruz and the rest of the Slowbus riders, SNARKY DEMOCRAT is here.
Democratic Audio
Democratic Audio is a podcast series of the Democratic Audit blog. The core aims of the blog are to improve democracy in the UK, and to undertake and promote research into its health, strength and durability.
The New Democratic Podcast is a Canadian political podcast. It covers the NDP caucus and the party as a whole from coast to coast to coast.Federal and provincial politicians are interviewed, and news items are covered.The host is Kevin Tolen.
Information Sources for The Democratic Perspective Radio Show on KAZM, AM780
Interviews with Democratic Party people, politicians and candidates
Mr. Democrat
Mr. Democrat recalls life in the Party from his early days at Tammany Hall during the New Deal to fundraising efforts in California following the Reagan Revolution.
The OFFICIAL podcast of the Democratic Party of Frederick County, Maryland. Listen in as we discuss all things of interest to local Democrats, including conversations with members of the Central Committee, elected officials, candidates, local club leaders, and more.
Selected speeches from the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. More information at
Strategy, tools and inspiration for Democratic candidates and the people who support them. Guest candidates, consultants and campaign professionals offer helpful insights and tips to help you win your race. Hosted by Andy Millard, former congressional candidate and founder of the Democratic Candidates Conference (
Serving as a unified and free podcast platform for Houston's Progressives, liberal activists and other advocates of common sense legislation, this is the Bayou Blue Democrats Podcast series. Our mission is to communicate with, engage, support and activate the Precinct Chairs of the Harris County Democratic Party, other progressive organizations and democratic voters in our geographically designated area to implement GOTV and increase the Democratic vote with the goal of turning and keeping H ...
News from the Gwinnett County Georgia Democrats.
Buckeye state politics with elected officials, candidates, party leadership and volunteers. The views expressed in this podcast belong to the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ohio Democratic Party.
Buckeye state politics with elected officials, candidates, party leadership and volunteers. The views expressed in this podcast belong to the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ohio Democratic Party.
Supporting Democratic Candidates to fight for: Workers Rights; Health Care for All; and Civil Rights for All.
Top local stories to keep you informed every day, from Democrat & Chronicle, part of the USA TODAY NETWORK.
The Voice of the Temecula Valley Democrats. Political talk & analysis from the Temecula Valley of California.
The United States of Anxiety: Culture Wars introduces you to people who have been battling to shape America’s political culture for decades. We profile culture warriors past and present who have influenced debates over race, religion, science, sexuality, gender and more. We connect those debates to real people, with real stakes in the outcome. We’re filling in the blanks — aiming to answer questions you didn’t even know you had — and we’re asking, “What are you willing to fight for?” WNYC St ...
Santa Rosa Press Democrat podcasts bring you into the life, times and many communities of California's North Bay region. "Overtime with Kerry Benefield" is a twice-monthly look at prep sports. In "Storybytes," Press Democrat reporters explore the news that affects us and the people we live with as neighbors, friends and strangers.
Multi-Level or Post-Democratic
News & political commentary airing live Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 11am - 12:30pm eastern!
In the heat of the failed 1905 revolution in Russia, Lenin here contrasts the precision of the Bolshevik political program and tactics with various inconsistent and servile factions within the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party. (Summary by Christian Pecaut)This edition was edited by George Hanna.
The Ticket 2016
The Ticket: A Presidential Podcast from The Texas Tribune and KUT News. Each Week KUT's Ben Philpott and the Tribune's Jay Root provide a rundown of the week's campaign actions and bring you interviews with people who make a living working on, covering or commenting on the campaigns.
U.S. and world political news analysis by a merry band of (mostly) left-leaning geeks who are neither qualified nor paid to do it. Smart. Exciting. Funny. Mysterious. Sexy? To put it another way: radio pundit amateur hour.
Investing in Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo
All free!! All educational. All entertaining. All professionally recorded. No empty rhetoric here. Just entertaining learning. Choose from many different topics from the best talent around the world. Join us for author interviews, new conservative books, audio book excerpts, debating Leftists, lectures, humor, documentaries and much more. Earn your American Conservative Masters Degree Just listen at the feet of some of the worlds greatest Conservative thinkers. If you like our podcast please ...
Freak Out and Carry On, WBUR's politics and history podcast, addresses the urgent issues of our time through the lens of history. Hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Ron Suskind and noted Boston College historian Heather Cox Richardson, the podcast examines the national political landscape and dives into the historical context. New episodes available every Thursday.
The nationally syndicated progressive talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman
Libertarianism for Normal People is about teaching everyday folk how to increase the amount of personal and financial freedom they have in their daily lives.
The logic of personal, philosophical and political freedom
Kudzu Vine
We cover Georgia & Southern Politics like Kudzu! Featuring Tim Shiflett's GOP Outrage of the Week
The award winning BKP RADIO broadcast offers a no holds barred discussion of political, societal and cultural events of the day that we know you'll find informative & entertaining. All perspectives are welcomed!
The Podcast of the Religion and Socialism Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America. Host: Sarah Ngu. Producer: Devin Briski. Music: "Made and Broken" by Hugel. Patreon page:
Liberal Fix
A recap of the week in Progressive or Liberal Politics. News, Commentary and Analysis. Hosted by sociologist Keith Brekhus from Montana and the show's Producer Naomi Minogue from California.Every Friday, Liberal Fix hosts and guests tackle tough issues with a perspective that comes from outside the beltway.Join the Liberal Fix community, a like-minded group of individuals dedicated to promoting progressive ideals and progressive activists making a difference.
The logic of personal, philosophical and political freedom
The logic of personal, philosophical and political freedom
CQ on Congress
CQ's Shawn Zeller examines Capitol Hill's breaking news with the reporters, editors and sources that make CQ the leading news organization covering Washington.
The Breach
Step into The Breach as we expose and explore abuses of power in our government. Part of the Rewire.News podcast network.
Michael Steele and Rick Ungar keep you up to date with the latest breaking news and headlines. We like to have fun and we like to get things done. We are the home of Rational Radio.
The nationally syndicated progressive talk radio and television program hosted by David Pakman
The new voice of Conservative dissent!
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During Thursday's Strzok Hearing, Democrats were OUTRAGED when Louie Gohmert crossed the line from the professional into the personal by commenting on Strzok's adultery. My question is, why didn't they react the same way to EVERY SINGLE STRZOK TEXT? Strzok did the exact same thing! Where's the outrage? Senate Democrats are demanding promises of ...…
Episode 474: 07-12-18 Hot Summer Cars Larry Zinn is General Manager of Warren Henry Automotive Group, Miami, FL. Zinn’s team sells Land Rover, Range Rover, Infiniti and Jaguar in South Florida. He also sells Lamborghini in Fort Lauderdale and Audi in Gainesville, FL. And all kinds of great nameplates Key West. Larry is Jim’s go-to guy for cars. ...…
Happy Friday! Today we will continue to consider the insane demands that ICE be disbanded. My most recent article for FrontPage Magazine provides evidence of the blatant lies about the history of immigration in the United States and particularly the mythology surrounding Ellis Island. On July 11th FrontPage Magazine published my article: THE LE ...…
In this episode of Capitol Insider, KGOU’s Dick Pryor and eCapitol’s Shawn Ashley talk through the process and politics of the controversial health department rules for Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program, including a ban on products intended for smoking. These rules can be amended, but as Ashley explains, Republicans lack the political will t ...…
Dr. Alice Mann is running to represent Lakeville and Burnsville at the Minnesota State Legislature in the 2018 election.
This week i spoke with Matt Taibbi about his new book, I cant Breathe: A killing on Bay Street. We also talked about democrats helping republicans deregulate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the future of the party, and much more.
"I'm all for principles, but I'm not an ideologue," says Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts of Kansas in explaining why he wrote a farm bill that doesn't add new work requirements to the food stamps program. He and the Agriculture panel's ranking Democrat, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, explain their bipartisan approach as they prepare for a ...…
New York City Public Advocate Tish James (D) discussed the verdict in the Buffalo Billion trial and outline some of her policy proposals as she vies for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General.
CIVILITY IN POLITICS & A DYING PLANET are our topics today at the Green Power & Wellness Hour. We’re joined by long-time Democratic Party stalwart and enviro-activist LANCE SIMMENS and ANDREA LEON-GROSSMAN of Food & Water Watch. The two brilliant southern Californians fill us in on issues of civility in politics, the decline of the Democratic P ...…
It's the week our beautiful country was born, and Ryan and Ben get into the spirit of Independence as they leave each other to do their own thing for five days. Enjoy this special Double Episode! 155。7月3日。"Let's Be Independent!" 156。7月4日。Be Free! (Ben) // The Facts on America (Ryan) 157。7月5日。Theatre Thursday Presents: "Freedom Like a Shopping C ...…
RadioPublic|LibSyn|YouTube|Patreon|Square Cash (Share code: Send $5, get $5!) Remember Friday the 13th last year, in July? Of course you don’t, because July 13, 2017 was a Thursday. But you might remember what we were talking about that day. However, try to forget all of that, so that today’s rerun episode is like new. What was it about (so tha ...…
Listen in to a recording of our July monthly club meeting and learn about the legal issues surrounding Family Separation at the border from Richard Horstman, former in-house counsel for Marathon Oil, who has been representing unaccompanied immigrant children for almost 12 years.
Corporate media response to Ed Schultz passing away. Why Paul Manafort is being prosecuted. Democrats are planning a coup? Montana is scared of Mexicans. Featuring R.J. Eskow (from "The Zero Hour"), Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae. Phone calls from Vladimir Putin, George Clooney, and Vince Vaughn. See you in Chicago!…
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, What do you do when one political party in our country is hungry for power and will do anything for it? Republicans were heckled, disrespected, and ridiculed today for trying to get information from FBI Agent Peter Strzok. Not only did the Democrats obstruct the hearing, but they praised Strzok. This is our Congre ...…
Donald Trump has said the UK will "probably not" get a trade deal with the US, if Theresa May's Brexit plan goes ahead. We get the latest from BBC political correspondent Chris Mason. That Brexit plan was published today in the government's long-awaited Brexit White Paper. The former head of the CBI and trade minister Lord Digby Jones and the f ...…
Trump/Putin Summit is Beneficial for all Countries, dialogue with Russia is Better than Confrontation. This Summit Will Lead to Better Relations Between US & Russia.
This Week Tom and Nancy welcome Mark MacKenzie who is running to represent New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District in Congress: Mark is currently a state representative in New HampshireMark was a firefighter for over 25 years in ManchesterHe worked on campaigns for Jesse Jackson and presidential campaignsHe has a 30+ year history in the legi ...…
Justin talks with Florida Congressional Candidate, Pam Keith. Pam is a former U.S. Navy JAG (aka badass) who is currently in a tight race in Florida’s 18th Congressional District Democratic Primary. Pam talks to Justin about not pulling punches when talking about Trump on the campaign trail, her similarities to other popular Democrats like Beto ...…
Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton is under indictment on securities fraud charges stemming from his private law practice from before he won the 2014 election. Paxton claims the indictment is politically motivated. But the case keeps pending. Democratic lawyer Justin Nelson is telling voters to rid themselves of the shame of having the stat ...…
The more we see the rise of orthodox Islam in the world, the more we are going to see a rise of global Christian persecution. How can we be educated and prepare for what is coming in these last days before the return of the Lord. Verses: John 15:18, Matthew 5:10, 2 Timothy 3:12, 1 Corinthians 12:26, Links: ...…
During the 2016 primary and general election campaigns, various MSNBChosts were openly campaigning for Hillary Clinton.One of the network’s programs featured Malcolm Nance, whose background is quite sketchy but who is presented by the cable network (and now by NBC News) as an “intelligence expert” and former intelligence officer for the U.S. Navy.…
Ross Ramsey discusses the ethics of and bureaucratic blunders involved in child separation. A Breitbart poll shows Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Mike Collier, a former Republican, is only down 2 points to incumbent Dan Patrick.
President Trump is alienating democratic allies and softballing totalitarian regimes. Then, Paul Manafort's VIP treatment in jail, with a private room and a personal laptop to write emails. Plus, corporations cheer on Trump's Supreme Court pick.
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, NRA TV host Dan Bongino fills in for Mark. For decades Presidents on both sides of the aisle have kissed up to foreign leaders and nothing ever really changed. But today President Trump sat at the table and called out our NATO allies for supporting Russian aggression. Trump definitely plays by his own rules. He c ...…
Trevor Carey shares his views on the latest California-water grab from Democrats and environmentalists and how it's hurting farmers in the Central Valley.
21-year old Zachary R. Wood has had a lifelong journey of Uncomfortable Learning, which is also the name of the group he heads at an elite liberal arts college. An avowed liberal democrat, he feels it's important to listen to those with opposing views, no matter what they are. When he extended an invitation to controversial white nationalists C ...…
Protests led by local anarchist organizations and chapters of the Democratic Socialists of America are spreading across America. Some are looking to disrupt deportations, others are demanding the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.), and still, others are simply looking to open the borders. The disturbing part is the ...…
Mary Glassman, the Democrat-endorsed candidate in the 5th Congressional District, joins the Morning Record podcast to talk about her campaign. She is one of two candidates seeking the party's nomination.This is part of the Morning Record's 2018 August Primary series.Music:
There is no place like home... We have for your listening pleasure Episode 278 of "Troubadours and Raconteurs with E.W. Conundrum Demure." Episode 278 features a poignant, truly courageous conversation with Congolese patriot Bienvenue. Bienvenue is a young man who recently emigrated to the United States from the Democratic Republic of Congo. We ...…
In this episode we cover the government’s settlement of a lawsuit over online 3-D gun files; some University of Texas professors have revived their efforts to stop a law allowing concealed carry on campus; Hawaii has two more gun laws; a Utah online gun marketplace is trying to counter the efforts by Parkland high school students to enact more ...…
Here and abroad, the Democrats sing a one-note song while Trump is actually talking sense. Plus the Mailbag - so, like... problem solved, dude. Join the conversation and comment on this podcast episode: Podcast listeners: Now become a Ricochet member for only $2 ...…
Tyler talks about the rise of podcasts and audiobooks. In the last several years, there has been a massive resurgence of people consuming podcasts. We now also have platforms like Audible where people can access audiobooks easily. What has contributed to the success of podcasts and audiobooks? How many people are listening? Tyler also talks abo ...…
Sponsored by Casper Jim Geraghty of National Review and Greg Corombos of Radio America get a laugh out of Nevada Sen. Dean Heller's attack ad, in which he exposes Democratic Senate challenger Jacky Rosen for lying about owning a business that never existed. They also call for Senate Republicans to act on hundreds of bills that the House of Repr ...…
Heitkamp, Manchin, and Donnelly, will all vote to confirm Kavanaugh. Obstructing President Trump while they’re campaigning in red states would be political suicide! The Democratic party doesn’t care. Like a true whip, Dick Durbin said last week on one of the Sunday shows that they should sacrifice themselves to the cause of obstruction. Yeah. B ...…
What are the implications of the recent NY primary victory of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez? Is her candidacy a challenge to Democratic Party or a trap laid for U.S. workers and the Left?By (Eduardo Abarca & Andy Libson).
Continuing their discussion from last week, we debate the merits of independent media outlets like Democracy Now and what it means to be 'pragmatic' about making social change.By (Eduardo Abarca & Andy Libson).
Ep. 324 | Originally Aired: June 30, 2018 Generally speaking, the history of Western democracy is relatively short. After the Cold War ended, some celebrated, triumphantly, the so-called “end of history.” But, Edward Luce argues the experience of the last 25 years has given rise to populist politicians on both sides of the Atlantic who threaten ...…
The more we see the rise of orthodox Islam in the world, the more we are going to see a rise of global Christian persecution. How can we be educated and prepare for what is coming in these last days before the return of the Lord. Verses: John 15:18, Matthew 5:10, 2 Timothy 3:12, 1 Corinthians 12:26, Links: ...…
Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer take you through the stories that matter on the morning of 7/11/2018, including: On Wednesday, July 11, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit will hear oral arguments in Jennifer Glass, et al v. Ken Paxton, et al¬, a lawsuit challenging both Texas' campus carry law and the University of Texas at ...…
Vikas and Lee are joined by Clinton Mead, former Liberal Democrats mayor of Campbelltown, to talk about Mark Latham and the Liberal Democrats, before moving into a discussion about free speech and judicial restraint at the High Court. Mark Latham targets voters before Longman by-election: ...…
Mutiny on their knees: The Democratic Party’s phony opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination / US-Europe conflicts erupt in run-up to NATO summit in Brussels / Trump administration freezes “risk adjustment” payments to health insurers
In episode 11 UNP founder and curator Grant Scott is in his shed considering the relationship between music and photography, what makes an 'expert' and buying cameras. Plus this week photography editor and writer Laura Beltrán Villamizar takes on the challenge of supplying Grant with an audio file no longer than 5 minutes in length in which she ...…
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